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Chapter 10: Enter the Koi Koi 7, Jack Corvus and Queen Tia! Attack of the Goken Five!

Sigma's Fortress, March 11, 21XX Theme: Hail Neo Zarth from MS Saga New Dawn.

Vile entered into Sigma's throne room with a report for him. "Lord Sigma, I'm afraid that I have some bad news. Flame Mammoth has met with the same fate as Chill Penguin and was destroyed by the Hunters. We were able to receive the last of the remaining Reploids that were made at the factory thanks to the X Foundation, but we still lost it in the process. Without the factory, we won't be able to create any more Reploids to join in you cause."

"Yes, I'm already well aware of the situation, Vile. Mr. X has given me the details of what has transpired in the factory." Sigma told him simply, smirking darkly. "It would seem that we've underestimated those IS pilots who worked alongside X. No matter, once my ultimate weapon is complete, those fools won't stand a chance." He petted his wolf robot sitting beside his throne. "In any case, how is Project Uni coming along?"

"It's going very well, my lord. As it turns out, we can bring in the inhabitants of a dimension our Maverick scientists have discovered to our dimension." Vile explained to him "In this dimension, there are six girls who posses robotic strengths, but they're still human, only turned into half-cyborgs, a normal human boy and five really annoying pests who are trying to make the boy their slave."

"Excellent, Vile. You can go ahead and start powering up Project Uni. Those five annoying pests that are the enemies of those six girls are not worth recruiting. But I still want to those five IS pilots brought here, brainwashed and on my side. Report to me again with you've finished. I have another meeting with Mr. X for our next move against the Hunters."

"Yes, my liege. I will make sure those give IS pilots become your slaves in our quest to make the omniverse ours." Vile bowed before his master before leaving for the Project Uni control room.

Project Uni was a small advance rod when hooked to a machine of any kind, making it because a powerful gateway to other dimensions or to bring in inhabitants of said dimension to this one. As Vile typed in commands on the control pad, a female computer voice announced "Project Uni activating… Now bringing in 13 inhabitants from Dimension KOIKOI7-304." To which Project Uni fire a large beam of light from an opening in the ceiling and shot up into the sky. Vile chuckled darkly to himself, pleased by the results.

"It'll take about 5 minutes for me to use Project Uni again. By then, Lord Sigma and I can bring in more inhabitants from other dimensions for us Mavericks to hunt down and destroy." Vile quietly said to him as he left the room. "And when that time comes, the omniverse will be ours for the taking. Just you wait Hunters, we'll be getting the last laugh when we've finally destroyed you and brainwash the IS pilots to our side!" He lets out a maniacal laugh just as the gateway in the sky closes, signaling that its task was now completed.

High above Europe, 1:30 PM

(A Friend on My Mind from Xenoblade Chronicles)

In a Maverick Hunter aircraft carrier, the X-Squad had just finished another mission routing one of Sigma's army's unit in England. They were lucky that the Queen of England was safe despite the Maverick War going around, but they've managed to reach her in time just before the battle escalated. However, Cecilia seems to be the only one who is distracted as she looks down from the window at her homeland and how it has changed over the last 66 years since she's been asleep.

Cecilia sighed despondently as she continued looking out the window of the X-Squad's air carrier. Her home, Europe has really changed ever since the Phantom Virus Tragedy. So much so that her family legacy has been all but forgotten in the time of her frozen slumber. X took noticed of this and walked over to her. "Hey, Cecilia? Is something wrong?"

"X…" Cecilia murmured while still gazing at Europe. "My home, Europe has changed ever since I awoke from my cryosleep. After we cleared out the Mavericks terrorizing it, I asked some of the people if they still remember the Alcott family. But to my shock and horror, I learned that the Alcott fortune has dried up and now I'm dirt poor…" She looked down, depressed that her family's fortune has dried up and is now an orphan. "And to make matters worse, the other family that was around the same time as mine has thrived and is now more successful than ever. I'm starting to believe that Flame Mammoth was right…"

"You mean about the other family that used to own the factory he was stationed at?" X guessed.

"Yes, that's right. He said that because I was still in my suspended animation, the other family has been thriving since I wasn't around to impede them." Cecilia nodded sadly as a tear fell down her cheek. "And now while my family has been all but forgotten, the other family has become more famous than ever before. I don't know if I can reclaim my future or step out of their shadow… Not in the state I'm in…"

"Cecilia…" X placed his hand on her shoulder, making her blush madly. "Whatever Flame Mammoth said before, it doesn't matter what happens in the past, you'll always be you. Even if what he said is true, that doesn't mean that you should give up." He then had a generous idea. "I have an idea. Why don't we rebuild the Alcott name together? We can regain your family's fortune and restore the Alcott name. It may take some time to reach to that point but once this war is over, I'll help you reclaim your family's former glory."

"Y-You'd do that for me, X? You'll help me regain my family's fortune?" Cecilia blinked, still blushing while looking away a bit, and feeling shy. 'X really does act like Ichika-san. He's willing to help me regain my family's lost fortune and without a second thought. Plus, he's like a knight in shining blue armor, helping the needy and defenseless. …Why am I feeling so shy around him? Is it because that I…?' Cecilia then remembers the boy from the first day she explored Neo Tokyo. 'But what about that boy? I feel like I know him, but I can't seem to remember why. Is he a member of the family that once owned the factory? Could he be…?'

As Cecilia was still in deep thought, X noticed something out the window. He saw a huge purple beam of light shot down from the sky and into Western Germany. "What on earth?"

Cecilia also noticed the purple light as well. "What in the world is that light?" Soon enough, Jessie, Marino and the Arthurs all noticed the light.

(Librion's Fate from MegaMan X Command Mission)

"What the heck? What is that light?" Titania gasped in shock.

"It's coming down from the sky! Like it was fired from somewhere else!" Bodach gasped as well.

"Wait a minute, isn't that the same light that brought us here? The one that we saw back in our world?" Runo asked with a serious frown.

"Yeah, you're right! It is the same light from before!" Nuchelavee answered him with a nod. "That's what we saw just before we arrived in this world!"

"But what's it doing here? Why are we seeing it again?" Dancho asked as she crossed her arms in thought as Laura ran up to them.

"X, Alcott, everyone. We're getting a transmission from Commander Zero. We better hear what he has to say, but I'm positive that it has something to do with that light." Laura said seriously as she pouted to the light.

"Then it looks like we better head for the cockpit. No doubt that light means trouble." Jessie figured as everyone nodded in agreement as they all headed for the cockpit.

Once in the cockpit, X sat in the pilot's seat and issued a command to Charlotte. "Open a channel with Zero. We need to hear what he has to say about that light we're seeing." Charlotte nodded in response as she opened the channel just as the rest of the X-Squad arrived as well.

Zero appears on the holographic display. "X, Houki, Cecilia, Ling, Charlotte, Laura, Jessie, Marino and Arthurs. Our navigators have detected a powerful dimensional flux used by Project Uni, the same one that was stolen by Sigma. We suspect that he's bringing in people from other dimensions here as a way to make them easier for him to conquer. We've pinpointed the dimensional flux in Western Germany. I'm sure Laura is familiar with that country." He brought up a display of where the energy signature is located in Western Germany.

"Germany, huh? Looks like we're going to see where you come from, Laura." Jessie said to her.

"Yeah, that we are…" Laura nodded in response. "After all, Germany is my home and where I was created." That gave X, Jessie, Marino, the Arthurs and even Zero confused expressions on their faces.

"Wait, created? What do you mean by created?" Kakka asked with a raised eyebrow.

"We'll have to save that for later. Right now, you guys had better check it out and see if the inhabitants of the dimension they're from are peaceful." Zero issued "I've already sent Jerry and Sophie to meet up with you as backup, but you need to hurry. We've just received word that Sigma's army is on their way to that same dimensional energy reading. Good luck, X-Squad." He cuts the channel.

"Looks like we've got another mission." Ling commented as she laid back and stretched her arms a bit.

"Yeah. And it involves inhabitants from different dimensions much like with Dancho and the others. I just hope we can make it in time." Cecilia agrees as she typed in the autopilot's commands to take them to Western Germany.

"Germany… the home of the ancient evil dictator of World War II, Adolf Hitler. World War II is where millions of Jews were massacred by this madman's Nazi army and he even planned to rule the world, but he was foiled by the Allied Forces and he committed suicide after he lost the war. One of the worst and saddest wars in history…" X muttered in disdain.

"Enough with the history lesson, X. We need to hurry to that energy reading before Sigma's goon squad gets there and kills those otherworldly inhabitants." Laura slightly ordered sharply as the air carrier flew towards Western Germany.

Around the same time

Jerry and Sophie were flying in their own plane they've found some time ago and managed to repair it to its former glory with some added bells and whistles. After hearing about a new energy signature appearing in Western Germany, Zero sent them to meet up with the rest of the X-Squad as backup in case the situation worsened, but with Sigma's army also heading for the same location, it just might.

"So we've got some more people from another dimension appearing in our world. So, Sigma really is bringing them to our world just to make them easier for him to conquer." Jerry said with a sad frown "We should've seen this coming, it's our fault that he's gone Maverick and is now he's going to use one of Dr. Cain's inventions to take over the omniverse." He lowered his head until he felt Sophie's hand on his shoulder as she reached over to him.

"And we'll get it back, we just need to be patient. We can't do much with Sigma's Maverick Generals guarding each location." Sophie said with a determined smile "Right now, the best we can do is help X and the others in taking them down before we can reach Sigma. So, let's do everything in our power to help them save the omniverse from Sigma."

"Yeah, you're right. We still need to help X and the others in stopping Sigma before he can conquer the omniverse for his insane Repoid utopia." Jerry nodded "I guess I've been a little on edge since the start of the war and worrying that Dr. Cain will take all the blame for everything that has happened. Especially when we use THAT to help with X and the others like we did at the start of the war." They then heard beeping on the radar as they turned to see signs of Sigma's army getting closer to the inhabitants of the other dimension and the X-Squad was close behind.

"Looks like we're going to have in this case, Sigma's army is getting closer to them and I don't think that X and the others can make in time." Sophie said with a serious frown "We'll have be careful not to reveal ourselves to them, at least not yet. We can't let X and the others knows that we were the ones who saved them along with Zero at the start of the war or Sigma might try to use that knowledge against us. Right now, we need to save those people and make sure that Sigma's plan doesn't come to fruition." Jerry nodded as he accelerates the speed of the plane to reach Western Germany.

Western Germany's jungle forests, 1:55 PM, 12 minutes until X-Squad's arrival…

"WHERE IN THE HECK ARE WE!?" A loud voice screamed from the canopy of trees that caused the birds to fly away from the screaming. The voice belongs to Sakuya Kazamatsuri as she screamed at the top of her lungs.

(Talking Funk from MegaMan X Command Mission plays)

"It's a jungle. Why do you even need to ask?" Another female voice asked sarcastically. That voice belongs to Hifumi Inokai who had her arms crossed and with an annoyed face.

"I think that's exactly why she was asking about. I don't really think that it was a rhetorical question." A male voice told her. The voice belongs to Tetsuro Tanaka, the only boy of the group of girls.

"Incomprehensible." Another female voice uttered in an almost robotic tone. The voice belongs to Otome Chono.

It was about time for summer vacation with Tetsuro and the Koi Koi 7. As they were getting ready for the vacation in their dorm rooms, a black portal appeared before them and proceeded to pull them in. They all tried to resist it and struggled to escape from the portal, but the vortex was just too strong and they ended up being sucked in. Now they find themselves in a jungle with the sun shining down on them from above the trees.

"C'mon, everyone. This doesn't seem that bad. We wanted to go on a vacation, right?" A more cheerful voice smiled at her friends. The voice belongs to Yayoi Asuka who doesn't seem the least bit bothered by their current situation. "Maybe this is the place! The place where we can have our vacation!" Everyone turned to her with a sweatdrop.

"You seem happy. Maybe a little too happy." A more annoyed female voice said as her mouth twitched. The voice belongs to Akiwo Suzuka.

"Still, I wonder what kind of jungle this is…? It doesn't look like any jungle we're familiar with, but why is that…?" The last female voice wondered. The voice belongs to Miyabi Tsukuyomi as she looked around their new surroundings. Most of the trees looked more mechanical and there were some normal ones. When she looked up at the sky, she noticed some sort of large arc carrier heading their way. On its side she can see what looks like a sinister wolf version of the Sigma symbol. She knows what the symbol for Sigma means, but why does it have a sinister feel to it? She looked over her shoulder to her friends. "Uh, guys… We got company." The Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro gathered together and saw the air carrier landing just near them. The hanger door of the carrier owned as 40 Maverick Soldiers and 30 Mettaurs marched out and surrounded them. The Maverick Soldiers all aimed their weapons at the Koi Koi Seven and Tetsuro.

(Libirion's Ambition from MegaMan X Command Mission)

"Those things aren't Miya's robots… They almost look like humans…" Miyabi frowned at their current situation.

"Well, well. How lucky for us to find all of you in one place…" A Maverick Sargent smirked darkly. "We've managed to find the people that Lieutenant Vile brought into our world using Project Uni. And we got here just before those Hunter fools could stop us. Today must really be our lucky day."

"Wait, what? What are you creeps talking about? Who's this Vile guy anyway?" Akiwo blinked in confusion.

"A loyal follower and second in command of the great and future king of the omniverse, Sigma. Of course, it really doesn't matter anyway since you seven cyborg girls are about to become part of our army to eradicate the human race. And to prove it to you, we'll start by killing that human you're with!" The Maverick Sargent signaled his troops to aim their weapons at the Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro.

"Waaaaah! Why does this always happen to me?!" Tetsurō screamed in alarm as he hides behind Yayoi in fright.

"Not going to happen, you jerks! We're not going to let you kill Tetsurō without a fight!" Hifumi got into a battle stance,

"And if this Sigma guy is bent on conquering the entire omniverse, then something tells me that he's going to start a robot apocalypse in our world, terminating the humans who lived in our world!" Sakuya snarled as she pulled out a machine gun from out of nowhere.

"Oh, is that so? And just who you seven cyborg girls are even supposed to be?" The Maverick Sargent smirked sinisterly.

Sakuya smirked as she and her friends got ready to prepare for their famous catchphrase.

(Koi Koi 7 anime opening song)

"Spring flowers bloom in the spring, and fall flowers blossom in autumn." Yayoi began.

"Despite the flowers, people still weep and cry for help." Akiwo continued.

"The moon to the east and the sun to the west." Sakuya added.

"As long as the world has evil.." Miyabi trailed off.

"One cannot survive on kindness alone.' Hifumi concluded.

"Let me bloom, the flower of love." Otome announced.

"Life is short, this make us your love maidens." Yayoi finished.

"Six we are, but they call us Koi Koi 7! Even without call, we have awakened!" All six girls finished as they struck a team stance.

All the Maverick Soldiers looked at them in silence for about 10 seconds until they all started laughing hysterically at this.

"You gotta be kidding me! Koi Koi 7?! More like Stupid Stupid 7! You have to be a bunch of idiots to even say that with a straight face!" A Maverick soldier laughed meanly at them.

"And not only that, there's only six of you! Shouldn't that eyepatch wearing cyborg girl be a member of your ridiculous superhero team?" Another Maverick Soldier taunted. The Koi Koi 7 were completely embarrassed by this, but if there's anything Tetsurō knows about his friends, is that no one makes fun of their catchphrase. Sakuya however, was not going to take it lying down.

"You shut up! At least we're heroes who bash bad guys like you lot into dust!" Sakuya open fired on one Maverick Soldier and two Mettaurs, destroying them in the process. The Maverick Soldiers all stopped laughing and realized that three of their soldiers were down.

"That does it! Time for you brats to know your place! Kill them all!" The Maverick Sargent ordered as the Maverick Soldiers prepared themselves to fire at the Koi Koi 7, but an ice shard hits one of them, freezing it completely until it was destroyed by a second hit, shattering him into pieces. "What the?!" He growled as all eyes turned to see X, Marino, Jessie, the Arthurs and the IS girls with their weapons armed.

"Oh no! There's more of them!" Tetsurō gulped in fear.

"Wait! I don't think that they're here to harm us. I think they're on our side." Miyabi raised her hand to stop him from having a panic attack.

X aimed his X-Buster at the Maverick Soldiers and issued "Freeze! You Mavericks had better power down and come with us to Maverick Hunter HQ. If you don't, then we'll forced to reduce you to scrap metal."

"Silence, you traitorous, human lover!" The Maverick Sargent snarled as he aimed a bazooka at X and his squad. "You may be the father of us Reploids, but you're still siding with those weak humans! Attack!" The Maverick soldiers screamed out their battle cries as they and the Mettaurs charged towards them.

(Maverick Boss theme 1 from MegaMan X Command Mission)

"Oh yeah! Now we can let loose!" Tekken yelled as he pounded his gauntlets together.

"Allow us to help!" Akiwo yelled as she charged in to help Tekken destroy three Maverick Soldiers.

"We have to do this the hard way…" X sighed in disapproval of the Mavericks' actions, but smiled sightly and turned to his friends. "You guys know what to do." Before his friends can comply, the same attacks from the beginning of the war hit three more Mavericks. "What?!" X and his friends and the Mavericks turned to see the two figures we seen at Central Highway on tree branches. "Who are you two?" X asked.

"Never mind that, X! Let's take care of those Mavericks! We'll introduce ourselves later!" The girl told him seriously as she got out her wand and launched ice shards at two Mavericks, destroying them.

"We can use the extra help!" Miyabi nodded as her hair extended long to slice up three more Mavericks. Ling, Dancho and Nuchelavee's eyes turned white dotted upon seeing this girl's hair used as a weapon.

"Um…" Ling asked Miyabi. "Have you heard of the word shampoo?"

Yes. Why?" Miyabi asked her, raising an eyebrow at this girl she never met before.

"Save that for later, Ling-chan. Right now, we got some Maverick can to kick" Dancho frowned as she sliced up an Maverick Soldier with help from the mysterious boy.

"Hoo ha! Now that's what I'm talking about, Dancho!" Ling cheered. Yameneko looked at her leader and the gang with envy.

"I-I can do that too! I just don't show it." Yameneko growled as she fired her rocket launcher at two Mettaurs, destroying them.

The five remaining Mettaurs fired their mini-guns at Hifumi who deflected them with her fists. "Come on! Is that the best you helmet wearing robots got?!" Hifumi grinned. Then Laura swopped in and slashed them up to pieces. Hifumi was surprised to see a eyepatch wearing girl wield such a huge sword. Her eyes turned white dotted upon seeing Laura. "Holy… Are you a cyborg?" She asked the German IS pilot.

Laura smirked as she readies her claymore. "No… I am Germany's super soldier of my era, now behold the Bodewig Claymore of Justice!" Laura charged towards the Mavericks, leaving Hifumi confused on what she meant.

Houki unsheathed her twin katanas. Akiwo met up with her. "Hey! Need some help kicking some robot can?!" She grinned.

Houki was silent for about 10 seconds until she smiled. "Sure." She acknowledged.

"Righteous!" Akiwo grinned again as she leaped up to amazing heights and slams her foot down on a Maverick soldier. Houki whistled at that amazing power.

Jessie opened fire on two more Mavericks. "Marino! Use one of the skills you got from Chill Penguin!" She nodded.

"Got it! Shinobi Art: Icicle Dance!" Marino used her ice attack on three more Mavericks, destroying them.

"Wooow! This is so cool!" Yayoi cheered as she and Tetsuro watched the battle unfold with Cecilia using her assault rifle to destroy two more Mavericks with Kakka, Runo and Renkin helping her. Charlotte used her spear to destroy another Maverick soldier.

"Why do this always happen whenever we go somewhere…?" Tetsuro moaned.

"T-They're too powerful!" The Maverick Sargent stammered as he sees his men destroyed and our heroes aimed their weapons and fists at the Maverick Sargent. "R-Retreat!" Just as the Maverick Sargent was about to retreat back into the Maverick air carrier. X charged up his X-Buster and fired a charged shot with help from the mysterious duo's attacks combing their attacks with X's charged shot to hit the air carrier , destroying it and the Maverick Sargent. The battle was over.

(A Friend on my Mind)

"Whew… So glad that we made it in time… I was worried that we weren't going to make it, but I'm glad that we did..." X sighed in exhaustion as Houki walked up to him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"And not only that, but you're also getting a lot better at fighting, X. I know you hate fighting and wished we could've solved this without destroying them, but the way you lead us into battle was outstanding." Houki smiled slightly at him.

"Yeah, it's true, X! With you as our squad leader, Sigma is as good as toast and we will win the Maverick War with X's leadership skills and bravery!" Ling cheered.

"Hear, hear!" Charlotte closed her eyes and smiled.

"I second that notion." Cecilia nodded with a smile.

"Ditto." Laura smiled as she crossed her arms.

"Stop, everyone, you're embarrassing me…" X muttered as he blushed and rubbed the back of his head nervously. "I'm not really that much of a leader, I just do what I can to make sure everyone is safe and sound while we're fighting Sigma's forces. If anything, Zero's more of a leader than I am and deserves a lot more praise than I do."

"True, but don't sell yourself short, X. You're just as much as a leader as Zero." Jessie said with a smirk. "Sure, he's the commander of the Maverick Hunters, but he's probably had that integrated into his programming when he was being created. You, on the other hand, are willing to step out of your comfort zone in order to save humanity from being eradicated by Sigma for his Reploid utopia. So in a way, both of you are leaders in your own way."

"It's true, X. You've been a skilled leader in our last three missions so far." Marino agrees with a smile. "While the first attack ended in our defeat, that still didn't stop you from leading us to the first two Maverick Generals and just now with saving them from Sigma's forces. Just know this, not everyone is gifted with leadership skills at the very start. Sometimes you have to make mistakes in order to learn from them and not let them happen a second time. It's all about trial and error, so don't feel bad when you do make mistakes. After all, isn't that what we Reploids were created to be? Able to feel emotions exactly like humans?" X turned to his squad as they all looked at him and nodded with Marino's words as he smiles at them.

"Yeah, that's right, Marino. We are created to feel emotions exactly like humans." X nodded, smiling confidently. "While I still don't like fighting and wished that we could've resolved this without any conflict, I feel like I can keep going with all of you by my side. So, let's keep on fighting until we can stop Sigma from conquering the omniverse and stop his plans for a Reploid utopia." Everyone nodded in agreement as they all turned their attention to their new visitors.

"And on that note, that reminds me!" Ling beamed as imaginary cat years appeared on her head. "It's time for an introduction!"

"Wait, what? Just like that?" Sakuya frowned as she got up into her face. "We're stranded in the middle of nowhere with killer robots bent on mankind's annihilation and you think this is the time to introduce ourselves?! Are you kidding me?!"

"Yes, I believe that it's a wonderful idea." Cecilia smiled charmingly and politely. "Since you 8 are from a different dimension and are stuck here until we can retrieve the only means of transporting you back to your universe, you might as well stick with us for the time being."

"Always the peacekeeper, eh Alcott?" Laura rolled her single eye.

"And speaking of introduction, we still need to know about the two people that helped us just now." Charlotte suggested with a smile. "We still need to thank them for helping us destroy those Mavericks and saving our new visitors." Everyone nodded in agreement and turned to the mysterious figures, only to find they have vanished without their knowledge.

"Hey, where did those guys go? We still haven't thanked them for helping us. Why did they just left like that?" Renkin asked confusedly as she looked around for the mysterious figures.

"I'm sure they've had their reasons to leave. But I'm positive that we'll meet them again soon enough." Houki answered her as she turned to the Koi Koi 7. "But right now, I think it's time for you to introduce yourselves to us."

"Sure, we'll be delighted to! I'm Yayoi Asuka! And I'm fifteen!"

"My name is Tetsuro Tanaka. I'm also fifteen."

"Name's Sakuya Kazamatsuri. I'm a second year of Gokoh Academy high school."

"Hifumi Inokai. I'm also in my second year of Gokoh Academy."

"I'm Miyabi Tsukuyomi. It's nice to meet all of you, I guess."

"My name is Akiwo Suzuka! I'm also at the age of fifteen!"

"Otome Chono. Konnichiwa."

"Hi! I'm called Celonius 28."

"A pleasure to meet all of you. My name is Houki Shinonono, age 16. My homeland is Japan." Houki bowed lightly as a way of greeting.

"My name is Cecilia Alcott, age 15. My homeland is England, Europe. It's very nice to meet all of you." Cecilia closed her eyes and smiled cheerfully.

"Huang-Lingyin, age 15 as well. My homeland is China. Nice to meet ya!" Ling grinned.

"Laura Bodewig, age 15. Germany's perfect soldier. Don't get on my bad side and I won't shank you with a knife." Laura glared at Tetsuro who gulped nervously.

"Um… My name is Charlotte Dunois. My homeland is France and my age is 15 as well. I-I hope we can be friends." Charlotte looked away timidly.

"Name's Jessika M. Payne, age 18. I'm from the United States, but am now living in Japan. Nice to meet you guys." Jessie smirked as Sakuya seems to see her as a rival of sorts.

"I'm Dancho Arthur. And this is my fairy supporter Nuckelavee. It's nice to meet all of you." Dancho greeted with a smile as Nuchkelavee bowed.

"Hey, nice to meet you guys. Name's Tekken Arthur and this is my fairy supporter Titania." Tekken smiled that seems to cause Hifumi to blush at him, but he didn't notice it.

"I suppose I'm up next. Name's Yamaneko Arthur and this is my fairy supporter Coupy. Don't get in my way and we won't have any problems." Yamaneko rudely stated.

"Hello there. My name is Renkin Arthur and this is my fairy supporter Bodach. I hope we can get along well." Renkin smiled cutely at them.

"I'm Kakka Arthur and this is my fairy supporter Brigitte. A pleasure to make your acquaintance." Kakka bowed as he tips his top-hat that even made Akiwo blush at how cute he looked.

"And last but not least is us, Ruro Arthur and my fairy supporter Bethor. Looking forward fighting alongside you." Ruro smiled that even made Sakuya blush at him.

"And who are mister blue man and miss ninja girl?" Yayoi cheerfully asked as she walked over to the two Reploids as X shifted nervously and causing four of the IS girls to glare at her.

"Um… My name is X, and I'm a Reploid." X replied nervously at her being so close to him.

"And I'm Marino. I'm also a Reploid." Marino replied as well. The Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro looked at the two Reploids oddly.

"Reploid…?" What are Reploids?" Hifumi muttered in confusion.

"Reploids are highly advanced robots who can choose and think for themselves. In a way, they're like us humans, only much more advanced." Houki explained as she stored her katanas in her subspace pocket.

"HUH?!" Yayoi, Sakuya, Akiwo, Hifumi and Tetsuro gawked as they stared at X and Marino with wide eyes.

"So then that makes you two robots who acts like a human?!" Akiwo stuttered in disbelief.

"But how do Reploids like them have human emotions like us?" Tetsuro took off his glasses and cleared them to make sure he wasn't seeing things.

"Are you two like us, half-human and half-robot?" Yayoi gasped in awe.

"I seriously doubt that. They don't have any human skin save for their faces and the hair on the ninja girl." Sakuya scoffed as she crossed her arms.

"So are you saying that we're in the future or something?" Hifumi muttered.

"C'mon, cut it out, you're making me nervous…" X smiled sheepishly as he took a step back. "Perhaps it's best that we should explain things on our way back to Maverick Hunter HQ."

"That sounds like a better place to be in order to explain the situation to them." Marino agrees as she checked for any more for Sigma's forces. "We're pretty much sitting ducks out here, so it's best we head for HQ so that we'll be safe." Everyone nodded in agreement as they all boarded the air carrier to head for Maverick Hunter HQ.


The same figures that helped X and the gang in rescuing the Koi Koi and Tetsuro returned to the same plane that was flown by Jerry and Sophie. As they deactivated their armors, they're revealed to actually be Jerry and Sophie who had managed to escape from the X-Squad just after saving the Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro from Sigma's forces before their identities were revealed to them.

"That was a close one. I thought our cover was going to be blown when they about to ask who we were." Jerry sighed in relief "But we managed to slip away from them before they realize who we really are. Still, they're probably going to find out sooner or later, so we'll have to keep on the DL for now until we can fully explain to them."

"Sorry, that was my fault. I called out to X by his name and almost gave ourselves away." Sophie apologizes with a smile. "If I hadn't, then we wouldn't have had to slip away before they could ask us who we are."

"It's alright, it's not like they've figured us out just yet. So I think we're safe for now." Jerry reassured her "We'll just have to be extra careful when we make our appearances to them and not reveal our identities to them just yet. We'll just have to play it cool until we can explain to them why we're doing this." Sophie nodded in agreement and both were just about to hop onto their plane until they've heard beeping in the cockpit. "Huh? What's going on?" Jerry hops into the cockpit and notices a strange image on the monitor. "What the heck is that?"

"What? What's going on? Is something happening to X and the others?" Sophie asked in worry.

"It does look like it, there's an unknown object heading their way. And it doesn't look like they'll reach Hunter HQ in time." Jerry answered her with a frown. "I don't know what's going on, but need to contact Commander Zero and tell him what's going on." Sophie nodded as they hopped in the cockpit and starts up the plane. The plane lifts up from the ground with the help of some exhaust ports underneath the plane as it reaches over the canopy and takes off towards Japan.

Japan Airspace, 10 minutes till arrival at Maverick Hunter HQ…

As the X-Squad's Air Carrier was entering Neo Tokyo, the Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro were amazed at the futuristic city below them and saw countless people and Reploids living together in the same city. Along the way, our heroes decided to inform their new visitors about the world they're in and of the situation at hand.

"So let me see if we're hearing this right. This is an alternate dimension of our Earth where you two, X and Marino, are the last creations of Dr. Thomas Light and his colleague and which these Reploids are based on him. And now the former Commander of the Maverick Hunters, Reploids who hunt down berserk robots called Mavericks, Sigma, had recently declared war on humanity and is seeking to control the omniverse including our own universe to make a Reploid utopia with no humans around, correct?" Miyabi asked as the air carrier landed on the runway.

"That's about the general size of it. We don't really know how or why Sigma went Maverick to begin with." Ling nodded with a frown. "All we know is that he needs to be stopped at all costs before this crazy plan of his becomes a reality. Otherwise it won't be just your world and ours, but countless others will all suffer from it as well." That even causes the Arthurs and their fairies to shiver that the thought of their world falling into Sigma's control if he isn't stopped.

"Wow, that sounds like something out of that one movie series… Uh, what was it called again?" Yayoi turned to her friends in confusion.

"You mean Terminator?" Sakuya sighed and face palmed at their leader's naiveté.

"Yeah, that's it!" Yayoi smiled and nodded.

"In any case, we, Jessie, Marino and X are determined to defeat Sigma and end the Maverick War. All we need to do is take down or convert the 6 remaining Maverick Generals and find the capsules that were left by X's creator to help us stand a chance against Sigma." Charlotte has a serious expression on her face as she said that. Suddenly, she noticed 5 giant humanoid mechs that sorta reminded her of the Gundam series. "Huh? What's that?" Everyone else noticed it as well as they exited the carrier for a better look as the mechs were coming even closer.

Back in HQ Command, Zero also spotted the five mechs heading towards his friends as well aa eight unknown humans. "What the heck? What in the world are those…?" He muttered. He turned to a Hunter navigator and ordered "Increase the magnification." The female Hunter navigator nodded as she zoomed in on the five mechs. "Those are definitely not one of the Mavericks. And it seems they look like Ride Armor…" He muttered as he crossed his arms in thought at these strange giant robots.

"Commander Zero, we're getting a transmission from the outside. It's from Jerry and Sophie." The female Hunter navigator informed.

"Patch them through." Zero ordered as Jerry and Sophie appeared on the monitor.

"Commander Zero, we've got a big problem. There are five unknown signals heading straight for the base." Jerry said to him.

"We know, we've just spotted them and they seem to be heading for X and his squad." Zero told him with a serious frown. "We're not sure what their plan is, but they don't seem to be associated with Sigma's army. In any case, you two and better make it back here before things so south with whoever is controlling those mechs. There's no telling what kind of damage they'll cause to our base or the surrounding area."

"Roger that. We'll be there ASAP." Sophie nodded as they cut the channel.

"Looks like we're going to need our armor again to help X and the others protect the base." Jerry said with a serious frown "I don't know who's attacking our base or what they're planning to do, but they'll think twice before messing with the Maverick Hunters."

"Then let's go to help our friends. And this time, we'll make our introduction for them to see." Sophie nodded as Jerry increased the speed of the plane while a bright light shines through the cockpit, revealing their armored forms again as they speed on towards Hunter HQ.


The five mechs landed near the X-Squad, the Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro as their weapons were aimed directly at them. As our heroes got their own weapons at the ready, an annoying voice chortled. "Ohhohohohohoho! So this is where you've been hiding, Tetsuro! We've finally found you!" It was coming from the central mech. This causes the Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro to gasp as they recognized that annoying voice.

"Oh no! It's the Gokoh Five!" Tetsuro gasped in horror as he hides behind Yayoi.

"The Who Five?" Ling and Tekken turned to him with question marks above their heads.

"I take it that you know those girls?" Ruro asked with a frown as he crossed his arms.

"Oh, you don't even know the half of it. They're from the same school as us, only much more annoying. They've been trying to make Tetsuro their slave, but we've always managed to prevent that from happening many times." Akiwo frowned as she explained to them.

"But how did they managed to get here? Wait… Oh no… Don't tell me…" Sakuya growled and clutched her fists.

"That we were sucked into the same black portal as the rest of you? Yes, we were." Hekusokazura no Kimi nodded.

"Yeah! We've searched high and low for Tetsuro and the Dumb Dumb 7, but couldn't find any trace of you. But then we saw you and some other freaks arriving in this weird advance looking military base." Chuko Askausabashi smiled like a loony.

"You calling us freaks? Have you looked at the mirror or it shattered the moment it saw your face?" Jessie quipped back at her.

"Shots fired!" Sakuya laughed.

"You shut up! We'll deal with you after we finally destroy the Koi Koi 7 and make Tetsuro our slave forever!" Kazuko Lidabashi cheered.

"That's absurd! There's no way that'll happen!" Cecilia frowned at the idea and crossed her arms. "Haven't you heard? Slavery is now illegal in the last few centauries due to the South of the United States back on the Cilvil War era for mistreating African Americans and using them to do all the work for them. Since then, the North won the Civil War and has banned slavery so American and several other countries around the world will never make the same mistake ever again! And it's still illegal to this very day!"

"S-Shut up! We'll make him our slave and there's nothing you can do about it! So prepare to perish with the Koi Koi 7!" Miya Higashikazou shouted with an vein on her forehead. "Gokoh Five! Prepare for battle!"

"Roger." Isuzu Yamada nodded as she and the other members of the Gokoh Give readied their mechs for battle until several laser blasts rained down from the sky.

"What the heck?! Who dares try and stop us?!" Miya asked as she looked around for whoever shot them.

"We dare! That's who!" A familiar voice shouted as everyone turned to see the same people from Western Germany who helped them in saving the Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro.

"It's you guys again! The ones who helped us in saving Tetsuro and his friends!" Renkin gasped.

"That's right and we're here to help out you guys again!" The girl nodded as she and the boy turned towards the Gokoh Five. "And I hear that you five are planning to make their friend your personal slave? You do know that it's been banned since the Civil War and has been ever since? Looks like we're going to have to teach you brats a lesson on how to not make someone your slave for your personal gain."

"Yeah! We beat you goons time and time again and we'll never let you make Tetsuro your slave!" Celonus cheered as everyone got ready for battle. X however, raised his hand to stop them. "Huh? What's up, X-kun?"

"This isn't the time for stopping us you blue idiot!" Yamaneko growled. "Can't you see we're in a battle here?!"

"You girls say you fight to protect Tetsuro, right?" The Koi Koi 7 nodded at X's question. "So basically, you're like me. Fighting to protect someone dear to you…" X said seriously as he glowed the blue aura again.

"There it is again… The same power that helped us defeat Flame Mammoth." Houki whispered in shock. X turned to the mysterious duo.

"Looks like I need your help on this. Would you be kind enough to lend a hand?" X smiled heroically.

"O-Of course, X!" The boy nodded as he and his ally got ready.

"Kill the blue freak!" Miya ordered as Hekusokazura used her mech to fire machine gun shots at X, but he leaped out of the way in super speed. That surprised her.

"What in the world?" She muttered as the boy used black energy attacks to hit Hekusokazura's mech for medium damage.

"Nuckelavee, check X's power." Dancho issued as her fairy nodded and opened up a data screen. Her fairy gasped. "What is it?"

"It's just like when we faced Flame Mammoth… His power greatly outclassed you and the other Arthurs' combined forms. And it is increasing very fast." She reported, that caught everyone's attention.

"No way! How strong will X be when he uses that strange power?!" Tekken gasped in shock.

(You Say Run from My Hero Academia plays)

"RAAAAAGHHHHH!" X screamed as he fired rapid fired Buster shots at the Gokoh Five's mechs, severing Kazukoh's mech's arm off.

"H-Hey you blue freak! Don't you know how much these mechs cost?!" Kazukoh growled as she fired missiles at X, but he leaped above them with amazing height and slams his blue, white and gold boots into her mech, knocking her mech back a little. The mysterious girl used ice spells to give the Gokoh Five's mechs a little hurt.

"The blue freak and his two friends are making fools out of us!" Chuko growled as she fired lasers at X, but like before, he dodged them as super speed.

"You're darn right he is!" Miya growled as she clenched her fists in anger as she got ready to issue a command. "Let's combined our mechs to teach him and his buddies a lesson they won't forget!" The Gokoh Five combined their mechs to form one big mech. The Mech fired all sorts of weapons at X, but like before, he dodged them.

"Whoa! Hey Otome!" Hifumi turned to the emotionless little girl of the Koi Koi 7. "Try scanning X's serious power level. He's giving the Stupid Five a hard time!"

Otome finished scanning X's data and she came up with a conclusion. "X's power level is increasing at a accelerating and stable rate. The reason for this is unknown, but perhaps his creator, Thomas Light has installed a powerful component that has the ability to increase over time and stay there permanently..."

"Are you saying X's true power will be unlocked over time?" Miyabi gasped in alarm. Otome nodded in response.

"Amazing… Perhaps Dr. Light has something to do with this…" Houki gasped in awe as she, her friends, Jessie, Marino, the Arthurs and their fairies, the Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro watched the battle unfold. X decided to charged up his X-Buster.

"W-What on earth is that blue boy…?!" Miya gritted her teeth in fear as X aims his X-Buster at the combined Gokoh Mech.

"Now get out of our base!" X screamed as he fired the powerful charged shot at the Gokoh Mech, when it collided, the attack hit the Mech so hard, it exploded.

The Gokoh Five screamed as they were flung into the sky, Miya screaming out "This isn't over! We'll get you next time, blue booooooooooyyyy!" The Gokoh Five disappeared in a twinkle of a star.

The IS girls, Jessie, Marino, the Arthurs and their fairies, the Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro all gasped in awe as X and the mysterious duo turned to them, the former's power returned to normal. X then turns to the duo who had helped him in defeating the Gokoh Five and walked over to them. He then held his hand out to them as they looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"Thank you, for help me in protecting Tetsuro and sending those girls packing." X smiled "If you hadn't done so, then he could've been made into their slave and that would be a horrible life for him. So thank you for arriving when you did."

"It was nothing, X. We were just glad that we made it in time." The boy smiled "Your friends, Jerry and Sophie, told us about the situation and that they weren't going to make it to help you. Luckily they've informed us and we got here just as those girls were about to attack." He took X's hand and shook it.

"Oh, so that's how you know my name. I should probably thank them later for letting you guys know what was going on." X smiled.

"Don't worry, they know, X. I'm sure that they're glad to have helped in any way they can while you and your friends are fighting against Sigma and his forces." The girl smiled "So if you ever find yourself in a jam, don't hesitate to let us know. We'll be there to help when you need it." She also shook X's hand as they backed away from the group. "But now, it's time for us to take our leave. Just know that we'll be watching over all of you, now and forever."

"We'll be sure to keep that in mind. But before you go, can you tell us your names?" X asked the duo.

"It's Jack. Jack Corvus." The boy now known as Jack Corvus answered.

"And I am Queen Tia. Until we meet again, Maverick Hunters." The girl now known as Queen Tia answered as well just before holding up her wand and lets a bright light shine from it that causes the X-Squad to cover their eyes. Once the light faded, both Jack and Tia were gone from sight.

Knowing that they'll be back to help them, X turned to his friends and looked at them for 20 seconds until he smiled softly and waved. Jessie, Marino, the IS girls, the Arthurs, the fairies, Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro all smiled back. The Koi Koi 7 now have a new friend and they must help the Maverick Hunters end the Maverick War and put an end to Sigma's evil plans.

To be continued…

Next time: Storm Eagle: Maverick or Hunter? Birth of the Maverick Whisperers!

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