I'm only one call away.

I'll be here to save the day, superman's got nothing on me.

I'm only one call away.

-One Call Away, Charlie Puth

I don't know what to say. Besides maybe…. Oops? It wasn't my fault. Not really.

But that wouldn't change anything. I was still outside, cold, and dying.

Dying. Peter Benjamin Parker was dying.

Correction: Spiderman was dying.

Wait, that was the same thing.

Right now, this second Aunt May was working her double shift. But when she got home she'll worry. She'll call Mr. Stark. Who will be confused, because he is countries away and has no idea where his fake intern is. Aunt May wasn't supposed to find out like this, I had it all planned out. I was going to ease her into it. I was going to show her I was capable.

But, clearly I wasn't. If I was, I wouldn't be here.

Dying. Did I mention that?

My hands fumbled. I can call Doctor Banner, I can live.

Hope blossomed in my chest and I dialed his number. He didn't pick up. I almost dropped the phone, that was how bad I was shaking from the cold or blood loss, I wasn't sure. I called again.

Bracing myself for the usual voicemail, but it never came.

"Peter? What's up kid?"

I stared at the blood, it was all over. I was going to die. He wouldn't get here in time. My mind flickered to a conversation we once had.

"So, you look out for the little guy?" Doctor Banner asked, albeit awkwardly but politely nonetheless.

"Yeah. I figure they should have someone too. I mean it's nothing like what you do, but I-"

The genius was frowning "What do you mean?"

"You're a doctor! You save lives e-everyday. I am just a kid who stops petty crimes."

The Doctor laughed "Oh, for a second I thought you were referring to the big guy. And I am not as great as you make me out to be. I have blood on my hands."

"As the big guy?"

The Doctor looks up from his clipboard "As the people I failed to save."

I was going to die. He would try to save me, but I was too far gone already and way too far away. I was at the far side of Westchester, and was calling him for inevitable failure.

When he failed to save me, he was going to blame himself.

"Peter!" his voice was alarmed now "Are you ok?"

I made my voice steady when I responded. "What? Yes, totally. I must've but-dialled you or something. I'm sorry."

The doctor sounded equal parts relieved and disappointed by my words. "Oh. Well, if you ever need me I'll always be a call away."

I do need you.

"Thanks Mr. Doctor Banner, sir. I- you're really good to me. I-I really appreciate it."

"It's fi-"

"No!" I think my outburst shocks us both, my heart pounds. I force myself to calm down. I need time. "No, you have no idea how much that means to me."

"Of course kid. I care about you."


"Always, Goodnight Peter."

"Bye, Doctor Banner."

I end the call. I was tired, I wanted to sleep. But I had a few things to do.

I sent Aunt May, MJ, and Ned a collective "I love you." .

But, I called Mr. Stark. My headache cleared, so there was that.

Sadly, that was probably not a good sign.

He picked up immediately.

"Hey kid! How you been?"

I smile "Missing you."

The line was silent for a millisecond before the billionaire answered. "Aww, i'll be back soon."

Not soon enough.

"What was that kid? I'll be back tomorrow night"

Shoot, did I say that outloud?

"Yes, yes you did." HIs laughter fills the phone and the night air, for just a second I close my eyes and imagine him next to me.

"O-oh." I suppress a yawn, but it colors my words "I guess i'm a little out of it."

"Are you ok?" his voice filling with concern. Guilt naws at me. I have no doubt that if I told him where I was this exact moment he'll grow wings and fly to help me. But, it was too late.

"Yea, totally." Somehow, despite being near to death, my body finds the energy to make my voice high pitched. I wasn't worried though, he would never think i'd' be hiding my upending death. "How was your trip?"

My phone chimed. It was Aunt May, she sent me a kissy emoji. Ned also replied. "uwu". MJ was, however, "likewise loser".

Mr. Stark starts to talk about his trip and I let go.

I can almost feel the snip. Of when I was alive and when I wasn't. Sometime in between his speech I took my last breath. Knowing Mr. Stark, he'd find my body. My phone was at 60% and he should be able to find me unless someone steals it off my corpse.

I wasn't supposed to go like this. It was a stupid death, it wasn't expected in the least.

I was killed by amateurs. By siblings, I was webbing the brother when the girl shot me. I didn't have time to get out of the way. I was going to get back up so I can fix myself or at least web up the wound when she shot again. By accident, I think. I can see the horror in her young masked face. She was probably only 2 years my senior.

I told her it was "OK". That I would be just fine.

She took that as an initiative to run with her brother, leaving me bleeding out. I wonder how she'll react when she sees my corpse on the news. I might be her first kill. That would be awful for her.

No matter where you go,

Just know that you're not alone.

Should I do Tony's POV? Let me know! I can also do the girls POV... This is my first fic for this fandom, soo... Was it ok?