TITLE: In Your Eyes
AUTHOR: Gaeriel Mallory
CATEGORY: BTVS/Batman: the Animated Series Crossover
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Chapter Ten

The Slayer was having an odd sense of déjà vu, remembering another battle with Angelus ending with a scene much like this one. She walked forward the few steps and knelt down in front of him. "Angel?" she whispered.

She reached out and caressed his face and he leaned into it. He wrapped both arms around her and buried his face in her hair. "I missed you," he whispered.

"I missed you too."

"Oh my gawd," Bullock moaned as he covered his face. "Can't the two of them get a room?"

His partner shushed him. Renee was watching Batgirl and Nightwing kiss tenderly and was thinking. Harvey may not have noticed but she did. There was something more going on here than met the eye. And when it was over with, she was getting answers. One way or another.

The two helped each other up and leaned into one another. Buffy turned towards the two witches and smiled. "Thank you," she told them.

Willow released Jenny's hand and sprinted towards her friend. "Buffy!" she cried as she hugged the other woman. The witch felt tears roll down her cheeks. "I never got a chance to say goodbye," she whispered.

Buffy held her friend away from her and looked her in the face. Under the cowl, tears formed in her eyes. "I wished I could have. You don't know how much I wished I could have, Willow. But now, I can."

Willow sobbed and hugged her friend again. The two friends held each other for a long moment before Buffy stepped back. "I don't have much time," she told the witch. "And I think there's someone else who wants to talk to you."

Angel stepped forward and swept the redheaded witch up in his arms. "Thank you, little one," he whispered in her ear. He then moved away from Willow and stood next to Buffy again. "You've given me something more precious than my soul this time, Willow. You've given me peace."

Buffy interlaced her fingers with his and looked up at his face. "You've given both of us peace." She smiled at Willow. "You take care of Dawnie, okay? Tell everyone back home that I said hi. I'll be watching you guys from time to time so I won't really be gone."

Willow smiled through her tears. "I'd like that, Buffy."

Jenny moved forward and touched Willow's shoulder. "It's time to say goodbye," she told the three.

Buffy nodded at her former teacher before returning her attention to her friend. "Bye. I'll miss you."

Angel nodded. "You take care of yourself."

Willow found her tears returning as she bid her friends a final farewell. Jenny looked over at her and smiled sadly. "Give Rupert my regards," she told the witch softly. "And tell him—tell him that I'm sorry."

Then she was gone.

With Jenny's disappearance, Batman shook himself free from the trance that had overcome him after the spell had worked. He approached the three slowly. Batgirl and Nightwing were standing staring at each other while Willow was gently sobbing.

"Batgirl? Nightwing?" he asked softly.

The two blinked and shook themselves. "We're here," Nightwing answered. "Just give us a minute to fully process everything."

Batgirl looked at Nightwing. "Where did we go wrong?" she asked him.

"I don't know," he replied. "But if you're willing, I want to give it another try."

She nodded and leaned against him tiredly. "I'd like that."

His arm reached out and encircled her waist. The two looked at Batman expectantly. "So what now?" Nightwing asked. Batman, for once, had no answer.

Willow dashed the tears from her eyes. "Thank you, you guys," she told the three crimefighters. She walked over to her magic supplies and began packing them back into the duffel bag as she tried to regain her composure.

Harvey Bullock's voice cut through the silence in the warehouse. "Would someone like to tell me what the hell just happened here?"

Bullock scowled as he walked through GCPD headquarters. "Do you really believe that bull that Pointy Ears tried to shove down our throat?"

Montoya grabbed a cup of coffee from the coffee pot. "Actually, yes," she told her partner. "There was more going on than what we saw on the surface."

He swiped a doughnut from a box on the table by the water cooler and shoved half of it in his mouth. "But magic?"

She grimaced but did not comment on either his eating habits or his table manners. "Why not?" She shrugged and moved towards her desk. "There's a flying man in Metropolis, a guy who can run faster than the speed of sound in Central City. Hell, there's even rumors of an entire underwater civilization in the ocean somewhere. So why not magic?"

He scowled. "It's just too much. Magic. Bah." He walked away eating the rest of his doughnut.

Montoya sat down and shook her head at her partner's retreating back. "Men."

Willow stood up as her flight number was called. "Well, that's me," she told her companions. "So I guess this is goodbye?"

Barbara smiled and reached over to hug the other redhead. "It's a small world. You never know who you could run into."

Dick smirked and embraced the witch. "Thank you for everything," he told her.

"I should be the one thanking you. I finally got to say goodbye to the two of them. Well, three if you count Miss Calender." Sadness shone in her eyes, but also contentment. This trip had given her the closure she had not even realized she needed.

She waved to her new friends as she headed for the boarding gate. The two watched as she handed over her ticket. "So," Barbara asked, "I have the rest of the day off from work. Want to get some lunch or something?"

Dick looked over and grinned. "Maybe catch a movie?"

She smiled. "Sounds like a plan." The two linked arms and headed out of the airport into the sunshine.

The End

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