"How the hell did you get here?" Tom Nook questioned in surprise as he was expecting human villagers and not beings he recognized from a certain party fighting platform crossover.

Pit nervously rubbed the back of his head. "Well Lady-"

"Got bored of hanging around the Skyworld." Palutena spoke while letting out a huge fart and fanning it away by spinning her staff around. "I wanted to see what this business of you running a stranded island thing is."

"...Aren't you a goddess?" Tom questioned while rubbing his chin.

"Yes but even I need to do fun things every now and then. Besides that Coronavirus pretty much got us fucked," Palutena casually explained as she felt her stomach rumble. "So how about you show us the ropes to handle island life?"

Nook turned his head to the waves as he then shrugged. "Eh why not I guess. Suppose Isabelle could help explain why you decided to come here besides the smashing bullshit."

"I'm sure she could," Pit added on with his arms wrapped around the back of his head, with him and his gassy green goddess following the tanuki to a tent he set up.