"How do you think they're doing?" Mr. Resetti asked while sipping some coffee in his helicopter.

Tom Nook shook his head. "I don't know Sonny... taking a gamble out in the wild isn't the same as smashing it up at a party, even a lame 1 with brothers who aren't even bros."

"Tch, that doesn't sound super of you." Resetti commented as he then held a picture of a certain bratty goddess. "Then again, when you have pieces of shit like this one here trying to have their way and reset everything, well then I can't blame you for not being in the mood to support them."

"I'm going to take a guess that girl did a lot of resetting, yes hmm?" Tom insisted.

Resetti gritted his teeth while not making eye contact with Nook, the animals going over the island for which our stupid angel hero and his stinky goddess were trying their best to survive on without using much of their godly powers.