Natasha Romanoff-Underwood-Carter. She had a hard life.That's her name today. The name only a few know. Her story has changed over time.

Many only know her as cold, heartless, unloveable, deadly, should I go on? Most people will never lean the truth. Like how she was born, November 22, 1923. Her biological mother, Dottie Underwood. Named her Natalie Romanov, after her grandmother, Anastasia Romanov.

Dottie Underwood was known to most as The Black Widow. Giving Natalie her Grandmother's madden name was supposed to be a way of hiding her from the Red Room. Of course she should have known it was not going to work. They had found Natalie at the age of three. Madame B one of the headmasters, took Natalie from her mother and started experimenting on her. Her father remains unknown.

The Red Room has Natasha from the age of three to five. She was incredibly smart. Madame B had Natalie in dance and hand to hand combat. Since she was five all the where able to teach her in hand to hand combat was how to make a fist, and how to kick. Natalie knows both Russian and English. She can write most words in English and almost every word in Russian. The only problem was, they got her in 1932. Today's date is 1980.

Born in 1928, November 22, but the date is 1980. She is only 5 years old. What is yet to come?