Survivors Book I: Final Destination

Characters: Alex Browning, Clear Rivers, Carter Horton, Terri Cheney, Todd Waggner, Billy Hitchcock, Val Lewton, Agent Shreck, Agent Weines

Time-line: after the outburst on the plane

Synopsis: After the premonition, Alex Browning convinces the airline attendents to delay their flight and to check his theory. Before seeing that the trouble starts a month later, realizing that his friends and fellow passengers that got off first are endanger. He realizes he is the only one who can stop it, as the close calls get worse.

His fellow seer of the following year turns to him and Clear as they work at saving every person that got targeted as time goes on now.

Warnings: This story from the outburst on the plane into the opening of chapter three, will be a what if he stopped the plane from taking off. As he gets the credit for saving everyone as the events reflect the book now from here. Have things in reverse as they finish out the year in one piece as a class now.

As the two agents are now involved in his life as his new mentors and his future is secured with them. But for Carter it all ends at the end of the first as things come to a close as there is going to result in very close calls now. And as time goes on, the curse of flight 180 ends as he saves Alex's life and then is killed.

Though from here now Carter gets the finger pointed at him for the investigation now, as Lewton's fear of him reflects the effects in Alex's case. And as she goes to very same actions as Alex prevents the accident, as they see Carter's reaction in a new way now as a result as things follow the same path.

Though this story gives a brief glimpse of Eugene Dix in the story as he was also on the plane and preparing to transfer schools. In the summer before the next escapade as he gets reunited with Clear again the following year now.

Also the seven that joined him and the agents see that the only way for him to prevent it and the other deaths now finally. Is by intervening every single time as the next three years go by now. But this is a re-imagining of the first two movies as they are connected, so instead of leaving immediately.

And they decide to prevent the deaths of their counterparts in the second movie now with themselves. Starting with Alex's counterpart and her mother, before moving forward through the 7 members. And of the other survivors then, leading into Mckinley and their own situation in later years now.

Disclaimers: Final Destination doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to the movie studio.

Chapter 1: Proving The Prediction

After calming down for a minute, he looked at his two teachers, one who was his favorite and he could talk business with. 'Murnau has been there for me, since I joined both the French club and the aviation piloting club here. If I can get to him and Miss Lewton, we can a few hundred lives and from my premonition, I have tell them both what I saw.'

'And before the trio leave.' he thought as he heard the words spoken by his English teacher then. Before she could say it, the white shirt clad boy lunged at him and his French teacher snapped at him. "Carter no, calm down now!" he said sternly as his best friend pushed him back as the female guard pressed her hand on his side then gently.

"Stay the fuck down Carter, sit!" he said as the male guard gripped his shoulder tightly as he held him back and the female guard watched him. "You got this?" the co pilot asked and he nodded. "Nobody gets back on board, that's my call." he said and Valerie Lewton charged over to him as she said it as her partner shoved the white shirted boy back.

"What's the kid's problem?" the co pilot asked and she said it with a sternly. "Short temper, but I don't know who of the duo started that fight with you." she said and he nodded sternly as she said it to him. "Please I got 40 students headed for Paris." she said and and he nodded. "Understand my position." he said and she nodded as she said it.

"I do, I undestand your position and I apologize for Alex, but one of us has to be on that plane, I can not let all those students go to Paris for ten days without supervision." she explained as she shifted her gaze to and saw her troublesome student being restrained. And by the security guards while her other student was beginning to relax and hid a sigh.

"Only one of you can get back on, but that's it." the co pilot said and she nodded with a sigh at that. "Larry!" she said to the man standing in front of him as he left his hand on his shoulder at that, before he moved to her then as he checked something. And saw the word judgement as shot through him as he heard her say it to him then gently.

"The airline is not taking this well, they'll let one of us back on and the rest of us can take an 11:10 flight, it gets in 3 hours later at De Gaulle, it's alright, it's not a big deal..." she started to say to him then and he said it then firmly, but gently. "I'll stay, but at the moment, I think he needs me at the moment anyway." he said and she shook her head.

"No you know the whole French thing, get on the plane, it's fine, it's fine." she said and hearing that remark, the boy looked between them as he tried to pull himself together. And closed his eyes as he got control of himself then. 'No, they leave and it happens they'll all die, I have to tell them now.' he said and straightened up as they relaxed.

Closing his eyes then, he calmed down and then turned. "Billy hold up, man, it's not what you're thinking." Alex Browning said and they nodded. "Well whatever it is, you better stop him and the trio from leaving, because if you're right. You have to tell them now, or we lose them all." the brown headed girl said to him quickly and he nodded to her.

"God man, you're burning up." his best friend and he nodded. "I don't feel so good, but these guys had to have done something if he immediately reacted." he told him and Billy Hitchcock froze at that and crouched in front of him. "And that is what we could be seen as a crime here, possible murder/suicide job." he said and Alex nodded to him then.

"What the hell was that exactly?" she asked him and he quickly explained that. "I wasn't kidding, but I was going to talk to Harrison to secure that take and we take 2 to 3 hours. Run safety checks, we both know what could happen if that tank had got knocked over, I was going to Harrison to secure that tank." he said and his best friend quickly said it.

"Well we could have had that explosion anyway if he never saw that damn tank." he told him and Alex nodded in agreement. "We could have had it in 50 different ways, if he's not thinking straight and is acting like he's drunk here." he said and the two guards exchanged concerned looks at that remark then as he answered him then quickly.

"Well you better tell them and the guards that right now, if that's all you were doing when you said you were leaving, that's no excuse for him to attack you. You never had a reaction like this before, I would consider that reaction reason enough to take it seriously. Stop him, he's going back on the plane." he told him and Alex nodded and looked up.

As he quickly spoke up at that as he quickly said it to them. "Sir wait, Miss Lewton, Mr. Murnau please, before you leave, Sir, please, just hear me out." he said and Lawrence, 'Larry' Murnau nodded as he moved to him as he crouched and looked into his eyes. 'Ten years, for 10 years he was fine, this has never happened before, so why now exactly.'

'Just what did he see or dream about, if he had that reaction on the plane, son, whatever this is about, you know I'll do what I can for you, but tell me.' he thought as he looked into his eyes gently as he said it then as Todd moved to him. "Alex, what just happened in there, I never seen you like this before?" he asked, looking at him gently then at that.

"Look I'm sorry, Sir, I'm not sure, but the shock of what I saw caused that, but what I just saw I can't explain it, call it hunch or a lucky guess. But I'm telling you the truth, leave and it could kill everyone on board, my class. But 2/3's of my class is on board the plane." he said and the security relaxed at the rational tone in his voice then gently.

"I never started that fight, I was going to Commander Patrick Harrison, I had to talk to him and the co pilot as well as the captain to delay a couple hours. Giving us until the new flight time to run a couple safety checks, that was all I was doing. A catch of safety checks was all it was, but he lost it and then attacked me, I never did a thing here."

"The duo hadn't boarded yet, but I was going to the pilot and Harrison on something that needed to be brought to their attention." he said and the male guard nodded in relief they got the real reason for the definition to that remark. 'Non prov, and this kid is sounding more then rational, okay let me have it.' the guards thought as she said it then.

"Harrison, why exactly?" Lewton asked and he explained that. "His twin is my mother, Linda Harrison/Browning, Uncle Patrick knows I'm an uneasy flyer. But that tank laid a safety hazard that I was bringing to his attention, and with it now. I was going to suggest we run a few safety check to check engine and electronics for shorts and leaks now."

"Whatever reason he had to punch me in the face, I don't know, but that dream, vision, whatever, laid the effect if I never brought it to your attention, and before we left. But I never started that fight, I never did anything, but that image was the cause. I'm okay now, but I have to talk to the duo." Alex said and the four adults relaxed slightly at that.

"And before we get our parents arriving here, I rather double check, before we have further problems right now." he added and they nodded as his best friend gave a nod to that. "But what you could consider as close to the reactions in the movie as possible, if that was not a dream, but something else." Alex said and the quartet nodded to him.

"It's not just this, after what I saw, if you hadn't gotten me off, I was already feeling sick, when we boarded, someone did something, I'm not feeling so good." he said and the duo nodded slowly to the news, as the quartet looked at the scared look. And on the other boy's face and the guard nodded sternly as she said it then to him gently at that.

"I can see a deer in the headlights with that look of fear on his face, whatever they did to you is connected to that panic attack on the plane." she said sternly and Murnau nodded sternly in agreement. "Not your fault, if they did what I'm thinking and he's being put in ISS for this, just rest son, but what happened?" he asked and the two guards nodded.

"If you're about to tell us what you saw, maybe you can tell us why he was fighting with you?" The female guard said and before the white shirted clad boy could say it, she held her hand up. "You're in enough trouble as it is, and I'm talking to him, so keep your mouth shut, young man." Murnau said for the four of them sternly at that response.

"Young man I don't want to hear it, if he never provoked you, then you're in enough trouble already right now at the moment. Whatever the hell it was he just saw I can understand, but you not a chance in hell, now shut it." the guard said to him sternly and the boy swallowed, praying he could try to turn this around and knowing he was dead.

And as the leader of the duo answered Alex. "Who of you started this fight exactly if Commander Jenkins dragged him out and threw him in the chair?" he asked him and he sighed. "He did, but I can explain after we get the duo back in here, but I'm not drunk and I'm not on drugs, it's Krueger for real this time." he said and she nodded firmly.

Nodded to his best friend and he went to get some wet towels then, so she could cool him down, as he quickly did it and gave it to her. "Anyone of two dozen explanations, but I know you, this never happened before. So let me have it Alex, just what triggered that exactly if you're soaked in sweat." Lewton said, before repeating it to him gently then.

"Alex talk to me, tell me what happened." Lewton said gently to that and he sighed. "Before you decide to disembark, Sir, just give me a chance to explain this and could you get the steward who asked me that question back in here and with him the co pilot?" he asked and the receptionist nodded as she went to get the duo back in there then.

"I'm not the one who started this fight, but you arrived at the wrong time, Billy, because the idiot caused a pile up in the aisle. One that could have resulted in someone getting trampled, not your fault, but Carter socked me in the jaw. Before they dragged him out of the plane here." he said and the boy nodded as he looked at the white clad boy then.

And in anger at that news. "So why is he pissed at you exactly, if that was not a prank, but a warning?" he asked and Alex ran a hand through his hair. "That I don't know, but whatever reason we can go into later, but before you start asking to get back on board. Just give me a chance to explain why that happened in the first place here now."

"But Billy stop, don't start arguing, there is something I have to explain here at the moment." he said sternly and the blue jersey dressed boy nodded to him. "God you look like hell man, were you up all night last night?" he asked and he sighed. "Something woke me up but when it did, I saw the zero on my clock change from a zero to an 8."

"So 1:00a.m., became 180." he said and he nodded in shock. "As in flight 180?" his best friend asked and he nodded. "Yeah." he said and the trio surrounded him. "What else as I felt it as you saw whatever happened before you had that panic attack in there?" the girl asked sitting next to him and he swallowed as he answered her, hoping she believed him.

As a black man arrived then as she got ready to check him in, he paused and listened to his explanation as he stood there. "Sticking around man?" Murnau asked and he nodded and they gave a nod as he froze and moved as he leaned over the chair. "I take it the hothead assaulted him for no reason if he's about to tell us why exactly at the moment."

"Because if it is, then I just found you guys sooner then I should have if our paths cross again kids." he said, looking between Alex and the girl and they both nodded gently. "Too late, she followed me off the plane, whatever caused that, I think we got a connection. Though that's true, she's my soulmate now." he said and the quintet nodded gently.

"Following that is before the attack on the plane, Christa had the very same conversation with me that I had before that attack. And with it, the latch on my tray broke off in my hand when I tried to close it, as we were boarded. But is it possible you dream of what could happen, as you re-enact the same conversations before something happens."

"But twice in 10 minutes, that's the indicator, I'm not sure what it was I just saw a bit a ago, but honestly here at the moment. I'm not the one that started this fight Sir. But he attacked me, and had the co pilot not grabbed him in there right now. Then he would have beat the crap out of me after punching me in the face here right now, Sir, Mam."

"Although why, if his attitude is anything to go by and..." he started to say and then got a whiff of something he recognized. "Oh no, not again." he said and Murnau said it quickly to that. "What's wrong now exactly?" he asked and he said it sternly to them. "Does anyone else smell that?" he asked and the other boy swallowed hard at that remark then.

As Alex closed his eyes as he saw a bottle fall out of the boy's hand and land on his shirt, before seeing the quartet's faces and opened his eyes. "Sir, if you know he's acting like he was drunk, but did the three of you see the looks. And on the quartet's faces, his side of the team, when Eddie, George, Adam, Derek and Rick were as concerned as you."

"As you know I don't drink or take drugs, and under normal circumstances, drugs like hallucinogens enhance the effects of a whatever I just went through?" Alex asked and Billy stiffened. "They're drunk." Alex said slowly and Billy nodded in agreement. "Trying to get our adults attention off them and on someone else for once right now."

"They could have killed everyone on that plane if he knocked that damn tank over right now." the girl and Billy nodded sternly as he exchanged looks with her at that. "Hold it one damn minute, everyone in our class knows you don't take drugs. But you never get in trouble with the cops or the trio and the way you are now is how you normally are."

"The quartet on his side of the team, we know they're sick of the scrutiny and by you, the coach and the cops, let alone their parents." Billy said and the other boy froze and paled as he realized they got caught and the quartet nodded sternly. "Then that gives a very good motive for sabotaging a perfect cadet and one who never gets in trouble here."

"But The First Duty, Need, and even The Outsiders, come on, does that make a damn point, we been reading that book for the past few months in class right now. But we're on chapter 7 now in the book, five chapters left at the moment and they set him up. And for a murder/suicide job, that would have worked if Cade never stabbed him right now."

"The guys had a cold blooded smirk on their faces at your reaction, they wanted this, but Carter reacted too soon." The girl said slowly and he nodded sternly to that. "You don't take drugs and you don't have reactions like this either, we see this. And in the quintet's case all the time, but..." Lewton started to say as she put her hand his forehead then.

"You're running a fever and you're soaked in sweat, if that was no dream, but a vision we got another symptom of possible hallucinogen exposure." she said and he nodded. "Set up, this is a set up, get your attention off them and on me for once!" Alex snapped and Murnau crossed his arms at that remark as they saw the other boy swallow and nodded.

"Wait a damn minute, run a head count with us out here." Alex said and the guard nodded and the receptionist went to check. "I count 35 students and your other two teachers, honey." she said and Alex nodded. "We got a stowaway, Michael, Carter, Peter, Curt and 2 others, one of these guys drugged him." Billy said and the duo nodded then.

"That's reason 3 then, they attacked you, because this could be a false alarm as we decided to check, run a headcount on our class and discovered. That we had 41 students instead of 40, followed by checking their luggage. And discovered they were bringing contraband on the plane as we did it." Lewton said and checked his temperature again.

"You're feeling sick to your stomach, you're running a fever, increased perspiration, and that reaction could be agitation and paranoia. But that paranoia could not be missed placed at all right now as his leg barely missed that tank right now!" she said slowly and Murnau nodded sternly to that as he looked at the other boy with a stern look then.

"If you expected me to not run a headcount or not stop when he called out to me you lost your mind finally right now, young man." he said to the other boy sternly and he tried to keep from paling at that remark. "Alright looking at this carefully you reacted far too fast to take it back right now, so that means one thing and one thing only to me, that you guys were all sneaking something on board despite the fact we all said the same thing right now.

"And now the next question is why pull this at all, you honestly expected me to never double check this once he stopped me, young man?" he said with a stern warning tone and the boy swallowed hard at that. "Well he knows he's screwed with us, we caught them in the act, and long before the conclusion." the new arrival said sternly to that. "You a teacher yourself Sir?" Alex asked and he nodded to him gently and the boy paled at that news.

"I am, in fact if your girlfriend met me later on if this was not a false alarm, but a true amateur terrorist attack then I would see this the way whoever our counterpart junior deputy would see it. Although I knew all of you personally after a year and after the last attack hits now, depending on who's place I took and I ended up here for when said attack hits now, you just ended up with your worst nightmare in teachers if you're screwing with the toxic chemicals."

"I don't teach at your high school young man, but if I did and I caught you or your buddies as whatever you did now to him and this is enough to have you expelled for it, so tell me. Just what did Alex do to you guys to have you do this him." the man said sternly and he paled as he saw a key set to unlock a door that was bigger then his car keys as the man looked down at what he was staring at and nodded sternly to that.

"If your thoughts are headed in that direction yes, that key is the key to my classroom, I'm a high school teacher, but I deal with tougher brats then you and little gang, young man, which is why, once your coach gets out here, and you lose it a second time. And you're psyche eval is finished and you destroyed your case of looking like the sane one here, now control that temper before we call for more guards right now." he said and the boy swallowed hard at that news.

"Your teacher is my counterpart, but I am an English teacher buster, so screw with me and you're ending up in ISS for the rest of the year. Especially if your principal asks me to switch schools, and she reaches her limit with you." he said with a stern warning tone and he swallowed hard at that remark as he looked at the stern set to his eyes then. "Dix, as in Dixon or is that a middle name?" the girl asked and he smiled gently as he answered her then.

"My full name is Eugene Dixon Hooper, but the kids your age call by a nickname, honey." he said and she nodded smiling then. "Easy to see who the troublemaker of your group is and of you, he's the one close to ending up restrained if this keeps up. But honestly, this far out of Manhattan, and you're just asking for trouble right now, if you don't get much in the way of crime?" he asked and the duo nodded to confirm that thought.

"So you're a teacher, grade, middle or high school?" Alex asked and he smiled at him as he looked from him to the girl sitting at his side. "High school, I teach your age group if this was a senior class trip you do every year. Let me guess 16 near 17, or 17 near 18?" he asked and they smiled. "17, near 18." Alex said and she finished that gently at that.

"Why were you bound for Paris?" she asked him and the stern look faded as he looked at her gently. "Extended research, I was taking my class through another story in Shakespeare at the moment. But this was the only flight I could get on short notice honey." he said to the girl and she nodded as she hid a smile as Murnau said it to Alex.

"Their idea just backfired at the moment then, if you hadn't stopped me, we just delayed the flight long enough for them to get exposed. As to why we, as your teachers, know that what just happened never happened before in your case. The way you're acting now is how we know you to be, so if you did have that reaction there is a reason for it now."

"We never see you like this normally, in fact you never got in trouble with us before ever, but a reaction like this is a severe red flag to us and to Eric." Murnau said to him gently and she nodded. "Yes and a fast out of character moment, before you return to normal, so yes this is a set up alright, baby." she added and the male teacher said it slowly.

"The way you are acting now is how your teachers know you son?" the man asked and he nodded. "Yeah it is, we know this way too well, but Alex never gets in trouble, he doesn't drink or do drugs and finally now. He's normally calm, collected and quiet, he doesn't suffer reactions like this, if he did now someone just tried to set him up right now."

"Best case scenario the damn thing doesn't go and we got solid evidence to have these guys expelled as their coach handles this. Worst case it does go and these guys not only get it by us, but by the cops and the authorities at the moment. But next question is why he's drenched in sweat at the moment." Lewton said sternly and they nodded sternly.

"The idiot reacted way too soon, are you trying to scream narc?" he asked and the other boy swallowed hard at that. "I think he dropped the canteen or bottle all over his clothes before he attacked me actually." Alex told him and the blond touched his shirt and saw it was damp. "He's covered in it!" she said and the quintet nodded in stern disgust then.

"What did all of you say after he crashed into the pole on campus?" Alex asked and they both crossed their arms. " He was never touching another glass of anything even resembling alcohol until he was of age." she said for both of them and he nodded. "Yeah exactly, this was why he flipped out, he was sneaking contraband on the plane now."

"They all were, but this is why he flipped out on you, he broke rehab at the moment." Alex told her and she nodded slowly. "They're all sick of the scrutiny, we get that, but that is no excuse for what they pulled here. And what if he hit that tank just right now, it could have gone off and your warning comes true anyway at the current moment."

"I don't care who's idea this was or why they did it, they're all guilty." she said sternly and Murnau nodded. "And he was praying I never decided to check either his carry on, or his suitcase, because if I had. I would give him detention for a month for breaking our direct orders right now." Murnau said slowly and he nodded as he said it to him then.

"That's why he attacked me, he thought I was going to turn him in!" Alex said and the quartet nodded in shocked disbelief at that remark. "Wait, a minute, 'Sit down Browning', rephrase that, where did we hear that before?!" he said in shock and she nodded. "Yeah I hear it, 'Watch it greaseball!'." the girl said and Lewton nodded as she said it sternly.

"That was not an order, but a threat." she said and the boy swallowed hard and the new arrival nodded sternly to that. "And they were praying we would never listen to you, but if you never take drugs, smoke or drink, they got caught. Yeah alright, if that was not crying wolf, but a warning, a possibility of it going now, let me have it right now, son."

"If you three are backing him up, we're taking that chance, so let me have it kid." the guard and the other male teacher said together. "Yeah they're right, if you never had this reaction before, then this was a red flag to us, this was a conspiracy to set you up. It might have worked if he kept his cool." the duo and Lewton said together at that news.

"You got to be kidding me, it's been 6 weeks after you crashed into the power pole, have you lost your god damn mind. You know your parents orders to the quartet, let alone every adult and authority figure said. That you were not to get anything even resembling alcohol, so this is why you attacked me, you thought I busted you right now, Carter."

"Trying to sneak it passed them and my reaction just got you kicked off the plane, long before you could get it passed them." Alex snapped as he yanked his wallet and pulled out a small pack that look like chewing gum and they nodded. "Downers, so where are the uppers, as he had too much to drink." Alex said sternly and Murnau nodded firmly.

As he checked his lower shirt, by squeezing it slightly allow some of it to get onto his hand and sniffed his hand and his eyes narrowed with a stern look. "Someone just got caught, because of that reaction of your's son, you don't drink or take drugs. But looks like he accidentally dropped the bottle on his shirt when he attacked you right now."

"That's whiskey, alright who was drinking before they boarded the plane?!" Murnau said sharply and the quintet shook their heads. "Oh I get the idea alright, that was a distraction, get your attention on him, they were gambling too high. That we would never listen to him, but has this ever happened before?" the other man asked gently to that.

"That's a big no, Alex is calm and collected, that a reaction like this is a red flag to us and our other counterpart, let alone the cops." Murnau said to him and he nodded. "So if this never happened before, then we can take a chance on hearing what he has to tell us. But why the hell is he soaked in sweat?" Lewton said in agreement and Alex said it then.

"I don't know, but I'm not feeling so good, whatever these guys did to me has to do with it." he said to her then shaking then, as he felt it start getting worse then and she nodded. "Baby?" she said quickly, looking at him as she gripped his arm to keep him from fallng forward as Murnau crouched in front of him as he said it for all of them

"What's wrong exactly?" Murnau said slowly and he quickly said it. "That, whatever it is, was enhanced by something, but what I don't know right now. But the side effects, if you hadn't gotten me off the plane immediately then it would have come back up. And before I could get it up, I think he and his quintet drugged me." he said and he nodded gently.

And as he squeezed the back of his neck as they exchanged looks with the man as the other boy said it sharply to that news. "I can think of only one reason why, any person that takes drugs can handle it. Our mothers are nurses, we don't screw with that crap..., oh you son of a, so to get out from under their scrutiny, you try to sabotage him?!"

"Hang on!" his best friend snapped as he dug out one cup and then pulled out a second, as he checked it. "Orange juice, I was drinking orange juice, before we boarded the plane, looks like when we had to go for a bathroom break, someone swapped cups." Alex said and the duo nodded in agreement as his best friend said it for both of them.

"They drugged him, and with three teachers now involved in this, did you guys really expected to get away with this stunt. What if he's allergic to whatever this crap is, did that ever occur to you, young man, did it?!" the man asked sharply and she nodded. "We better pass that to Eric and Jane, Larry." she said and he nodded as she said it firmly.

"Tell them we just caught Carter and his gang in the act right now, he and his little friends drugged him, we need the doctor out here. They were sneaking alcohol into their luggage all of it, and Alex's reaction exposed it to us. Eric and his partner, my counterpart will know what I mean." Lewton said and the receptionist nodded to the orders gently.

"This is why they flipped out and Horton attacked him, because he thought that Alex was lying to us and turning them in?" Campbell asked to clarify and he nodded. "He's delirious and only hearing what he wants to hear right now, Alex never provoked him. He lost it of his own accord now." Murnau said and she nodded and left them to go tell them that.

"Had a relapse right now, Carter and his gang are sick of their scrutiny being on them and wanted out from under it and it crossed the line. Next question is what the hell did they drug me with right now to trigger that, but enhancing the effects of it. I'm going on record of the Nightmare films chapter 1." Alex said and they nodded as Billy took a look.

"The scene in her, my counterpart's, classroom, as you see it start turning real and then...," Lewton started to say and Alex looked down at the latch in his hand and nodded. "Yeah, just like the attack in the bedroom, as it happens again, and this time it was too much, we know all this, dreaming of it happening is one thing, and seeing it is another."

"But if I'm right and what if this is not a one time thing, but is permanent?" he asked and she nodded as he said it shaking as he tried to pull himself together as he said it. "Damn thing broke off in my hand, so that image, that was no hallucination I had, Coach's training caused a added side effect." he said and Murnau nodded firmly to that news.

"His cup was this one, someone swapped his with another and dumped some piece of shit drug into it, his body is revolting and trying to get it out of his system. And if you hadn't gotten him off the plane, they would have been exposed now here!" he said and the quintet nodded in shocked fury at the news as Alex said it slowly at the remark then.

"They drugged me, trying to get your attention off them and on me for once, but you had three red flags already. 1) you never see this in me normally, 2) I never get in trouble and 3) he's drenched in it right now, it might have worked if..." Alex started to say and they nodded sternly as Murnau said it dangerously as they watched the boy pale then.

Just as he was saying it, a massive case of nausea shot threw Alex and he moved to the can as it came back up and as he tried to stay standing then. "Alex?!" Murnau said quickly and he shook his head, shaking as a second jolt shot through him. And as he got up the rest of it, moving to him he looked at him as he saw the look of a sick student.

"You okay son?" he asked and he shook his head then as he tried to get it out as it happened again, before it stopped as his legs gave out on him. And they quickly sat him down at that as she saw sweat pouring down his face. "What did you guys do to me exactly, you idiot?!" he said, shaking as he leaned forward, shaking uncontrollably.

"Whatever that stuff is, did it ever occur to you guys it could be one of the medical allergies our teachers are aware of Carter. You realize this is illegal right now, in their eyes, you ever consider that stuff is a medical allergy right now." he said as he felt a severe rush of heat shot through him and he leaned forward then shaking.

"Get the doctor, now!" she snapped as she checked him over. "Hot." he told her and she nodded as she checked his temperature then and nodded. "His fever is spiking, we need to bring it down, nausea, temperature spikes now. I'm looking at a possible case of poisoning, or medical allergy." the guard said and she nodded as she took charge then.

Grabbing the towels then, she said it to his best friend. "Todd get those damp, ice water." she said and he nodded and quickly and spoke to the bartender as she swapped the napkins for a clean towel. And quickly filed the sink with water, and poured ice into it, before putting the towel into it, freezing it and then gave it back to him to give her.

Taking the towel then she wiped the sweat off as she tried to cool him down as she looked at the other boy in anger. "Do you and your little friends realize what you could have done right now, if he was allergic to this crap. You could have landed him in the hospital right now." Murnau said with a furious growl at the boy and she nodded sternly.

"Get him over there, whatever he was drinking, it's the stench of that crap is just making him queasy right now. Whatever the hell they drugged him with is the add on, but until his stomach calms down, just keep him over there." Lewton snapped at the duo then and the male guard shoved him all the way to the other end of the row he was seated in.

"I'm telling you now, that the only trip you're taking is to the god damn hospital." Alex said shaking and they nodded as Todd activated his cell phone. "Chief, yeah this is Todd Waggner, you got another one, it's Carter and he's loaded right now..., yeah. Yeah he did it again, and attacked Alex right now, it's George all over again, uh huh, yeah that's it."

"His gang drugged him, he got most of it up, but he's burning up right now, whatever they dosed him with I don't know, the wax stamp to tell us what these are is worn off. Yeah the manager is waiting on stand by, uh huh, sure, see you in an hour, yeah thanks. Whatever else this triggered, you could be looking at at IED,..., yeah, yes Sir, see you soon." he said and hung it up. "They're ready." he said and Murnau nodded sternly to him then.

Putting one hand to the back of his neck and the other to his forehead, she checked his temperature, she nodded and quickly said it to him. "Larry, he's burning up right now, but we need to bring his fever down right now. These guys crossed a line, what if he was allergic to whatever it was." Lewton said and he nodded as Alex said it quickly to them.

"Water?" he said weakly and he nodded as he turned and shouted it out to bartender, as he felt his anger growing by the minute then. "Water, now!" Murnau shouted and the bartender quickly filled up a cup and Lewton grabbed it. And gave it to him as he took several swallows. "Easy, easy, it's okay, it's okay." she said as he sat there shaking then.

"You guys are in deep shit for this right now, you really expected to get away with that?!" Billy snapped and as Alex took another swallow. "I would consider that attempted murder, but whatever that stuff is, what if I was allergic to it. You ever consider that right now?!" he snapped at the other boy and the adults nodded in agreement to that remark.

"I would consider this exactly matched right now, his threat to me, before that happens, but his next remark is the same as saying, if we warned him. That he was out of his territory so watch it right now, before he says it with a warning tone. But George is the understanding side of Emilio, you're the tough guy, man." he said and his friend nodded.

"And who the hell is he calling bums exactly, but pity the backseat right now." he said sternly and Billy nodded in agreement as the boy's girlfriend nodded angrily. "I told you before Carter, I am never going out with you when you're drinking and I mean it. But I liked him from the start, he would do anything for me if he had the chance right now."

"God you look like hell brother, just rest." she said to him and left her hand on his back gently. "Well if they expected to get away with this, they better think again right now, because this could have been more then just a set up. But attempted murder at the moment, but this crossed a serious line." Murnau said and the boy paled at that remark.

"And if you hadn't stopped me immediately we would have been killed if that tank is destroyed anyway, but putting it to the test is best. But where a sick student is concerned, that is first priority over missing a flight." Murnau said and she nodded. "Get out of our scrutiny, and instead they're stuck under scrutiny for life as a result here."

"But this is beyond cold blooded to try and frame someone for something that is not in their nature and we know you. You would never do this, you would never sabotage that plane or set someone up for attempted murder of 600 lives." she said and Murnau nodded. "Well these boys have a severe screw loose." the other teacher said sternly then.

"They went too far this time, I don't care who's idea this was or why you did it, it doesn't matter, but this put a halt on leaving anyway. As it's clear to us you're delirious and hearing only what you want to hear right now, young man. If all of you were drinking, you're on hold for two days." he added as he watched the boy carefully at that remark.

"Case in poison control, someone tried to set you up, and instead it switched to possible attempted murder, but he's right young man. What if he was allergic to this crap, whatever it was you drugged him with, you ever consider that. What if, if you had hit that tank, it tipped over and went off, you could have killed everyone in the cabin now."

"There is no excuse for it, or your behavior." Lewton said sternly and he swallowed hard at her remark as he saw them look at Alex. "Well his actions just crossed the line I never did a thing for him to attack me at all, he just reacted." Alex said as he relaxed slightly. "But does this scenario look familiar to you, say six months recreated at the moment."

"That he did it again, reacted and attacked me for no reason?" he asked and Murnau nodded sternly as he crossed his arms then. "And who attacks someone for simply trying to warn of possible manslaughter in the form of a 200 ton rocket." Billy said and the two teachers nodded sternly in agreement to his thoughts as he answered him then.

"And only considering the safety of others, but would a sane man just attack someone for only telling the truth. Or considering the safety of others and said person's health at the moment?" he asked and they nodded. "No they wouldn't, but the fact he did, is clear he thought you caught him red handed and you never said you were going to Eric."

"Or us and attacked you for no reason." Lewton said and the other boy swallowed hard at that remark, in knowing he was dead meat. "Someone in the five of them drugged me, but that attitude is like the attitude of the duo, before they tried to kill the narrator. And his best friend stabbed him right now, that's this all over, to get out of scrutiny."

"With you, they tried to set me up and went too far this time." Alex told them and the duo nodded in agreement to that. "My part was Johnny, Todd was Two-bit, and you were the narrator, only made sense right now, but I was your best friend in the play." Billy said and he nodded. "And you just took my side anyway." he said and Billy nodded sternly.

"Well the Socs went too far this time, what if they killed you here." he said and the quartet nodded in agreement to that. "That's an understatement, the gang wars between you guys were serious enough already without trying this. But this time, they crossed the line between petty rivalry and attempted murder right now, all because now, right now."

"They wanted out of our scrutiny, and instead this threw them right back into it right now." Lewton said with stern growl to this. "Forget trying to get me to eat anything, I wouldn't be able to hold it down long enough, and before that happens again. But this is not because of the vision, or whatever it was I saw, but that was just bad right now."

"But yeah they drugged me alright, I don't feel so good right now." Alex told her shakily and she nodded as she ran her hand through the hair at the back of his head. "Before trying food, we're getting you some gatorade." She said and Alex said it to the boys. "Orange." he said and they nodded as they headed for the shop and came back with it.

And gave it to him as he took several swallows and relaxed as it recharged him. "Well that did it, the nausea just ended right now, but this crossed a line right now. Alright Carter, so tell them, just what did my friends and I ever do to you and your gang. For you to pull a stunt like this, because if the FBI gets involved and I know every question."

"Involved, that he's asking you, as if you never believed me, then why get up at all, why not stay on board the plane. I didn't think it was going to happen, if I let them leave now, but do I want to put that gamble to the test. That's a definite no, so to insure that we do not lose anyone, we test the engines?" he asked and the boy paled at that remark then.

"Yeah I agree with that idea, but best case it doesn't go and we got enough to have them expelled, worst case it does go and they get it by us, the cops and the FBI." Barnfield said and the teacher nodded. "Same here, we put that premonition to the test, and these guys are being arrested for attempted murder and destruction of airline property."

"But the add on is attempted murder for trying to poison a patient, sabotage, but this crossed a line in my eyes right now. Whatever the hell this shit is, did it ever occur to you idiots he was allergic to this shit?!" the second male teacher snapped at him and she nodded in agreement to his sternly at that as Alex looked between the trio then.

"That hallucinogen combined with the premonition, but that's the side effect, nausea, if there was a doctor that plane, he needs to know this right now. But that explains why my body temperature shot up so fast, they did drug me right now. But it might have worked if he hadn't reacted and..." he said, felt it a second time and took another swallow then.

"More please." he said and Billy took it and went back to bartender then. "We need more, but could you add ice please." he said and she nodded and refilled it and put some ice into it then before he went back to him and gave it to him. "Thanks man." he said and Billy nodded gently as he exchanged furious looks at this with the other boy and Lewton.

"And if he kept his cool right now, but he didn't, well, well, well, you honestly thought you could get away with that, young man. But fast reaction, it wears off once he gets off the plane and then he catches you in the act right now." Lewton said for him at that as she looked at him in disgust then right now and he swallowed hard at the remark.

"Easy baby, just relax." she said as she rubbed Alex's back to calm him. "Raised body temperature, nausea, what could be considered paranoia thanks to it, cold sweat. All symptoms of hallucinogens right now and these idiots never checked the damn record. To know that what was used could be a medical allergy and he needs an allergy shot here."

"Be ready in case that happens again, but this is better then trying any soda right now. With his stomach this uneasy at the current moment though now that we saw this. Someone in their side of your brother's football team never considered a case of allergic reactions." the receptionist said sternly and the duo nodded in agreement then angrily.

"Well we know this was a set up now, but how the other members of our group are going to take this, once they get the reason for this delay. And why you never went back on the plane and me with you are going to be completely disgusted at this. This kid's quintet just tried to set him up and just barely missed killing him if he was allergic to this crap."

"Forget the ipecac, that's only going to make it worse, but we can say this is why he had that reaction on the plane, but these little brats. They got caught long before the conclusion, we just got to find the one that tanked that cup of juice. If the little bastard has the pill bottle in their pocket." the second teacher said and he nodded in agreement.

"Todd, check it now." Murnau said and the boy nodded as he carefully poured the liquid out slowly and found nothing in the first. "First cup is clean." he said and did the other. And until he saw a white pill half dissolved in it and nodded. "Found it, one pill is dissolved completely the other pill is half dissolved, though what this crap is right now."

"But the juice eroded whatever the symbol on this stuff is, but there are only two that have this type of effect and it's acid or mescaline. But without the wax stamp, we don't don't know what they drugged him with right now." Billy said checking the pill carefully and the second teacher nodded as he answered him firmly at the news then at that.

"Hallucinogens in the come down have the victim suffering high body temperatures and nausea, but he's thinking straight enough to tell us this. But he got to us first as we realized they crossed the line now, but young man. You consider if I was your teacher, I would have you expelled for something like this?" he asked sternly and the boy paled.

"This means I downed the first pill, but never took the second, it combined with that vision, making it so real. I feel like I'm the narrator after seeing that Soc lying in pool of his own blood, but what if I'm right and it..., it..." Alex said, shaking, as he saw it again and closed his eyes and she nodded, knowing whatever he saw traumatized him severely.

"Shh, it's okay, it's okay." she said as he buried his head into her shoulder as she rocked him until he calmed down then. "Now you done it, if it does happen and play out like he said, seeing that close call is too much on top of this. That for the months ahead, the duo and the coach are going to have to keep waking him up during the trip there."

"As if traumatizing memories are not bad enough you're seeing this every time you try get some rest now, but this took it one step too far. God as if a trauma like this is not enough, but what if it does go, you're seeing us. When in that explosion every time you try to sleep, close call if we headed it off." Billy said and Murnau nodded in agreement.

"What this is, is the next question, hallucinogen is a big one, say something like acid." Alex said and Murnau nodded in shocked disgust at that news. "Acid or mescaline, though it is and it explains his reaction, combined with whatever he just saw. This crap enhanced the effects of it that whatever it was right now, but your mothers are nurses, son."

"Specific regime and makes it look like he broke it." he said and he and Alex nodded. "Yeah well my head, aside from that, feels like someone tanked my O.J. with some sort of drug, which as it turned out they did, desperation." he said and the trio nodded. "He downed the first pill, but his body is trying to get it out of his system right now."

"By a case of nausea, I don't know how much came back up, but we have to wait for it to wear off right now, but now we know this was a set up. To put this bluntly he never had a reaction like this, before, the way you see him talking to me is the way he is, but Carter. Get the heat off him and on you for once, if that explains that reaction now a bit ago."

"But Lyn's a nurse and you stuck to medical born policy, of no screwing with the toxic chemicals, eating right and taking your vitamins." Lewton said slowly and he nodded. "Yeah that's my thoughts too, but I never started a fight, he attacked me without provocation though, looks like he thought I busted him, before I caught him in the act."

"That's why he attacked me, his coach, who is also our chemistry teacher was on board the plane, but you guys. You have the six of us and George, let alone the others in our side of the class, they have the 20. But George reported him for speed-balling with the caffeine pills and I guess he thought I busted him, even before I busted him."

"Oh are you kidding me, right now Carter, you out of your damned mind?!" Alex said sternly to him and they watched his face pale at that. "You really never expected me to catch you in the act, Carter, we both know you're in rehab. And 2) that anyone drinking that crap, smells like they fell in a barrel of it." he said sternly and then said it firmly.

"They were praying you guys were never going to listen, because of this outburst, well they gambled too high right now. But think of it, who would you listen to more, I never get in trouble with you guys. He gets in trouble way too often, and I'm your prize pupil in every class at the moment right now." Alex told the quartet and they nodded sternly.

"Three high school teachers and two guards, plus the receptionist right now, and we got multiple witnesses to the fast that, if this was in reverse. That if you never stopped me from leaving, it was because you were too sick to stop me at the time. Well not this time, I'm not letting this go right now." Murnau said with a stern tone and she nodded firmly.

"That goes without saying, but to answer you, we would take your word over their's every time baby, so let me have it, what was it you saw to cause that reaction." Lewton said gently and he sighed in relief at the news as the other boy paled at her remark. "Before you answer that question man, we got to get more security up here right now."

"You better get a couple more guards up here, he looks ready to do some damage." his best friend said, looking at the other boy and the female guard nodded to his suggestion. "He touches me and he blew his case, of his looking like the sane one here, but I never started this fight, non provocation." Alex said and the quartet crossed their arms then.

"Mam, tell the trio and my chemistry teacher, this was a set up, they drugged me, the coach and Terry Dennison, Sarah Parker and Jenny Taylor can fill in the blanks. But I don't take drugs and tell them I want to talk to the duo and the stewardess. I can explain this and we can leave at the new time, but for all I know this was a scandal now."

"I just told you what I saw, now I got to give the possible reason as they get why he attacked me in the first place. As that looks like, to every adult surrounding us beyond suspicious, and looks like, to you right now. It could be considered foul play right now, distraction and diversion, IED." he said and the receptionist nodded to him then gently.

As they nodded in agreement as the teacher answered her then. "Yeah this is being reported to, if we have doctor on board, to him, their coach and the trio. Right now, we can delay for a bit and see if he's right, he is and we leave at the new time." the man said and Lewton and Murnau nodded in agreement to his thoughts as she left to do it.

"You weren't fighting with anyone, you were drugged, that takes the heat off you and puts it on him, the only thing, if that vision turns real, is having that type of attack. But Carter could have destroyed the plane anyway, but you prevented that accident. But I know you, you never had this type of reaction, before, so you're off the hook right now."

"And by his getting up too soon, and not keeping his cool." Murnau said gently and he nodded softly as he looked into his eyes then. "And I just prevented what could have destroyed our relationship by stopping you from leaving and by getting them out here." he said and Lewton nodded in agreement as she stayed close to him then protectively.

"Before we delay it further at the moment and by saving our entire class next, but one decision just changed this in the storyline. But that's the scary part right now, but what if you never stopped them from leaving or he tried to bait you. One remark, one reaction destroys a few hundred lives, and you stopped it." she said and he nodded to her gently.

Just as he was answering, they felt a cold blast shoot through the room. "Whoa, alright what was that?" the new arrival asked and Alex nodded slowly. "By delaying you and Mr. Murnau from leaving and with it asking to speak to the duo. Before the coach gets out here next, I just changed whatever design this was, so we delay a little longer."

"But our invisible murderer, he's pissed you just decided to listen to me when you realized they tried to set me up here. While at the same time his window of opportunity is closing fast." he said and the man nodded sternly to the news. "That premonition just saved our lives and he's likely to go to a more direct approach at the moment now."

"We saw this before in A Nightmare on Elm Street, the nightmare in class, before she ran the test that night and saw him face to face. It just happened again and you guys, the 3 of you, responded like her teacher did at the moment. Before we went to discussing what caused it, test the theory, we get the drop on him." Alex told him and he nodded firmly.

"The reaper turned himself into Krueger now?!" Billy said slowly and Alex nodded. "Six teenagers, a young adult no older 39 and 2 other adults, sound familiar?" he asked and they nodded. "Chapter 3, pre-emptive strike right now, that doctor that killed 2/3's of their group never took this seriously her choices nearly destroyed the entire block."

"But as adults, and kids like your classmate should know this by now as well, but where a case of patients is concerned. It's we never tolerated repeated outbursts and we were just waiting for the latest to happen, and just when we're making progress. If that's that reason your teachers here are so irritated at him and are more worried about you."

"But we never took the word of a patient who loses his temper, or their tempers too much while the other never gets in trouble. And you're the perfect example of that, you just got my attention, I'm willing to listen to what you have to say." the man said and their teachers and the guards nodded in agreement and he hid a sigh of relief then.

"Going on a guess, if that dream never happened this would have happened anyway if he was speedballing and someone in the group on board. Just pissed him off as he lashes out and again, but in a confined space, there's not enough room to maneuver. And that explosion would have happened if his leg hit that tank just right, knocking it over now."

"And it went off if it was in the on position." he said and the trio nodded in shock. "But I think I triggered the detonator to prevent it as he loses it with me and attacks me. And you got him off the plane this fast, before delaying it even longer." he said, before they heard a warning shout from the plane and nodded in relief at that explanation then.

And he turned at that. "Oh boy, the coach is pissed right now, but coach never acted like a teacher, but more of a career soldier, he's an L.C.. So get ready for the backlash, once he confronts Carter after he gets out here right now." he said and the other teacher nodded with a bemused smile as the guard said it with a bemused look at that news.

"Air Force or Navy?" he asked and Alex smiled. "Air Force, he retired when we were 5, but as a result, you can take the man out of the military. But you can't take military out of the man, he still acts like he leads his troops either on the team or in class. I'm his young cadet in training, before I get into the academy." he said as they heard his tone.

"Uh oh, what was that about right now?" the guard asked and Alex explained that. "Every adult in town knows I don't take drugs or drink, my mother is a E.R., in rehab. But a case of chemistry these idiots don't seem to get right now, but this scenario now. Does this sound familiar to you, like we re-enacted the movie version to this same situation now."

"Ms. Lewton, stage play, two months ago, in addition to the essay we did for that book?" he asked and she nodded slowly as she realized what he meant. "Yeah I see it alright baby, the suicide/murder job involving the damn fountain. But it would have worked if he kept his cool right now and they, Jenny, Terry and Eric just saw that as well right now."

"Nice touch in theory, sounds like Eric is letting them have it as the stupid fools never saw that tank and you did right now. Before someone, possibly the Taylors, added on to it and with them, Terry Dennison." Lewton said and he nodded in agreement. "Out of the entire class, the one that did a research battery on that decade was you at the time."

"In Music and media right now, but that decade was known for the best two rock stars there and secondly it was a time of recreational drug use. But the scenario that got recreated happened to be chapter 4, after the fight with his brother." Murnau said sharply and he nodded in agrement as he answered him gently at the remark then.

"And only a teacher of your age group can see this and why exactly?" he asked and the duo crossed their arms. "It's because we were teenagers in the 60's ourselves, I was born in '54, you man?" he asked and the man crossed his arms. "I was '56, but I read that book when it came out and this feels just a little too familiar to know it now."

"But I'm 43 years old and I chose to be a teacher as my profession." he said and Alex sighed in relief. "Then I'm relieved you arrived when you did, as this could be considered a bit to familiar when said book was published when you were no older then 14." he said and the man nodded as he squezed his shoulder as he answered him gently at that.

"I'm also an English teacher and this is something I see way too easily right now, that like you, I know the intention here. This is a set up, and it just backfired right now, as we saw this scenario before and it looks suspiciously. Just like the attack in the park, when they tried to set him up for suicide." the man said and she nodded in agreement to that.

Deciding to appeal to the man that just arrived then, as he crossed his arms as he said it. "Uh huh, so they set the distraction by drugging you and were hoping you never turn this around at the moment. But he got up too damned soon and then attacked you, why exactly, if he thought you were going to his coach?" he asked and Alex nodded firmly.

"Coach was a spec ops, he doesn't tolerate outbursts like this, but he was supposed to be in rehab and it's been just a little over a month. Since he crashed into a power pole on school campus, but this was why he freaked out. You guys search his luggage and you're calling the paramedics to take him in for detox." Alex said and the quintet nodded to him.

"This is why you freaked out, you were trying to keep from getting caught with it on you, you jumped to conclusions and got everyone of us kicked off the plane. You idiot, my uncle is the back up co pilot, I was going to talk to him for a bit. What did you think I was doing, reporting you to Coach Caine." he said and the boy swallowed hard at that news.

"I don't know what you're talking about." he said and Alex crossed his arms. "Oh really, well can you give us another reason why you're scared here. That the guards just arrested you, or maybe you can explain to the authorities and the cops. After explaining it to them, the security guards as the guards are like the cops right now, or just TSA."

"As that outburst had you being restrained by the co-pilot, before being dragged out here, but you nearly trigger a riot and pile up in the aisle. Just as Billy gets on the plane, but that choice right now, what if someone had a pocket knife. And you knocked them over and they landed directly on top of it, or someone got trampled in the aisle as well."

"You out of your damn mind, you could have hurt someone on that plane." he snapped at the boy then, as he closed his eyes as he saw the matches get too close to the tank. Or landed near the trays in the galley and nodded in shock, as he saw the explosion. And as it destroyed the tank destroying the wall and his eyes narrowed in fury then as it hit him.

'It would have to be a fucked up god to take down this plane, a really fucked up god.' he heard his best friend's brother's remark in his head and nod. 'Not a god, just a beyond dangerously enraged athlete furious I try to prevent it, an explosion. By preventing that oxygen tank from destroying the room.' he thought as he focused on that image then.

Seeing the flame warning on the tank his inner eye landed on a packet of matches, followed by the song and then the clue of the night before as it all came together. "Are you out of your god damned mind Carter, you ever look at that tank. Sitting in front of the woman when you took your seat?!" he snapped in disgusted anger at him then.

"Jenny obviously never had the time to get a smaller tank, before we left tonight, but your reaction could've killed everyone in the cabin, you idiot." he snapped and Lewton looked between them. "Jenny, Jenny Taylor?" she said and he nodded. "Terry Dennison, Jenny and Peter Taylor, they're also heading for Paris." he said and Murnau nodded then.

"That tank belongs to Peter, and it's the size of a rocket launcher." Billy said sharply and he nodded to him. "My only offense is the result of being drugged, right now, his far out weigh mine at the moment, and with the fact we found those pills. They drugged me to get your scrutiny off them and on someone else, but the effects of it right now here."

"Would you call this as reason to have these guys expelled or put in ISS for nearly killing everyone by his nearly knocking the tank over?" he asked and his teachers nodded gently. "Yeah we do, but drugging you is an even bigger offense right now, if you're feeling sick, that we get right now, but that was no prank or joke, you were serious."

"And he nearly caused it to happen by not keeping his temper and attacking you for no damn reason right now." Lewton said gently as she crouched in front of him and he pressed his forehead to hers as and she hugged him tightly then. "You got enough on him to expel all of them before the end of the year." Alex told the duo and they nodded.

"That's the understatement of the century if the quartet had that cold blooded smirk on their faces at the fact you had this reaction. This is a conspiracy to destroy our top student, but we caught them long before we left. Especially if we're delaying for a couple hours at the moment." Murnau said, crossing his arms sternly at that as he went further.

"And what happened in there is not the you I know, but with the fact we got the reason why, you're off the hook, honey. But just what makes them think we would ever listen to anything they say here, you never get in trouble. They get in trouble way too much and his record is serious enough to put him away." Lewton said to add on to that sternly then.

"You ever consider that one false step could have resulted in my warning right now anyway, dream, vision or whatever. Only showed the conclusion, but what if it was pointing out the prime suspect, when Billy arrived, you had a smirk on your face. And he had to go around to sit next to Jaine and Ms. Lewton, so examine that more closely."

"That shout out right could have happened anyway if that tank got knocked over, and you would be responsible." he said and the boy swallowed hard at that news. "I could count at least 10 to 24 reasons for it to happen and 12 are because of you. And out of a temper tantrum and jumping to conclusions." he said and the quartet nodded sternly at that.

"And with it public intoxication as well." Lewton said, crossing her arms. "If you guys, you and your quintet, young man were thinking straight. Then you would have realize that plane is like a shuttle, it's a 20 ton rocket now. Just one mistake, one false move could have killed everyone in the compartment." Murnau said, sternly in response to that.

Looking at him, Alex went to the next conversation in french and he responded in kind, as they started talking it over as the girl next to him joined in then."Well he obviously was irritated at the practice question when we arrived here. But he was trying to sneak it passed you, before we got to check in." Alex told him and he nodded to him gently then.

"And without my giving him detention for a month, if he's wanting out of school for 2 weeks, but this crossed a line he can't take back at the moment." he said and Alex nodded firmly. "And there is no going back right now, but I saw several things that indicated he and his gang were the reason for the explosion right now in this case."

"But even if I never that premonition, it might still have happened if a member, of my side of the team, provoked him and he lashed out. Chemical reactions, but either way, I just prevented what could have destroyed my life by their decisions." he said and Murnau nodded in agreement as she looked at him gently at that remark as she said it then.

"Whoever of the departments outside of the police get involved they're going to kill his gang for trying to set you up like this." she said and the duo nodded in agreement to that. "And that's not if they choose us as their partners right now, if you and I were supposed to get together, you understand me way too easily at the moment, Clear."

"Whatever this is, just locked us together." he said and she nodded aa Murnau hid a smile as Billy closed his eyes as he tried to keep from laughing as he translated that mentally. 'Well someone wasn't paying attention in class to understand this conversation.' Lewton thought hiding a smile and knowing this was the reason he was their prize pupil.

As the other boy looked at the trio with a confused look on his face at the conversation. 'With the kid too loaded to think straight Alex is going to his class default at the moment so he doesn't understand what they're talking about right now. That's French, so his teacher must be a language teacher and his main one is french right now for this.'

"Well that makes perfect sense right now.' the trio thought as Alex switched it back then. "Sir I think we both know the penalty for this in high school, but outside of our territory?" he said and Murnau nodded. "And we got enough on them to put them in ISS for the rest of the term at the moment." he said and Lewton nodded sternly in agreement to that.

"I take it you understood what we were saying?" Alex asked the trio and they nodded to him as the other teacher said it. "Yeah, going on a guess I assume that your teacher was skilled in languages and the big one happens to be in French. If we're all headed for Paris, if you're that good at it?" the man said and he nodded as he explained this to him.

"Yeah it is, in fact this was to help out with the class, part vacation/part field trip, running different questions in class, these guys never pay attention in class. But multiple courses to get me into school at the academy in a couple years, but every major I chose. It requires a few added electives to go with it, and languages was a big one now."

"He's our french teacher, aside from a 10 day vacation in Paris, we were going there on a field trip this month, but he and Ms. Lewton are our side of the 40 of us. She's got the 6 of us, Todd's brother George and 3 others at the moment. But to her, screw with her students and you screw with her, he's the same way." Alex said and he nodded to him.

"Half of these guys don't pay attention in class to understand what he's saying and I translated the last question, before we went to the ticket counter. But Alex and I are his best students in the subject that we went to default with him too loaded to concentrate." the girl next to him said and the trio nodded to the news as Lewton took charge at that.