Survivors Book I: Final Destination

Warnings: This chapter and the last also covers the first two attempts with Todd and Murnau as the case starts heating up from here. And as Alex and Clear start their own side of the investigation, as they gather evidence. Now that the attacks are happening, as the story follows along the path of the movie now.

And with Carter in Alex's place of being under suspicion for the near murder of everyone on the plane. As the attacks are always when Carter is in range of them each time, as the attacks start turning dangerous from here now. As the new characters are introduced one by one in the story for the next movie...

Disclaimers: Final Destination doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to the movie studio.

Chapter 25: Added Charges, Terri And The Val Lewton Fire

"Yeah okay got it, I'll tell Derek and the trio we had a stowaway in the group, but looks we still had 36, despite the fact we arrested the quintet now." he said and Alex noded gently to that remark. "This was why Parker destroyed the car, he was trying to put the blame back on me, Coach, for also getting him kicked off the plane."

"I just wrecked their plans for breaking multiple rules and that they're convinced I caught them, before I realized it. But these games are wearing thin right now, we're running a sting operation at the main drag, in two days. I got enough from the mortician, to put that theory to use, but three close calls we just need one more test to confirm it now."

"But we got enough to confirm that our invisible killer just possessed Carter, that every time he loses his temper, that anger comes close to killing someone right now. If this was in reverse, Todd's loss basically meant for the rest of our group now here. That our version of Krueger decided on a new strategy and it's every time Carter is close by."

"And loses his temper, the next attack hits, so Carter in the parking lot with us with of a look of crazed jealousy and anger, directly at me. Because Terri dumped him to hang arpund with the guys and me, the car explodes barely missing both me and Mr. Murnau. Carter drops by the house, sees Terri's jacket in my car and tries to ask her out now."

"And we barely miss losing Todd now, the evidence is pretty conclusive, we just need to test that one more time, and instead of innocent civilians. It's we got a mixture of airmen, agents and cops on the main drag, as the final nail in his coffin. Is getting his gang into the exchange in the book now." he told him and he heard a bemused smile.

In his voice at that remark. "Yes alright we're doing doing it in two days after your parents leave as by then the training went to full. Jake asked me to continue acting like the emergency contact right now. But that should do it, but this next test just took it to full now." he said and they nodded as they ended the conversation.

"Not a bad idea, as you get him to say the words and we got enough on him to have him arrested for attempted murder and arson. But that threat is enough we got enough to hold him on now as a result, but no escaping a crazed jealousy accusation in motives. If he decides to return to Val Lewton's house after you called us there to pick him up."

"As you deflected three attacks in two months and not only is the evidence pretty conclusive, he tries dropping by the mortician's parlor himself. We're following as I'm going to double check to see what he was looking into right now. But these riddles in interrogations are running thin on my patience." Weine told him and he nodded to that.

"Anyone want a case of crazed jealousy, because what's coming is enough you guys are going to kill him. Especially if that assault sets the house on fire for real this time, try to teach me a lesson and it gets them tried in court. And as he just committed a felony here that has him getting in trouble with you for real this time at the current moment now."

"But did he not expect me to know more then he does when he's not bothering to read the book that keeps getting referenced?" he asked and Shreck answered that. "Evidently not, but that last assault is the final nail in his coffin, as we're giving him one last chance. To let this war between your gangs go now." he said and Alex nodded as they left then.

As, at that as Alex thought over that information they got and a hid a nod, knowing if he never headed this off. Then the amount of damage done would have that paranoia get so bad, Lewton would be seeing this. And the fact it started a second time to call a retrial at the time, as they prepared for the sting operation as he and Clear were at the cafe.

With the older man acting like a father to him, their bond was beyond deep as he settled into his room at their house. 'Well with me recovering emotionally from that one, I really hope he doesn't figure it out, or dad never told him. And it's because I'm not going to last long here with him if he jumps me.' he thought as he looked at the photo of them.

Checking on his student the following night after the meeting, Weine saw he was looking over something and hid a smile. 'Son you know the rules, you're not supposed to working over time right now, now come on now.' he thought as he went to the bed. "Up a bit late, are we?" he asked as he sat down on the edge of the bed and left a hand on his leg.

'Never jumped me before and now chooses tonight, man what I do to get this, if this was his way to punish me for doing something I shouldn't be, okay. No, no not there, not my sensitive spots, unless, aw great, our nickname for him, just hit.' he thought as he felt him run a stroke across his lower calf as he tried to hold it in as he did it then.

'Help, that tickles, no don't do that.' he thought laughing inwardly, as he felt him run his fingers back and forth across his calf. 'What I do to get this, dad help, I can't take this right now, help, maybe 17, but still ticklish. Try to pull free and he's really going to let me have it, come on, I give up.' he thought as he quickly answered his question then.

"Just checking something." the boy told him and he slid a hand to his foot and ran his fingers lightly along his foot as he watched him trying to hide a smile. And as he tried to hide a snicker. 'Uh oh, oh boy, our teachers still see us as younger then our real age.' he thought as he said it then. "You know we talked about this." he said gently to him then.

'You think I don't know, cub, close to two months together, I figured it out.' he thought gently as he watched him trying to hold it in then. 'Kids and they're trying to keep from breaking when in the midst of this type of situation. Little cub is still worn out, come on just relax cub.' he thought gently, wrapping his arm around his leg as he slid it slowly.

'Got to get him to break, the conversation at the mortician's office scared him, I know that, 17, still a cub and it's been too damn close. But 3 times in 2 months, come on son, still in training, still just a cub. Shh, just relax, the more you hold it in and the longer this goes on, you're not supposed to be up this late.' he thought softly as he kept it up then.

As he slowly stroked there gently. 'Sir come on please, I can't take this.' Alex was thinking as he tried to hold it in, know he could feel him shaking then. 'Cub maybe, but even a junior agent when still a cub can't take this level of torture. Stop, I give up, I give up, I give up, you win, I give up.' he thought as he saw the slight smile in his eyes then.

While moving his hand to his side. 'No where to go cub.' he thought as he started there as the boy got it. 'Oh no, I know what this is, Sir, please, no not there, no I can't take it, help.' Alex thought as he broke as the man started tickling him as he squirmed. "No okay, okay you win, you win, I give up." he said through his laughter as he kept it up.

As he fell into him and he wrapped that arm around him as he went back and forth between his stomach and side with the other. Before he felt his fingers run across the bare skin of his stomach. 'Oh no, not that, not that, help!' he thought laughing as he tried to get up. 'Help, help, I give up, I give up.' he thought laughing as he squirmed.

As he felt him catch his arm and then run his fingers along his stomach. 'Oh no, he's about to really let me have it.' he thought as he felt him wrap his leg across his. 'No, not that, not that, papa I give up, I give up, no more, I give up.' he thought trying to get free then as the man tickled him as, not needing to see the smile on his face then.

Before he felt it across the middle of his back and broke completely. 'No, no, how'd he know, no I give up, you win, you win, no not there, not there stop, not there, I give up.' he thought, through his laughter as he was trying to lay back on his hand. ' No more, no more, you win, I give up, I give up.' he thought, knowing his mentor was smiling then.

'I know he's acting like a father with me, but Papa bear went tickle crazy this time, come on you win, I give up right now, let me up, you win, you win, let me up, let me up.' he thought as he felt it running back and forth along his back. 'No more, I can't take anymore, you win papa, you win.' he thought, as kicking his legs, in trying to get up.

'Got you now cub, can't get free from papa bear.' Weine thought smiling as he said it to him playfully. "Not going to try working late again, hmm?" he asked him smiling and he nodded. "Yeah, yeah I promise, I promise." he said through his laughter and he stopped as he gently rubbed his back, leaving his head on his knee, Alex relaxed then softly.

'Yeah like dad, he knows, can't sleep and back rub, 17, but cub.' he thought as he tried to stay awake as the motion eased the tension as he felt the back of his shirt lift up. And his hand gently massaging tense muscles in his back as he tried to keep his eyes open. 'Stay awake' 'No tired, sleep, sleep, 3 to 5 late nights, sleep, cub sleep now, night.'

'Night papa.' he thought softly as his eyes closed and the older man smiled as he kept it up, knowing the back rub was helping him as he fell asleep. Before laying him back the other way as he covered him with the blanket and continued in rubbing his back then. 'That's it son, just rest.' he thought softly, as he gently massaged his neck muscles.

Watching him fall asleep, he gently rubbed his back, until he was sure, and running a hand through his hair, before getting up, before he joined his wife. "Issues with being a parent right now, and making sure the cub gets the rest he needs, and I heard that. No reason to torture the boy right now, Wes." she said with a smile and he chuckled then.

And as they settled in then. "Well we got him for four months, but this helps in being parents, when we have our own now, but I can tell that interview yesterday shook him up. So just getting his mind off it so he can get the rest he needs is my one option at the moment." he said and she nodded, as they settled in then as he prepared for things.

Three days later, the duo decided on doing the conversation and set up that would have been if they lost their friends then. "Expecting trouble out of this right now?" Weine asked and he nodded. "Knowing you guys were directly around the corner, I would try to put this a way we can figure out at the moment, but that trip to the mortician now."

"That would lead to added side effect at the moment, because for some reason we lost another member of the group and none of us can figure out why. But his remark that Todd's loss meant this could be going in a new direction. He was trying to tell us Carter's anger was the reason we started losing people." Alex told him and they nodded sternly.

"Before I went to talk to him myself and he basically told me, Carter was the murderer, but that does it, he knew you were innocent. And Carter Horton is the murderer all along, that he was trying to point me in that direction now." he said and Alex nodded as they carefully planned everything out and then got into position as he and Clear sat down.

"Everybody in place?" Alex asked into his radio and he heard a gentle confirmation from every agent in range of them. As their team and the chief were hiding in the coffee shop with Lewton who was also in there as Terri was sitting at the table with him and Clear. "Alright act casual, we're going to be doing this as though the conversation now here."

"As though Bludworth got to us, making it look as though these side effects hit me even harder then we expected. As a result of two close calls at the current moment, and not knowing who is next." Alex said and the girls nodded. "And looking like we disregarded Max's remark on taking it easy on the death omens." Clear said and he nodded to her.

"Before we cut out the second Murnau gets here, with the guys on their way here and Val is the shop at the moment." he said and she nodded to him as they started. "As we were supposed to have 44 members involved in our group that night. And we ended up with an odd number, before we ejected the sextet." he said and they nodded softly to him then.

"How many members were we supposed to have before we left exactly that night?" he asked and she nodded. "We had 44." Terri said and he nodded. "And we ended up with 45 students, a few things could look like a reach right now. But how do we know that the direction our days are going are not going to result in our deaths, 40 years from now."

"Ten years from now, tomorrow, we don't unless we open up our minds and be open to what the sign are willing to show us." he said as he passed the piece that he found sitting on his desk a few nights before and they nodded in shock. "I though you said that it didn't happen a second time?" Clear said and he sighed as he told her the truth then.

"It didn't, but it might as well have, this is a hint that someone or something is hinting at a design." he said and, listening to this from the coffee shop, the team hid a sigh, knowing he was play acting this, but if it had turned in a new direction. The paranoia would have resulted in a fight or flight response if Lewton never survived the next attack.

'Thank god he prevented Larry from leaving or my thoughts would have been this entire situation was unhealthy, he's grieving, I know that. But I was running from the situation, he's trying to keep from losing the rest of us out of fear. Clear read my thoughts right, that I heard the issue with his premonitions started a second time right now here.'

'That I have to pull the plug and fast now, he needs help, things up to now were just fine, before we lost Todd that night. It was coming to an end, he was just getting over it and now that we lost Todd, he just had a relapse. No Carter and his damn gang caused a god damn relapse at the moment, he was just beginning to get over this right now finally.'

'And they triggered a relapse after two close calls and his research, said that was only getting worse right now, if he never stopped Larry. I love you too baby, I understand, believe me I do, but before you do anything you need to rest. Your body can't go without rest, you need to get some sleep, as one or two demonstrations is enough to know that.'

'But one loss is not enough to conclude that theory, we need more information on that and not when all of us, the four of us, are still in mourning.' Lewton thought softly to that as she heard Clear say her thoughts at that out loud. Knowing their discussion just took another stage and knowing he was spooked after what he heard from the mortician.

"Total bullshit, you can spot death omens anywhere you want to, coffee, begins with a C and ends with an E, so does the word choke. So are we going to choke to death." she said, and finished that off. "I want to hear you." she said and he refocused. "We'll go crazy if you continue with this." she said, just as Murnau arrived at that, ending it there.

"Things were coming to an end after the car exploded, but now that Todd got hit, the situation just started a second time, it's going in a new direction." he said and Murnau said it firmly. "Were you up all night trying to figure this out, again, you know we talked about this, alnighters are not healthy?" he asked and Alex looked down and he nodded.

As the quartet exchanged concerned looks. 'Great, that's just great, this keeps up and those premonitions are about to start going berserk right now. He gets hurt and we're going to have to put him under, so he can get the rest his body needs here.' Lewton thought to that news as she realized this just triggered a relapse then finally.

"Let me guess, but after my car exploded and Todd, they started a second time?" Murnau asked and he nodded. "The mortician only made it worse the other day, but every time I try to sleep, I see the accident as though you, the three of you. But you and the group were still on the damn plane here." he told him and the chief covered his eyes then.

'And that is precisely what we don't need right now, these visions just caused a god damn relapse, anything happens tonight, we don't have a choice. We have to keep him sedated so he can sleep this off for a couple weeks till he's fully rested. Jake left us in charge for a while, we have to.' Shreck thought quickly to that news in concern then.

They were waiting for Billy to arrive then, as they heard a car pull up across the street and looked up to see Carter's gang. "Chance hazard with two attacks and both times are when Carter is looking at me with a look of anger and crazed jealousy. So the remark of 'if he can't have you girls, then no one can' comes to mind as crazy jealousy now."

"Now plays a factor in this, but is crazy jealousy a good motive for attempted murder?" he asked and Murnau nodded firmly. "Yeah and it's also a good motive for the stunt they pulled before the plane exploded at the moment. But how many damn times have we got to arrest these guys, before they take the hint?" he asked and Alex nodded to him then.

Before he saw a greyhound bus appear in the window next to him. "Here we go again, it just happened again, not premonition, just vision, the latest one just hit now. Carter's close by I can sense it and the latest vision just revealed the latest attack. And in what form now." he told them and the trio nodded and Murnau said it for all them then gently.

"What you see this time exactly?" he asked and he said it firmly. "A greyhound bus." he said and the trio nodded as every agent who manned every car in the drag stopped. As they waited, before they saw a black car sitting there idling. "He's just sitting there, looking like he's ready to explode." Hawkins said from his spot and they nodded.

"Five, 4, 3, 2...," Weine said, counting as they waited for it. "Well it looks like we just hit the next one, but..." Alex started to say and they heard a loud screech of tires as the car did a U turn and nearly missed causing a pile up. Just as Billy arrived as one car hit his front tire. "Billy!" Clear shouted in shock to that as he got knocked off his bike then.

"No!" Terri shouted and Alex stood up and quickly shouted it out. "Billy, get up son!" Murnau called out to him as Alex repeated quickly. "Billy get up, get up!" Alex shouted as he quickly grabbed his bike and moved to them. "I'm okay guys, I'm okay." he said as the two girls pulled him into a hug at that as they all looked up then quickly at that.

"Oh god, that was Carter that nearly caused the damn accident!" Terri said quickly as the boy in question got out of the car as every car pulled over at that. "Everybody okay, is everybody alright?!" Alex shouted out and they all nodded quickly. "Carter, what the hell is wrong with you right now?!" Alex shouted at him sternly and Murnau nodded then.

"Young man are you out of your god damn mind, you could have caused a car accident right now from that stunt?!" Murnau snapped at him then sternly. "Carter, come on, not now!" Terri said quickly as he looked from them to Lewton who just walked out. "Well looks like we got a bit of a reunion here." he said with an icy tone and she repeated it.

"Let it go." she said and Alex froze up and they knew it just hit him a third time as every person all over the square all pulled it over and waited for it then. "So when are you moving?" he asked and she quickly said it as she waited for Alex to come out of it. "A couple of weeks." she said to that and thought it mentally at that remark then sternly.

'And I'm not telling you or your gang where to in town whatsoever now, damn you Carter Horton, I had enough of this shit right now.' she thought then sternly as the malice in the next remark was at war with the teacher's pet look on his face. "That's too bad, you know, you were my favorite teacher." he said to her then and she stiffened then sternly.

"You lived in that house all your life?" he asked and she nodded. 'Yes and I know where this is going, but can't accept you're the one who's jinxed when the rest of us can. And you blame Alex for your own actions, but not his fault, you did this to yourself right now. So you did the crime, you can do the time.' she thought sternly at that remark then.

As Alex came out of the next premonition he was having, his face pale as a ghost and he was looking sick to his stomach, as he grabbed the table to keep from collapsing. "Just happened again, baby." he said, shaking, as he tried to control his stomach. "What you see this time, buddy." Billy said, grabbing his arm and and he quickly explained then.

"Jumped Todd, it's Johnny this time, movie one, I saw a bus and then the side effects kicked in hard. It's just as bad as we see on these movies, but this lunatic is pulling stunts we seen in horror movies. But this one is taking images of the first Nightmare on Elm Street movie." he said, shaking, trying to keep from throwing up at what he saw.

"Like Max said we see killings like this in movies, for real is too much if you're not a seasoned fighter." Murnau said to that. 'Oh no what did he see this time?!' she thought as he tried to say it. "Guys..." he started to say and Carter raised his voice. "And now she has to move and it's all because of Browning." he snapped and Alex snapped it out.

"Terri!" he said quickly, and she nodded as she said it sharply. "Enough, both of you, now we nearly died, but didn't, now get over it Carter. I will not allow this plane crash to be the most single most important thing in my life." she snapped, smacking him in the shoulder 3 times as Alex got ready to grab her to keep her from getting hit then quickly.

"I'm moving on Carter." she said as she walked away from him and towards the crosswalk. "And if you want to continue beating the shit out of Alex, and every time you see him, then you just drop funking dead." she said as he quickly moved at the last word and pulled her out of the way. "Look out!" he snapped and pulled her against him then.

And just as a bus barely missed him and he pulled her close. "Whoa!" he said, feeling it clip his elbow and Murnau yanked them away from the crosswalk. And as the bus came to a stop. "Terri, you okay sis?" he asked and she nodded as she buried her head. And into his shoulder as she closed her eyes as he hugged her tightly then as he said it.

As Lewton pulled them both into a hug as she felt them shaking. "Twice in your case and Larry's, Todd and now her, and you barely miss it yourself, Billy. That's enough of this crap already, just get the hell away from us, Carter, now!" she said, shaking, as she held on to the duo tightly and Alex nodded sternly in agreement as he said it to him.

"You seeing that pattern here, it's like every time he arrives and loses his temper, and the attack always hits?" he asked her and she nodded. "And it just got worse, your arm, you got cut." she said and he looked at his lower arm and saw his sleeve turning red. As he removed his sweater jacket and saw that the clip had gouged him in the arm.

"Any further injuries and these guys are in deep trouble right now, you trying to kill us just go, get out here." Todd said, snapping at Carter sternly at this. "We're seeing the pattern any time you're always near us Carter, but in range of us. And the car explodes, standing by my car, and he's nearly killed by suffocation, and now, Billy, me and Terri."

"Us together, you arrive and bad things happen, that three cases now, and time is up for you idiots, you're trouble magnets, you're jinxed Carter." Alex said and he looked between them shaking at that. "Don't say it, every time we had a close call you're always around right now." she said, shaking, as she looked at him in fear and with a stern look.

"That's three, but jealousy and anger are a very dangerous combination." Alex said with a stern growl as he hugged her tightly. "I'm taken already Carter, but she's my sister now, you just barely missed killing her by not letting this go." Alex told him as he realized every adult in the drag was looking at him with a dangerously stern look at that remark.

"In her words, you want to continue beating the ship out of me every time you see me, you can just drop dead starting now. Because we had it with this, first him, then Todd and now this when all of us are at the scene. Just what the hell do you think this is as the pattern is forming in her head, we're together, you show up and bad things happen."

"You see what you could have caused here Carter?!" he said with a growl then as Carter paled at that. "Carter I told you before, I am never going out with you when you're drinking and I mean it." she snapped as a member of his gang got out of the car. "That is no reason to be walking the streets with these bums." he said and Todd said it sternly.

And with a growl. "Who are you calling bums pal?" he asked and the guy shoved his girlfriend away from him. "You, listen, we have 3 more of us in the backseat." he said and Alex stood up then. "Pity the backseat then." Alex said coolly and that did it. As every officer listening to the conversation crossed their arms sternly at that reaction.

'Damn brats, these kids don't realize this next sentence could give us the motive we need to see this as a reason to arrest them now.' The deputy said sternly to himself at that remark as he looked at the boys facing off against his young peer. 'Go with the next sentence and exchange and we got probable cause to blame you now, young man.'

'If Alex ends up in the emergency room right now after saving the girls, now watch it.' Caine though as he watched from across the street sternly at that. "If you're looking for a fight!" the boy asked and Alex raised his tone. "Yeah I'm looking for a fight, come on, let's go, come on, let's go it right now!" he snapped at him and Terri ended it at that.

"Stop it guys, that's enough." she said and Todd said it firmly. "Why?" he asked and she sighed. "Look we can wait on that, but don't fight." she said and Alex nodded as he hugged her tightly and she closed her eyes as she buried her head into his shoulder. "Watch it greaseball." Carter's other team-mate said and Todd said it coolly then.

"Says who hotshot." he said it coolly and the duo ended the remark at that and as Clear pounded on the door as the fight and exchange did it. "Jesus, you kids okay?!" a woman with black hair asked quickly and he nodded. "Yeah we're fine, but you guys better stay a while, Miss what's your name exactly?" he asked her and she said it gently to him.

"Katrina, but my friends call me Kat, but Kat Jennings honey, and you are?" she asked and he smiled gently. "Alex Browning, if you heard the reports on the flight 180 plane crash, I'm the kid that saw the crash and saved everyone in the manifest." he told her and she nodded as they heard a loud explosion and they checked and saw two tires.

"Aw great, well first a near altercation and now a blown tire right now, who broke the bottle to cause a near car accident at the moment." Billy asked and he shrugged as he got down to check the tire and saw two blown tires. "That was not a nail, but a broken piece of glass, that bottle blew out two tires here." Alex said, pointing out what caused it.

That had blown and the bus driver said it in annoyance then. "Well we're sticking around anyway till we get those tires changed out right now people." he said and Alex checked the tires and nodded as Terri relaxed at that in relief as the chief came out from the coffee shop and Carter paled at that. "Busted buster." he said sternly as Alex nodded.

"Guys do it now." he said and every person in the drag exposed themselves as he saw 60 people and with a name tag on their clothes and the quintet paled at that. "You think we didn't realize where that conversation is headed young man, hmm. Do the words threat and probable cause mean anything to you?" Caine asked him as he walked over then.

And as every person in range of the coffee shop went to attention as the driver removed his jacket and Carter went even paler as he saw the clothes of an FBI agent. "Are you a cop?" Kat asked and the driver said it gently. "I'm a plant, this was a sting operation to expose the fact these kids never let it go, and what just happened that exposed it to us."

"Said let go, is this vice versa kick they're all on just to get every adult in town off their cases, but Alex and Clear are junior agents, their team is the Weine/Shreck unit." the agent said as she saw 30 cops from out of town and 10 more agents. As every local crossed their arms sternly as the chief said it with a firm look at this situation then.

"What was that exactly?" she asked and Alex explained that to her. "Bait and switch, he attacks me and the cops and FBI got probable cause to arrest them. And for attempted murder and arson now, little trick I picked up from a certain book." he said and the deputy hid a chuckle to that. " Nice touch kid." he said to him and she nodded, smiling.

"Wait that conversation and exchange I heard that before in the..., Chief..., Chief Goldberg, who do you see Alex as here. Especially if he and his best friend went to that bait and switch?" She asked and they crossed their arms. "He's the narrator himself, his friend has the personality of Emilio when he played his surrogate big brother now."

"But the motive is solid enough to call a crazed jealousy as reason for attempted murder, if these guys try to assault the target. And when you got 4 teachers in the house as the target is a junior agent in training and by the team investigating the case. And when one of them happens to be the legal guardian with the victims parents out of town now."

"And try it and your fate is sealed, now let it go now, young man." the chief said sternly as the agents looked at Alex and saw his skin looking a little pale then. "Whatever that latest vision was had to be bad if he looks sick to him stomach right now." the agent posing as the bus driver said and Alex nodded to confirm his thoughts and they nodded.

"Remember what we talked about cubs, you can call us by name like you do with your team, okay." the agent said gently and the couple nodded. "Just happened again son?" he added and Alex nodded and the older man gave a gentle nod. As he rubbed the back of his head gently then as his own partner said it to the group on the bus firmly.

"For your sake, with what he said, we decided to put a hold on your drive to wherever you're going and it's because you specifically, could be one of next year's targets." the agent told her and she nodded as the officer next to him said it. "That's best at the moment anyway guys, so 7 hour delay by bus and we got a car rental as well here now."

"Everybody take a break, you're on hold for 8 hours now." the chief said and they all nodded as they got off the bus, so the group could check to see what caused the added blow out. "Just found it right now, broken bottle, it's his brand type again." she said and Lewton crossed her arms as the cops and the duo arrived and Carter paled at that.

"Uh guys, you better check this out!" Clear said and Billy looked at his clothes and saw blood patches in two places of his clothes. Before they saw light glinting all over the street then and nodded in shock at that in disbelief. "Oh my god, there is broken glass all over the drag right now!" Lewton said in shock at that and the new arrivals nodded then.

"And I ended up landing on it, are you out of your god damn minds, Carter?!" Billy snapped as he removed his jacket as they saw several scratches and cuts. Before checking his hands and they saw several cuts on his hands. "What if that blow out threw the tire across the square and broke a window or caused a car accident right now."

"You out of your god damn minds right now?!" the agent shouted at the boy in fury and Alex nodded. "Yeah, to them so long as they get out from under the cops scrutiny, then screw the lives their decisions affect." Alex told them and they nodded sternly. "That's more then one busted bottle, way more, you better take a look at this honey, in fact."

"These bottles are scattered up and down the damn street, kiddo." Kat said as they saw 30 more destroyed along the curb and Alex nodded. "You got me in a better mood then I would have been if we never stopped Terri from walking into headlong traffic. And I lost my boyfriend at the moment, Kitty." Clear said and Kat nodded as she hid a chuckle.

"You can call me that if you want, kiddo." she told her as she looked between the couple. "Well that's attempted set up, take 3." Alex said and she nodded in shocked disgust as she exchanged looks with the driver. "Well we know you don't drink or take drugs, and secondly why keep using the same brand type." she said and the driver nodded sternly.

"Uh Peter, what would you consider this right now?" Alex asked and the man crossed his arms then. "I've seen enough attempts at psychosis to know that these kids are desperate to get us off their cases right now. But that crossed a line, we could have had a few hundred stray tires being blown or breaking a few windows right now as a result."

"As for the alcohol bottles why keep using the same one repeatedly right now and when we all know you're a medical born and don't drink or take drugs. I would consider this a last ditch effort, after he beat the crap out of you on the plane. As trying to frame you for another god damn pile up, were it not for the fact we swapped with the owners."

"And of these cars right now." the agent that was the first to expose himself said as he crossed his arms. "What you see this time, because you look a little pale buddy?" the driver added and he sighed. "Tell you later, but you guys need anymore evidence right now?" he asked and the two agents shook their heads as the agent said it firmly then.

"As that is turning into the damn signature for this kid and his gang, it was all over the newspaper, that a few dozen bottles of Jack Daniels. Was what nearly caused the crash that killed your class and the other passengers." The real driver said sternly to that. "I busted him and his gang for drugging me and turned them into our side of the class, Sir."

"Said is the duo here, before his coach also came out and let him have it right now, but to the cops, the FBI, we know why they're trying to set me up repeatedly. And it's to get their attention, that's the cops and the psychiatric department of the military. But their scrutiny off them and on me for once." Alex told him and he nodded in disgust then.

"That's the next test, but Alex's shout to me was the trigger, you could have gotten me killed, because I'm too damn furious to think straight, Carter. But again, if you want to continue beating the shit out of Alex, and every time you see him. Then you can just drop fucking dead starting now, but again now, I will not allow that plane crash."

"To become the most important thing in my life, I am moving on Carter." Terri said angrily at this as she moved into Alex's arms and he hugged her tightly at that. "As soon as it skips the victim, we can move on and Mr. Murnau, Todd and I can relax now. But the theory Alex gave us was that every time it skips the current target right now."

"It jumps to the next, in seating as it marks who is next and until we know, we stay ignorant starting now in this case." Terri told the duo and they nodded to the news gently. "But he's always at or hanging around the scene and we have bad things happen, no getting passed that evidence." Todd said and Lewton nodded in agreement to that.

"But that just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt you're the one causing these close calls and this time you just barely caused another multiple murder. Were you paying attention to your surroundings?!" she snapped and as he saw every adult staring at him sternly that was on the drag, including the newcomers that were on the bus then.

"Uh lets see here, you're in the parking lot and the car explodes, you're dropping by the house and Todd nearly dies by strangulation. You see us, and nearly cause a car accident, that barely misses Billy in this case. You have her so pissed I got to stop her and we barely miss getting hit by the damn bus." Alex said to him and he looked at them.

As they saw the wheels turning in his head then, as they saw him reflecting back to Murnau and now to her and the group nodded sternly then. "Nice try, but that won't cut it, we all had a clear eye view who nearly caused the accident today. Don't even try to say it, we know who the real murderer is here." the chief said, crossing his arms then.

"The one that caused my choice in moving, changing classes at the high school is you and not Alex, young man. And in her words, you know why you break rules and laws now, it's because you choose to, there is no one to blame for your choices, but you. So take some responsibility and grow up!" Lewton said sternly as she went further at that.

"Not letting it go and gets caught barely three days after the last arrest, damn it young man, how many times do we have to arrest you right now for that, exactly. But Alex and Clear read it right at the moment, once I heard you're still stuck on that vice versa kick. And you were being thrown to the school counselor for more counseling now, here."

"But it's clear to all of us that the one hung up on that damn accident is you, your anger, crazy jealousy and drinking is a dangerous combination. And one that's come close to destroying multiple lives for the 5th time in less then two months right now." Lewton said sternly at this as she exchanged looks with the new agents as she crossed her arms.

"Well that's attempted multiple murder, take 3, and attempted set up also take 3, but bait and switch, these drivers are all FBI agents. As we swapped places with the owners of these cars so you never killed anyone else in town, young man." Weine said sternly and Carter paled at that as he, Shreck and Johnson arrived along with the officers then.

"Well that makes three, but do we need anymore evidence right now?" Clear asked, crossing her arms and they shook their heads. "No, and you, young man, are in so much trouble, have you lost your god damn mind right now. Were you even paying attention to the 40 other cars on the drag?!" Hawkins said sharply and he swallowed hard at that.

"This is the little brat that attacked you without provocation, he and his gang were the ones who drugged you to get out from under scrutiny. And by the cops, your teachers, their coach and your parents?" Kat said slowly and Alex nodded. "Yeah and that's murder attempt #4 in the side of two months, but this triggered an added side effect now."

"Kat we got to talk right now?" Alex told her and she nodded as she sat down at the table next to him and he said it then. "Kat, you ever wonder why you appeared on this bus and why of all towns that you had to come through, it was Mount Abraham?" he asked and she nodded and he sighed as he told her the truth then gently as he said it to her.

"Of 4 close calls we ended up meeting 3 of who are to be part of your group of the next one, but we haven't seen the others yet. Let alone where and when the next one hits, but your group is matched to my group in deflections. My counterpart seer of your group, her save was connected to my best friend now, you to my sister, a high school teacher."

"To my big sister and so on right now, my saving their lives and delaying you and your counterparts saves your lives as someone else takes your place in your cases." he said and she nodded as she got it. "So if you never saved your group, none of us would be alive in the first place?" she asked and he nodded to her gently as he explained it to her.

"Wait till Eugene repeats that remark in the car right now as we're dealing with whatever we deal with here." Clear said and they nodded, bemused. "Let me take a guess, but Eugene is the teacher you just mentioned and my name is Thomas Burke, guys." the out of town deputy said to her and she nodded and Kat hid a smile as she nodded to him.

"Yeah that's exactly what we mean Tom, as such you three are the only ones that know this as we had the time to meet up with you. Before you dealt with your own attacks, but all of you are connected to whoever came next in our group now. But Todd to Alex's counterpart seer, Kat to Terri and Eugene to Val." Clear said and Alex finished that gently.

"Exactly, but it starts trying to work backwards, and you're seeing me, Clear and my team again next year, because the one teacher involved. He's contacting us immediately so though the sheriff's office got involved, he's got a lock into us. Because we've been seeing each other for months, as his fellow teachers are all my part of my school."

"My sister being one of them." he said and they both nodded as she looked at Lewton and nodded in understanding then. "Sister?" Burke asked and he nodded as she left her hand on his shoulder. "Since graduation it shifted off student/teacher and we been acting like brother and sister since then." he said and they nodded to him gently at the news.

"As a result every time we delay the whatever it saves you guys as whoever replaced you is killed." Clear said and they nodded. "Or both he and I do it right now, as you were the ones who dealt with this. We know your former peer there was suffering a psychosis, we know that this barely killed you as it started getting dangerous from here on in now."

"And unlike the members that didn't know, it's we ran research to realize you save us by saving your group now. By delaying us and someone else takes our place in the whatever it was that would have killed us at the time." Burke said in understanding and Kat nodded in agreement as she answered that remark gently as she looked at the trio smiling.

"Nice touch, you never left town and instead, though you graduated, you're still staying in touch with her and whoever was teaching you." she said and the quintet nodded as he explained it further to her then as he said it then. "Trust me after the explosion the gang is beyond irritated that barely 3 weeks in, I get thrown right back into it right now."

"After these guys blew up the damn car and tried to frame me for it again, but the cops and my unit know I don't drink or take drugs and secondly. Would I keep using the same brand type over and over again right now?" Alex told them and he nodded. "No, but that desperation to get us off their case is serious." Burke said with a bemused tone to that.

"In addition to you, we ran into a teacher and a kid and his mother, but by saving my teacher's life, a kid by the name of Carpenter had lost his uncle. And because his partner was at my high school dealing with a car explosion involving my teacher's car. Followed by my possible counterpart seer lost her mother, because she saw the news now."

"That my best friend supposedly barely missed killing himself in the bathroom at his house, while in your case. It's my saving my sister's life from getting hit by your bus ride to wherever you're going, just saved you from what kills your counterparts now. And at wherever you're headed." he told her and she nodded gently as she went over it then.

"Who was the teacher and what his scenario?" she asked and he smiled gently. "He was bound for our flight to Paris, but my delaying him just saved his life in his own scenario. Because's he's transferring from his town and to mine and taking my big sister's place in her current subject in my high school." he said and she nodded to him gently at that.

"So if your counterpart seer has your reaction in another vision, then stops us from getting on the ramp, this means my group and I are seeing you not long after as a result. You, your girlfriend and your mentors in the FBI?" she asked and he nodded gently. "Your fellow close call survivors won't understand why you, this cop and the teacher now."

"Now know us on sight the second you see us now, but then they're not the ones that ended up in a conversation with my group at the moment. But 3 close calls in the side of two months and I deflected every single one right now in timing. Just meet up with your fellow survivors later, so you can talk this over, but don't tell the Carpenters now."

"Or your version of me after this ends as you guys develop the same bond we do between us, we'll see you guys when your scenerio starts." he told her and she nodded, before she hugged him and he tightened his arms around her then, before she hugged Clear. "Take care guys, see you soon." she said, looking between them, smiling gently.

As she left, before pausing then. "Any hotels in this area?" she asked and Alex nodded. "Yeah there's one two blocks up, if you plan to stick around till whatever caused yours happens, that's fine." Clear said and she nodded and decided to stay put till it was safe to leave then as Alex relaxed in relief as he exchanged looks with the rest of his group.

As he collapsed in the chair then. "That was too damn close, if we never had the duo here that fight would have resulted in killing her. But not only did I just see that bus coming, I got hit by side effects in the second he was focused on her. It just happened again, like on the plane this time." he told the trio, shaking, and they nodded gently.

"How bad is it exactly?" Hawkins asked and he swallowed as the doctor passed him some compazine and he swallowed it. And with the cup of soda sitting next to him as he answered him. "With us stuck on the first movie still, it's between chapters 1 and 2, but the murders are reflecting the ones on the first film right now, Rod, Tina and Glen."

"The entire side effect, the murders of the trio are like the first three kills of the first Elm Street movie." he said and as they got a better look at him, they saw he was worn out. "Were you up all night last night?" Shreck asked gently and he shook his head. "The dreams started again, from the crash." he told them and Weine nodded sternly then.

"Going on a guess, the trip to see Bludworth, that just scared him enough that the nightmares started up a second time from the accident." The chief said with a sigh at the news and he nodded as the trio came to a decision. 'Anything happens tonight and the next one puts him in the hospital, we need to put him under so he can get some rest.'

'Only 17, near 18, his body can't go long with sleep right now, we have to take it out his hands, his parents left us in charge till they get back.' Lewton thought to that, knowing the quartet were thinking the same thing as she exchanged looks with Caine. 'Yeah me too, only option right now.' he said with his eyes softly then as Weine said it gently.

"What you see this time exactly, if you're feeling sick to your stomach?" Weine asked as he crouched in front of him and he said it, shaking. "It looked like Glen's murder on the movie, like she ended up in a blender." he told him and he nodded as he pulled him into a hug then as he felt him shaking, while feeling him bury his head into his shoulder then.

And as he rocked him gently as he calmed down. "One near suicide, another looking like they ended up in a blender, but didn't and I hope the last now. Doesn't wind up being Grey's murder sequence at the moment, but the poltergeist intrusion is too much. And after seeing that, after seeing the plane exploding is to much right now in this case."

"I don't think we need anymore evidence at the direction this is taking at the moment, though as a result of three close calls now. But the one causing close call deaths happens to be you, young man, 294 from that flight to now. The evidence is pretty conclusive in your case now, Carter, as a result." Weine said sternly and Shreck finished that sternly.

"That does it, young man, you see this now that you nearly caused another multiple murder by causing a god damn pile up right now. In the middle of a drag with multiple witnesses, again?!" Shreck snapped then as he looked at Carter as Ryan grabbed him as he realized it and that he was being arrested for the second time in less then a week.

As Alex thought it over then. "Alex, the theory just came out right now, we downloaded the file and sent it to your email." the chief said and they nodded. "Got it, I'll check it after lunch, but you better get him out of here and nice try, Carter. Sting operation, you fell for our bait and switch here." he told him as they piled into Murnau's new car then.

As the group grabbed Carter and his gang and took them to the precinct at that for another discussion then. "Remember, as we discussed, safer not knowing right now, but after what just happened. That did it, I had it with them right now, after I nearly lost you again for the third time in 2 months now." Lewton said to him then as they had lunch.

Later that day after the latest attack and close call, he checked the news and saw the theory come out, as the line and path of the explosion appeared then. As, seeing the red X that marked his spot, he nodded in grim confirmation as he knew what this meant. "Okay, the path of the explosion, first was Mr. Murnau, then Todd and now Terri."

"The path of the explosion, their close calls are in the order they would have died in. That's death's design." he said to himself as he started marking them off and then saw the line jump two seats and, as he wrote down the next name. "Val's next now, god, I can't tell her or she's going to panic right now." he said softly as he wrote it down then.

"Just be there in case it does happen right now, I have to get this to guys and let them and the chief know this." he said to himself as he put each name to their corresponding spots on the paper. "Coach never sat down, but the path is along the 8 of us, the others are safe, well that solves the problem, as I focus on our group only, yes alright now."

"First Mr. Murnau, then Todd, Terri, Val, Carter, Billy, Clear and me, I'm last, it matches my description to them, well Carter is not getting this information right now." he thought sternly as he put both papers together and then folded them and put them in his wallet. "Well Carter, how do you expect to get passed the evidence right now in this case."

"Because you even try to come by again tonight after getting picked up by the cops and the FBI and you're getting arrested by them. The evidence and pattern is beyond damning in your case right now, that one last attack finishes it off in their eyes now." he thought. "Time to get up there." he added as he stood up and checked the clock then...


After getting released again that afternoon he tried to figure it out as he looked at the evidence then gathered after three attacks as he went to over it then. Getting into his car he headed for the funeral home then, not noticing a black Sedan following him then...

Weine's POV:

Hearing his phone beep, he saw the message. "What's it say?" Shreck asked him and he read it out loud. "Guys, the explosion marks our spots on the plane, that pattern is matched to the theory I gave you. The theory is exact, and of 8 we had 3 so far, Val's next, followed by him, Billy, Clear and me, it ends at me."

"So once it ends we got a hiatus of however long it is, but the last three were close, and it maybe a double attack starting now." he read out and they nodded. "Young man, we're giving you a chance, let this go right now." Shreck said and Weine nodded as he watched Carter coming out of the funeral home then.

After watching him leave the building, Weine went in next then and headed for Bludworth's office then. "Hello Agent Weine, what can I do for you now?" he asked and Weine went over that. "Following Carter Horton here, I assume he came in for some reason, was he doing anything criminal?" he asked and Bludworth said it gently then.

"I ended up in the same conversation with him I did with Alex, but otherwise no, but 4 close calls in the side of two months, his fears and suspicion of this conspiracy. That he and his friends are suffering is turning dangerous now." he said and Weine nodded. "Uh huh, yes and that's our opinion as well, but this fear could do a lot of damage now."

"And my partner and I already discussed that with our student, but that fear, Alex is getting the design set up for us. But whoever is next is the key point and we agreed that for their sanity he only tells us and the doctors treating them." he said and Bludworth nodded as he watched him crossed his arms then as he answered him then.

"I assume you cracked what I meant during your last visit here now?" he asked and Weine nodded. "We did, but if this was in reverse, you were trying to tell me that the reason we keep losing members of their group was Carter loses his temper. Because he knows we're close to re-examining these accidents and realizing it was him now."

"And with it that a member of his gang was the one that destroyed the plane and they spiked his drink with an hallucinogen." he said and Bludworth nodded. "Death is getting testy that this is about to start getting more dangerous now. So I suggest being ready at a moment's notice for Alex's call." he said and Weine nodded as his eyes narrowed then.

"As I understand it and Alex told me his theory, he intervenes and it jumps to the next target we done three already in the survivors already. But what are the chances these guys cross the line right now, right if Carter came to you?" he asked and the man sighed. "The boy's psychosis took a dangerous turn." he told him and he nodded sternly at that.

'Aw crap, this means after four blown attempts, this next one could match the explosion, I have to be ready to get over there if these kids destroy the car or blow the fuel tank.' he said to himself and said it. "Thank you for the information and I will show myself out." he said and Bludworth nodded as he left and got back in the car then quickly at that.

"What's wrong?" Shreck asked and he explained it. "This psychosis of Carter's just got dangerous, he was asking the same questions Alex was asking. He's trying to turn this around, but the next attack could be turning into an attempted murder. After 4 blown attempts, this next could match the plane and the car." he said and Shreck nodded.

"We better get back to the station, because if Alex catches him outside the house, then he's contacting us immediately. But we're giving them one last chance to let this go, they don't and this is the end of the line, we know it's him. And we blame him for how close we lost Alex this time." He said and Weine noddd as they drove back then...

The Arrival At Val Lewton's House-Alex/Lewton's POV:

After a few hours packing the five teenagers and Lewton and Murnau were taking a break and the quintet were watching tv as she was on the phone. "Yeah after today's close call with 3 of my students, I just reached my limit right now. I'm switching classes and moving out of my house, every time I see him and his gang right now though."

"I see how close I came to losing my favorite students right now, Terri nearly being hit as Alex pulled her out of the way, Billy nearly being hit. Five years at the high school in a single subject, but now every time I think about it. I see how close I came to losing my baby brother now and my best friend, yeah our bonded deepened so much now."

"That our relationship turned into a brother/sister one, no more need of acting like a teacher with him or the quartet, we're close friends. But frankly now, we had two to four close calls and today was a triple whammy now." she said, running a hand through Alex's hair gently, and he looked at her with a gentle a smile then and she relaxed then.

"But his coming near me after he saw us, I see his reaction after he attacked him at the airport, that his knowing where I live currently is enough to scare me now. In fact even looking out the window now here I feel like he's waiting to attack me next." she said as she moved to the window then as she went further at that remark as she said it then.

"It makes me feel nothing, but fear now." she said and looked out the window and froze up then quickly as she tried to control her voice. "Laura, I have to call you back, yeah see you later." she said and hung up. "Baby?" she said and he got up and looked out the window and nodded and turned and swung his hand to Clear and she locked the door.

As he tapped a fast message into his radio to the duo, before she hit a newly labeled button on her speed dial, before the line picked up. "Yeah Max, I need you guys up here, he's here, he is standing just outside my house, yeah, 1527 Kimbrough Dr. That's right, 1527 Kimbrough Dr.." she said and hung it up quickly at that as they locked both doors.

As Alex stood behind her, she leaned into him and he hugged her from behind then, feeling like he was the older of the two of them, he said it. "Damn it, I know what this is, he possibly ran the same research I did, saw what I did and came to warn you. And is checking the car for sabotage right now." he said and she nodded as he went further.

"Or he didn't and wants to take the credit for your saving us repeatedly, you never attacked anyone or lost your temper. But nothing they say can change the evidence, every time the attack hits, it's always when he's close by right now. But these guys are like O'neill's alter ego and the NID trying to make you sound as everything they said."

"And since the crash, but I'm the rational side of Frasier, giving that warning, don't come any closer right now. But these guys are dangerous when they lose their tempers, but try to get out from under our scrutiny by setting you up. And instead twice they came close to killing you, either by poisoning or by the explosion." she said and he nodded gently.

"I think he may try to turn this around, by making it sound like he's the one trying to save lives, while every time you're around me, we have another close call." Alex told her and she nodded. "Well that won't work either, as we see every time he's near you, we have you preventing losses and his nearly causing them, but look at the evidence."

"With one fast decision you just saved a few hundred lives and his not letting it go, has every adult seeing this as he needs help right now. But he looks like a criminal with deranged look out of anger and drunkenness. No getting passed the evidence, that bad things happen when he's in range of you and so far he's been at every crime scene."

"But my diagnosis, and Adam's, is that his temper burns everything it touches now, every single time right now, and only by luck do you manage to prevent it now. But his standing next to my car, how can I be sure he's not attempting to do to me. In what he just did the Larry a few weeks ago." she said and he nodded in agreement to that...

The Phone Call- Shreck's POV:

Going over the latest batch of evidence in the close call, they heard a beeped out message. "Guys, Carter is here, the pattern just ended up at the next target, it's Val's turn now. But whatever the punchline is, that I don't know yet right now." Weine read out and they nodded as they and the chief exchanged looks at that news.

"Well whatever it is, it better not be what we talked about the night of the crash right now, because if it is. And nothing is saving Carter from an attempted murder and arson charge here right now." Hawkins said sharply just as the phone went off then and Shreck grabbed it and answered it, knowing Lewton just contacted him then as he said it then.

"Shreck?" he said and he heard a firm voice then. "Yeah Max, I need you guys up here, he's here, he's standing outside my house." she told him and he nodded slowly as he stood up then. "Are the doors locked?" he asked and he heard a gentle tone. "Yeah." she told him and he nodded as he went to the next question as he got his keys.

"Where do you live exactly?" he asked and she gave the address. "1527 Kimbrough Dr." she told him and he wrote that down. "So that's 1527 Kimbrough Dr.?" he said, repeating it, so he had the right house then. "That's right 1527 Kimbrough Dr.." she said and he nodded. "We're on our way." he said, as he hung it up and shook his head.

Before they heard a tapped out message then. "Guys bait and switch, we give it one more chance for them to let this go, he heads home, it's over. But he returns and with him, his gang, attacks me in the midst of getting caught red handed. And by me and it's game over." Johnson read out and the group of agents nodded.

"That you son?" he asked and they got a single beep and nodded. "I'll take that for a yes, and that's a good idea right now, turning this into a bait and switch. We did that once today and we can do it again, but the last attack looks like Depp's murder on the movie. With what cub described to us this afternoon, but this is getting ridiculous right now."

"This next one must be Thompson's best friend now." one agent said and the duo nodded to that. "The conversation today at the cafe is enough to lay these kids with an attempted murder charge, but the warning Parker gave the boys. Does he expect us not to take that into account at the moment as crazy jealousy is a very high motive now."

"One serious enough we can put in a questionable sanity in this case, they're screwed, but realizing we had a stowaway in the group. It's this, they were sneaking contraband on the plane and they drugged him to get out from under our scrutiny. These kids have got a serious screw loose at the moment." Shreck said and the agent nodded sternly.

"Yeah I agree with that, but destroying a car, leaving broken glass all over the drag, were it not for the fact that we traded places with the owners of these cars. We have could have had 60 people dead or in the emergency room from several blown tires. Or a damn pile up at the moment, these guys lost their minds." the agent said in response to that.

"At the moment, I'm really getting sick of these games they're pulling to get us off their case right now. As that exchange is serious enough already without repeated frame jobs at the moment here now. They keep trying to frame him, but they probably broke what looked like 30 bottles and scattered them up and down the block right now today."

"But we all know Alex doesn't drink ot take drugs, but to answer your remark now, Jack. If it is, then Alex is ready to turn them in for assault and battery, but never lied to us, before and not about to start now. But in his words we blame Carter for the crash, Larry, Todd and now Terri, but attack my student and his psyche analysis is finished."

"And these guys are being committed for rehab and anger management and staying in there for 6 years, until they're thinking straight." Weine said to the agent and they nodded as the other team grabbed their jackets and put them on. "Looks like these brats would never hurt a girl, but attack a teenager with the personality of the narrator."

"Just who the do these little brats think they're messing with exactly right now, cub has been through enough already, but do they think Ken is going to take this lightly. What with the fact he's barely on the edge of 18, we're not the cops, damn it. So mess with our youngest recruit, they're ending up dead?" the agent said with a stern growl to that.

And he nodded in agreement. "Two FBI teams and your unit, in case he tries to resist a third time, guys. But he's pushing our limits right now and more then we can handle at the current moment." He said and they all nodded then. "No shit, he pulls us away when it's Clear's turn and I'm going to kill him myself." Johnson said sternly to that remark.

"But he attacks Alex and nothing is saving him from three years in house arrest as that house is being locked down. But there is no escape after dark and that cabin is being rebuilt out of the pieces that need fixing. But first thing's first, we give them one last chance, he goes home it's over, he goes to Val's house and attacks Alex and that is it."

"But that cabin may be a cabin, but it's a choice betwen this and juvenile hall so chose wisely unless you want us on your case, with you still under 21." The chief said sternly and Weine nodded to that. "We're keeping his gang under watch, but that's enough of this crap, so one last chance to let it go." Weine said, crossing his arms and he nodded.

"Good idea, we give them one last chance to let this go, they did the crime and are on probation at the moment. But one last assault and battery, that is combined with another charge and the probation gets thrown out the window. And they are being arrested by us and the cops and being committed." Shreck said and Weine nodded in agreement to that.

"That's three close calls in two months, but first Todd, then Terri when all of them were at the scene and now we're picking up at Val Lewton's house. Well no getting passed the evidence now, but if he returns to her house and the next attack hits and it's game over." Weine said and he nodded in agreement to that remark as he answered him then firmly.

"It's Valerie's turn and this could be the big one, Jake and Lyn left 3 days ago, and he's been living with you for the last few days. Does the kid not realize that with us being his mentors and you're his legal guardian here. They attack him and they blew their chances as this puts them in the midst of a most wanted?" he said in stern annoyance to this.

"Damn it young man, can't you take a hint right now, after three close calls that the pattern is forming in our minds and every time you're near them. We have another close call right now, I swear, my cub ends up in the hospital. And that's the end of the line and I mean that right now." Weine said sharply as they pulled on their jackets and left then.

And saw him standing next to the car as they spotted him then. "Next to the car and standing in plain sight, young man where is your common sense. After one attack this afternoon and you immediately try to come by her house. And for something, just what are you thinking and why are you next to the car."

"Or did you forget the last car explosion, and we found you standing in the parking lot waiting for the explosion, just what are you doing?" they heard from Hawkins as his cruiser arrived from the opposite direction and Shreck nodded. As he put the breaks on quickly and knew the sound alerted him to their presence then...

Carter's POV:

As he stood there next to her car, trying to figure out a way to talk to her then, he heard a car pull up and felt his heart start pounding. 'Oh no, they called the duo on me, why exactly, Browning, you can't do this!' he thought as he heard a slight casual tone in the voice of Shreck then as he said it with a casual tone, that had a tone of suspicion to it.

"What are you doing?" he asked and Carter swallowed, knowing that his standing next to her car made him look even more guilty then he was already. "I just wanted to talk to her." he said and their eyes hardened at that remark. "Why next to her car?" Shreck asked and he swallowed, as they looked him over and their eyes narrowed then.

"Checking for sabotage, after the glass blew the tires on the drag." he said and he saw the look that said, 'This kid can't expect us to believe that one, this kid has to be on drugs still if he expects us to believe that lie right now.' He saw in Weine's eyes and knew he didn't believe him at all and he knew they saw his eyes then as Shreck said it sharply.

"Get in the car." he said sternly and he swallowed hard as a police car pulled in and knew they were ready to take him by force if he resisted arrest then. And as Weine grabbed him and shoved him head first into the back seat of their car. And as he pressed the lock on both back doors to lock them, just so he couldn't get out of the car right then firmly.

As they both looked at the window of her house and saw her looking at them, as Alex nodded and they gave a confirming nod as they left then...