Author's Note: This is primarily an adaption of Team Sonic Racing, but some originality is present in this iteration.

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Some of the features I include in the story are inspired by other writers (AuraChannelerChris, etc). I will throw in original stuff in this story.

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So here it is, my long-awaited return to writing. I had this idea for a while now: what if Team Sonic Racing eclipsed more than 15 playable characters to choose from? Surely, you can't get more wackier than that, right? Anyway, enjoy!


Act I: I - The First Race


(Sonic: After the Sequel: 1-05 - The Adventure Continues - For Horizon Heights Act 1)

With a untold path, a flock of Flickies darted across the sky of a bright and brisk-looking Whale Lagoon, as zooming race cars reared on its way across a set path of glory. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles set a challenge for themselves to compete each other for bragging rights. A look of intense competition, they carried. Clearer than the race was the title of the fastest. All three of them were driving on a set track only dominated by its scenery. Sonic was, obviously, in the lead with his shiny blue Speed Star, a familiar piece of tech he used in prior competitions. Tails and Knuckles were trailing him, with their race cars from past competitions. The blue hedgehog landed after taking off from a small hill, his speed outmatched the slope. Knuckles hugged the back of the pack, the inferior speed sacrificed for a tankier experience. Even Tails had a lower speed, but managed to keep up.

"Hey guys! Word of advice, can you keep up!" Sonic shouted from the front, his head twisting around the face the other two racers.

"Only if your speed is slowed down!" Tails eagerly bellowed with ambition to pass the hedgehog.

"Heh!" The hedgehog turned his head to the direction of his car. "Bring it!"

"It's a win or lose race, Tails. Are you sure you want to beat him?" Knuckles spoke from the back.

"Confidence is what I was trying to win back for so many years!" He huffed.

Knuckles lifted a thumbs up, while simultaneously keeping his other on the wheel.

"Good thinking!"

The two sped over the same small hill slope that Sonic had passed moments prior and drifted around a 50 degree curve that made good use of Tails' superiority of his racing machine. Knuckles' Land Breaker was also a match to bestow, an enormous health pool capable of matching its boost capability. None of the three knew this yet, but were too fixed on running laps around Whale Lagoon to even consider this. Sonic drove the distance even further, enlarging the gap to make his way to victory. This was it - Tails' started to push harder on the pedal; his car racing away from Knuckles, who followed soon.

"I'm coming for ya, Sonic!" The fox uttered, his standard vehicle catching up to the Speed Star

Sonic, whom was now way ahead and nowhere in the sights of Knuckles and Tails' previously, caught the latter by hearing a roaring engine speed up to him.

"Huh! Tails...?"

"Glad to have sped up, now time for me to win this race!" The yellow fox was optimistic, but that only lasted a second.

"Not on my watch, buddy!"

Sonic dashed on the pedal, allowing the Speed Star to gain comparable amount of speed that the hedgehog is on land. Tails looked on as he and his car used its maximum capacities to avoid the reach of the kitsune. He couldn't muster up that energy to tackle that speed; he's still a kid. Knuckles shot up once again to reach Tails as Sonic had already crossed the finish line after banking a curve using his marvelous drifting skills.


"Maybe next time, Tails." The echidna congratulated Sonic as he, too, passed the finish line alongside the yellow kitsune. By that point, Sonic was already out of the Speed Star, listening to the engines roar from his opposition before they turned off.

"Aw yeah! I win again!" The blue hedgehog boasted his attainment. He directed Tails for his efforts though. "Good game, Tails. I would have never thought you would do so well in a car than on foot or flight!"

"Give him a break, Sonic. He's just learning after a while of not driving." The echidna supported.

"No, no. I got this. I just need a little more practice."

"Hey, if you're all down for me winning a few more races, I'm in!" Sonic flexed his hands.

Suddenly, he felt something hit the back of his quill. He turned, an envelope had fallen to the lush grass below his feet. Sonic bent down, examining the letter of importance, as if it really mattered to read it. Without hesitation, he took the envelope on his plain white gloves and faced his two friends.

"Where'd this come from?" He spoke, of a curious nature.

"A letter!" Knuckles responded with awe. "What do you suppose it could be?"

"Hmmm..." The hedgehog ripped open the facade of the envelope to reveal a mysterious invitation written perfectly and elegantly.

Dear Sonic the Hedgehog, this is written in regards to your excellent skills both on land and in vehicle management. Care to be a part of my brand new racing tournament as a test of your diligence? Only the best. - Dodon Pa -

"Who is this...Dodon Pa?" He looked up upon reading with a squinted visage.

"I've never seen him around, nor ever heard of him." Tails stated, all the while Knuckles had arms folded in interest. "Is he new to us?"

"Maybe, but why did he choose me? I'm nothing without my perfect team supporting my every move." He draped a finger across his face, thinking.

"He might have saw your skills while racing just moments ago." Knuckles explained.

"We can always show this to Amy." Tails pointed to a rendezvous where Amy Rose, Big the Cat and a couple of chao, Omochao included, where having a delicious picnic up ahead. Now couldn't be a more perfect opportunity to showcase this anomaly.

"Sure, let's go over there and show them." The hedgehog concluded, he and his pals racing to Amy, Big and the chaos. All three of them were sat down eating sandwiches nearby a beachfront, surrounding by a natural shield from Seaside Hill's burning sun.

Team Rose didn't mind being alone by themselves, but as the picnic drew closer and deeper in time, Amy gobbled her sandwich in managable bites that contained her need for hunger. Something in her mind knew what was up from the moment she noticed the trio strolling to her, hence standing up to greet them.

(Team Sonic Racing - Meeting Team Rose)

"Hi Sonic!". She greeted with a warm welcome. "Omochao, Big and I are having a picnic. Want to join us?"

That pushed the opportunity to bring up this strange invitation thing more in the realms of reality.

"Sure! Knuckles and Tails and I got this weird invitation to compete in a strange tournament, but I've always got time for a chilli dog!"

"A race?". Amy seemed bewildered. She couldn't help but think something is in the works here. "Hmm. We didn't get any invitations."

Just as Sonic was about to reply with genuine concern, a shadow casted above them with thunderous dread as a floating tanuki lowered his mobile toward the group.


(Team Sonic Racing - Pre-Race)

"Hohohoho!". The tanuki laughed, readying his introduction as he was the main guy behind this strange gathering. "Hello, blue hedgehog. I am Dodon Pa. I'm glad to see you accepted the honor of my invitation. Are you ready to prove to me that you're the fastest?"

""Fastest" is Sonic's middle name!". Tails stated, coming forward. "But what's this race all about? Your invitation was skinny on details."

"Oh, details are quite unimportant, especially to those with limited intellectual capacities.". Dodon Pa continued with a condescending smile. "All you need to know is that you'll race as teams in the most advanced cars that my super-science can create, testing your limits on my punishing track. The winner of the tournament will keep his or her vehicle that I specifically designed just for them!"

His description failed to intrigue Amy's intention to participate.

"That's pretty vague." She said. "And ignoring that "limited intellectual capacities" crack, all this "super-science" and "punishing track" talks sound suspiciously Eggman-esque."

"I agree." Knuckles silently flipped one side of his knuckled fist with the other. "I just met this guy and I already don't trust him."

"Yeah, the whole thing's a little sketchy, but Dodon's got me curious." Sonic peeked his desire to enter the mysterious tournament in regards to the others. "I really wanna check out this race and these super cars."

He spread his arms out to the rest of the group from his thinking.

"C'mon, you know you'll all be safe as long as I'm around!".

"A wise choice, blue hedgehog." Dodon Pa brushed his mustache on his response. "Join me in my spaceship and we'll go to Planet Wisp, where the first race awaits."

His hinting at Planet Wisp told everybody of the familiarity of his tournaments despite much trepidation.

"I guess I have no choice, do I?". Tails thought, braving his confidence.

"That sounds like fun!" Big the Cat churned out the friendly remark about the tanuki's larger transport. Dodon Pa was on his way to his ship as he stopped to gesture. "Can I go in your spaceship?"

"Why not? A large feline such as yourself would be an asset in any race."

"If you're going, Big, then Amy and I will go with you too." Omochao nodded in satisfaction, its fellow chao friends repeating. "After all, we're a team!"

"Now that Team Rose is going, Team Sonic will have somebody good to race!". Tails added, the tanuki resuming his disembark.

"Oh! One more teeny tiny thing that I forgot to mention: There are dozens of garages scattered across areas where the tournaments are being held. Use them at your wisest choice to keep your vehicles in good shape! When you are ready, we will terminate to Planet Wisp!"


The tanuki flew inside his spaceship, his silhouette fading from view in the Seaside Hill sun. Both teams stared at each other and began clearing things up.

"Don't worry, I see no evil in Dodon Pa!" Sonic delivered, making his way towards the ship.

"He surely knows how to force us into racing." Amy pondered. "I don't know what is behind the scenes with him."

"Welp... Here we are.". Knuckles joined. "He seems more like a friendly stranger more than anything else before now. I can't help but feel concerned about Dodon Pa."

Big didn't take note of Amy and Knuckles' theory, the purple cat following Sonic. Omochao proceeded the same.

"But he's dragging us into something that we've done many times when Eggman wasn't in the equation." Tails thought aloud.

"That's being too judgmental, Tails! Eggman can't be in this, surely!" The pink hedgehog shot back.

"Okay, if you say so." The kitsune exited the conversation by entering the rocket. Soon, he was followed by Amy and Knuckles, both mobians growing everlasting concern over why Dodon Pa was drawing attention to them and them only. Time could only make a huge difference, likewise could only adrift so far into the horizontal view.


(Sonic Adventure 2 - Chao Kindergarten)

The dominant nature of the forest felt alive as wildlife extracted itself from the bustling Station Square just a stone's throw away. It was definitely quieter. Much quieter. Everything about it was pristine in its behavior. Nothing was out of the ordinary. But for the residents of Floral Forest Zone, it was just a normal day out in the jungle-like aesthetic that encapsulated the outskirts of its boundaries. Two of those residents were inside as the sun baked in on a typical hot day. The windows slowing opened as Vanilla the Rabbit began watering her window-side plants for hydration. Inside, the television blared out cartoons, Cream the Rabbit watching from the floor, her elbows dug into the carpet as if engrossed; her hands on her chin and her legs kicking wildly with excitement. She was enjoying the stories within for just being a typical 6 year old. Vanilla walked into the living room, seeing her young daughter smile with enthusiasm in front of her favorite TV. The mother smiled back, knowing she was safe and happy. She walked away from the young rabbit and into the kitchen to prepare herself some lunch. Cream's glued eyes gazed upon an ad that distinguished itself from the other commercials in-between breaks. It was an ad that sponsored directly toward Dodon Pa's strange tournament. This let the bunny's ears rise up in interest. After some good ears picking up on essential details about the race, mainly the locations and times, the young rabbit raced over to her mother.

Cream's mind always drifted off like a typical 6 year old. Infact, she kinda liked it. It created a disconnection from her reality rather than stop and learn about the more complicated things in life. It shows she is distanced enough from her mother, who always cared for her whenever things go awry. Her cartoon was breaking for commercials, the young rabbit never minding having to stop her viewing, even during these adverts. Just then, an ad that directly sponsored Dodon Pa's strange tournament came on, Cream's ears lifted up in interest. She stood up, exiting her engrossed pose and ran to the kitchen, her mother scraping butter on her bread.

"Mother! Mother! Mother!". She exclaimed.

"What is it?!"

"I saw something on TV! It was a commercial with a strange-looking guy! He was organising some tournament somewhere on this Earth! Can we go, please?!"

Vanilla had to carefully pick between options. She placed a her index on her lower visage, granted she always let Cream go out on adventures with Amy Rose and the other mobians. This was different - Dodon Pa was heavily involved in this. After a careful consideration, she opted on her curiosity.

"Why wouldn't I pass on an opportunity like this? Okay. We can watch the tournament." She resisted to let no rules apply here. "On one condition - Chocola can come to keep Cheese company."

Cream, whom couldn't contain her acceptance hugged her mother, the rabbit wrapping her arms briefly around the 6 yea old before they released.

"Besides, Cream. You can hang out with Amy and Tails and the others again!"

"Hooray!" Cream yelped in glee.

The two rabbits set their aim to exit their home, as all do. Vanilla's eye caught something peculiar heading their way, the mother rabbit yards from the door. Some mobians were strolling towards them in suspicion: It was the Chaotix - Espio the Chameleon, Vector the Crocodile and Charmy Bee. They were all puzzled about something, turning to Vanilla as the first mobian to ask. This couldn't have occurred at a better convenience. Vanilla opened the door, the Chaotix just several feet away from their position. Without hesitation, the mother rabbit greeted them with bliss.

"Hello, Vector! How are things going with the agency?"

However, much to the crocodile's bearings merely in correlation with Vanilla's specific objective, Vector hesitated to bring up his curious bout.

"I have some business that I have to take care of. Do you know anything about what is going on with a strange tanuki named Dodon Pa?"

The name. It occurred unfamiliar on Vanilla's end. Was that the same guy that Cream was talking about?

"Dodon Pa?" The older rabbit was baffled.

"You don't know who his is yet, do you? He's organising some races around Earth. His mysterious upbringings and behavior leads me to investigate his schemes."

"Cream was telling me about those races. Is he the host or something?"

"Yeah, that's it! He's the guy!"

"I heard that some competitors are racing, including some of my friends!" Cream responded. "I saw them on TV!"

"TV, eh?" Vector draped his chin with an index finger. An idea prompted his brain to examine. "Espio! Charmy! I'm going to look into this when we get back to the agency!".

"Hm?" Both of them unanimously obliged.

"So what's been happening at the agency recently?" Vanilla seeked to know.

"We just got back from a case involving an inter-dimensional couple seeking interest in the race, the only problem was that they didn't know how to get into our world and stuff." Vector explained.

"An...inter-dimensional couple?". Vanilla leaned forward, more confused than Cream was.

"Yeah, it's kinda complicated how they got word from Dodon Pa's strange races and whatnot! If they know about this, then it's big news and big bucks for us!"

"Oh..." Vanilla escaped the perplexity of the news, grasping on her stance to attend the tournaments as spectators. She kindly found this opportunity to progress along with her daughter, the Chaotix agreeing to follow toward Planet Wisp.



(Sonic X (Japanese) - Blue Typhoon)

Aboard the inbound ship to Planet Wisp, both Team Sonic and Team Rose sat awaiting arrival. They were all sat around a large control desk used to pilot the bloated vehicle. Dodon Pa set his gears to auto-pilot, departing from the desk and joining Sonic in enlightening the mood.

"So...about these super-cars you're giving us." Sonic broke the dead air inside of the spaceship. "I can't wait to receive mine!"

"They are magnificent and sufficient enough to run in the tournament with you, blue hedgehog! Everything you seek to answer is all kept in my mind ready to be heard, Hohohoho!"

"I don't know about that." Amy grunted, her arms firmly folded in distaste of the tanuki. "I don't know what he's planning."

"It's nothing to worry about, my dear. Sit back and enjoy the ride!"

"What ride?!" Amy stormed up toward him, agression her main direction. "We literally don't know you and you want to force us to like you?!"

"Amy!" The blue blur ran over to her. "Don't do this to yourself! We still don't know what he's planning!"

"A tournament, perhaps?" The tanuki snidely remarked to atone his reputation.

"Yeah, about that!" Sonic exited Dodon Pa's direction and onto Amy's. "We're all in this together, Amy. You're getting worked up because of this...stranger. Give him a chance!"

"It depends how I define taking a chance! But I'll see what he can do!" The pink hedgehog concluded, retreating to her original seat next to Big and Omochao. Upon the latter's need to inform Amy about why it was here, the mechanical chao turned its head toward Amy in a friendly emotion.


"Don't get yourself too worked up even before the tournament starts, Amy! Look, I was informed by these chao that something is aloof."

"Really? What is that?" The pink hedgehog tilted her head in Omochao's direction.

"It's the same reason why I'm here - Dodon Pa must be so nice, but underneath that calm demeanor is nothing but hatred, hidden away in a subtle fashion."

"Who sent the chao that assisted you?"

"Some orb thingy." The chao bot hinted another entity in its mind, but Amy had no idea. "I know, it's weird."

"Well..." Amy folded her arms in cynicism, unaware what Dodon Pa will have hidden in his gesture. "Whatever he is planning behind this tournament, Sonic will be the first mobian to stop him! I got to wait for his first move!"

The intensity of her worries gradually became clear to her. What would Dodon Pa give them to race? Amy had always been this sweet innocent little girl, but the presence of this so-called tanuki transformed her into a skeptic individual. She never had the curiosity this bad since the last Eggman attack. But could it just be a harmless activity? Would this race be something of a reward to the mobians, and not be fodder for the doctor to appear? Dodon Pa had his ship directed to Planet Wisp, so we will have to wait and see.


(Team Sonic Racing - Pre-Race)

The ship made its cautious and fragile descent down onto the gentle grass of Planet Wisp, its single door gifting the mobians the sight of a couple of racing stands full of spectators old and new, accompanied by energetic balloons of the heroes floating by the side of the track and stands. Upon landing on the ground below their feet, they felt a rush of warm temperate within the land, as all alien worlds allow. Sonic stood atop a cliff-face that overlooked the starting line and its many stands, inside he was excited to begin this trial. He was the only mobian that merely broke away from the group, whom by now honed their eyes onto Dodon Pa - the last to disembark off the ship. The blue hedgehog locked onto him in a friendly state and walked over to him, moderately.

"Welcome to Wisp Circuit, the first in a series of team races." The tanuki greeted the scenery surrounding them. "Planet Wisp is one of 7 zones that we'll be travelling to. Each zone will have 3 racetracks attached to them in a variety of shenanigans, Hohohoho!"

"And you say the winner of the tournament gets to keep his car? Sweet!" Knuckles exclaimed, causing Tails to quickly think about this in depth.

"A little too sweet! There's something about this tanuki I just don't trust!"

"This is an opportunity for fun!" Sonic stopped in his tracks, perfect eyesight honed in on Tails and Knuckles; his own team-mates. "I know for sure I don't have beef with this new guy!"

"Exactly, blue hedgehog! This is all for a speckle of fun. I'm pretty sure half of you are willing to confirm this deal, right?"

"Of course I do!" The blue blur replied without hesitation. His mind was focused on winning and not about his team's contemplation. "It's just you, me and the rest of the guys right now!"

"Hohohoho!" Dodon Pa cocked a laugh of suspicion a second time. "Then it is settled. I will meet you on the track!"


The tanuki concluded his speech, flying down to the track in his mobile. Sonic witnessed his fading distance, turning back to a worried Tails, Knuckles and Amy.

"You like the guy?" Amy merely catechized.

"I like this guy for putting up a neat racing tournament!"

"And yet you don't mind him planning something under our noses, even if that scheme eventually does not work in his favor?" Tails pondered.

"Yes - I mean - what are you saying? Dodon's a sweet tanuki to hang out with. You guys are just getting paranoid about this whole setup!"

"It's not just me, Knuckles and Amy are in this too."

"Then that means we're equal!" Sonic concluded, preparing to jump off the cliff. "See you when Big, Omochao and I win the race!"

Amy wasn't feeling Sonic's flow of consistency, merely lacking behind Tails and Knuckles. Both mobians were in sight of movement from the eyes of the pessimistic pink hedgehog.

"I'm sure it won't be that bad, Amy." Tails braved in his reliance. "Sonic will be the one to break us out of this. And besides, Dodon Pa made me a new car to race!"

"I hope." The hedgehog strided forward and joined the two mobians as they jumped off the cliff-edge facing the lively tournament starting race. Sonic was already inspecting his Blue Speedster decked out in subtle changes that Dodon Pa installed.

As all racers were examining their vehicles, including Tails who had a brand new car to test out, the stands already came packed with dozens of mobians alike from Earth.

Dozens of mobians new and old came to see the race, Sonic's friends from first encounters way back and recent additions to his powerful allied forces assisting the crowd in cheering the blue blur and the rest of the group, Team Rose included. They were blind in knowing Dodon Pa's reason though, as wind blew in the shallow air of Planet Wisp, which gives the impression of 'how do they breathe if aliens dominate the plane?'. Loads of cheers and fanfare replaced the futile activity, only wisps populated everything else. Sally Acorn and Bunnie D'Coolette were sat high up, cheering for their favorite hero, having travelling far from Knothole.

"I'm so glad this 'tanuki host' gave us free tickets to watch this marvelous race!" Bunnie spoke, raising Sally's attention.

"A nice excuse to get us out of Knothole for a change." The chipmunk articulated. "I haven't had this much action since the last Eggman attack in the village!"

"What do you think he's up to now that he left us alone?" The bunny turned to face her friend.

"I don't know, but Sonic hasn't had it easy considering the times he fought against Eggman. He won't do nothing to give him a rest once in a while."

"So?" Bunnie lifted her left leg and rested it upon her other leg, simulating crossing the limbs in a seated position. "Eggman's likely not going to get involved in this tournament for once. It's just going to be them, us and this strange 'tanuki fellow'."

Both were eager to witness the race, but a mindful thought came sudden within Sally. She could only bare to make the smart decision and turn to Bunnie for a response.

"Bunnie..." She posed.

Her attention was focused on the chipmunk rather than the race as consequence of interruption.

"What is it, Sally?"

"When Sonic and the gang are down there, who's going to look after their cars?" The mobian chipmunk expressed something of a role that parented the vehicles.

"Why are you so concerned about their cars rather than themselves?"

"It's a consideration. Since Sonic saved us all by doing what he does best, I longed to repay his debts by volunteering to work with him."

Bunnie had that unusual thought planted in her mind. Would Dodon Pa even accept her request to volunteer? Did he see it as a trustworthy duty? What role could he sign her up to?

"You know car mechanics, right?" Those were the roles Sally was indeed chasing. "I could maintain the speed of the heroes' vehicles while also being loyal to the team!"

"Mmmm, that could work for you, Sal." Bunnie rethinked. "Are you going solo?"

"You don't have to do anything if you don' want to. I can just volunteer on my own!"

"Do you even know how to 'maintain the speed of the heroes' vehicles'?"

"No." Sally swiftly denied. "This is a great learning tool for me to pick up along the way."

"You're the boss!" Bunnie concluded, showing trust in Sally that her plan would work. She was slurping on a beverage to keep herself second company.

Back on the race track, Team Sonic and Team Rose sat in their racing vehicles awaiting Dodon Pa to commence the race. The tanuki flew himself up above the starting line, his direction sights the six racers.

"This race is a standard team race, meaning whoever crosses the finishing line wins! But there's a twist - you and your team must score the highest amounts of the points sufficient to win."

Without fail, he initiated the race begins, sending the racers down, whizzing past him and down the track.

(Team Sonic Racing - Wisp Circuit)

"Remember, folks!" The tanuki announced to the crowd, aware that his mic was on nonetheless. "This is the first ever race. Loads are more to come, Hohohoho!"

Their cars were nowhere in sight of the crowd, already facing shallow hills and banking turns. Sonic was unsurprisingly in the lead, with Tails and Amy closely following the titular blue hedgehog. It looked like they were going to grab a lucky bid from an item box, it seems. Dodon Pa never really explained that to the teams yet. They merely shook it off as a learning tool. But convenience didn't come for nothing.

"They are passing the first set of item boxes!" Dodon Pa exhilarated, watching from the big screen that crowds laid eyes upon whenever the heroes were gone. "Just what are they going to get?!"

Few item boxes were contacted, Amy pulling out a Crimson Wisp from its borders.

"Oh, hello!" She spoke out of shock that she had been delivered.

This was a perfect opportunity to throw it at Sonic, but automatically set its trajectory on Tails instead. The pink hedgehog moved up to second with this move, expressing apology to Tails. Sonic, meanwhile, picked up a Blue Wisp that allowed him to place bombs behind his vehicle, abandoning it on the track. Big and Omochao speed up to the pack with an Orange Wisp each obtained. It wasn't long until they were nearing the starting line for the 2nd lap, crowds a plenty come to cheer the heroes on.

"They have almost made a full lap around the circuit, Hohohoho!"

Vanilla, Cream, Cheese and Chocola were among those in the crowd cheering on both teams. Other mobians spotted familiar faces in the stands, such as Tangle, a grey lemur, and Whisper, a brown, biscotti wolf mercenary, within metres of their position. Other mobians, too were unusual enough to be as recognized, such as the case with a cyan mobian hedgehog who always sported a pair of black sunglasses, shielding eyes from the rays of any hot sun in a set area, like Spagonia or Apotos. He was within a few seats of the two friends as he witness the fast vehicles whizzing past them to initiate the second lap. Sonic was still in first place as all things stand. Big was speeding before him, an unusual sight to behold like the wind that brushed the blue hedgehog's face. He picked up an item box, the blur noticing from the sound of a deep voice, echoing the grunts that likend him. This could spell bad new for him.

"What's this?! Big the Cat is right behind Sonic with a Cyan Wisp! Hohohoho! This is surely intriguing!"

The purple cat launched the rockets before him, Sonic cautiously dodging out of the straight trajectory.

"Whoa! Aah! Yikes! Miss me!" He grunted, that last one he hit with a snark gesture.

"Sonic has dodged all of the rockets! He's certainly an expert at this, and it's only the first race!"

"Hehe, easy finish!" The hedgehog boasted, his vehicle drifting away from Big's froggy mobile and towards the half-pipe over outlaying cropped tree branches that provided safety, picking up another item box. His result founded an Orange Wisp and quickly found a solution.

"Who needs their bacon saving?" T'was his response as he netted the item to Knuckles, in 5th place.

The red echidna caught the delivery.

"Thanks!" The Wisp carried him the speeding ticket past Amy and Big. He hesitated to use the Wisp, but Omochao was closing in from last place. The echidna was in touching distance of the third and final lap, cautiously spending the rockets wisely to stay ahead of Omochao.

Sonic was already speeding his way to victory, with a smile written upon his visage, Tails not far behind in 3rd. The kitsune only had Big to deal with, but Amy was trailing him in reaching distance.

"C'mon, Wisp! Get me past Tails!" The pink hedgehog gruffed.

Amy sped right past an item box, letting nothing reach her palms. Her mind taught her that groaning inside didn't help, but she avoided giving up.

"First victory, here we come!" Knuckles rammed into the item boxes, carrying a Pink Wisp. This ability allowed him to usage of manifested pink spikes around his car, and he was heading straight for Amy.

"Oh no!" The hedgehog gulped.


Amy's car spun out of control, the hedgehog's momentum exponentially halted as Knuckles raced into 4th, Sonic was inches from the racing line, but solo winners didn't matter in this tournament. Knuckles' pink ability withered away after seconds to lead him behind Big the Cat. If executed right, Knuckles would be ahead, but everybody was about to race their way to the finish line, crowds aplenty spectated the moment those advanced vehicles drove whizzed off the tree branch that overlooked the stands. Sonic was the sooner of expectations, flying from the branch and extolled his entrance. His vehicle landed with generous gravity and made a quick beeline to the finish, Dodon Pa surprised that his speed in a car was neutral.

"Sonic has passed the finish line! The question is - will the other racers make it here too?!"

The blue blur hopped out of his Speed Star, awaiting his fellow Whirlwind Pod and Land Breaker users. He turned to the crowded stands. It wasn't the first time his admiration directed him to his fame. They were so used to this mobian saving the world.

Back on the tracks, Tails' vehicle scrapes an item box, the kitsune barely contained it, pulling out a Cyan Wisp just for Big before him. The 8 year old fired the Wisp toward the purple cat - by this stage, he wasn't even caring, knowing him down with terminated speed. He had been duped of 2nd place. Not only that, he had been duped of even the top 3, as both Amy and Knuckles drove past too. Speaking of Amy, the hedgehog somehow managed to hold Knuckles to an inch during the final third of the track, only scarcely edging to 3rd once they've reached the crowded stands at the finish line.

Tails obviously finished and conclude his speed, slamming his brakes for his Whirlwind Pod to stop. Now out of his car, the kitsune walked over to Sonic as both Amy and Knuckles hopped out. Big and Omochao emerged from the branch cut-off point, secured concrete surface just before the finish line, with the rest of the racers drawing closer. Dodon Pa flew over as the last racers crossed the line, staring in the direction of a giant screen that displayed the scores. the top 3 places were occupied by Sonic, Tails and Amy respectively, with Knuckles, Big and Omochao behind them. The focal mechanic determined Team Sonic's victory, each individual scores adding them up to 36 compared to Team Rose's 25. They had won the first race, the crowds cheering for Team Sonic as the 3 heroes gave a high-five in the air. The tanuki jetted toward them with a satisfactory expression within his grasp.


(Team Sonic Racing - Comical)

"Well done, one and all. Of course, some of you did better than others." He congratulated. His eulogizing didn't last however.. "Some of you might not survive at all, Hohohoho!"

His soft laugh grew innocent in the majority of the racers, but a suspicious Amy wasn't sure of it.

"You know, that creepy chuckle is one "o" away from an Eggman laugh." She worryingly pondered out of spite.


"Fun means straying away from your mind having trouble processing this worry in." Sonic turned to her. "You might even win the next race yourself, Ames."

"He called you "Ames"." Tails chuckled, the blue hedgehog emitting a faint blush whilst nervously scratching his quills.

"Anyway, let's prepare ourselves for the next race!" Sonic walked away from the track. "Knowing alot about his tournament can give certain racers advantage over others!"


Tails and Knuckles was satisfied in their leader, despite their suspicion on Dodon Pa. With every pride that they could gather in this situation, Amy watched them join Sonic to grant the next team plan before storing their vehicles away. Big and Omochao forced the pink hedgehog to sigh after she witnessed them heading to their cars.

But as they were in the process of the post-match clean-up, crowds fail to notice an unknown, unamed cyan mobian girl of hedgehog species with long hair hidden in the shadows behind one of the stands that set up a perfect view of the race for her, not least the starting line where the racers convened. She wore a simple, plain sea green vest tank top, a light green, vertical-lined skirt and blue boots with white socks. Two hair bangs also hung on either side of her head. A thought lit up in her brain, a ambitious thought nonetheless. Something told her this mobian wanted to join too, but right now, she was bare of any relevant qualification to do so. This caused her to flee to fulfill that destiny.


Dodon Pa's Tournament - Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Tails Miles Prower, Amy Rose, Big the Cat, Omochao.

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