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School had finished for the day at Rakeun High. Hibino, Ichijou and Yamana were talking about how to spend their afternoon as they strolled down the street.

"I suppose you'll want to go and practise your so-called music eh Ichijou?" Hibino asked mockingly.

"Not today" he replied. "I love my music but I can't practise it all the time."

"Maybe we could go to the museum" Yamana suggested. "A new Egyptology wing has just opened."

"That's a good idea" Hibino said. "We should go and take a look."

"I thought you weren't interested in history Hibino" Ichijou commented.

"I'm not. But Egyptian kings had tons of gold and that would be interesting."

"You're not planning to steal it are you Hibino?" Yamana asked.

"Of course not" he scoffed. "It's just to give Ore-sama ideas for how to spend the wealth that will be mine when I rule the world!"

Ichijou rolled his eyes. "Sure. Let's check it out."

The museum's new Egyptology wing was much like the other exhibits they had visited before. In addition to the glass cases holding ancient tools, papyrus scrolls, stone tablets and various other antiquities, there were statues of the animal-headed gods of Egypt and murals written in hieroglyphics with Japanese translations next to them.

Ichijou and Yamana were amazed by the exhibits. Hibino by contrast barely glanced at them. It wasn't until they got to the main attraction that his interest was sparked.

Encased in glass was a stone sarcophagus surrounded by statues, urns and caskets, all made of gold and encrusted with jewels.

"Now this is something Ore-sama can appreciate" he said with a grin. As he gazed at the sarcophagus his mind wandered into a daydream…

Pharaoh Hareluya sat upon his throne and grinned as he looked down at the crowds of people chanting his name. He wore a white tunic and a purple cape with gold bands on his legs, wrists and upper arms.

He turned his head as high priestess Yamana walked up to him and bowed. She wore a sleeveless dress of flowing white silk. Gold bands gleamed on her forehead and upper arms.

"Pharaoh, I bring good news. The construction of your newest statue is right on schedule" she said brightly.

"Excellent" he replied. He looked back down at the streets where a procession of slaves were carrying blocks of stone. His grin broadened as he saw one slave staggering under the weight of a large block. Like the rest he was clad in only a tattered loincloth.

"Ha, that will teach you to annoy Ore-sama Ichijou" Hibino said gleefully.

Hibino was brought back to reality as the museum's curator, Ken Mitoguchi, came over. As always the old man's grey hair and beard were perfectly groomed and he wore a smart suit. His professional appearance was offset by the warmth in his eyes.

"Ah, hello Hibino-san. Yamana-san, Ichijou-san. It's good to see you again" he said. "I hope you're enjoying my museum's new wing."

"Hello Mitoguchi ji-san" replied Ichijou. "Yes, it's really fascinating. Even Hibino's interested this time."

"True" Hibino agreed. He pointed at the sarcophagus. "That's how Ore-sama will go someday. Surrounded by wealth and power."

"Well I hope you don't have to pay the price this fellow did" replied the curator.

"What do you mean Mitoguchi oji-san?" Yamana asked.

"This sarcophagus comes from the tomb of Pharaoh Sefirama who ruled Egypt five thousand years ago. All evidence indicates that he was a greedy and evil ruler who was despised by his people. Eventually he was assassinated by one of his advisors" he explained. "Legend tells that Sefirama's last act was to lay a curse that if anyone tried to separate him from his gold he would return to have his revenge."

Just then he spotted some kids playing tag around a display of antique vases. "Ah, if you'll excuse me" he said as he went over to deal with it.

Hibino grinned. "Ore-sama wouldn't need a curse. No-one would dare try to steal my treasures."

"Careful Hibino, that guy let his greed get the better of him and he paid the price for it" Ichijou pointed out.

"A true ruler should never mistreat his people" Yamana commented.

"Do not worry Yamana" Hibino assured her. "Ore-sama will make sure that never happens to me."

She smiled fondly.

That night the museum was closed. With the lights turned off and the people gone the Egyptology wing was now as dark and silent as the tomb from which the items on display had been recovered.

The silence was broken as three figures dressed in black emerged from the shadows and crept up to the glass case that contained the sarcophagus of Pharaoh Sefirama and the gold artefacts around it.

"What did I tell ya? We'll be rich" said one of them.

"Let's grab the gold and get out of here" said another. "This place creeps me out."

The first one produced a glass cutter and carefully cut a hole in the case large enough for him to reach through. Quickly but carefully he began scooping up items and handing them to his comrades who loaded them into a bag.

"Pity we can't take that thing" said the third thief. He gestured at the sarcophagus. "It must be worth a fortune."

"Yeah but it can't be helped. It's just too big. Still, no problem. These things will be more than enough."

The second thief tensed. "Guys did you see that?"

"See what?"

"The lid. I saw it move."

They both snorted. "You're imagining things."

"I swear I saw it move!"

"Shut up!" the leader snapped as he withdrew his arm. "We got what we came for, let's go. And no more crazy talk."

Before either of his cohorts could reply all of them heard a low scraping sound. Their eyes were drawn to the sarcophagus as the lid slowly lifted and slid to one side. It tipped over and hit the ground with a thud. Frozen in disbelief they could only stare as the figure inside sat up. It was completely wrapped in filthy off-white linen bandages that covered it from head to toe. All that could be seen of it's face were a pair of empty black holes where its eyes had once been.

The thieves screamed in terror as the mummy climbed out of its sarcophagus, its movements awkward but grimly determined. It drew back its fist and with one inhumanly strong punch the glass case containing it exploded into fragments.

Still screaming the thieves were paralysed by fear as the mummy reached for them, dark green ooze seeping from its bandaged hands…

The next day Yamana was at her usual spot showing Ichijou her newest jewellery designs. Inspired by what they had seen at the Egyptology exhibit she had made designs featuring ankhs, cats, falcons, a Pharaoh's headdress and many others. All of them were displayed on a black blanket.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"They all look amazing" he replied.

She smiled warmly. "Thanks"

He pointed at a silver necklace. It was shaped like a stylised eye inside a triangle.

"What's that one?"

"That's the Eye of Horus. It's said to ward off evil" she explained.

"I like it. How much for it?" As she started to reply he raised a hand. "I insist."

"Okay. That one's 500 yen."

He paid for the necklace and put it on. As he did so Hibino came walking up.

"Yoh, Ichijou, Yamana" he said with a grin.

"Good afternoon Hibino" she replied cheerily.

"Hi Hibino. You seem in a good mood today" Ichijou commented.

"Ore-sama enjoyed that trip to the museum yesterday. In fact I'll go again later" he replied.

"Didn't you hear what happened last night?" Yamana asked.

"No, what happened?"

"There was a break-in at the museum. The sarcophagus case was broken and the mummy that was inside is missing."

Even Hibino was surprised by that. "Someone stole a mummy?"

"Exactly" she replied.

"What about the gold?"

"That's the strangest thing. The gold was right there."

"There were also three piles of ash in front of the case" Ichijou added.

"That is weird" Hibino admitted. "But meh, Ore-sama's doesn't care about a missing mummy or ash piles."

"It's still a crime scene Hibino" Ichijou pointed out. "No-one's allowed in until investigations are complete."

"What? They wouldn't dare keep Ore-sama out" he raged.

"Now now Hibino" said Yamana calmly. "Do you really want the trouble? As soon as the investigations are finished you can go there without any problem at all."

"Hmm, yes you're right" Hibino replied. "Ore-sama can wait a little while. In the meantime let's go and get some okonomiyaki."

"Sure. Give me a moment to pack everything up" she said.

She put the blanket and the jewellery into her blue backpack and the three of them started walked off. Ichijou cast a cautious look at the sky.

"Is something wrong Ichijou?" Yamana asked.

"I was just noticing how dark it is" he replied. "Look at those clouds."

She glanced up and indeed the sky was blanketed by grey clouds. "I see. It looks like it's going to rain."

"Lets hope it doesn't start until after we've left" Ichijou mused. Keeping his voice low he added, "If there's a downpour and we have to wait it out in there Hibino will eat their entire stock and then get stuck in the doorway when he tries to leave."

She giggled at the thought.

Hibino paid no attention to them as he rubbed his hands eagerly. "Ah, Ore-sama can practically taste the okonomiyaki already" he said.

"The amount you eat it's a wonder you can taste anything else" Ichijou commented.

That part he did notice. "Are you calling Ore-sama greedy?" he growled.

Ichijou glared back at him but before things could escalate Yamana called, "wait!"

They turned to her and she went on. "Do you guys hear something?"

"Yes" Hibino replied as he listened. "Sounds like people screaming."

"We have to check it out" said Ichijou.

"Good. A little excitement will improve Ore-sama's appetite" said Hibino. "Let's see what's up."

They followed the screams through an alley to a nearby street. There they found people fleeing in terror from a figure wrapped completely in bandages. A few guys were laying on the ground either unconscious or groaning feebly. One of them was sprawled on his back next to an overturned bin. He whimpered in fear as the mummy raised its arms menacingly and began to close in on him.

Ichijou charged forwards and landed a solid right cross to the mummy's jaw, followed by a left. It didn't react, seeming not to feel the blows. Ichijou was about to throw another punch but stopped as he felt a sudden burning pain in his left hand. He clenched his teeth and glanced down at his hand. Sure enough there was a burn mark on it. He looked back at the mummy as it turned to face him and saw there was a green liquid seeping from its bandages where his burnt fist had connected.

It reached for his throat with bandaged hands dripping the same green ooze, but abruptly it stopped and recoiled. Taking advantage of the momentary distraction he yelled at the guy the mummy had been attacking.


Fortunately the guy took the hint, scrambling to his feet and running away. Unfortunately the mummy stepped forwards and landed a backhand blow that launched him backwards to land hard on the ground, the impact winding him.

"Ichijou!" Yamana exclaimed. She ran over and crouched next to him concernedly as he lay coughing and gasping.

Hibino was less sympathetic. "Really Ichijou? Can't you handle a dusty old pile of rags? Good thing Ore-sama's here to save the day."

"Don't touch the green gunk" Ichijou managed to gasp out. "It burns."

"Ha! As if Ore-sama would be dumb enough to touch that stuff" he scoffed. With that he stepped forwards to face the mummy as it lumbered forwards.

It made a grab at his throat but Hibino easily dodged and landed a flurry of punches, making sure not to hit any of the patches of green liquid. To his astonishment the mummy kept coming, completely unfazed by his blows. He dodged another grab and began whaling on the mummy but it still had no effect.

"Why did it back off like that?" Yamana asked as she helped Ichijou up.

"I don't know" he admitted. "It just stopped when it saw…"

His words trailed off as he reached up and touched the silver Eye of Horus around his neck.

"Wait, didn't you say this symbol wards off evil?"

"That's right."

They shared a look and nodded as they simultaneously reached the same conclusion. Ichijou quickly removed the necklace, took careful aim and threw it. The Eye of Horus sailed through the air and landed right in one of the mummy's empty eye sockets. Immediately it froze in place and stood completely still.

With a grin Hibino reached behind his back, pulled out his baseball bat and swung it with all his might. The mummy exploded into a cloud of dust and empty wrappings that fell to the ground.

"Ha, Ore-sama wins again!" Hibino laughed. "What was all that about anyway?"

"Mitoguchi ji-san told us there was a curse that the Pharaoh would return if someone tried to take his gold. I guess the mummy still wanted revenge even if the theft failed" Ichijou mused. He winced and cradled his burned hand as it flared up again.

"Are you okay Ichijou?" Yamana asked.

"I'm fine" he replied as he looked at the burn on his hand. "It's not too serious. I can still play my guitar."

"What a pity" said Hibino.

Soon afterwards the three of them were discussing the odd occurrence at their usual table at the okonomiyaki restaurant. Fortunately even Hibino had enough sense to keep his voice down and there were only a few other customers.

"I still think we should tell Mitoguchi ji-san what happened to the mummy" said Ichijou.

"Not a chance" Hibino replied. "No way is Ore-sama paying for that."

"Besides do you really think he would believe it?" Yamana asked.

"No" he admitted. "I suppose we should keep this to ourselves."

"Exactly" said Hibino. "Although, this whole thing has made Ore-sama think those Egyptians had the right idea. When Ore-sama makes a will there will be instructions to have my body preserved in a museum. That way my greatness will be remembered forever."

Yamana smiled. "Oh Hibino, nobody could ever forget you."

"Thanks" he replied with a delighted grin, not noticing the amused look that passed between Ichijou and Yamana.