Chapter 1

The meeting

"Yes, I need those reports done by Thursday. I must be going now. I have another meeting to attend." Natalie Mancia hung up.

She closed the tabs on her computer. Her hazel eyes blinked tiredly. Natalie fixed the sleeves of her brown shirt, covering her pale skin. She slowly got up, getting used to standing up again. Her feet were swollen and achy, but she still had work to do. The doctor said she wasn't due for another two months and a half. Natalie went the parking garage and drove to the café.

There were a bit of traffic, but it wasn't too back for lunchtime. She found a parking spot and walked to the café. The café was a decent size with a few private booths. She scanned the room before seeing Dominique. She walked over, sitting down. A waitress came. Natalie ordered a latte and croissant. Dominique wore her usual red outfit.

"Hello, Dominique. What did you want to talk about?" Natalie asked.

"A potential deal if you're willing." She sipped her coffee.

Natalie found the wording slightly odd, but dismissed it. She had heard that Dominique tended to be to the point. It was a good and bad thing in the business world.

"I'm willing to hear it." She said.

"Here's your order, ma'am." The waitress brought her things.

"That will be all for now. Leave us be, I don't want anymore interruptions." Dominique told her.

She frowned, but left them alone. Dominique handed Natalie a milena folders. She set down her latte and took the folder. As she scanned the papers, her face paled. Then she grew angry. Dominique shouldn't have been able to get these! Before she could speak, she suddenly felt woozy.

"Don't worry, human. Your child won't be harmed from the sedative I had put in your drink." Dominique had an unsettingly grin on her face as Natalie blacked out.