Chapter 5

Escape attempt

Natalie was sitting on the bed. The interrogation had been intense. Mentally. She knew Demona wanted something, but she wasn't sure what. What could a gargoyle want? Dominique, she had a few guesses on, but nothing concert. Natalie felt the baby kick. She didn't want to have her baby here. She had to leave before she got too far into her pregnancy.

The door opened. She rushed pasted the person at the entrance. Natalie ran down the hall, trying to find a way out. She heard Dominique coming after her. Wherever she was was a lot bigger than she expected. The hallway was getting wider now. Was it leading to a room of some sort? Unfortunately, Dominique caught up.

"Ahh!" Natalie cried as she was yanked back. Dominique had strong gripe on her.

"You try to escape again and you will regret it." Dominique hissed.

Dominique shoved Natalie deeper into the hall. They went into a new room. It had a table and some medical equipment. Natalie was maneuvered on top of the table. Then she was handcuffed to it.

"What are you doing?!" She demanded.

"I'm doing an ultrasound to check on the baby." Dominique explained.

"What, why?" Natalie asked, confused.

Dominique said nothing and lifted her shirt to smear the jelly on her stomach. The wand was placed on next and moved around. The picture on the screen was black and white. Natalie saw her baby. He looked a bigger than she remembered, but it seemed to be normal growth. Dominique wrote a few things down. Then she took the wand away and wiped the jelly off. Natalie was forced back to the room. The door locked. Natalie uneasily wondered about Dominique's plan.