Have you ever noticed that on the box for the supercon scavenger toy, he looks like a hockey goalie and when Rook is not on Sideway's head, he looks like one too. This fic is sortof about that, I don't know anything about hockey so don't flame me. I reallize that something like this has been done with golf, this one is not the same. Just enjoy the fic because I make Megatron and Leader One wear something pink.


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Armada Hockey or Megatron's Dance chapter one

Megatron: *Is at the warpgate with Leader One, about to warp down to earth.*

Thrust: Megatron sir, may I inquire to where you are going?

Megatron: Leader One here has detected a minicon. Instead of all of us going, only I will go to retrive it. While I am gone, which should be a few hours, you will be incharge instead of that incompetent fool Starscream.

Thrust: Yes Megatron sir, I will not fail you *bows*

Megatron: *knods head 'yes' and warps* *apears outside in back of a skate rink (surprisingly it is transformer sized.)* Little do they know that there is no minicon, I just want to spend some time with Leader One and we can work on our skating ballet routine. *appears suddenly on the ice in a pink tutu on skates, Leader One is the same, they do double axles, leaps, you know the stuff.*


Thrust: *is standing infront of the throne, Starscream, Cyclonus, Demolisher, Sideways, Wheeljack and Tidalwave are standing infront of him.* As you know, Megatron has left to find a minicon and will not be back for a few hours. Per his orders, he has left me incharge.

Starscream: You? Why not me? He knows that I'm second in command! Why did he not choose me?!

Thrust: *mumbles* He thinks you're and incopetent fool.

Starscream: What was that Thrust?

Thrust: *normal voice* He thinks you're too cool to lead.

Starscream: I guess that's a compliment.

Demolisher: Well what are we going to do?

Thrust: Recently, I have used what the humans call the internet to find secret information. While searching, I have found a sport that the humans call hockey. We will launche an attack on the Autobots and defeat them in this sport.

Cyclonus: How do we play?

Thrust: It's simple. It's played on skates on ice with sticks and a puck. People use the sticks to hit the puck into the opposing teams goal, blocked by their goalie, that's how you score a point. The team with the most points at the end of two halves wins.

Cyclonus: Sounds like fun, let's do it! *everyone agrees*

Thrust: Alright, it's unanimous, now to contact the Autobots. *he opens a channel with the Autobots, Optimus Prime appears.*

Optimus: What do you want Thrust?

Thrust: Optimus, I have a proposition, I challenge you to a game of Hockey!

Optimus: Where's Megatron?

Thrust: He went out somewhere. Do you agree to my challenge or as the humans say, are you too chicken? Bwak, Bwak! *clucks around abit. Jetfire, who has appeared on the screen, sees this and laughs his head off.*

Optimus: Very well, we accept your challenge.

Thrust: *is normal voice again* Warp to these coordinates in half and hour *screen goes blank on the Autobots end and Optimus turns to Jetfire who has now recovered.*

Optimus: Have all men and the kids assemble in the control room in five.

Jetfire: Yes sir. *leaves control room*


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