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[The Savior of the Wizarding World, Missing?]

Those were the words that were spread on the headlines of every Wizarding paper in existence. The Daily Prophet has been exclusively vicious in the matter.

Trying to ignore the gaze of the Gryffindor's Head of House, the Hogwarts's Headmaster fiddled with his hands as an owl swept through his office. Another letter. He thought in agitation as the owl dropped its burden on the increasing pile of correspondence next to his desk. His office has been a constant lodging for messaging owls since the disconcerting incident on the Sorting Ceremony, just a few hours ago. He could only watch as the owl left just as easily as it had entered and, after a second of silence, he startled as the office's doors were flung open.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Came a thunderous voice as a man in black robes busted through the office doors.

"Severus, please-"

"Don't you dare tell me to calm down," Severus, the Head of Slytherin and Potions teacher raged, "You promised me that the child, Lilly's child, would be safe. Now, where is he?" He spoke, voice rough but dangerously low.

"He was at the Dursley's. We were there, all of us," Dumbledore said as he swept a long sleeved arm at the people gathered on his office, "I don't understand what could've happened. Wards were placed on the house to protect him; they should've prevented any kind of magic, be it from the outside or the inside." It was agreed upon that the child was to reside with his relatives. The Blood Wards would've protected him should anything happen, but with this sudden disappearance people were tense. He had even received some disquieting letters from people questioning if this could be a revenge of sorts from Death Eaters, or worse, from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named himself.

"And hasn't it dawned on you to check on him on these past ten years?" Severus gritted his teeth as Dumbledore just stared at him. He took deep breaths to prevent himself from killing the old fool. "As I remember, Petunia wasn't the kindest of women." He said pinching the bridge of his nose. The migraine was just starting and it seemed like it was going to be a big one. "She had always resented her sister's achievements; I wouldn't put it past her to place that resentment on her nephew."

"You don't mean-!" Minerva exclaimed horrified. "He is just a child!"

"No, no. The Blood Wards wouldn't let any harm come to him." Dumbledore said, trying to reassure her.

"Then where is he? He is a child! He couldn't just disappear!" The woman exclaimed tearfully. She was supposed to take care of every child that resided on Hogwarts but Harry wasn't just a child; he was the son of two of her most beloved students. She felt like she had failed them.

Severus gazed at her in discontent before looking back at the Headmaster, "There has to be an explanation. Just like Minerva said, he couldn't just disappear, there has to be a trace of him or his magic." Frowning, he stared into the Headmaster's eyes.

"I say we pay a visit to the Dursleys."


Standing outside Number 4, Privet Drive, the three of them stared at the quaint house. Nothing out of the ordinary, it didn't seem like the greatest of places but it looked quiet enough for them to go unnoticed.

He stared at the trees, which seemed frozen as the wind constantly flowed between them, unwavering in its strength. Something was wrong, he frowned.

Dumbledore knocked on the door and then waited until it finally opened.

Severus stiffened as soon as he saw her. Petunia... she still had that same semblance of utter disgust as he remembered and he wondered once more, and he was certain that it won't be the last time he did in that day, why did they had to leave Lily's child with them?

Surely the Blood Wards couldn't be as infallible as Dumbledore had thought, and they weren't, as the child seemed to be missing.

He couldn't sense anything. No magic. No wards.

And certainly no Harry Potter.

"Miss Dursley, sorry for intruding but it has come into our attention that Harry hasn't come to Hogwarts. May we come in?" Dumbledore tried as the woman just stared at them in discontent.

"He's not in this house nor he is welcomed here just like any of you," Petunia said, trying to close the door.

The wind outside seemed to go still for a second before it increased its strength abruptly.

Eyes widening, Severus lost his calm and he pushed the door entering the house. "Where is he?" he demanded as he looked around. It couldn't be-

"I don't know!" The woman said, eyes wide in fear as she stood away from them all.

"Severus, calm down!" Minerva called but he completely dismissed her. How was he supposed to calm when Lily's son might be in danger, or worse. He swallowed.

"Where is he?!" He snarled, getting into Petunia's face.

"I told you, I don't know! That ungrateful wretch left years ago!" She yelled, enraged that these... these people thought themselves so important so as to invade her home.

"That was your nephew, he couldn't just vanish!" He snapped and noticed the photographs on the walls. Looking at them he saw Petunia with a man and an obese child. Her family he supposed.

"Where is your husband?" He asked, eyes unmoving from the frame.


"Petunia, where is your husband?!" Severus repeated himself, glaring at her form.

"He is not here!"

"Minerva, please go and call the Aurors, tell them it's an emergency. We need to investigate this matter." Dumbledore spoke, staring intently to the petrified woman standing on the corner like a skittish animal, receiving a look of apprehension from the Gryffindor's Head of House.

With a slight nod Minerva apparated away and just minute after the front door opened letting in a corpulent man, "Petunia, there is a-" he began but immediately noticed the people standing on his living room and fumed.

"What are you freaks doing in my house?!"

"Mr Dursley, we have come to collect young Harry so he could attend school as his parents wanted-"

"That good-for-nothing left this house many years ago. That was the only good thing that freak ever did for this family!"

"Where is Harry Potter?"

"I don't know and I don't care! We had to take him in, in our home, we feed him, we clothed him, we gave him a roof and he just went up and left!" Vernon screamed face red in his indignation, "We expect to be rewarded for our efforts, it wasn't our fault that he was bad blood! I always said that!"

"Vernon-!" Petunia tried to interrupt her husband knowing that he would only dig their graves.

"Don't you start, Pet! It seems you were the only one sane on that family of yours!"

Severus, already on the edge of his temper, swiftly moved and stood in front of the raging man, pointing his wand at Vernon's face, the tip just a mere millimeter apart of touching his nose.

"I will do this with or without your permission, Dumbledore." He said, his eyes not leaving the affronted look of the obese man, whose face was becoming a perturbing shade of purple.

Right then, four men entered the house along Minerva.

"Severus, the Aurors will take care of the matter and will ensure that will be found.

His hand trembling, wanting to hurt the man in front of him but knowing that the authorities must be the ones to address the problem.

If he were to go with his wishes, he could be prosecuted for assault but he knew that he won't be just harming the disgusting creature that stood at the end of his wand.

Vernon Dursley would be lucky to remain breathing. He should thank Albus for that fact.

AN: Severus might be OOC in here? But honestly, think about it. The child of the person who was your best friend since you were kids suddenly disappears without a trace. Of course, he never tried to reach out to him, but Dumbledore, the person he was supposed to trust, constantly reassured him that Harry would be safe with his relatives and properly looked after.

Finding out that everything Dumbledore promised for Lily's son was just lies, that he was severely abused and that Harry hasn't even been in the house in years was like a punch in the gut.

Add to that there isn't any sort of clue that would give them a whereabouts of him or even something that would assure them that he was even alive.


PD: This chapter was a roller coaster and I really enjoyed to write an enraged Severus. I really wanted to hurt Vernon.