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Fusion Dimension

In the chamber of Professor, the man sat on his throne. Two screens were in front of him, one with Ruri on it and one with Rin. Both training with their Fusion monsters. On the screen, it showed both girls defeating multiple Obelisk Force members at once, with their new monsters.

He wasn't extremely sure if putting the girls out in the field was the right move, but there strength matched and even exceeded some of his elites. And with, it could be a lot easier to defeat Yuri's counterparts that have already beaten several of his elites.

But, none of it mattered if he didn't get back Serena and her standard counterpart, Yuzu. Those two have proven to be serious threats, along with the boys. Serena had helped an Xyz duelist in standard escape from being carded by Sora and Yuzu had defeated one of his elites.

As he thought to himself, a knock came from outside his chamber.

"You may enter." The Professor said as the door opened.

The person that walked in was a black haired teen in an Obelisk Blue jacket. The boy walked in and went down on a knee.

"You may rise." The Professor told the boy.

"Greetings, Professor." The boy said.

"Hello, Manjoume. Have you done what I asked?" The Professor asked the boy.

"Yes sir. I have gathered a group of Obelisk Force to lead to the last known location of the defected students." Manjoume answered.

"Very good. This is your last chance to prove yourself as an elite. Don't disappoint me." The Professor told the boy.

"Y-Yes sir." Manjoume gulped before bowing again and walking out of the room.

A little while later

Through the streets of the port town outside Academia, Manjoume was leading a group of Obelisk Force towards the location that a group of defective students were last spotted. As he walked, he reflected on the past and what had happened so far.

Manjoume had always been in the Professor's eye. When he was younger, he was one of the strongest duelist in his class. He was no Yuri or Kaiser, but his strength wasn't anything to make fun of.

Despite being an honor student, he never once used the deck assigned to him. In Academia, honor students were given special Ancient Gear decks that were extremely powerful, but Manjoume never used it. The reason for that was he already was attached to his deck. Some people made fun of him for using such a hybrid deck consisting of machines, dragons, and even Ojamas. But, it never really bothered him. And people that made fun of him would end up being defeated by him. He had built the deck when he was little and kept customizing it as he grew. Being an unpredictable duelist was his ability because it was hard to tell what move he was going to make due to his variety of cards.

He had been given permission to lead a group of Obelisk Force into the Standard Dimension. But before he was sent off, he had been given a new object. There were three boys, one from the Standard Dimension, one from the Xyz Dimension, and one from the Synchro Dimension. And they all looked like Yuri. His job, along with the Hell Kaiser and Darkness were to defeat and card or kill the boys. Yuri was assigned to capture the girl that was from Academia and the girl from Standard and Johan was sent as his back up. This was his first mission to prove to the Professor that he deserved to be an elite. He was confident in himself and his deck.

But despite this...he still lost. He had been given a chance to prove himself...and he lost to that Synchro duelist who's hair looked like bananas. He had one assignment. Take out one of the three boys who looked like Yuri. And he failed.

He thought for sure he would be carded for his defeat, but he was surprisingly greeted with mercy from the Professor. It turned out that since Darkness and Johan were defeated, along with Kaiser being unable to capture his prey, his defeat didn't look too bad. The Professor couldn't just card ALL of his Elites, right? He was also lucky that the Professor wasn't entirely disappointed. The fact that he had placed a spy, Dennis Macfield, into the Lancers somewhat made him feel a little easier about the situation. So, he decided to give Manjoume another chance.

After revamping his deck, he was tasked with a new assignment. Finding the defected students of Academia and taking them in for questioning to find out where exactly the others are hiding. There had been a small uprising recently that were taking out Juvenile Corps in the port town and they were also sneaking more and more defective students out of Academia.

He didn't know how he felt about carding people since he rarely did it, but he knew he had to prove to the Professor that he was worthy of being an elite.

This time, it wasn't his status on the line, it was his life.

"We should be arriving soon. Keep your guard up." Manjoume ordered the group.

"Yes sir." They said in unison.

"Hold it right there!" A woman's voice shouted from above. A cloaked figure from the rooftop of the building in front of the group jumped down to the ground and faced them. "You will not move any further."

The women threw her cloak to the side, causing Manjoume's eyes to widen in shock. A blonde haired girl stood in front of him. She wore a white jacket with blue lining and also wore a black shirt underneath. She also wore dark blue shorts and had a blue duel disk attached to her arm.

"A-Asuka?!" Manjoume yelled at the sight of the girl.

"Manjoume...I didn't expect you to be here." Asuka admitted.

"So it's true...not only did you defect from Academia...but you are now fighting against us!" Manjoume angrily shouted.

"Can you blame me? Academia needs to be taken down for the safety of everyone in the four dimensions!" Asuka shouted back.

Manjoume didn't deny what she said, but instead looked back at his squad before speaking. "Stand back. I'll take this duel."

"Are you sure, sir?"

"Yeah. This is personal." Manjoume answered as he walked forward and activated his duel disk.

"Oh? Challenging me alone? I guess you aren't as spineless as those other Academia dogs I've taken down." Asuka smirked.

"What can I say? I haven't faced you since we were students together. I'll prove that my path that I've chosen has given me the strength that outclasses you!" Manjoume shouted.

"Fine then. I'll show you how strong I've become after abandoning the mindless teachings of Academia!" Asuka declared as she activated her duel disk.

"Then you better give it all you got...since this will be your last duel!" Manjoume threatened before activating his duel disk.

"Bring it on!" Asuka yelled, accepting the challenge.


ASUKA: 4000 LP vs MANJOUME: 4000 LP

"I'll go first!" Manjoume shouted. "I activate the spell card Fusion! I fuse Ojama Green and Yellow in my hand!"

"Fusion...!" Asuka grunted.

"Yellow! Green! Combine your strength and become the guard of the king! Fusion Summon! Come forth! Level 5! Ojama Knight!" Manjoume shouted as a monster similar to Ojama yellow but large with knight armor, a shield, and a sword on it's back appeared.

Ojama Knight (0/2500) LVL:5

"Now two of your monster zones are unusable!" Manjoume shouted as the two zones on the far right and far left were crossed out. "Next, I set one card face down. Turn End. Now show me what you got, Asuka!"

"With pleasure. Just because we were friends once, doesn't mean I will hold back! My turn!" Asuka shouted as she drew. She looked at the card and then glared at her opponent. "I activate the Ritual Spell, Machine Angel Absolute Ritual! I release my level 6 Cyber Prima in my hand to perform a Ritual Summon!"

"Ritual Summon?" Manjoume said in shock.

"Angel of light who knows the sacred arts, use your strength to fight the darkness! Ritual Summon! Come forth! Level 6! Cyber Angel Benten!" Asuka shouted as a woman with black hair appeared. The woman had tight clothing which was black in the sides and white in the middle, red boots and gloves, golden head armor, and a battle fan with a chain on the end.

Cyber Angel Benten (1800/1500) LVL:6

"So the rumors of the Ritual user are true..." Manjoume said to himself. "Hey, Asuka! Why are you using Ritual monsters? You were once a proud Fusion user!"

"Shut up! I activate the Equip Spell Ritual Weapon! And by equipping this card to a level 6 or lower Ritual monster, it gains 1500 ATK!" Asuka explained.

Cyber Angel Benten (1800/1500)-(3300/1500)

"Battle! Cyber Angel Benten, attack Ojama Knight!" Asuka commanded her monster as the female warrior jumped up in the air and began crashing down at the knight.

"Quick Play Spell, Fusion Cancel! I return Ojama Knight to my extra deck to summon back it's Fusion materials! Return, Ojama Yellow! Ojama Green!" Manjoume countered as his two monsters appeared in defense mode.

Ojama Yellow (0/1000) LVL:2

Ojama Green (0/1000) LVL:2

"In that case, destroy Ojama Green!" Asuka commanded her monster as she landed on the monster and slashed it with her battle fan.

"I take no damage since my monster was in Defense mode!" Manjoume smirked.

"Benten's effect! Since she destroyed a monster, she inflicts damage equal to the destroyed monster's original DEF!" Asuka shouted as her monster swung her fan creating a slash of wind that hit Manjoume.

MANJOUME: 4000-3000 LP

"Not bad..." Manjoume said as he got up.

"I'm just getting warmed up. Turn End." Asuka concluded.

"Let's go! My turn! I activate the spell card Pot of Greed! I draw 2 cards! Next, I activate the Quick Play Spell, Armed Dragon Flash! This card lets me special summon a level 3 Armed Dragon monster from my deck in defense mode. Come, Armed Dragon Thunder LV3!" Manjoume shouted as a small orange and grey with fists surrounded by lightning appeared.

Armed Dragon Thunder LV3 (1200/900) LVL:3

"Armed Dragon...Thunder?" Asuka said in confusion.

"That's right, Asuka. After my recent defeat, I have realized that I need to evolve even further! Therefore, I have evolved my Armed Dragons!" Manjoume shouted.

"Evolved...?" Asuka said with a worried tone.

"I'll show you my true power! LV3's effect activates! By discarding a card, I can send this card from the field to the graveyard to special summon a level 5 or lower Armed Dragon monster from my deck! Come forth! Armed Dragon Thunder LV5!" Manjoume shouted as spiky black and orange dragon surrounded by lightning appeared.

Armed Dragon Thunder LV5 (2400/1700) LVL: 5

"You leveled up your dragon right away?!" Asuka said in shock.

"The weakness of my older Armed Dragon monsters was that I couldn't use there level up effects until the next turn. But my new Armed Dragons don't have that weakness! I activate LV5's effect! By discarding a card, I can send this card to the graveyard to special summon a level 7 or lower Armed Dragon from my deck! Come forth! Armed Dragon Thunder LV7!" Manjoume shouted as a large spiky black and orange dragonsurrounded by lightning appeared.

Armed Dragon Thunder LV7 (2800/1000) LVL: 7

"But now you have no cards in your hand!" Asuka shouted.

"Hah! Since I discarded a copy of Armed Dragon Thunder LV3, it's effect activates! When this card is sent to the graveyard to activate the effect of a dragon-type monster, I draw a card!" Manjoume explained as he drew.

"That means you can...!" Asuka realized what he was about to do.

"LV7's effect activates! By discarding a card, I can send this card from my field to the graveyard to special summon a level 10 or lower Armed Dragon from my deck! Come forth! Armed Dragon Thunder LV10!"Manjoume shouted. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck in front of him blinding Asuka. When she opened her eyes, a huge dark red dragon with shinning silver and yellow armor yellow wings stood tall beside Manjoume.

Armed Dragon Thunder LV10 (3000/2000) LVL: 10

"LV10...!" Asuka said in an amazed yet worried tone.

"Do you like it, Asuka! This is my real power!" Manjoume shouted.

"But my monster is still stronger!" Asuka shouted.

"You are right about that. Since I discarded Armed Dragon Thunder LV5 to activate a dragon-type monster's effect, it's effect lets me add a level 5 or lower Wind monster to my hand! I add my last copy of Armed Dragon Thunder LV3 to my hand." Manjoume said as he added a new card to his empty hand.

'That dragon probably had a powerful effect...I have to keep my guard up' Asuka thought to herself.

"Turn End." Manjoume concluded.

"Eh?!" Asuka let out.

"You heard me, my turn is over. It's your turn now." Manjoume told the girl.

"Tch, you'll regret holding back against me, Manjoume! My turn! Battle! Cyber Angel Benten, attack Armed Dragon Thunder LV10!" Asuka commanded her monster.

"Hehe. I'd never hold back against you, Asuka! Armed Dragon Thunder LV10's effect! During my opponent's turn, by discarding a card, I can target a monster on your field and it's destroyed!" Manjoume shouted as his monster shot a powerful blast of lightning at the Cyber Angel, destroying it.

"What?!" Asuka shouted in shock.

"Hahaha! I guess I should explain. Armed Dragon Thunder LV10 gains effects depending on it's ATK! 1 or more! This card is treated as Armed Dragon LV10! 10 or more! Possession of this card can not be switched! 100 or more! This card can not be destroyed by battle! 1000 or more! Once per turn during my opponent's turn, by discarding a card, I can destroy a monster on there field. 10,000 or more! Once per turn, all other cards in the field are destroyed! This is the power of Manjoume Thunder!" Manjoume shouted.

"No way...!" Asuka said in a worried tone.

"Also, since the card that was discarded was Armed Dragon Thunder LV3, I can draw a card!" Manjoume explained as he drew.

"Tch...I set a monster facedown and a card face down, turn end." Asuka concluded.

"My turn! I activate the spell card Armed Dragon Blitz! By targeting an Armed Dragon on my field, I can special summon a monster front my deck with the same name ignoring summoning conditions! And in exchange, it cannot attack directly. Since Armed Dragon Thunder LV10 is treated as an Armed Dragon LV10, I can summon one from my deck! Appear, Armed Dragon LV10!" Manjoume shouted as his red dragon with black armor appeared.

Armed Dragon LV10 (3000/2000) LVL:10

"Battle! Armed Dragon LV10, attack her set monster!" Manjoume shouted as his monster shot a powerful blast at the set monster which was Cyber Petite Angel, destroying it.

"Grr..." Asuka grunted as the flames from the attack caused her to sweat.

"Armed Dragon Thunder LV10, Direct Attack!" Manjoume commanded as his monster shot a powerful blast of lightning towards the defenseless girl.

"Trap Activate! Ritual Defense! By targeting a Ritual monster such as Cyber Angel Benten in my graveyard, the damage is reduced to 0!" Asuka countered as the spirit of her warrior took the attack.


"Then, I can add the targeted monster's corresponding ritual spell from my graveyard to my hand." Asuka explained as her spell popped out of her graveyard slot.

"Tch, my turn is over." Manjoume concluded. "You won't last another turn, Asuka. Give up!"

"My turn! I will defeat you, Manjoume!" Asuka shouted as she pointed at the boy.

"Oh really?" Manjoume asked with a cocky smirk.

"I activate the Ritual Spell, Machine Angel Absolute Ritual! I release my level 5 Cyber Tutubon in my hand, in order to Ritual Summon!" Asuka exclaimed.


"Angel of light who hides healing powers! With your elegant appearance, heal those who are wounded! Descend! Level 5! Cyber Angel Nasateiya!" Asuka shouted as a four armed masked woman with a red cape who also had a horse-like bottom half appeared.

Cyber Angel Nasateiya (1000/1000) LVL:5

"When Cyber Tutubon is sacrificed for a Ritual Summon, I can add back a Ritual Spell from my graveyard to my hand."

'She has to be planning something with that monster...!' Manjoume thought to himself. "Armed Dragon Thunder's effect! By discarding a card during your turn, it can destroy a monster on your field! Say goodbye to Nasateiya!"

"Hehehe..." Asuka laughed as her monster was destroyed.

"Huh? Why are you laughing?!" Manjoume demanded to know.

"Nasateiya's effect activates! While in the graveyard, by banishing a Cyber Angel monster in my graveyard, she can revive herself! I'll banish Cyber Angel Benten to revive Cyber Angel Nasateiya!" Asuka exclaimed as her monster returned.

Cyber Angel Nasateiya (1000/1000) LVL:5

"So what?" Manjoume laughed.

"Then, I can take control of a monster on your field!" Asuka shouted.

"What?!" Manjoume shouted in terror.

"I'll take Armed Dragon Thunder LV10!" Asuka shouted as the dragon turned into yellow particles and reappeared in her field.

"Impossible...!" Manjoume uttered.

"Battle! Armed Dragon Thunder LV10, attack Armed Dragon Thunder LV10!" Asuka shouted as the dragon shot a powerful blast of lightning at the opposing dragon. "And due to it's effect, Armed Dragon Thunder can't be destroyed in battle! So the only monster that will be destroyed is your dragon!"

"Damn...!" Manjoume muttered.

"Go, Nasateiya! Direct attack!" Asuka commanded as her monster rammed into the Academia duelist, knocking him back.

MANJOUME: 3000-2000 LP

"Now that the battle is over, Nasateiya's effect activates! By targeting Armed Dragon Thunder LV10, I gain life points equal to half of it's ATK!" Asuka explained.

ASUKA: 4000-5500 LP

"Damn...she's put a big gap in our life points...!" Manjoume said with a worried tone.

"My turn is finished." Asuka concluded.

"You may have turned the tables...but I'm not giving up! My turn!" Manjoume shouted as he drew. "I activate the spell card LV Draw! I banish my Armed Dragon LV10 to draw 3 cards!"

"No matter what, he's still the same stubborn duelist..." Asuka smiled to herself.

"Alright! I activate another Pot of Greed! I draw 2 more! Next, I summon the Union monster, X-Head Cannon!" Manjoume shouted as the blue war machine appeared.

X-Head Cannon (1800/1500) LVL:4

"Next I activate the Continuous Spell Frontline Base! Now once per turn, I can special summon a level 4 or lower Union monster. I summon Y-Dragon Head!" Manjoume shouted as the red mechanical dragon appeared.

Y-Dragon Head (1500/1600) LVL:4

"Now I activate the spell card Union Flip! Since I control 2 Union monsters, I can check the top three cards of my deck, and then if one of them is a Union monster, I can special summon it!" Manjoume explained as he checked the top three cards of his deck. "Alright! I special summon Z-Metal Tank!"

Z-Metal Tank (1500/1300) LVL:4

"Not those three monsters...!" Asuka's eyes widened as she realized what was about to happen.

"Let's go! Since I have X-Head Cannon, Y-Dragon Head, and Z-Metal Tank on my field, I can banish them in order summon a Fusion Monster from my extra deck! Combine my monsters!" Manjoume shouted as the three monsters flew up in the air.

"Here it comes...!"

"Combination Fusion! Come forth! Level 8! XYZ- Dragon Cannon!" Manjoume shouted as the combined form of the three monsters appeared.

"Dragon Cannon's effect! By discarding a card, I can destroy a monster on your field! Say goodbye from Armed Dragon Thunder LV10!" Manjoume shouted as the monster shot a blast from it's arm cannons that destroyed the dragon.

"Tch..." Asuka gritted her teeth.

"Battle! XYZ-Dragon Cannon, attack Nasateiya!" Manjoume commanded as his machine shot a powerful blast at the Ritual monster, destroying it and sent a shockwave that knocked Asuka back.

ASUKA: 5500-3700 LP

"I set a card face down, turn end." Manjoume concluded.

'Manjoume is still as powerful as ever...using different types of cards is his strength which makes him an unpredictable duelist. I need to draw a card that can help me defeat that monster or I could lose...' Asuka said as she looked at her hand which only contained her ritual spell.

"Giving up, Asuka?"

"Not a chance! My turn!" Asuka shouted as she drew. She looked at the card she drew and smirked. "Just what I needed. I activate the Ritual Spell, Machine Angel Absolute Ritual once more!"

"Eh? But you only have 1 card in your hand and no cards on the field!" Manjoume shouted.

"My spell allows me to shuffle monsters in my graveyard into deck as sacrifice!"

"Say what?!"

"I shuffle my level 6 Cyber Prima and level 2 Cyber Petite Angel which you destroyed earlier back into my deck!" Asuka exclaimed.

"That means she's going to summon a level 8 Ritual monster...!" Manjoume gulped.

"Angel That has mastered the art of the blades, use your strength to slash through the servants of evil! Ritual Summon! Come forth! Level 8! Cyber Angel Dakini!" Asuka exclaimed as blue skinned four armed woman wearing orange armor appeared. She carried a sword in two of her arms while using her other two arms to carry a staff.

Cyber Angel Dakini (2700/2400) LVL:8

"So what? She's still too weak to take down my monster!" Manjoume shouted.

"Oh please, she's more than enough! Cyber Angel Dakini's effect! When she is summoned, a monster on your field is destroyed!" Asuka shouted as her monster jumped forwards and slashed through the Fusion.

"Damn you and your monster's cheap effects!" Manjoume angrily shouted as he stomped his feet.

"It's over! Cyber Angel Dakini, Direct Attack!" Asuka commanded her monster as she leaped through the air towards the black haired teen.

"I won't let you win that easily! Continuous Trap, Direct Border activate! Due to this card's effect, monsters with 1000 ATK or more cannot attack directly!" Manjoume countered.

"Tsk...Turn End." Asuka concluded.

"My turn, draw!" Manjoume said as he drew. "Turn End."

"So your plan is to stall until you get better cards in your hand. Tch, My turn." Asuka said as she drew. "Since I cannot attack directly, I set a facedown, turn end."

"My turn. I activate the spell card Graceful Charity! I draw 3 and discard two!" Manjoume said as he discarded Ojama Black and Armed Dragon LV7.

"It doesn't matter, Manjoume. You won't win!"

"I activate the spell Ojama Draw! By banishing up to three Ojama monsters, I can draw cards equal to the amount of cards banished plus one! I banish Ojama Yellow, Green, and Black to draw 4 cards! Alright, this the perfect hand for victory!" Manjoume cheerfully shouted.

"No way!" Asuka said in shock.

"I summon V-Tiger Jet!" Manjoume shouted as his tiger like her appeared.

V-Tiger Jet (1600/1800) LVL:4

"Frontline Base's effect! I special the Union monster, W-Wing Catapult!" Manjoume yelled as another blue machine monster appeared.

W-Wing Catapult (1300/1500) LVL:4

"Next, I combine V-Tiger Jet and W-Wing Catapult! Combination Fusion! Come forth! Level 6! VW-Tiger Catapult!" Manjoume yelled as the two monsters flew into the air and combined.

VW-Tiger Catapult (2000/2100) LVL:6

"Next, I activate the spell card Machine Recreation! I can revive a machine monster in my graveyard, but with it's effect negated! Revive, XYZ-Dragon Cannon!" Manjoume shouted as his fusion monster returned.

"You're going to...!"

"That's right. I now combine VW-Tiger Catapult with XYZ-Dragon Cannon! Combination Fusion! Come forth! Level 8! VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon!" A new monster appeared which was a combination of the two monsters.

VWXYZ-Catapult Cannon (3000/2800) LVL:8

"Dragon Catapult Cannon's effect! This card can banish a card on your field! Say goodbye to your monster!"

"Continuous Trap, Ritual Shield! I target a Ritual Monster and it cannot leave the field through your card effects as long as this card is equipped to it!" Asuka shouted with a smirk.

"So you countered that...but try countering this! Continuous Trap Activate! Call of the Haunted! Revive, Armed Dragon Thunder LV 7!" Manjoume shouted as his dragon returned.

"Huh? Why that monster?" Asuka asked.

"It's time I show you...the ultimate power of Fusion!" Manjoume shouted.

"What?" Asuka asked.

"During a duel where these two monsters were special summoned, I can perform a Fusion Summon using them by banishing them from my field!" Manjoume shouted with a grin.

"You're fusing your dragon and your machine?!"

"Let's go! Armed Dragon LV7, VWXYZ-Dragon Cannon, combine and become the ultimate weapon of destruction! COMBINATION FUSION! Come forth! Level 10! ARMED DRAGON CATAPULT CANNON!" Manjoume shouted. The dragon flew behind the Fusion and equipped itself on it's back, causing the machine to adjust as armor around the dragon.

Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon (3500/3000) LVL:10

"Amazing...!" Asuka said in disbelief and amazement.

"This is my true power, Asuka! Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon's effect activates! By banishing a card in my deck or extra deck...ALL CARDS ON YOUR FIELD AND IN YOUR GRAVEYARD ARE BANISHED!" Manjoume shouted.

"N-No way...!"

"I banish Ojama Knight in my extra deck...TO BANISH ALL OF YOUR CARDS! ARMED ERASER!" Manjoume shouted as his Fusion shot a powerful blast that destroyed Asuka's field. The blast hit Asuka's duel disk causing all of her cards int eh graveyard to pop out.

"Damn it...!"

"Next, I activate the Quick Play Spell Emergency Previsions! By destroying spell or traps on my field, I gain 1000 life points for each card destroyed! I destroy Frontline Base and Direct Border to regain 2000 life points!" Manjoume explained as he was enveloped in a green aura.

MANJOUME: 2000-4000 LP

"He brought his life back to 4000!" Asuka said in horror.

"I'm sorry about this, Asuka..." Manjoume said with a saddened expression that turned into a serious expression.

"Manjoume...!" Asuka said with a surprised tone. Does Manjoume really not want to fight her?

"Battle! Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon, Direct Attack!" Manjoume commanded his monster as it charged up multiple blasts from it's cannons and the dragon's mouth. "ARMED END BLAST!"

"GAAAAHHHHH!" Asuka shouted as the blast collided with her body, throwing her backwards.

ASUKA: 3700-200 LP

"I told you Asuka...you can't win...so please give up!" Manjoume shouted at her.

"Manjoume..." Asuka uttered as she got up. "I can't...I won't...stop fight...no matter what!"

"Why?! Why do you keep fighting?! You ran away from Academia! From us! And instead of giving up and coming back, you keep trying to rebel and fight! Why?!" Manjoume shouted.

"Because...no matter what the Professor's goal is...hurting people is never the right thing to do! That's why...I won't just let Academia stomp on the lives of innocents!" Asuka shouted.

"Asuka..." Manjoume uttered.

"That's why...I'll win this duel!" Asuka shouted.

"You are wrong. Due to the effect of Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon, you cannot activate the effects of cards that share the same name of cards that are banished. Therefore, you can't activate another copy of Machine Angel Absolute Ritual. And since you refuse to use Fusion, you have lost." Manjoume explained.

'He's right. This draw will decide my fate.' Asuka thought as she gripped her top card. "My turn...Draw!"

"So you still aren't giving up..." Manjoume said.

"I activate the spell card Ritual Draw! I can check the top card of my deck and if is a Ritual monster or Ritual spell, I can add it to my hand! Then, I can draw 2 cards..." Asuka explained as her hand hovered over her deck. She flipped the card and gazed at the card...and smiled. "The card was the Ritual spell Machine Angel Ritual!"

"M-Machine Angel Ritual?! Not Machine Angel Absolute Ritual?!

"That's right. I add it to my hand and draw 2 cards!" Asuka shouted as he she drew. "I activate the Ritual spell, Machine Angel Ritual! But I'll chain with the Quick Play Spell, Machine Angel Sacrificial Support! By paying half of my life points...!"

ASUKA: 200-100 LP

"...This card lets me shuffle cards into my deck from my graveyard or banish zone as sacrifice for a Ritual Summon!" Asuka explained.

"Using Cards that are banished?!" Manjoume said in shock.

"I shuffle my banished level 5 Cyber Angel Nasateiya and level 5 Cyber Tutubon back into my deck to Ritual Summon! Angel of light with unparalleled power! Reveal yourself to this dark world, and illuminate all creation! Ritual Summon! Descend! Level 10! Cyber Angel Vishnu!" Asuka shouted as a bright yellow light enveloped the field. A tall angelic woman in purple and pink with four arms, red eyes, white boots, a golden gear on in her back, and six shinning transparent wings appeared.

Cyber Angel Vishnu (3000/2000) LVL:10

"Woah..." Manjoume said in amazement.

"Cyber Angel Vishnu's effect! When this card is Ritual summoned...all Fusion monster's on your field are destroyed! And you take 1000 points of damage for each card destroyed!" Asuka shouted as she pointed at Manjoume's Fusion.

"Wait what?!" Manjoume shouted in horror.

"Go, Ascension Burst!" Asuka shouted as her monster shot several spheres of light into the air that crashed down on Manjoume's Fusion monster, destroying it.

MANJOUME: 4000-3000 LP

"Armed Dragon!" Manjoume cries as his most powerful monster was obliterated.

"Manjoume, I'm sorry...but I have to defeat Academia! Battle! Cyber Angel Vishnu, Direct Attack! DIVINE LIGHT IMPACT!" Asuka commanded her Ritual monster as she shot two powerful yellow beams of light at Manjoume.

"This was fun...Asuka..." Manjoume said before getting hit by the blast, causing a huge explosion.



'I did it' Asuka thought to herself. That duel really had taken a toll on her. As the smoke cleared, she saw Manjoume struggling to get up. She then turned to the Obelisk Soldiers who Manjoume was leading. "Alright, get out of here before you end up like him!"

"Screw that! We don't need to duel you to get you out of our way!" An Obelisk Green said. "Go Hunting Hound!"

Suddenly, three of the Obelisk Force members summoned hunting hounds.

"Fire at her!" An Obelisk Red commanded as the three shot powerful blasts at the girl.

"Look out!" Asuka quickly turned around to see Manjoume running at her and pushing her out of the way.

"M-Manjoume?!" Asuka shouted in shock. She got up and saw several burn marks on Manjoume's jacket.

"Don't worry...I'm ok..." Manjoume uttered before passing out.

"Fire again!" An Obelisk Yellow commanded.

"Intercept it, Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union!" A young voice shouted from behind Asuka and Manjoume.

Suddenly, a giant mech jumped in front of the two and blocked the barrage of attacks.

"Sho!" Asuka yelled in joy as she looked back and saw a boy with his blue duel disk activated. The teen had a white jacket with blue lines running through it and had blue hair sticking outwards. He also wore glasses and had white pants.

"Go, Stealth Union! Wipe out those hounds!" Sho commanded his mech as it swatted the hounds and the Obelisk Force, causing them to smash into a wall.

"Thanks for the assist." Asuka thanked the boy.

"No problem, Asuka. We need to get out here before more come!" Sho said to the girl.

"Right, help me with him." Asuka said referring to Manjoume.

"Are you serious? He's Academia!" Sho told the girl.

"And he saved my life! If we leave him, he'll surely be carded!" Asuka told the boy.

"I...guess your right. Let's hurry!" Sho said as he wrapped Manjoume's arm around his neck while Asuka did the same. The two then hurried off as quickly as they could...

It had been hours since the recent events. Asuka was looking inside the window of a medical room with Manjoume laying on a bed.

"Please be ok...Manjoume..." Asuka prayed. She felt bad that he risked his life for her own life, despite them being enemies moments before.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he'll be ok." A hand grasped Asuka's shoulder causing her to turn around.

Standing behind her was an adult man. The man had black hair and wore a purple top hat with green goggles on the bottom side. He was fair skinned and has golden eyes, and a slight mustache and goatee. He wears a performer's outfit which consists of a red jacket with a purple lining and red pants over an orange waistcoat with a blue collar and lined with yellow. He also wears a handkerchief around his neck. He carries a red staff topped with a blue orb that he currently uses to assist him in walking

"Thank you, teacher." Asuka thanked the man.

"W-Where am I...?" Manjoume muttered as he regained his consciousness.

"Hey, Manjoume." Asuka said as she walked into the room.

"Asuka?! Where the hell are we?!" Manjoume shouted.

"Relax. You are currently at the You Show duel school. This is the place where people defecting from Academia come." Asuka told him.

"But why am I here?!" Manjoume yelled.

"You saved me from the Obelisk Force and got knocked out in the process...so Sho and I took you here." Asuka answered.

"I thought I was going to get carded for sure..." Manjoume admitted.

"So this means you have defected from Academia...right?" Asuka asked.

"I..." Manjoume said before trailing off. "...well, you beat me in a duel and you've gotten a lot stronger since last time I've seen you. Maybe I'll stick around and abandon Academia's "Mindless Training"." Manjoume said with a smile referring to what Asuka called it earlier, but that smile turned into a frown.

"What's wrong?"

"Will people here really forgive me so easily?" Manjoume asked.

"Manjoume..." Asuka said with a saddened time.

"Don't worry." The man with the red staff said as he walked in behind Asuka. "Many people here were present during the invasion in Xyz and were forced to card innocents. This is a safe place where people can rehabilitate and train to fight back against Academia."

"That's right." Asuka said with a comforting smile.

"...and who are you?" Manjoume asked the man.

"My name is Yusho Sakaki."

Hey guys! Well that was one hell of a duel to write. Sorry again that this was kind of a short chapter, but I really wanted to do this and here we are.

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And, I know it's early, but Yusho made a small appearance towards the end. I thought he was a very underutilized character in the anime, having one cool duel against Yuri and they didn't even show his duel with Yuya at the end...which pissed me off. So, he will probably get more duels in this story and more screen time.

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