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Chapter 3

The week flew by as I began to understand that just because it was magic that didn't mean I was just going to wave my wand around and spells would shoot out it was much more complicated than that and whatever I was expecting this was not it, which was a stupid mistake on my part.

I had gone to all of my classes and made the decision I'm not very good at any of if except for charms and maybe Defence against the dark arts which I must admit I found quite interesting.

I was also randomly getting this weird feeling like suspense or I was forgetting something, and it was totally random like when I was eating in the great hall or just walking down a corridor and it's been bothering me that I don't know what it is.

After that first day, Lily Basically decided that we were to be the best of friends, and I was fine with that, I realized that I needed a friend. I also realized that within a week I here at Hogwarts I was much less shy then I was before, and I was enjoying the life of non-shyness.

The Marauders have apparently decided I'm interesting enough to hang around and bother although it might just be because I have been hanging around Lily and James is from what I can tell quite smitten with her. Nevertheless, It doesn't change the fact that they are an annoying bunch to have around especially Sirius and James.

Today I have the last class I haven't' taken yet, potions. From what I have heard Lily is quite a genius when it comes to potions.

"Harper! Are you even listening to me?"

"What? Yes, of course, I'm listening" I lied

"What did I just say then," she said unconvinced

"Ummm" was my brilliant answer.

Making an exasperated face she continued "I was talking about potions Harper." "Oh," I said. "We have double potions with the Slytherins which means I can introduce you to Severus after class" "That sounds great," I said with a smile. Every time Lily mentioned Serverous she always brightened up I knew they had to be good friends.

We made our way down to the dungeons with the other students I could hear the marauders behind us probably causing a scene. Turning around, sure enough there they were shoving each other playfully bumping into other students in the process and knocking books and bags from people's hands. Turning back around I hurried to catch up with Lily.

Since the Potions classroom is in the dungeons the Slytherins are already here. Walking in I can see them all on one side of the classroom and the Gryffindors all sitting on the other side I still don't understand the whole hating the Slytherins thing.

I follow Lily over to a table with a pair of cauldrons sitting on it. After everyone is sitting down a man who I assume is professor Slughorn comes into the room. As he starts the lesson I try to pay close attention so I don't forget anything. He tells us we're going to be making a potion and he explained the steps, now we are supposed to make the potion.

As I attempt to make it I realized that Potions making is very similar to baking and cooking, it was really quite simple in a complicated kind of way add one ingredient still clockwise add another simmer for five minutes, and so on.

As I finished my potions Lily looked over at me with what appeared to be in shock sprawled across her face. "Are you sure you have never made a potion before?" she asked, "Not to my knowledge, unless you count baking?" I said, "It's perfect, how did you do that?" Lily asked

Before I could answer Professor Slughorn came over and seemed to carefully consider me and my potion, I was getting nervous he was just staring at me. Then he smiled and nodded his head in what I'm assuming was approval and walked away.

"That was weird," I told Lily "Professor Slughorn is like that sometimes I'm sure you'll get used to it" "I'm not sure I want to" I muttered under my breath "He's not that bad," Lily said laughing "Besides if you continue making potions as well as you just did, I think you'll take my place as Professors Slughorn favorite student"

"I'm sure I was just lucky, besides I don't want any attention on me" I replied with a nervous laugh. "Well I don't think you were just lucky, that was pure skill, and now I will have someone in Gryffindor that knows what there doing when it comes to Potions! Maybe you can meet up with me and Sevouros when we study for potions! Would'ent that be fun?" She asked "I guess" I replied half-heartedly with a shrug.

I turned to look over at the Slytherins because I hadn't gotten a good look at them the whole time I had been at Hogwarts and since this was our only double class with them this was as good a time as any. My eyes looked over all of them seeing if I could spot the famous Severus Snape while still trying to listen to Lily chattering in the background.

There, a boy with shoulder-length greasy black hair who had to be Severus was talking to another boy with dark brown short but wavy hair whose back was turned to me, looking at the brown-haired boy I got that strange feeling again like anticipation or suspense like I was missing something but just didn't know what, it's driving me crazy!

Before I could think longer on it the brown-haired boy waved at who I think is Severus and walked out the door with other students who were leaving, I guess class ended. Suddenly Lily grabbed my arm and started dragging me over to where I had seen possible Severus at "Harper this is Severus, Severus this is Harper" Lily said as she pulled me over in front of the boy I now confirmed to be Severus Snape "It's nice to meet you" I muttered awkwardly I still not like to be introduced to new people, Severus just sneered at me.

But I burst out laughing when Lily kicked him in the leg and he gave her both the saddest and annoyed look I had ever seen on anyone while muttering a "Nice to meet you" of his own, and I don't even know how you can look both sad and annoyed at the same time but Severus did it perfectly.

But I paid the price of laughing when I received a kick of my own from Lily, I glared at a smirking Severus and a pleased looking Lily.

"Why in the world would you do such a thing?" I asked Lily in shock of her betrayal "You were both glaring at each other for no reason, and need to be stopped" She said with triumph.

"I was not glaring! Why would I be glaring? Was I glaring?" I asked and turned towards Severus at the last question. "Yes," He said shortly but I could detect faint traces of amusement in his voice "Ooopps sorry," I said sheepishly not meaning to glare at him while mentally scowling at my traitorous face.

"So... you like Potions?" I said trying to talking to him "Yes" he said, and at that moment I knew I would do my best to become good friends with him because of reasons I can not explain!

The rest of our conversation consisted of me trying to ask him questions and him responding either yes or no, but that is no matter I will crack the shell he seems to have built around himself it was probably just as good if not better as my mental and physical shell I had placed around myself, only a few people had managed to get through it and they consisted of four people not including Lily who was quickly worming her way in as well.

Lily said her goodbyes to Severus and I waved, he didn't wave back. "Well, I like him," I said as soon as we were out of Severus's hearing range "You do?" Lily asked in what appeared to be shocked "You didn't seem to get along" She said dejectedly "Nonsense we're going to become the best of friends, and that's saying something considering how much I dislike having to be social" I said in a cheery, upbeat voice.

"Really? You want to be friends with him? He doesn't have a lot of friends, besides me, I think he is only really friends with Lestrange I don't know why though he's not very friendly, but not as bad as the Marauders, Potter is a real bloody jerk!" She continued to rant about how much she hates Potter.

I honestly thought it was hilarious that she was so sweet most of the time but you talk about James Potter and suddenly shes terrifying, makes it even more humerus considering that James is so smitten with her and she doesn't even notice, although James does need to come up with a new way of making her fall for him because he is currently only making her hate him even more.

And who is this Lestrange? Was it the boy I saw Severus with? The one I think that weird feeling is coming from? I bet it was. We were walking down the corridor down to the great hall for dinner, Lily was still ranting on with passion about how much she hates Potter. I was lost in thought about this Lestrange person when I ran headfirst into someone knocking us both to the ground.

Both of our books, parchments, quills, and ink bottles fell to the ground with us the bottles shattering on impacts, dark blotches of ink soaked into everything it touched happily staining all of our parchments and books. "Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!" I said as I tried to stand back up failing miserably I slipped on the spilled ink and fell back down towards the ground, I heard loud echoing bang as my head made contact with the hard ground while my bare hands landed on shards of broken glass slicing deep gouges in them.

Not that I noticed, the world was fading to black the last thing I heard was a voice apologizing over and over again and my name being called out by whom I'm assuming was Lily, and at least two people hovering over me, then everything went dark.

I groaned as I became conscious trying to remember what had happened, then I recalled myself dramatically slipping on ink and hitting my head. Wow, hardly a whole week and I'm unconscious way to go me! I thought sarcastically.

I tried to open my eyes but the blinding light outside my eyelids had me snapping them shut again, opening them again although slowly this time so my eyes could adjust to the light I looked around. I appeared to be in a hospital room but a big one with a lot of beds. I lifted my hand to the back of my head and felt a bandage where I'm assuming there was a wound of some sort It didn't hurt thanks to my increased healing abilities it was probably gone by now just a little sore.

As I was swinging my legs out of the bed so I could leave a woman came out of a little side room and seeing me awake immediately hurried over to me.

"Don't you take one step out of that bed" She said as she came over to me. "You should still be resting, those are some nasty cuts you got on the back of your head and on your hands, along with your concussion its a wonder your even up at all, now let me see your hands I need to rebandage them." She ordered.

Sensing she was not someone I should defy I quickly got back into bed and handed her my hands... gave her my hands? Idk she took my hands and I watched her as she started unwrapping the bandaging but stopped when she saw that all the wounds were gone.

"I suppose this is part of your mutant powers correct?" she asked I could feel my eyes widen in shock, how did she know I was a mutant? Until I remembered that professor Dumbledore had told me that he had told all the other teachers that I was a mutant, quickly calming myself down I answered her "Yes it is".

"Well, then I suppose you don't need the bandages anymore," She said as she started to put away the bandages "Wait! Could you put them back on? Please? I don't want anyone to know I'm a mutant and people might be curious as to why I'm suddenly perfectly fine." I asked sheepishly.

Madam Pomfrey gave me a warm smile and started to rewrap my hands "Of course dear" she said sweetly. "Thank you," I said as I looked around that's when I noticed a pile of cards and flowers and even some chocolate on my bedside table. "Are these for me?" I asked Madam Pomfrey "Yes dear they are, you have made quite a few friends In your short time here haven't' you?" "Yes, I suppose I have" I replied.

Once Madam Pomfrey had bandaged my head she insisted I stay for at least a few more hours just to make sure my concussion didn't come back once she was gone I picked up the pile of letters shocked there were any at all, all I had done was get a few scrapes and a bang on the head nothing serious but they were acting as though I was dying.

There was a letter from Lily, and another one from the other girls in our dorm, one from James, Remus, Sirius, Peter, and surprisingly even one from Severus. I smiled at down at them happy to know that they cared so much, and not five minutes after I started stuffing my face with the oh so blessed chocolate in came Lily trailed by Sirius and Remus, once they saw I was awake they were quick to ask if I was alright.

"I'm fine, I'm fine Madam Pomfrey said I could leave soon quit your worrying I wasn't even that hurt in the first place," I said trying to get them to quit questioning me. "NOT THAT HURT? THERE WAS LITERALLY BLOOD GUSHING OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND YOUR HANDS WERE ALSO BLEEDING THEN YOU PASSED OUT AND WOULDENT WAKE BACK UP! THAT IS NOT FINE! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU SCARED ME?" Lily screamed at me.

I covered up my noise-sensitive ears curse my mutation and screaming girls "Well I know now" I said still wincing at the volume of her voice I could see the two boys rubbing their ears as well as Madam Pomfrey storming over to us, after she fussed at Lily for screaming in the hospital wing she declared me healthy and ushered us all out of the wing.

"Are you sure your feeling ok? You have only been there for a day, are you sure you don't want to rest more" Remus asked kindly "I'm sure. Its been a day? Huh." I replied. That's weird my healing usually heals me way faster than that I thought, then again It does make me really tired when I do it so I was probably just sleeping.

But now that I was out of there I realized all I had eaten since lunch the day before was that chocolate, and boy was I starving and my stomach decided to let everyone else know with a loud rumble.

"I guess you hungry, lets head to the great hall for dinner and not have any accidents on the way," Lily said "That sounds amazing I'm starving" I was practically drooling with the thought of food now "Hey Lily what happened to the person I ran into? are they ok?" I asked suddenly remembering that I had run into someone else.

"They're fine," she said shortly sending a glare at a guilty-looking Sirius Black. Then it clicked the person I had heard apologizing had been serious and I couldn't help it I burst out laughing cause Sirius had a kicked puppy look on his face that was absolutely priceless!

"What? It's not funny I really hurt you! Quit laughing this is serious!" Sirius yells at me I started to laugh harder when he said it was 'serious'.

"I'm so sorry I didn't mean to do it we were running away from some of the six years we pranked and I didn't see you! Please forgive me? Why are you still laughing?" He asked exasperated "I'm sorry you right it's not funny at all! It's fine Sirius it's not your fault really it's my fault for not looking where I was going I don't blame you at all" I said still trying to contain my giggles.

"How is it possibly your fault? Your crazy!" said a still exasperated Sirius. and when I looked over at an awkward-looking Remus and an annoyed Lily I almost lost it again, so instead of laughing my head off again I contented my self with walking away from them towards the great hall giggling quietly.

After I finally ate a very filling dinner of some very delicious dishes I headed up to bed proud of my self for only taking a few wrong turns. Lily was in the library with Severus and the rest of the girls were still at dinner so I had the dormitory all to myself and after I had showered I plopped down on my bed and dug out my sketchbook.

I didn't think I was a very skilled artist but I liked to draw all of the animals I had seen in my book it was very relaxing and I haven't had the chance to draw in it since I left Xcviars a week ago, so I started on a sketch of Professor Dumbledores phoenix, Fawkes and a couple more of other mystical animals I had learned about during the week.

Around an hour maybe two later everyone started to return to the Dorms, since we had a curfew everyone tended to be back before it started and it was no different today. When Lily came into the room she immediately zeroed in on my bed and sat down beside me. "Are you... drawing?" she asked in mild surprise as her eyes roamed around a sketch of a very regal looking griffin. "Yes," I said though it came out more like a question.

"This is really good!"She exclaimed, "I'm really not, I just do it to relax sometimes, its no big deal." I said in a nonchalant voice. "NO BIG DEAL! EVERYONE COME LOOK AT HARPERS DRAWING!" shouted Lily unknowingly making my sensitive ears ring. After Lily shouted that all the girl came over to my bed and admired my sketchbook much too loudly if you ask me and once I finally got it back and Lily into her bed I was exhausted.

I was laying in my bed with my book tucked safely under my pillow, but I could'ent sleep. I was restless and couldn't lay still. So with a decisive sigh, I rolled out of my bed and grabbed a bag with an extra set of clothes knowing I might need them and headed out of the dorm down into the common room no one else was awake, the common room was deserted. I hurried out of the portrait door and down the corridor to the room that Professor dumbledore had made for me.

I silently ran down the halls adrenaline building inside of me once I saw the door I ran in locking it behind me I closed my eyes and leaned against the door trying to calm my swiftly beating heart once I had calmed down a bit I opened my now glowing golden eyes and raced to the window jumping out I raced across an open field once I was in the shadows of a grove of trees I started to change.

You see I was a very powerful mutant, I could shift into a dragon it was as easy as breathing, I could also shift into any other animal that I see although it was harder to do since I wasn't that animal, I was a dragon.

I ran through the trees as I shifted until I came across a lake looking down into it I no longer saw a young girl with shoulder-length brown hair but a twenty-foot white and gold dragon with a thin and pointy face with twisted horns and blue, white, purple, and gold feathers sticking out the back of my head I could see my long tail with that appeared to be covered in more feathers but had hidden barbs slick with a deadly poison.

My body was lithe with swirls of purple and blue on my underside mixed in with the white and gold scales, sharp deadly talons decorated my paws. The only thing that was the same was my glowing golden eyes.

Turning away from the lake I took off into the sky making sure to stay away from where any students looking out the windows would not see me. I glided through the air for most of the night losing track of the time it wasn't until the sun warm ray peaked over the horizon did I realize I'd been out too long I could have been seen, so I flew back to the group of trees I had started from and shifted myself back into a human.

I already missed being a dragon, looking down at my now naked body I regretted not taking off my pajamas before shifting, I could see my once favorite night clothes lying shredded on the ground where I had shifted. Running across the field back to the little room I hoped no was saw me and I became the girl who was running around naked, that would be so embarrassing.

I made it back to the little room and into my extra set of clothes and then back to the dorm before any of the other girls were awake and I was able to slip back into bed with them none the wiser and I hoped it would stay that way.

Oh my, I thought I would never finish this chapter, but I had a sudden onslaught of inspiration after watching Harry Potter today so I finished it. You're Welcome!