I can feel u

Synopsis:  Hyde isn't letting anyone walk out on him again.

Statement:  This story just came to me.  I had to start writing it even though I already have a story that I'm in the middle of.  Damn muse.  Tell me which you would prefer I focus on.  Please

Credit:  Also this fic was inspired by Jump, Little Children's song I can Feel u.  The lyrics pertain more to the rest of the story though –so I will throw them in later.  If you know them though –it is a spoiler for what I have planned. 

It had been a world wind day.  Missing graduation.  Hearing Jackie's "choice".  Fez and Laurie.  Red's reaction.  Steven Hyde decided that of all the days in his short life that this one had sucked the worst.  They were at the hospital now.  Kitty was in with Red learning the news she would most likely sugar coat to tell them.  Laurie was in the corner crying.  Fez looked ashamed in the opposite corner.  Donna had a protective hand on Eric's back.  They'd been there for about an hour.  Jackie had left about 10 seconds earlier to get coffee for everybody.  Before she had left she'd been sitting beside him.  She hadn't said much but her presence meant something.  It meant she still cared.  Hyde tried to focus on that instead of her impending plane flight out of Point Place or his pseudo dad's current condition.  After about 5 more minutes of anxious waiting Jackie returned.  She had sodas and coffee and to his surprise vending machine candy for Fez.  Why was he constantly surprised at how much she had changed?  Maybe they did have bigger issues than his infidelity to deal with.  Well that didn't mean they couldn't work them out.  It didn't mean he couldn't change.  But how the hell was that gonna happen with her in Cancun? 

"Steven" It was Jackie trying to give him coffee, looking concerned now.  Too concerned to hide the love he saw behind it. 

"Oh yeah thanks"

"He's going to be fine."  He gave her a look as if to say I won't believe it till I see it, and she shrugged. 

"It is what Donna keeps telling Eric.  I gave it a shot".

He couldn't resist touching her arm.  "Thanks I appreciate the attempt."

At that point Kitty came out, interrupting everyone's thoughts. "Okay kids.  Listen to me, Red is going to be fine.  They have him stabilized.  He'll need to stay for tests and not leave the hospital for a couple of days – but he is going to be fine."  Eric rushed his mom hugging her and pulling Laurie in as well.  They were such a great family.  He realized he was lucky to have stolen them.  He was relieved and all at once decided something no one would have believed him capable of realizing.  He needed them.  He needed them all.  Even the absent Kelso.  But most of all Jackie.  And he wasn't letting her leave.  After a moment he motioned to Kitty and began to lead her out of the room.

"Mrs. Foreman, can I talk to you for a minute?"