Luna, Luan, Lincoln and Lily were all headed over to the fair that had opened up for the weekend. They were all looking forward to going on the rides and seeing the performers. When they got there, they saw three familiar faces waiting for them.

"Sam!" exclaimed Luna.

"Benny!" exclaimed Luan.

"Hey Stella!" exclaimed Lincoln. The two older girls went up to their respective crushes and the teenage lovers gave each other a kiss on the cheek. Stella and Lincoln just laughed as Stella walked over to see baby Lily a little closer.

"Well, now that we're all here, what do you propose we do first?" asked Benny.

"If I may be so bold, it might be a good idea to split up into two groups, we can see more and we don't have to debate so much about which activity to do next," suggested Lincoln. This seemed like a good idea. So, Luan and Benny took Lily while Stella and Lincoln went with Luna and Sam.

Luan and Benny took Lily to the merry-go-round, she enjoyed going on that ride. There was this one ride which involved lying on your stomach as it gave you the feeling of gliding, the ride attendant was an understanding individual who allowed them to go on it in turns so that at least one of them could keep an eye on Lily.

At one point, they were passing by a carnival game where the prizes were all of these Sonic the Hedgehog plushies. Benny approached the man and laid down the necessary money. He managed to get two out of three of the balls into the basket, which allowed him to win a medium-sized stuffed animal. He selected one of Tails. This he gave to Lily who gladly accepted her new toy.

"A little flying fox for the little lady," suggested Benny with a smile.

"That was nice of you Benny," observed Luan.

"Hey, she's your little sister and I'm happy to do it, especially if it gets you to smile as well," said Benny who gave his girlfriend another kiss on the cheek. Luan blushed.

Meanwhile, Sam, Luna, Lincoln and Stella had gone on the bumper kart ride, a ride that spun so fast that it made you feel weightless as though you were in a spaceship and even a giant slide. At one point, the group decided to grab a bite to eat. Along the way, Sam saw something out of the corner of her eye that intrigued her.

"Hey Lunes, do you mind if I borrow Lincoln for a moment?" inquired Sam.

"Not at all dudette!" said Luna with a laugh. Lincoln went with Sam to a small kiosk leaving the other two girls to decide where they should go for lunch.

"So, you close friends with my bro?" asked Luna.

"Oh sure, he was the first person to welcome me to Royal Woods. I wasn't sure if I was going to fit in, but the day he sat next to me at the bus, and started talking to me, I suddenly felt as though I was going to enjoy living here," answered Stella.

"Yeah, my baby bro has that way about him," agreed Luna.

"Then I got to meet his friends Clyde, Liam, Zach and Rusty and when I got to know them and actually become part of their group, I knew for sure that this was where I wanted to be! They're the best friends anyone could ask for!" continued Stella. Luna smiled at that. They decided to get in line, Luna texting Sam and Lincoln to let them know they were going to get a pizza and share it and find out what drink each of them wanted.

The pizza was ready when Sam and Lincoln returned.

"We thought you two got lost, what was going on?" asked Stella.

"Oh right, Luna, I hope you don't mind but I saw this artist who drew what your future child would look like and well, I thought it'd be funny to see what would happen if Lincoln and I had a baby!" exclaimed Sam, showing the other two a drawing of a young girl wearing bunny pajamas with white hair and two large front teeth.

"Aw, you two make an adorable kid together!" squealed Stella.

"I picked the bunny pajamas out of the offered outfits!" answered Lincoln proudly.

"Y'know something, you two do have an adorable daughter, but hands-off baby bro!" laughed Luna. Everybody had a good laugh at that before digging into the pizza. They were each able to have two slices.

Meanwhile, after they had lunch from a hot dog booth, Luan and Benny brought Lily to an area where there were people dressed up in costumes, apparently today must have been Garfield day because sure enough there were people dressed as characters from the comic book series. The three of them enjoyed getting their pictures with them!

Back with the group of four, they got to see a show with performing dogs which they thoroughly enjoyed! Then they passed by a game where Stella won a ball cap that looked like the head of a flamingo!

The two groups soon met up, decided to go on this enclosed Ferris Wheel, and then had one of those old-fashioned photos done of themselves. Everybody had fun that day!