Taking Classes to be a Hero

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Last Chapter

"Hey! Saying that wasn't easy ya know, I mean it ties into". Naruto cut off again as a pair of lips met his once again. Once Momo back up Naruto shrugged his shoulders, "I-I could get used to that".

Momo giggled, "Come on let's get to exam boyfriend". Momo winked with a sultry smile as Naruto felt a shiver go down his back.

"Yeah… right with ya". Naruto ran up next to Momo as she grabbed his hand. The two walked into the Entrance exam together.


The two walk into the orientation room. They see a giant screen with U.A on it I golden text with the A within the U. Then a tall, slim man with long blond hair, which he wears spiked upwards in a huge tuft behind his head, and a small mustache. He has rectangular eyes with concentric greenish-yellow pupils, "For all you examiners today! Welcome to my show today! Everybody say, "HEY!" He shouted.

"BOOO YOU STINK!" Someone shouts in a deep voice.

"What a refined response". Present Mic said with sadness behind his glasses, "Instead I'll just do a quick rundown on the practical exam". He suddenly did a pose, "ARE YOU READY!? YEAH!"
"SIT DOWN!" "BOO YOU STINK!" A bunch of random people began to shout.

"Please just get on with the rules". Naruto mumbled in his seat as Momo chuckled.

"Wow… tough crowd". Present Mic said while his heart was shattered.

Naruto turned to his left to see a green curly-haired boy. Naruto heard him say, "Wow! It's the voice of Present Mic!"

Naruto facepalmed, "Great… fanboy". Naruto sighed as he listened for Present Mic to continue.

"As it says in the requirements, you listeners will be conducting a ten-minute mock urban battle! You can bring whatever you want with you! After this, you will head to a specific battle area". Present Mic shouted with enthusiasm.

Naruto looked at his card, "I got area B". Naruto looked at Momo.

Momo frowned, "Awwww I got G". Momo though smiled, "Oh well! I know you can do it Naruto!" Momo gave him her own foxy grin which she began to pick up from Naruto's continuous grins.

"I know you can do it too Momo". Naruto smiled as Momo grabbed hold of Naruto's right hand. Naruto had a small tint of pink stain his cheeks along with Momo.

Present Mic went to explain, "There will be three types of faux villains stationed at the center. You will earn points based on their difficulty. Your goal is to earn points by immobilizing your enemies with your quirks. Obviously attacking other people is prohibited!".

Then a man stood up with blue hair, glasses, and a tan suit, "Excuse me! On the print out there are four types of villains".

"Ah thank you examinee 7111, this villain is worth zero points. This guy is an obstacle so to speak. It's not impossible to defeat, but you can run away. I recommend listeners try to avoid it if possible! That's it! Now I'll give all my listeners a present-our school motto! The hero Napoleon Bonaparte once said: "A true hero is someone who overcomes life's misfortunes. Go Beyond! PLUS, ULTRA!" Present Mic shouted while throwing his hand into the air, "Good luck everyone!" Present Mic turned around, "Have fun suffering!" Present Mic smiled evilly behind his glasses.

Soon everyone was by their gates with Naruto with the curly-haired boy. The boy with blue hair who spoke up earlier, and some brown hair girl with blush marks on her face. Naruto looked at the gate ready to go, he was going to summon his shadow clones and have them use 25% full cowl. Naruto himself will use 30%. Naruto learned he could control full forty, but that's pushing his healing and body's limit to the max. 30% is just enough where he isn't breaking any bones. Soon the gates open with everyone running in, "Hey moss head! Get a move on!" Naruto told the green-haired boy as he snapped out of his trance. Once Naruto stepped through, without any hand signs, he shouted, Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu! Like that, a hundred Narutos poofed to life surprising everyone. Each clone activated One For All Full Cowling 25%; the real Naruto had 30%. Naruto had lines of energy run across his entire body. The clone Narutos and regular Naruto shot off like rockets to take down enemies. The good thing that the full cowling made his clones more durable, so they didn't disperse that easily.

Naruto was zooming around in a flash of red-orange flames. He easily took out robots with little to no issue. He began to rack up points. Of course, Naruto knew not to be a complete ass and take on all the robots. He made sure to spare a few for others. Naruto ran around taking robots down after one another. They were relatively easy to smash with his feet and hands.

After some time, the real Naruto saw a giant robot worth 0 points. There were a few already out on the field. Everyone was running away from them because they couldn't defeat them. Naruto saw others running away in fear, some people are frozen in fear and were unable to move. (A/N: Remember the narration over when Midoriya did his first smash). "There is absolutely no merit in taking on the Faux Villain that is worth zero points". Naruto began to send power into his legs. While a mossy green-haired boy was doing the same thing as well. Naruto was glowing red and orange, while the other boy in the distance was glowing green. "But that creates the opportunity…" "… For it to shine brightly…" The two both shot off into the air at fast speeds. "… and rise to the surface". Naruto clenched his fist and pulled his arm back; the green-haired boy also clenched his fist and pulled his arm back. The green-haired boy was glowing red with his eyes glowing green. Naruto's eyes were glowing blue with his orange and red flames around him. They both pulled their charged up arms back and went to punch forward while they both squeezed their buttocks. "Squeeze you buttocks…". "…and yell this inside your heart". Naruto and the green-haired boy both shouted at the same time for all to hear, KONOHA SMASH! /BOOST SMASH! The two both shouted as they toppled the giant zero points robots sending them into the air. "The spirit of self-sacrifice".

Everyone watched in shock and awe as Naruto and the mossy green-haired boy both saved people. People who ran away, for the people who wanted to avoid tall robots. Were saved by two kids just wanting to become heroes. The tall robots began to clink and clank with explosions, they fell to the ground into pieces. Naruto saw the boy in the distance, he didn't have any way to save himself. Naruto dispersed the rest of his clones on the field. Naruto saw that the boy had a broken arm; Naruto quickly made a few shadow clones. One shadow clone used three others as a footstool. The clone using the others a footstool grabbed onto real Naruto. The clone spun the real Naruto around in the air. The clone spinning Naruto around using One For All at 20%. Naruto was shot towards the falling boy, Naruto quickly caught him. Naruto realized he was still falling. Then he saw the brown-haired girl down below who was floating. Naruto also reached out as he remembers that one of his clones saw that she had a gravity manipulation quirk.

Just before Naruto could hit the ground, she touched Naruto as he began to float as he weighed nothing. Naruto let out a sigh of relief as the girl said, "Release". Then Naruto and the green-haired boy fell on the ground. The girl on the leftover parts of the robot was on the ground as well. She began throwing up on the ground after using her quirk too much.

Naruto sat there on the ground and sighed, "Well, I think I passed". He let a sigh of relief out. He looked down to see the broken boy. Thanks to work on his chakra control, Naruto been able to use medical ninjutsu. He has done research on old textbooks that were somehow still around. Gran Torino was able to find old scrolls that were on medical ninjutsu. A skill that Naruto learned to pick up on their travels in Japan. Naruto knelt and made a few clones; they began to heal and mend the boy's broken bones. Everyone watched how Naruto seemingly had three quirk abilities. The ability to punch hard, make clones, and heal people.

With that, the siren went off declaring that the test was over. Naruto knew he racked up a decent score to pass. So, he had nothing to worry about. The teachers and students watched with interest and surprised. Recovery Girl came up, "Oh how nice! Already healing the boy up! Please let me, I can heal him quicker". She walked up and kissed the boy on the head. Naruto watched as the boy's bones and muscles repair themselves.

Naruto let a sigh out as he smiled, "Well how are ya doing Recovery Girl it's been a while".

"Naruto it's been far too long! Look just how much you've grown during the summer!" Recovery Girl smiled, "Alright kiddies it's time for the written exam!" Naruto began to groan, but hopefully, the written exam wasn't too hard.

Written Exam Portion

Naruto sat in the room going over the exam and sighed. He knew what was on it and was it wasn't too hard. Then it made him wonder why they had the exam. It was like the exam back in Konoha during the chunin exams. Even if he didn't get Chunin, he still passed and continued to the forest of death. Naruto wrote what answers he knew, then at the front page, he wrote in something. He wanted to know if this exam was necessary for this. How does an exam say you're going to be a hero or a Chunin? What is the difference? Naruto wrote that down, "How does a stupid exam tell me if I'm going to be a hero!? Even if I get this all wrong, it won't stop me from being a hero!"

With that Naruto turned his test in and left the room even though the teacher told him to sit back down. Naruto ignored the teacher and went to wait outside when he was done. Once the entire exam was done Momo came walking up, "Naruto I saw you leave the exam room. Really?"

Naruto shrugged his shoulders, "No way in hell was I going to wait! Besides, honestly, I don't think a stupid exam is going to determine if we become a hero or not".

Momo chuckled, "You haven't hanged in the slightest! How many robots or points did you get?"

"Well, I say maybe two hundred? Maybe three hundred, I don't know. I made sure to leave some for others". Naruto chuckled, "Though I did save a boy who leaped in the air and did a really strong punch".

Just then the boy with green hair came walking up, "Excuse me, b-but Ummm a-are you the one w-who saved me?" The green-haired boy asked while stuttering.

Naruto smiled, "Yeah I did, you have a great quirk kid! You're strong, I hope you passed!"

The kid smiled, "Y-Yeah t-thanks! The name is Midoriya Izuku! It's a pleasure to meet you!" He bowed.

Naruto couldn't believe his eyes, it was a male version of Hinata… only this time he socially awkward and isn't that shy, "The name is Uzumaki Naruto, you can just call me Naruto".

Momo smiled, "I'm Yaoyorozu Momo, you can just call me Momo, like Naruto I don't care for honorifics".
"Hey, that's my line!" Naruto grumbled.

The now named Midoriya smiled, "T-Thanks for helping me N-Naruto-san, I got to go. But I hope you passed!" He quickly bowed as he left.

Naruto smiled, "I like him, he weird… different…a good weird".

Momo chuckled, "Of course you do! Now Naruto, Come on we can go somewhere sit and talk. You know… just you and me". Momo gave Naruto a small smile as she grabbed his hand.

Naruto smiled, "Yeah I have just the place". Naruto and Momo walked towards the forest where he felt the most comfortable. Naruto and Momo sat by a tree, Naruto sat up against the trunk of the tree. Momo sat up with her back to his chest, Naruto wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

"Alright Naruto, I'm here to listen to you. You can tell me anything Naruto, I'm your friend, I am here to be by your side". Momo smiled as she laid against his chest. Naruto kissed her with their lips meeting. Momo enjoyed kissing Naruto, when he tried to pull away to talk, she locked lips with him once again, "Sorry… just that I'm happy… I'm happy to say that all this time. We had strong feelings for one another. I'm glad we didn't stay just friends". Momo added with an alluring tone to her voice.

Naruto and Momo slowly parted as Naruto smiled, "I'm glad we're like this, but I'm also scared Momo. I'm scared for your safety, I don't want you to get hurt. It's because of what I am".

Naruto began to explain that, he didn't even want to tell her when his birthday was. Momo never knew why he never told her. He told her that Naruto didn't come from this world. Naruto proved that by showing different moves he had, his moves stem from chakra. A life force energy that is combined with one's physical and spiritual energies. Naruto told her, "Momo I also want to let you know that I use to be quirkless".

"Y-Your what! Quirkless! Y-You're also saying you from a different world!?" Momo looked at Naruto like he was crazy, "N-Naruto that's really hard to believe how could you possibly prove that".

"First, because of this world. My body adapted to this world by developing an enhancement quirk, but it took me time to get used to. To prove I'm not from this world". Naruto held up his wallet, "Momo this currency I used shows that I'm not from this world". Naruto hands her Gamma-chan. Momo takes a look into the wallet to find pristine Ryo. Circular round coins that had squares punched into them, "Momo I'm telling you I'm not from this world". Naruto held his hand up as a Rasengan formed in his hand.

Momo still thought he was joking but the look on his face was serious, "Y-You're not kidding… N-Naruto, just then how… how did you end up here!?" Momo asked confused.

Naruto began to explain how he was on a genin team called team 7. He had Sasuke and Sakura, Naruto told Momo how he cared about his team. He grew to see Sasuke as a rival, and one of his best friends. The day he was ripped from his world is when his friends Sasuke tried to leave the village for power. He wanted to get stronger to kill his older brother who killed his entire clan. They were at the valley of the end where they had their fight. Their final clash ended up ripping a hole between dimensions. He was sent here with a gaping hole beneath his lung. Naruto told her how All Might found him and took him to the hospital.

Momo watched Naruto's facial expression, he still wasn't joking. He was telling the truth; Naruto went on to talk about Kakashi was. Then he met Jiraiya who became almost like a father to Naruto. He got to know who Jiraiya was during his one-month training to prepare for the Chunin exams. Naruto explained everything from then to when he went to try to rescue Sasuke. Momo put her hand on his cheek, "I failed to keep my promise to Sakura. Even though I liked her before I fell in love with you. I couldn't keep my promise, I never break my promises. Which is something I take to heart; I was never able to bring Sasuke back".

Momo caressed his cheek, "Naruto… you did what you could, now that you're here you not able to go back". Momo kissed his cheek, "Besides now you can become a hero and stay with me. I know its selfish, but I don't want you to return. I know your original dream was to be Hokage".

Naruto shook his head, "I understand Momo, my feelings are the same. I want to be here with you too, I don't mind being a Pro Hero someday". Naruto kissed Momo on her lips.

"So Naruto, that brings me to my next question. Who were your parents?" Momo asked nervously.

"Well, it wasn't a complete lie. I never knew my Kaa-san or Tou-san, they both died the night I was born. Even today I still don't know who they are". Naruto gave Momo a small smile.

"I-I see… so when was your birthday? We never got to celebrate it, I always wanted to do so. Though you never told me". Momo said with a frown.

"Well, you can understand why I don't like to celebrate it because my parents died that day. Also… there is something else you should know". Naruto lifted his shit up.

Momo still blushed at his abs, but then she saw something appear on his stomach. Naruto was sending his chakra to the seal to make it appear for Momo to see, "Woah what is this?" Momo asked curiously.

"Momo before I tell you, I need to know. You love me right… you won't leave me because of what I am right?" Naruto asked.

Momo was very confused by the question, but she answered honestly, "Naruto I don't care what this is. I wouldn't leave you if someone offered me a million or even a trillion yen. I love you Naruto, you've been by my side for the past two years. I'd never leave you, now that we're a couple. There is no way in hell I'd let you handle this on your own".

Naruto had a small smile appear on his face, "Momo, my Sensei Jiraiya told me that this was an Eight Trigrams Seal. This seal was created to keep beings known as Bijuus within the seal. It's to hold them inside so they couldn't roam around rampaging".

"Bijuu?" Momo said confused, "Tailed Beast?"

"Yes, tailed beasts are known as giant beasts that are made up of chakra. Depending on the number of tails the beast has. The stronger it is, I have the Kyuubi No Yoko inside of me". Naruto's eyes darted to the side, "The Kyuubi is the Nine-Tailed Fox that attacked the leaf the night I was born. It killed countless people, children, Shinobi, mothers, fathers, and more. Momo you don't think I'm". Naruto was cut off by a kiss on his lips.

Momo held the kiss for him for a while until they broke for air, "Naruto, you're not the Kyuubi No Yoko. All your doing is holding it inside of you, Naruto were you hated for having it inside of you?"

Naruto smiled, "Momo saying hated is the lightest way you could put it".

Momo frowned, "But you were a child, though right?"

"Yeah… I was… ever since I could remember. I was hated since the day I was born; I've been told how the civilian council wanted me dead. They wanted to kill me because they thought it would kill the nine tails. Even hurting me they thought they were indirectly hurting the nine tails. Even while in the orphanage I was hated by the caretaker. She kept the other kids away from me and everything. She would allow many horrible things to happen to me; I still remember it to this day. It was mainly beatings and attempts to kill me. Though, I could never be killed under her watch. So, she made sure I was beaten on and starved. When I hit the age of five it grew worse. There were more attempts on my life than I could count. I was kicked out of the orphanage and forced to defend myself. The only people I could rely on were a few Anbu and the Hokage. They were be forced to work because of false missions or random civilian council meetings. That way they couldn't save me". Naruto took a pause to allow Momo to compute what she just heard.

Momo was shaking in fear and anger. She couldn't believe that people could be so blind by their hate and anger. To think that they were hurting the beast, in reality, they were hurting a child, "N-Naruto that's absolutely terrible! I-I don't know what to say…". Momo hugged Naruto not wanting to let go, "T-To think you had to endure through all that by yourself! You didn't even do anything wrong! W-Who sealed that tailed beast in you!?"

Naruto smiled, "Well at the time the Fourth Hokage sealed the nine tails into me. He had to choose a child, so he chose a child who already lost his parents. I-I don't know what went through his mind, but I don't hate him for it though. I guess it's the way I think, I couldn't bear to think that some other child would have had to suffer. I'd ask the Fourth Hokage to seal the tailed beast inside me again in a heartbeat".

"You suffered so much Naruto! I don't even want to imagine what else they've tried to do to you! I mean that so much mental scarring and pain you went through. The amount of trauma you received!" Momo didn't like it one bit, she didn't care who the fourth Hokage was. He sealed this beast into a mere child! A child who ended up being her boyfriend, the boy she ended up falling in love with.

Naruto was shaking because he was so scared that Momo might leave him, "T-Thank you Momo… I-I was really scared that you would leave, though I was able to handle one tail worth of his chakra. I want you to know what it's like before we continue, I'm scared that I'd hurt you Momo. I'm scared about that; I know he is dangerous… which makes me dangerous". Naruto stood up and walked to the side. He channeled the fox's power for one tail worth, his eyes turned crimson red with black slits in the middle. He had a layer of red chakra with what seemed like ears, and his teeth seemed sharper. He had a more feral look on his face with his whiskers. He had red chakra claws for hands and feet, the one single swaying red tail.

Naruto recalled the chakra and sat back down by the tree, "I-I see…". To be honest it did scare Momo a bit. The feral look he had, the dense energy she could feel coming off Naruto, "I-I can see why your scared Naruto, but I won't leave you. Because I trust you, I trust that you won't hurt me".

Naruto smiled, "Momo I'm not too sure even if I trust myself, all I know is I have a safety precaution in case I lose control".

"W-What's that?" Momo asked.

"You don't want to know; I should have told you but during the summer training with Gran Torino. I also trained with All Might, I made All Might promise to stop me by any means necessary to stop me from going on a rampage". Naruto smiled, "So I can't hurt anyone, especially you".

Momo frowned standing up and screamed at the ground. She had her hands close to her body, "N-no… No! NO! NO! Naruto! No! I don't want you to say things like that! I-If you were to die! I'd be lost Naruto! I look up to you! I love you; I-I can't imagine you not being in my life!"

Naruto walked over and hugged Momo bringing her into the hug, "I'm sorry Momo, but that's what I have to do. If I die… he goes with me, besides then you would be safe".

"I-I don't care about being protected if it means you die Naruto! I don't want you to leave! I don't want you to die!" Momo said scared herself.

Naruto frowned, "I-I know but let's not worry about it. If anything, I don't think it ever comes to that, besides everything is based on my emotions. So far, I've been happiest I've ever been. He isn't getting out anytime soon". Naruto tried to cheer her up.

Momo still was shaken and scared at the thought of losing Naruto, "J-Just promise me you won't go dying on me any time soon!"

"I promise Momo… I promise". Naruto kissed her forehead.

Momo said, "N-Naruto… I may not fully understand how your life has been. I don't want to leave you; I will be by your side forever. I'm glad you told me about this, now I feel like I really know you now".

"Momo I didn't want you dating a fake me if it continued to marriage. I didn't want you to end up marrying a fake me the entire time. So, I hope I can do my best as a boyfriend". Naruto kissed her on the lips.

Momo enjoyed the kiss like always and smiled, "I love you too Naruto, I want to be there with you even more now. We're together that's more than I could ever ask for".

Naruto smiled, "Yeah Come on let's grab a bite to eat". Naruto did feel better that he told Momo all this, he still was scared about the Nine-Tails.

Week Later

Naruto was eating dinner with Torino after a long day of training. For the entire week Torino would not tell Naruto how he did, he had to wait until his letter came. It would tell him if he passed or not. Throughout the week Naruto just hung out with Momo, of course, the days they weren't together. Naruto was training with Grand Torino to control One For All better. Naruto only handles forty percent before he breaks his limbs and his healing factor can't heal it in time. Naruto walked inside to find the mail; he went into his room to watch a video. He watched as All Might; All Might went through his speech to congratulate Naruto. He told him he received a total of 207 villain points, "I also want to congratulate you on the exam as well. Because of the statement you put on the exam, you were given an automatic 100%. You were the only one able to figure out the true meaning of the test. Now that's not all! You also received an extra 60 Hero points! How can Heroes not give points for someone who went out of their way to save others! You get extra when you saved Young Midoriya". All Might played a video when Naruto shot himself with his clones to save Midoriya, "For that, we gave you 50 Hero points! That brings your score up to 317 points in total! Breaking the previous record out of the ballpark! You were placed 1st over all the others. You can be the next best hero! You will be assigned to Class 1-A! I expect a lot from you Young Naruto. I'm proud of you…I can't be any happier". All Might smiled happily giving Naruto a thumbs up.

Naruto shut the video thing off and smiled, "Hehe… Toshinori-Sensei looks pretty badass in a suit". Naruto smirked, "Well seems like I'm a hero now". Naruto texted Momo, "Want to go somewhere and get a bite to eat. I got the video from U.A".

Momo soon got a buzz on her phone and read Naruto text. She read it and then responded, "Cool I'll be by your place at six, you want to walk?"

"Yeah… walking seems nice. We can get lost on the road of life together". Naruto chuckled thinking about Kakashi, that was one of his excuses for being late.

At Six

Naruto was wearing a red jacket with some orange hints on it. He had on blue jeans and gym shoes. He went towards Gran Torino, "Yo Jiji-san I made it into U.A I scored the highest on the overall entrance practical and written exam. Basically, I scored a perfect 100". Naruto said with a wide grin on his face.

Torino smirked, "I knew you did well, Toshinori wanted me to personally know about your score. I'm proud of you Naruto-kun, you're a fine successor for One For All".

Naruto smiled, "You know I still don't feel like I deserve it but thank you Jiji-san. Thanks to you, Toshinori-Sensei, Roshi-Sensei, and Momo that I've come this far".

"Which reminds me, your dressed you heading out to meet with Momo-chan?" Torino smirked.

Naruto blushed and rubbed the back of his head, "Jiji-san… yeah, we're just meeting up".

"If you bring her home tonight, you better not make too much noise". Torino chuckled as Naruto blushed leaving the old man inside.

"Baka Ero-Jiji". Naruto mumbled walking outside.

"Ero-Jiji?" Momo came walking up confused.

"Ehhh don't worry about it, Jiji-san just making a funny joke. Come on! Let's get something to eat!" Naruto said with a foxy grin.

"Actually, I thought you might want to have a picnic". Momo blushed, "M-Me and my Kaa-san quickly whipped something us to eat".

Naruto grin grew wider, "Hehehe getting to spend time with the person I love and food! You also cooked for me too! Nothing can beat this!" Naruto gently took the basket to carry it for her. He grabbed her hand, "Come on let's go to the park".

While they were walking Momo gave Naruto a run down, "I was able to make it into U.A! I'm in class 1-A!" Momo said with a cheer.

Naruto also smiled as well, "That's great! Seems we'll be in the same class!"

"That's amazing! I can't wait! That means we get to spend every day together! I'm glad it's with you Naruto!" Momo nuzzled her head on Naruto's shoulder, "Ya'know having a taller boyfriend is easier! I can rest my head on your shoulder now!"

"I'm lucky to have a smoking hot girlfriend". Naruto smirked as Momo blushed.

"Ooo I know where this is going pervert". Momo whispered.

"Only for you Momo, only for you". Naruto winked back at her as he kissed her cheek.

The two walked over to the park where Naruto set the picnic up. He laid the blanket down he sat down with Momo. She began to take out the sandwiches and chips, she got out to waters to drink as well. Naruto smiled, "So what was your overall score?" Naruto asked as he handed Momo a plate.

"Well, I scored a faux villain total of one hundred! Then I was given hero points for saving a couple of people. So, in total, I got 160 points". Momo said proudly, "I was told I was put in the top ten! I also scored high on the written exam too".

"I'm proud of you Momo, you got in with your own strength! Momo you did amazing!" Naruto kissed her on the lips and slowly backed up.

"Alright, I told you mine! Now tell me yours!" Momo said excitedly.

"Well… how do I put it? I got the number one spot in the practical and written exam". Naruto chuckled.

"WHAT! Written!? Are you sure you aren't lying to me!? I mean practical I can understand, but the written!? There is no way!" Momo said with a confused and denial look on her face.

"Hey! What does that suppose to mean!" Naruto fought back with a tick mark on his forehead.

"You know exactly what I mean". Momo crossed her arms, "You know full well that you hate tests and stuff like that!"

Naruto rubbed his head, "Momo I wrote on the exam, how does a test determine if I'm a hero. I still did it, but because of my answer. Because I was able to find out the true meaning. I was given a 100% pass on the exam".

Mom sighed shaking her head, "Of course you would say something as insane as that, though it not too farfetched. Well, I guess it's whatever then". Momo smiled kissing Naruto on his lips, "I believe you".

Naruto smirked, "Did we just have a small little fight?" Naruto asked.

Momo thought about it, "No… not extreme enough, it was a more of a point proven. Anyways on the practical what did you score!?"

… it was silence between them.

"317 points". Naruto muttered.

"W-What?" Momo tried to get the nonexistent wax out of her ear, "What did you just say?"

"You can't say I'm lying". Naruto stated.

"Just tell me!" Momo said sternly.

"317". Naruto quickly said.

"Bullshit!" Momo slammed her hand on the ground.

"I'm not lying!" Naruto began to scratch his head in a rapid motion.

Momo chuckled, "Naruto I'm just kidding! If anyone could score that high, it be you". Momo leaned her head on his shoulders. Naruto turned his head and body crossing his arms looking away from her, "Come on you've lied to me about your past for how long?"

Naruto rolled his eyes, "You're playing that card!?"

Momo began to laugh out loud as everyone stared at the couple, "I-I'm sorry Naruto! Hahaha! I mean Come on you got to admit that was a good one!" Momo subsided her laughing as she rested her head on his shoulder. She snaked her way up to his back and kissed his cheek. She took her hand and moved his face to meet hers. She pressed her lips against his, "I'm sowwy". Momo said with a baby voice.

Naruto couldn't stay mad at her as that frown on his face turned to a smile, "Fine… you win only because you're my hot girlfriend". Naruto kissed her back. Naruto then looked at his phone, "Oh shoot if today is Sunday then tomorrow". Momo blushed at the compliment.

"We have our first day of class!" Momo said excitedly, "We're going to be big Naruto! I just know it!"

Naruto pursed his lips together then his lips came to a smile, "Yeah… now that we're in the same class together we can work just as hard. I know that we can do it!" Naruto held his hand out in front of him with his palm facing the sky. While clenching it, "We'll make our dreams a reality Momo".

Momo smiled, "You know… I already have one of my dreams recognized". Momo gently pushed the empty plates of food on the side. She leaned into Naruto's arms; Naruto wrapped his arms around her. The two looked up at the sky together, Naruto swore he saw the smiles on two faceless figures in the sky. He didn't know who they were, but for some reason. It felt like he has met them before. With their small date finished, Naruto walked Momo home for the night. Naruto went home to prepare the next day for U.A.

Next Day

Naruto woke up the next day ready to go, he had his U.A uniform ready to go. The U.A uniform consisted of a light gray blazer with dark turquoise trimmings over a white dress shirt and dress pants, along with a red tie. Naruto had on plain brown dress shoes as well. Naruto slung his backpack over his shoulder using his arm, "I'm off Jiji see ya later". Naruto called out as he left.

Naruto was making his way over towards the train station. He was on his phone while he sat on the train as he received a text from Momo. She was wearing her U.A uniform, she asked, "What do you think?" Naruto blushed at the image as he saw how define her curves were. Naruto texted back, "I think it looks great! You look beautiful in it!" Naruto got a buzz back in a few seconds with Momo saying, "Thanks!" She sent him a picture of her when she didn't have the U.A white T-Shirt on. She only had her grey jacket on and her bra on. Naruto saw how it was a black sports bra as well. Naruto blushed has turned his phone over for a moment and let a sigh out, "She is going to be the death of me". Naruto texts back, "Are you trying to kill me with your beauty?"

Momo giggled with a smirk, "Well aren't you cheesy?" Naruto read the text, "Hey I'm just saying what comes to mind. If you know me, well you know the type of things I'd say". Momo nodded her head, "See you in class! I can't wait! Wait… should we try to keep our relationship on the low in class?" Naruto thought about it and then replied, "I say for now, but if any of the guys try to hit on you. I'm fist kicking their asses, then stating my dominance there, I'm not letting any guy near you". Momo giggled at Naruto's response, "I'll kick any girls asses who try to hook up with you!" Naruto smirked at her response and shook his head, "Gotcha, I'm only good for you. I doubt anyone else besides you would love me". Momo knew what to say next, "Naruto I'M THE ONLY one who could fall for you".

Naruto was irked by her message, "Wait a second! You're saying I can't get girls!?" Momo began to chuckle, "Exactly my point!" Naruto frowned annoyed, "So mean!" Naruto sent it with a crying emoji, "Well you're the only fool who fell in love with me". Naruto sent back, "Yeah, but I'm the fool who fell in love with you. You're my fool". Momo giggled texting Naruto back, she enjoyed these little texts between one another.

At Class

Naruto soon arrived in class to see everyone sitting down. A boy with blue hair and glasses telling a boy with messy blonde hair to take his feet off the desk. Naruto didn't like the sound of him as he said, "SHUT UP FOUR EYES! DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CAN'T DO!" Naruto said absolutely nothing as he arrived, he went and sat down at his desk.

Soon a boy with curly green hair came walking in as well. Naruto remembers saving him during the entrance exam. He has some enhancer quirk if he was able to jump that high and punch the robot. However, he ended up destroying his arm in the process. The green-haired boy and the brown-haired bubbly girl kept rambling. Naruto also noticed the yellow bed sack laying on the ground as their teacher. He was lazy, maybe even lazier than Kakashi was. He mumbled, "Go somewhere else if you want to play being friends". He grumbled startling the rest of the class. Even Momo didn't seem to sense him when he was laying on the ground. He was behind the green-haired boy and the brown-haired girl, "This is a hero course". He unzipped his sleeping bag to eat apple sauce.

"Okay, it only took eight seconds for you to be quiet. Time is limited you kids aren't rational enough". He stepped out of his sleeping bag. He looked at everyone, "I'm your homeroom teacher Shota Aizawa… nice to meet you". He said in a monotone voice.

Naruto sat in his chair analyzing Aizawa, Naruto put his finger on his lip as a smile appeared. Momo saw this off the corner of her eye, "You're the teach Ne?" Naruto stood up from his seat and walked over.

"Yes, I am". Aizawa looked at Naruto recognizing him from All Might and Gran Torino's description.

"Your first impression… I think you're boring". Naruto said while looking at him.

Everyone in the class eyes widens hearing Naruto calling Aizawa boring. Aizawa said nothing as he stared at Naruto, "Alright… I kinda like you, just don't get into trouble. Alright, everyone, I want you to change into these". Aizawa was holding up U.A's gym uniforms.

*Scene Change Outside*

Everyone were in the same U.A uniform. The outfit consisted of almost all blue, with white letter of U and A. The U being the first letter on top of the A. On the sleeves were long white U shape design, "Alright today we're going to do a quirk assessment test". Aizawa said blandly.

"What about the entrance ceremony? The orientation!?" The browned haired girl worriedly.

"If you're going to become a hero, you have no time for such leisurely events". Aizawa has a hint of coldness in his voice which everyone felt, "U.A's selling point is how unrestricted it's school traditions are". He turned his head to the left to look at everyone one, "That's also how teachers run their classes". He turned around completely as everyone tensed up.

Naruto even saw Momo tense up worriedly, but Naruto placed his hand on her shoulder. Momo smiled and relaxed once she felt Naruto's grasp, "You kids have been doing these since junior high too right?" He held up a phone with words on it, "Physical fitness tests where you weren't allowed to use quirks. The country still uses averages taken from students not using their quirks. It's not rational. Well, the Ministry of Education is procrastinating. Naruto you finished top at the practical exam, right?" Everyone's eyes were locked onto Naruto as he stepped forward.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked confused.

"In junior high, what was your best softball throw?" Aizawa asked.

Naruto said, "I remember getting at least 100 meters". Naruto rubbed the back of his head confused, but then he realized what Aizawa was going to have them do. He smirked, "Yeah I know what we're doing now".

"Alright good, try doing it with your quirk". Aizawa said as he handed Naruto a softball, this time this softball was teched-out, "You can do whatever you want, just stay inside of this circle".

Naruto smiled as he made a bunch of clones in the circle. Everyone watched in shock, Naruto powered up his quirk as his clones used 25% full cowling as orange and red flames sprang to life. He released 35% in himself, Naruto smiled as his clones powered up, "Let's do it!" "All together now!" Full Cowling: Uzumaki Cannon! The clones fired the real Naruto the air by all four of them throwing him into the air. Aizawa smirked as he watched Naruto send himself into the air, "This kid!" Aizawa said to himself excitedly. While flying forward Naruto created clones that trailed him with one clone linking to his right foot. He created more clones that linked with one another keeping Naruto technically still on the ground and in the circle. While Naruto was in the air, he winded his arm back and threw the ball with 35%. Naruto launched the ball through the air at high speeds and power. Once Naruto felt himself falling, he began to substitute himself with clones. He kept doing so until he appeared back in the circle unharmed. Everyone watched as the rest of his clones fell to the ground but dispersed as if they weren't even real.

"Woah! Naruto has two quirks! That's so overpowered!" Kirishima said shocked.

"How are we supposed to beat that! Even Todoroki has two quirks!" Eijiro was confused by this as well.
"Wait I think he has three, I saw him healing Midoriya-san at the practical exams". Iida added.

Aizawa smiled reading what he got on his phone, "Impressive Naruto, you gave it everything like you always should. You got a total of over 4,000 meters". Everyone's jaw dropped including Momo's she did not expect Naruto to do something like that. Plus, Naruto wasn't even winded after making all the clones. Then launching himself in the air, and everything!

"Wow, it seems like fun!" Someone spoke out which made Aizawa mad.

"It's fun huh? It takes three years to become a hero. Will you have an attitude like that when you become one?" Aizawa said in an upset tone, but then he turned to a devilish smile, "Alright then! Whoever comes in last place in all eight tests will be judged to have no potential at all! Then you will be punished by being expelled!"
"NANI!" Everyone shouts but Naruto and Momo, the two already knew Aizawa's goal. For Naruto, it was just like the bell test Kakashi gave to him, Sakura, and Sasuke.

*Scene Shift to All Might*

All Might knew that Naruto was going to be the student of Aizawa. He looked at the papers worried, "Aizawa hmmm I think Naruto can handle him… I think".

Back with Class 1-A

"W-What!? A test on the first day!? The last person will be expelled! That's not fair!" The brown-haired girl said with worry.

Before Aizawa could speak up, "Life… life isn't fair if you think about it. Villains, natural disasters, and other things won't be fair. Hell, even with the quirk you were born with, what you were born with. You can say it isn't fair, but you know what. You suck it up and deal with it, you grab whatever life throws at you. You throw it right back; you do your best. In the end, it's all you can do".

Aizawa smiled, "Wise words for a kid".

"You're a lazy ass teacher, I'd say other things. Though I think I'd get expelled or ruin the lesson your trying to teach". Naruto crossed his arms smiling to himself. Momo knew what Naruto was talking about, the only reason Aizawa said that was to get his student's true potential out.

Like that, others went after him with everyone doing well. Naruto watched Momo as she had to unbutton her lower belly. She made a cannon head and put the ball in. Thanks to the endurance training she was able to make a ton of gunpowder. She then fired the ball from her canon, she shot it far. She got a total of 200 meters. A girl with the powers of a frog, girl with acid, the blue-haired boy with glasses has an engine quirk, and others as well. Then the brown-haired girl listened to what Naruto said. She took the ball and threw it; she used her quirk which manipulated gravity.

Naruto was a little annoyed, "That's some bullshit".

Momo giggled, "Naruto life isn't fair huh".

"Shut up". Naruto crossed his arms mumbling, the bubbly girl from before scored infinity on the throw.

Now the green-haired boy went to throw the ball. He winded up his arm as his body was glowing red and his eyes were green. He winded up his arm and shot it forward, Boost Smash! He shot the ball into the sky, this time he didn't overdo it like he did in the practical exam. He was able to throw it 750 meters. He was proud of himself in his accomplishment, "Yes!" He heard himself say happily.

Then the blonde-spiky haired kid with red eyes tried to charge at Midoriya, "DEKU EXPLAIN TO ME!" The blonde boy shot towards the green-haired kid named Deku with his quirk active.

Before he could take a step, Naruto grabbed him by the hand and pinned it behind him, "What do you think you're doing? He is a classmate?" Naruto asked quickly. Aizawa didn't even have to exert himself, "I don't mind rivalries, but I don't accept peers attacking one another for no reason".

Aizawa said, "Alright settle down, let's continue on to the other tests".

1st Test, 50-Meter Dash

They went to a racing track to see how fast everyone could be. Momo used skates to get within three seconds, others scored either three or less. Except for those who don't have speed-enhancing like quirks. The boy with blue hair and glasses scored 3.04 seconds on the 50-meter dash. Naruto beat his score getting 2.90 seconds using One For All at 35%.

That was their first test, the second test was grip strength. Naruto used One For All along with charka as well. He was able to pull off 600 kilograms. Momo was only able to get about 50 kilograms which was strong, "Wow! You got more than I did! I only got 540 kilos!"

Naruto looked up to see a tall, muscular young man with pale gray hair, swept forwards, that covers most of his face, bent downwards at almost a right angle over his eye. He has six arms, all attached to each other by a web of skin, "The name is Uzumaki Naruto". Naruto stuck his hand out.

"My name is Mezo Shoji, it's a pleasure to meet you Uzumaki-san". Shoji shook Naruto's hand.

"Please call me Naruto, I'm not big on honorifics". Naruto smiled as Momo also introduced herself.

Naruto ended up also talking to Hanta Sero and Minoru Mineta. Sero was a tall, lean young man with chin-length black hair, spiked downwards, with jagged bangs coming about halfway down his forehead. He has almond-shaped eyes, usually stretched quite wide, and rather large, with small pupils, straight teeth that dominate his grin. Naruto then met Minoru Mineta, a rather interesting character who he wanted to keep six feet away from him and Momo. He was Mineta, he is a very small young man with a large, round head, and rather large cheeks. His nose is small and stubby, and it sticks slightly upwards, and he has an unusually distinguishable philtrum, oval-shaped eyes with large, black pupils, and notably thin eyebrows. He has four large purple and black balls in something resembling a mohawk where his hair should be.

Next Test 3 Standing Long Jump

It was a relatively easy, it was little to no issue as he just sent One For All to his legs. Momo used springs to jump from her shoes. When she jumped, she jumped into Naruto's arms after one of her springs fell off. Blushing heavily, but also thankful and happy, nonetheless. Which earned many smirks and snickers from the other students.

Test 4 Side to Side

Simple enough for Naruto to do, he went through side to sides so fast he causes indents in the ground.

Test 5 Sit-ups

Easy for Naruto, he blew through over two hundred sit-ups under a minute. Well… he technically did a little over a thousand. You see he created ten clones and each clone and himself did a hundred sit-ups each.

Test 6 Sit and Reach

Naruto had no issue with that as he was flexible as could be. He is reach was far beyond what the actual limit was. The max was 12 inches, but he got like sixteen or eighteen, around there.

Test 7 Long-distance Run

Naruto finished the run within two minutes blazing through it with his quirk. Naruto had little to no issue doing the exams. Naruto was a stamina monster! He is an Uzumaki for crying out loud! Naruto was still standing while everyone else was tired. Midoriya Izuku, in which Naruto learned his name. He was on the ground flat tired out, "Well how are ya green bean?" Naruto chuckled at the quick nickname for him.

Midoriya was a bit confused but smile, "Y-Yeah! I-I *huff* that was s-so *huff* hard! H-How are you s-still not t-tiered!"

"Well, I do a lot of training! Everyday! I train for like four or six hours straight!" Naruto put his hand up to his bicep which were well toned.

Momo sighed, "Well I hope you did well Midoriya-san!" Momo waved to giving him a smile.

"Y-yeah! Uraraka how are you?" Midoriya looked at the bubbly girl.

"I-I'm just as beat". Uraraka laid on the ground face-first exhausted.

"Hehehe, Come on the results are up". Naruto put his hand on Momo's shoulder which Izuku and Ochaco saw, they wondered.

The group walked over to the board where Aizawa had the results up. It read as follows, 1. Naruto Uzumaki, 2. Momo Yaoyorozu, 3. Shoto Todoroki, 4. Katsuki Bakugo, 5. Tenya Iida, 6. Fumikage Tokoyami, 7. Mezo Shoji, 8. Mashirao Ojiro, 9. Eijiro Kirishima, 10. Mina Ashido, 11. Ochaco Uraraka, 12. Rikido Sato, 13. Tsuyu Asui, 14. Yuga Aoyma, 15. Hanata Sero, 16. Denki Kaminari, 17. Kyoka Jiro, 18. Toru Hagakure, 19. Izuku Midoriya, 20. Minoru Mineta. Midoriya looked at the screen with relief, "The last place will be… expelled!"

"By the way, I was lying about the expulsion". Aizawa said with a monotone voice. He then had a weird smile appear on his face, "It was a rational deception to draw out the upper limits of your quirk".

"WHHHHAAAATTTTT" Most of the class screams with frustration worry and some with anger.

"Of course, it was a lie. It should have been obvious if you all thought it through". Momo had an almost sympathetic look on her face.

"With that, we're done here. There are handouts the curriculum and such in the classroom, so when you get back look over them". Aizawa turned to walk up to Midoriya, "Midoriya how is your arm doing?"

"Hmm my arm a little sore, but I think I'll manage. My quirk is powerful, but my body has been adapting to it for a few years even if I was a late bloomer". Midoriya chuckled with a smile on his face.


Izuku Midoriya

Quirk: Boost

Quirk powers his body up every ten seconds has passed. His strength, speed, endurance, and agility are all enhanced by 2 times his original strength. More strength he builds up the stronger he will become. He builds up too much and releases it he break his bones.

Back to School
The rest of the day was pretty boring for Naruto, they had English with Present Mic. Then they had lunch, which was by far the best part of the day, and then they had Hero Basic Training, "I AM…COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!" All might slam the doors open too hard. He broke one off the hinges, "Oh that's ALL RIGHT! Sorry, Minoru-kun but we're going to have to blame that on you sorry my boy".

"W-Wait!? I-I didn't even do anything!" Mineta shot up from his seat confused, happy, excited, and confused… wait didn't he just say that?

"Woah! It's All Might! He really is a teacher! He is so cool!" Kirishima said excitedly.

"Ribbit, isn't that his outfit from the silver age?" Asui asked.

"His style is so different! It's giving me goosebumps!" Ojiro said with a grin on his face.

"Sorry, but you will be billed at the end of the week". All Might stated with a disappointed tone.

"Wait this makes no sense I didn't do anything! That isn't very justice like!". Mineta went to argue.

"Sorry Mineta literally no one reading this story, or even watching the anime care about you. Even if it did happen, no one cares. NOW! MOVING ON!" All Might shouted as Mineta sat down with tears in his eyes. NOW HE COULDN'T BUY THE NEXT ADULT MAGAZINE COMING OUT! "I teach basic hero training! It is a subject where you train in different ways to learn the basics of being a hero. You'll take the most units of this subject! Let's get right into it! This what we'll do today". All Might was in a weird stance with his right leg on the ground and his left leg up. He had his arms up as if he was flexing his muscles while facing away from the students, "COMBAT TRAINING!" (A/N: It was a tribute to the story called, Thank You, by MizuToriFFN! I absolutely loved All Mights and Mineta interaction).

"Finally! Combat training! I've grown tired being in this tight uniform!" Naruto jumped on his feet.

"COMBAT!" Bakugo shouted.

"Training!" Midoriya said with an almost horrified look on his face.

"And to go with that! Are these!" All Might hand his right hand across his chest, he moved his arm to the right, "Costumes made based on your quirk registrations and requests you sent in before school started!" Metal columns came out with numbers on them based on the registration number, "When your done changing! Get to Ground Beta!"

"YES, SIR!" Everyone shouted happily and excitedly.

Ground Beta

All Might stood in front of the exit for the students to come out. He had his hands on his waist, "They say the clothes make the boy and girls into, young men, and ladies. Be fully aware…From now on…you are heroes!" All Might stated proudly, "Now, shall we begin! You Zygotes?"

Naruto walked up wearing his Anbu gear he looked at Momo. Her outfit was still the same, "Momo you still like that outfit?"

Momo smiled, "Yeah I still like, but do you?" Momo asked nervously.

"W-Well yeah I mean… why wouldn't I?" Naruto chuckled as Mineta walked up.

"Hero costumes are the best". He said this after looking at Momo.

Naruto put his mask on and walked over to Mineta and glared at him, "Listen here you little pervert". Naruto had an aura of killing intent directed towards Mineta. Mineta began to sweat feeling Naruto's aura.

"W-W-What! I DON'T WANT TO DIE A VIRGIN!" Mineta shouted.

Naruto clicked his tongue, "Stupid pervert, just stay away from Momo". Naruto turned around leaving the grape head hero.

The other girls in the group blushed as they listened to Naruto. They also liked his outfit, his outfit was pretty skin tight. They saw how the outfit didn't cover his shoulders, he only had sleeves with the arm guards. Naruto had his mask off, but his face mask was up covering his mouth and nose. Naruto also had a tattoo on his left shoulder, it was a red flame design. Naruto also made sure to wear his Konoha headband as well. Naruto walked over to see Midoriya's outfit, it was green… a lot of green. However, Naruto could also see how Midoriya's outfit looked exactly like All Might's look.

"Now! Time for combat training! For this exercise". All Might took out a book which was his script, "The situation is that the villains have hidden a nuclear weapon somewhere in their hideout. The heroes are trying to dispose of that. The heroes need to catch the villains or get the nuclear weapon back in the allotted time. The villains need to protect the nuclear weapon for the whole time or catch the heroes". All Might was then holding a yellow box with the word, 'Lots', on it, "Teams and opponents will be determined by drawing lots! Now! Let's do this!" All Might turned around jumping into the air throwing one fist into the air as if he was flying.

Team A: Uraraka Ochaco and Izuku Midoriya

Team B: Todoroki Shoto and Mezo Shoji

Team C: Uzumaki Naruto and Yaoyorozu Momo

Team D: Katsuki Bakugo and Tenya Iida

Team E: Mina Ashido and Yuga Aoyama

Team F: Rikido Sato and Minoru Mineta

Team G: Denki Kaminari and Kyoka Jiro

Team H: Fumikage Tokoyami and Tsuyu Asui

Team I: Mashirao Ojiro and Toru Hagakure

Team J: Hanta Sero and Eijiro Kirishima

Ochaco was happy, "I can't wait! I bet it was fate that we were put together! I'm counting on ya!" Ochaco said happily as she looked at the blushing Midoriya.

Midoriya was slightly panicking and worried, "W-What do I say!? Seriously! I need to say something proper or else!". Midoriya was cut from his thinking.

"All Might! The First Teams up!" All Might took out a ball from the villains and hero box. He held them up to show everyone. Had had teams D and C, that meant it was Naruto and Momo vs. Bakugo and Iida. Team C were villains and Team D were Heroes.

Naruto smirked, "Momo! I'm going to make the best villain! IT'S TIME TO BRING HELL TO THIS WORLD! AHAHAH! AHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHH!" Naruto began to laugh manically which began to scare everyone.

Momo deadpanned hitting him over the head, "Calm down and be serious about this".

Everyone left with All Might to set up, Naruto and Momo went to prepare for Bakugo and Iida. Naruto and Momo were being given ten minutes to set up, "Momo how much do you think you can create before you get tired?"

"Well, I can make cannons and stuff". Momo wasn't too sure what Naruto wanted to do.

"Well just make yourself a staff to fight with. You can stay here and help defend; I'll take care of the rest". Naruto smirked and shouted, without hand signs, Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu! Like that two thousand Narutos appear in the room and they begin to run down to the lower floors.

The Spectator Box

"Young Naruto, you certainly are amazing with that energy manipulation! I know you will go far!"All Might stood there proud, "That's insane! Naruto can make that many clones! How does he not get confused about who the real one is!" Kirishima said shocked along with the others.

All Might smiled, "You see Young Eijiro, Naruto has two quirks. He has an enhancement quick to his strength, speed, and so on. His second quirk is energy manipulation, this energy allows him to manipulate the energy, or chakra is what he calls it, and he uses that to make clones. You see, he sought out an old wise Ninja who knew the arts of Ninjutsu which uses chakra as an energy source". All Might smiled as he told himself in his mind. Naruto came up with an excellent back story to his energy manipulation quirk.

With Naruto and Momo

Momo stood there with her eyes wide, "Naruto you really can produce that many clones!"

"Well yeah, I've always been able to create this many. Hell, I could make another couple thousand if I wanted to, but you will see what I'm having them do". Naruto sat down as he decided to relax.

"W-what? They could be making their way up here once we start! Why are you so relaxed?" Momo said confused.

Naruto pointed to the screens in the room, Momo looked up to see all the levels of the floors. Each floor had an identical copy of the nuke on the floor, one Momo, and a bunch of Naruto clones on the floor. Naruto then pointed to the clones in the room here too, "See all the clones on each floor. It's too confused them making it harder for them to realize which is the real us".

Momo said, "Wait how were you able to create a bomb?" Naruto said nothing as he let Momo try to figure this out. "W-Wait a second! You can transform into things! I forgot! Naruto! You're a genius!" Momo excitedly wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck placing a kiss on his cheek.

In the Spectators Room


"Aww, they make such a cute couple ribbit". Asui said with a smile.

"Damn that sucks… he was kinda cute… definitely my type". Jiro had a small frown on her face.

Midoriya blushed seeing how intimate Momo and Naruto were. He wondered if he would be like that with Uraraka one day. He began to blush hard while looking away from her, "Dang! He was so cute too! Tall and handsome! Darn, I would've wanted a shot at him!" Mina snapped her fingers upset.

All Might sighed, "Young Naruto… I don't know if you guys were trying to hide it. I'm pretty sure you just failed".

With Naruto and Momo

*"All right Naruto! Momo! Young Bakugo and Young Tenya are coming your way! Good luck everyone!"* All Might shouted into the mic.

Naruto and Momo were ready as she made chairs for herself and Naruto. They watched the monitors Iida and Bakugo were attacking the first floor fighting Naruto's army of clones, "DIE!" He screamed every time he sent explosions at Naruto's clones. Iida did his best to beat the Naruto's in front of them. Even though they were clones and they popped somewhat easily. Many of them were able to punch back sending them into the wall.

Bakugo grew angrier and angrier as they were all clones. He began to scream, "DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! YOU'RE EVEN MORE ANNOYING THAN THAT STUPID NERD DEKU!" Bakugo was seriously having enough of Naruto. Midoriya was already a nerd and had a hard time controlling his quirk. He was already below him but still annoyed that he was gifted a strong quirk. Then this kid, blonde kid with dumbass whiskers on his face shows him up. He also scores highest on the practical exam at the entrance exams.

Momo sighed, "I don't know how he is going to be a hero if he tells everyone to die all the time".

"I don't know either, but he has a major ego. Seems Izuku and Bakugo know one another". Naruto sighed.

"Calling them by their first name?" Momo raised an eyebrow.

"You know how I am; I don't like using last names. I don't like it, so I'll use their first name. Well, maybe I'll use Bakugo for Katsuki only he annoys me… or I can give him a nickname". Naruto chuckled as he sat there thinking of a name for Bakugo.

Momo sighed, "Really in the middle of a battle you're going to come up with a nickname for him?"

"Why not? Besides the arrogant asshole needs someone to knock him down a peg". Naruto punched his fist into his other hand.

"DAMMIT WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!" Bakugo screamed as him and Iida were only on the third floor.

Naruto smirked; it took them another few minutes to get past all Naruto's clones. Naruto waited as they soon made it to the fifth floor. Once they got to the top Naruto dispersed the rest of his clones. He got down Bakugo's and Iida's fighting style, "Hey Momo… Do you think you can handle Iida? I'm going to snuff out pineapple". Naruto said out loud.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME YOU LITTLE SHIT!" Bakugo screamed with his hands igniting again.

Momo had her staff out, "Yeah, I'm ready. I hope you're ready Tenya! I'm not holding anything back!"

Iida pushed his glasses up to his face, "I accept this challenge!"

Naruto had his hands behind his head, "So, ready to dance Explosive Pineapple? Nah… pineapple is good, or maybe Angry pineapple… Mrs. Explosion".
"I'M A GUY YOU ASSHOLE! NOW DIE!" Bakugo charged forward throwing his hand forward to send his attack at Naruto.

Naruto simply ducked and dodged out of his attacks. He knew the radius of his explosions when in combat. Naruto made enough clones and had them fight him to study his quirk and when he activates it. Naruto was able to estimate how much power he was putting behind the explosion. It depends on his anger, his body posture, and where his range was at. Naruto was a close-up and personal fighter. He was able to duck and weave through Bakugo's attacks like they were nothing. Naruto began to speak while dodging his attacks, "You have no form, you have no technique. Your fighting like a barbarian swinging and attacking hoping to hit something". Naruto moved his head to the side as an explosion went passed his face, "You have no flow, your attacks are sloppy and wide". Naruto spun his body around and kicked Bakugo away without having to use One For All.

Bakugo at the same time lunged forward trying to hit Naruto. Naruto dodged his attack and kicked him away. This sent him flying into a wall face first. He got up and growled wiping blood from his nose, "DAMN YOU! I WON'T BE BESTED BY ANYONE! DIE!" Bakugo shot at Naruto using his quirk to propel him forward.

Naruto frowned, "Your too predictable". Naruto activates 15% of One For All to his body and pulled his arm back. Naruto dodged in between Bakugo's attacks when Bakugo threw his arm out to attack. Naruto threw his fist forward, Sarutobi SMASH! Naruto shouted out as everyone heard the punch Naruto sent at Bakugo sending him into the wall knocking him out cold. Naruto dusted himself off as he looked at Momo. She was fairing well off against Iida as she was able to keep up with her reaction speed and training. Even though Iida was miles faster, she was able to keep up relatively easily.

Iida looked over to see Bakugo out cold with Naruto standing off on the side not even winded. Iida backed up after Momo jabbed him in the stomach with her staff. He back up, "I-I give up, Katsuki and lost it". Iida said with a sigh behind his voice.

Like that the buzzer went off signaling the end of the match, *"That was very well fought indeed! Excellent strategy by Team C! Young Tenya! That was a smart move to give up, you saw your ally was defeated! Alright! Everyone back up! Team C gets an A on the exercise! Team D you will get a B for doing well, but not an A since you didn't win. Regardless both teams did amazing!"* All Might spoke on the microphone.

Naruto had Katsuki on his shoulder while Momo and Iida talked on the way back, "Yaoyorozu-san, I see you've had hand to hand combat training, haven't you?"

Momo rubbed the back of her head, "Well yeah I had a teacher train me in a fighting style".

Naruto kept quiet as he sent a clone to take Katsuki to recovery Girl. Naruto, Momo, and Iida walked back with others. Then a girl of medium height possibly set a little more broadly than some of her other female classmates. Due to her Quirk, her skin is a light shade of pink, and she has rather square eyes, their sclera black, and their irises bright yellow, with notably long eyelashes below and around the sides. Her face is framed by short hair, fluffy and unruly, which is a pleasant pink color, slightly darker than that of her skin. She has two thin, pale yellow horns protruding from her head, hooked squarely and leaning diagonally to opposite sides.

"Oh my god! You and Yaoyorozu-san are together! That's so cute!" The girl said cheerfully.

"W-What!? Momo and I aren't together! We're just really good friends! We've known one another a little over two years, but we aren't a thing". Naruto waved his hands quickly to try to remove any type of suspicion.

Momo added in, "Yeah, Naruto and I just trained together. We both ended up having the same martial arts teacher! That's all! Honest!" Momo didn't really want to bring up relationships with the class. She didn't want others to find out so soon. Also, she enjoys not being asked trillions of questions about her romantic life.

Mina smirked, "I guess, but! I saw you wrap your arms around Naruto and kiss him on the cheek! Heck! We all did right guys!" Mina looked at everyone as they nodded their heads, "Oh! Also, the name is Ashido Mina!"

Naruto sighed, "Uzumaki Naruto, but you can just call me Naruto. Not big on honorifics".

Asui spoke up, "Are you sure? You two are awfully close ribbit".

Momo added, "Yes I can assure that Naruto and I aren't dating. We're just really good". Momo froze when she saw Mina hugging Naruto for herself.

"W-What!? Ashido! W-What are you doing!?" Naruto asked as he was surprised and shocked by the sudden advancement of Mina.

Mina was currently had her face in Naruto's chest. She then had her chin resting on his chest as her eyes met his. She smiled, "So? Yaoyorozu you wouldn't mind if I took him for myself, then right? If he isn't yours then I could kiss him if I wanted to!" Mina drew her face close to Naruto as he tried to lean away.

All Might was getting a good kick out of this, but he probably should stop this, "Ehem! Young Ashido I would". Before All Might could really stop anything, also Ashido completely ignored All Might's words.

Mina removed Naruto's fox mask he had on and moved his half-face mask down. She giggled, "Wow you're really cute and handsome up close. I wonder… do you purr if we rub your whisker marks?"

Naruto tried to back up away from her, but he hit a wall. Mina advanced, but then Momo interrupted Mina as she pushed her away from Naruto, "GET AWAY FROM NARUTO!" Momo shouted out of breath she had her hand on Mina's chest and Naruto's chest pushing them away.

Mina giggled, "Oh yeah! You two totally aren't dating". Mina giggled, "Don't worry Momo I'll let you have Naruto then". Mina winked giving Naruto and Momo and 'Okay' sign with her hand.

Naruto sighed as he shook his head. Naruto and Momo stood there watching the other continue. While watching the Shoto and Mezo vs Mashirao and Toru. Shoto was powerful using his ice quirk to freeze the entire building and captured the nuke. Then it was Ochaco and Izuku vs. Denki Kaminari and Kyoka Jiro. Ochaco and Izuku were villains and defended the bomb.

The main fight was between Izuku and Denki, Izuku had to dodge Denki's attacks. Naruto watched Izuku's footwork and saw a lot of potential in Izuku. It would benefit Izuku if he had a fighting style. Izuku was jumping around dodging Denki's lighting attacks. Once Denki had to defend so he didn't fry his brain. Izuku shot forward quickly and pulled his arm back, Delaware Smash! Izuku made sure not to hurt Denki and sent him flying into the wall. Once Denki was knocked out Kyoka gave up since she was there for recon.

Like that their match was over, the rest of everyone else's spars went perfect. All Might was proud of all of them, "That was fantastic! Everyone did a splendid job! Now I'll see you all later! Aizawa will be expecting you all tomorrow!" All Might dashed off in a hurry to get to the teacher's lounge.

Like that the day was over for everyone. As their first day of U.A went relatively well. After class, Naruto stood up from his desk ready to leave. Just then everyone began to crowd him and Izuku. Everyone were interested in Naruto's and Izuku's quirks, "O-Oh! M-My quirk is called B-Boost! It allows me to strengthen my body every ten seconds! When I do strengthen my body I can only handle so much!"

Naruto smiled, "That's a cool quirk". Naruto said as he watched Katsuki get up and walk out of the room pissed, "Hey Mrs. Explosion". Naruto called out.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT BASTARD!" Katsuki shot back at Naruto growling.

"Kacchan wait!" Izuku tried to stop him.

"Shut up Deku! I don't want to hear it! Stop sounding like YOUR BETTER THAN ME!" Katsuki slammed the door leaving.

Naruto watched the scene unfold and Izuku shot up from his desk and chased after him, "Naruto! You're just like Todoroki! You have two quirks!" Mina asked excitedly.

"Wait wouldn't that make it four? He can heal, transform, make clones, and is super strong!" Iida added.

"Yeah! Your body was engulfed in flames and stuff! Then you can make those clones, they can transform into others! How does it work!" Kirishima asked excitedly.
Naruto chuckled rubbing the back of his head, "Well to simply put it I got a quirk called Chakra Manipulation. You see chakra is in everyone, but only a few can control it. Mine is to the extent to a quirk where I can control my life energy as a living weapon. My spiritual and physical energy to be precise. I can teach you guys to unlock it, but it would be hard to adjust to. Besides my quirk allows me to control energy so in reality its just an energy manipulation quirk".

"That's so cool! So those clone things! The transformations you do! It's just like the chakra thingy". Hanata said with a wide smile on his face.

"Yes, it's all related to that". Naruto smiled.

"Wait! So, what else can you do!" Kirishima asked wondering what Naruto could do.

Naruto chuckled, "I can't reveal all my tricks, now can I? Besides that, my other quirk is a special one to me".

"What is it? Having two quirks you could be a really powerful Pro Hero ribbit". Asui asked.

"Well, I call it Daiku Hokage". Naruto smiled liking the name of it. (A/N: 第九 literally meaning Nine. I also like the idea because Naruto is the Ninth user of One For All. Don't worry the name is just an alias).

Mina raised an eyebrow, "Ninth Fire Shadow?"

"Woah that's a pretty cool name!" Denki added.
"Yeah, that reminds me Naruto are you by chance a martial artist?" Mashirao asked.
Naruto smirked, "As a matter of fact I am, I was taught my Muten Roshi".

"W-What! The Turtle Hermit master!" Mashirao smiled, "We totally need to spar one day! I know Karate and some Kungfu".

"You bet!" Naruto gave him a thumbs up.

"NARUTO! I NEED TO KNOW!" Mineta came walking putting his hands on Naruto's desk. He glared at Naruto, "ARE. YOU. DATING. YAOYOROZU!"

Naruto saw off on the corner of his eye as he saw Momo in her seat. She was nervous, she didn't want to let the others know, "I-I mean! It be great then they wouldn't do anything! I mean then again they would ask us nonstop about it! I didn't like how Ashido-san tried to be so friendly with him! She tried to kiss him! That's my Naruto! I! … wait… was I jealous that she was getting too friendly with her!? Man! I hate this feeling!" Momo internally whined, she saw that Naruto had no idea.

Naruto then knew, "Me? Momo and I are just childhood friends. Nothing more nothing less, honest". Naruto gestured his hand to Momo.

Momo stood up and looked at Naruto, she walked up behind him and pushed the back of his head to her chest, "Naruto… it's okay. I'd rather get their questions out of the way than wait". Naruto sighed in defeat.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Mineta screamed as he threw his hands into the air.

Naruto punched Mineta in the face sending him into the blackboard breaking it. Aizawa saw this, "Mineta we will bill you at the end of the week".

"WHAT! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! NARUTO PUNCHED ME!" Mineta stated with a large fifth bump on his head, "You guys can back me up here right!?" Mineta stared at everyone.

"Nope". Momo shook her head.

"What?" Mina said confused.

"I saw nothing". Asui stated.

"No one cares Mineta, even the fanbase doesn't like your small ass". Shoto added which no one in the classroom heard, but the readers who are reading this know this happened and that Todoroki said it.

Much to Naruto's and Momo's chagrin the rest of the time was asking about their relationship. Naruto explained how they just started and were new at this. Naruto said that he was happy to be with Momo. Naruto said that he would promise to protect and be there for Momo.

For Momo it was the same thing, she said that she fell for Naruto about a year after they met one another. The two got to know one another better when they trained together with Muten Roshi. Which earned many awes as they praised Momo for being trained by a legendary Martial Artist. Momo explained to the girls that she enjoyed having Naruto as a boyfriend. She said that being with him always makes her feel safe. She knew that he was always going to be there in her ups and downs.

Time Skip Next Day

Naruto was sitting in class the next day at his desk. Momo walked into the class with a skip in her step. Now that the class knew how close they were Momo was allowed to be intimate with Naruto, "Momo!" Naruto smiled waving to her.

Momo skipped over as she bent down kissing Naruto on his lips, "Morning Naruto!" She back up a bit giving him a big smile.

"Please Yaoyorozu sit down so we can start class". Aizawa said walking to the front of the class.

"S-Sorry Aizawa-Sensei!" Momo blushed walking to her seat, she wanted to talk to Naruto more. They did so much last night, on the train ride home Naruto held her close. She fell asleep into his arms; she wasn't able to talk to him.

"Alright everyone we will be choosing a class representative". Aizawa stepped into his sleeping bag.

"So, you aren't going to help us here lazy ass!?" Naruto asked as he looked at his teacher annoyed with his laziness.

Aizawa narrowed his eyes at Naruto, but he smiled, "Man I really like you". Aizawa chuckled turning the other way to sleep. Everyone was shocked by Naruto's words to a Pro Hero, yet Aizawa allowed Naruto to say such things.

"Well, I say we should vote! Like democracy! We will have a ballot with an electoral college. Then the popular vote!" Iida spoke up, "Then we can decide class rep and co-rep that way," Iida asked.

"That's too hard! How about we just write whatever name we want on a slip of paper". Mina spoke up. Everyone nodded at that idea since it was easier, meanwhile, Iida just slumped in his seat with a raincloud over his head.

Soon the class writes the names and turns the slips in. Iida did the counting and wrote the names on the board. Once he was done, he took a step back, "Seems like the winner is Naruto".

"WHAT! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" Naruto shouted quickly, "Me!? Leader!? Nope! I'm good! Too much work!" He sat down crossing his arms.

"Well, then that means Momo would be class rep along with Mineta… as co-rep". Iida deadpanned.

Momo DID NOT like that idea whatsoever, but then suddenly there were giggles. Naruto and Momo turned their heads to see Kyoka, Mina, Asui, Toru, Eijiro, Hanata, and the others smirking and laughing, "THEY SET US UP! DAMMIT!" Naruto roared, "F-FINE! DAMMIT! Only because I'm not letting asshat over here near Momo!" Mineta slammed his face into the desk with despair on his face! So close to being with Momo!

"So, it's settled then, Uzumaki Naruto as class Rep and Yaoyorozu Momo as Deputy Rep". Aizawa clapped his hands together.


Naruto sighed as he sat at the lunch table with everyone, "Man what a drag".

Momo shook her head, "Well at least I'm with you on this!" Momo said putting her hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Well, at least we can suffer together". Naruto said digging into his four bowls of ramen.

Momo smiled, "Well I did vote for you soooooo". Momo began to nonchalantly eat her ramen. Though she only had one bowl, she had rice, pork, chicken, and fish.

"W-WHAT!" Naruto glared at Momo, "Not cool!"

"Then who did you vote for!?" Momo said while glaring at him.

"I PLEAD THE FIFTH!" Naruto slammed his hand on the table.
"Naruto… that's America, again this isn't even a criminal investigation". Momo slapped him upside the head, "Don't shout at me!" Momo puffed her cheeks out eating her food.

Naruto smirked, "Fine, I voted for Izuku".

"W-WHAT! M-ME!? I-I'm not leader m-material N-Naruto! N-Not like you! I-I mean y-your so much cooler and s-stronger than I-I am". Izuku rubbed the back of his head.

Naruto shook his head, "Izuku you're powerful, your very strong. Don't doubt yourself so much, you're stronger than you think. With proper training and practice, you will reach levels beyond what you think you can get. Izuku… us weaklings have something that the gifted, talented, and strong have".

Izuku and the others looked at Naruto shocked. Naruto smirked, "W-What do you mean?" Izuku asked.

"Well it's quite simple, we have something that beats the gifted, the talented, and the naturally strong!" Naruto extended his fist out asking for a fist bump from Izuku.

Izuku fist-bumped Naruto's fist until he felt a spark of energy from Naruto, "W-What?" Izuku felt a pull of power. He could feel Naruto's quirk running through his body and his energy inside of him, "W-Woah! I-I felt everything! I-I can feel the hard work you've put into training!"

Naruto turned to the rest of his classmates who are waiting for his response, "We have heart… we have the desire to get stronger. We have the drive the forces us to train. A worthless nobody like me can defeat a genius? I think it's quite possible for anyone to become strong".

Izuku and the others felt moved by Naruto's words, "W-Woah that's pretty deep! That's so manly!" Kirishima said amazed by Naruto's words.

"Tell me… why do you want to get strong?" Naruto asked everyone.

"Well, I want to make money for my parents". Ochaco smiled, "I just want to help support them".

"I want to be the best hero! I hope everyone can look up to me!" Kirishima smiled, "I want to be as amazing as Crimson Riot!"

"I want to make my family proud and live up to our name!" Iida added.

Naruto nodded his head hearing everyone else's reason for being a hero, "I must say your reasons are notable, but let me tell you something else. There is another way to become much stronger… much, much stronger".

Then suddenly a ringing sound went off, "Warning, there has been a breach. A level three security breach. All students promptly evacuate to outdoors promptly". The speaker went off.

"Someone trespassed on school grounds!?" Naruto said shocked as everyone in the lunchroom began to run and panic. Naruto grabbed Momo's hand to stop her from running as well. Naruto watched the halls fill up. Naruto looked up and he jumped to the ceiling, he used chakra to stick to the ceiling.

"W-What!? I didn't know you could do this!?" Momo said shocked.

"Well, I gotta keep some secrets! How am I supposed to keep beating you all the time!?" Naruto chuckled.

Naruto began to walk across the ceiling as he received stares for others. Everyone was in a panic, but Naruto saw his classmates in distress. He made clones that reached down and picked them up quickly saving them from being squashed. Naruto looked outside the window, "W-what!? The press!? How did they get in here!?" Then it clicked for Naruto, "That much be the security breach!". Naruto ran to the exit sign, "HEY EVERYONE STOP BEFORE YOU TRAMPLE ONE ANOTHER!" Naruto shouted as everyone froze listening to Naruto, "Look outside it's just the press. I don't know how, but they got through the perimeter. We're fine, this isn't a villain attack". Naruto added as everyone began to calm down, "Let's all just head to our next classes". Naruto easily took control as everyone listened and went to class.


Everyone was in the Basic Training class with Aizawa there. However, All Might was running late and was not there, "For today's basic training, it's turned into a class with three instructors, All Might, me, and one more person". Aizawa was holding up a card that said, 'Rescue', "Disasters, Shipwrecks, and everything in between. It's a rescue training".

"Alright let's do this! I'm ready to rumble!" Kirishima smirked as he tightened his fist.
"I'll be amazing in water Ribbit". Asui said while looking at Kirishima.
"Yeah! This is what true heroes do!" Denki added.

"Let's do it!" Mina piped up.

"Hey, I'm not done. You can decide if you want to wear your costume or not this time. There are costumes that limit your abilities too. Training will take place off-campus, so we're taking a bus". Aizawa said as the columns for their hero gear came out, "That is all. Start getting ready". Aizawa said walking out of the classroom.

Shift to the Training Center

Everyone was wearing a mix of their U.A gym uniform and their hero costume. Naruto was wearing everything, but his arm guards and his gray vest. He figured it would impede his movement. So, all Naruto had on was his blue suit that reached up past his face. He left his mask in the storage as well. The girls in the class could see Naruto's well-chiseled figure. Which is something Naruto did not mean to do. Though, Momo didn't seem to mind it too much either.

It took a bit to get to the location, but everyone had fun by making fun of Bakugo's explosive personality. Naruto calling him Mrs. Explosion pissed him off even more.

Once they went inside, they were greeted by a figure in a costume that consists of a white spacesuit design using what appears to be a puffy jacket instead of an actual suit, a black helmet with white eyes, and a pair of yellow boots. This heroes' name was Thirteen, "Hello everyone I'm thirteen! Let's all go inside, there is no time to waste!" They went inside to see different sections of the place had different natural disasters, "This place is called the "Unforeseen Simulation Joint!"
Aizawa came walking up, "Thirteen where is All Might?"

"He was supposed to meet us here". Aizawa asked confused.

Thirteen whispered, "It looks like he did too much hero work on his way to work. And he ran out of time. So, he is resting in the lounge".

"Well, that's the height of irrationality. It can't be helped. Shall we begin?" Aizawa spoke up as everyone heard Aizawa that they were going to start.

"Let's see... Before we begin, let me say one thing… er… or two, or three…Or four…five…six…seven…". Thirteen was confused at what she was trying to say. "It keeps increasing!". Everyone deadpanned at her attempts to warn them about something, "I'm sure you are all aware of my quirk, Black Hole. I can suck up anything and turn it into dust".

Izuku spoke up, "You've been able to use that quirk to save people from all kinds of disasters, right!?" Izuku asked excitedly.

"Yes, but it's a power that can kill easily too. Some of you also have a quirk like that right?" Thirteen asked, "In superhuman society, personal quirks have been certified and stringently regulated, so that doesn't seem to be a problem at first glance. However, please do not forget that there are many quirks that can easily kill with one wrong step. With Aizawa's fitness test you found out about the possibility of your own hidden powers, and with All Might's person-to-person combat training, I think you experienced the danger of using those powers against one another. This class is a fresh start. You shall learn how to use your quirks to save people's lives. You do not have powers so you can harm others. I hope you leave here with a simple understanding that you have powers in order to help others. That is all. Thank you for listening!" Thirteen did an almost dab like a gesture to present everyone to the building".

"Alright then first…". Aizawa was cut off when the lights in the building turned off.

By the fountain that turned off and on repeatedly. Then a black swirl appeared with a person walking out of the black swirl. He was a slim man with deathly pale skin, tinged yellow and wrinkled a great deal around his eyes. His lips are chapped and uneven, a small mole on the right underneath, with visible scars on his right eye and under his lip. He has messy grayish-blue hair of varying lengths, the longest clumps reaching to about his shoulders, left hanging over his face in uneven waves. His eyes are normally obscured, but when visible, they are usually stretched wide in a rather maniacal manner, their bright red irises very small. His costume sports fourteen embalmed hands, all positioned so they're holding onto him onto different parts of his body.

"EVERYONE GATHER CLOSE AND DON'T MOVE!" Aizawa shouted as everyone tensed up. Naruto looked down at the fountain watching people walk out, "Thirteen protect the students".

Then more villains with different appearances came walking out, "Is this like the entrance exam where the lessons already started?" Kirishima asked.

"No! This is real! These are real villains attacking!" Naruto shouted as everyone tensed up.

Down by the guy with the hands

"And coincidentally, during the time when we were supposed to be practicing saving lives, they showed up in front of us". The hand guy known as Tomura Shigaraki had a hulking beast walk up next to him. A large, black humanoid monster with a very muscular body that has many scars on it. His brain is exposed on the top of his head, while his large eyes are around it. He has a beak-like mouth with an array of sharp teeth.

"Thirteen and Eraser Head, huh? The teacher's schedule we received the other day said that All Might was also supposed to be here". A figure from the black swirling mass-made, a head with two yellow glowing eyes. Through dark fog was only a visible metal brace around his neck. This guy was Kurogiri.

"The trespassing the other day was the work of these scumbags after all huh?". Eraser Head said with a hint of annoyance behind his voice.

"I went through the trouble of bringing this whole crowd too…All Might… The symbol of Peace… I can't believe he's not here". Tomura said with annoyance in his voice, "I wonder if he'll come if we kill some kids?"

The students backed up, but Naruto was more than willing to fight, "Aizawa-Sensei let me help, I can fight!" Naruto shouted.

"No! Stay back! I'll handle this!" Aizawa put his goggles on as the ropes around his neck began to float around him.

"Sensei what about the trespasser sensors?" Momo asked.

"We have them, of course, but…". Thirteen was a bit confused.

"One of the villains might have a quirk that can deactivate sensors and disconnect all communication". Naruto added, "I can't get a phone signal in here".

"Did they only appear here? Or around the whole school?" Shoto asked as everyone began to wonder, "Either way, if the sensors are not responding, then most likely Uzumaki-san is right. Someone has a quirk that can do that".

"That allows them to isolate us from the rest of the school. That way there wouldn't be a way for us to get help". Naruto added walking forward as he tied his forehead protector to his forehead.

"They might be fools, but they're not dumb". Shoto added as he began to get serious along with everyone else, "This surprise attack was carefully planned with some sort of goal in mind".

"I think they want to kill All Might". Naruto had a hunch that was the cause.

"WHAT?" Everyone shouted.

"Think about it, Eraser Head, Thirteen, and All Might were supposed to be here. All Might's news got leaked out that he might be working here. He does teach this class; their main goal might be All Might". Naruto clicked his teeth, "I know he would use us to get to All Might, they want to topple the symbol of peace". Everyone had worried looks on their faces as they didn't know what to do.

"Thirteen start evacuation and try to contact the school". Eraser Head spoke quickly.

"Wait! Let me help Sensei I know I can help fight!" Naruto spoke up quickly.

Aizawa looked at Naruto, "No, you're still a student, as a teacher it's the duty to protect their students. It's possible someone with a radio-wave-type power is interfering with the sensors".

"I don't have any cell reception, so communication is down". Naruto spoke up as Eraser Head sighed.

"Kaminari, try using your quirk to contact the school". Eraser Head went to fight.

"Sensei! You can't fight by yourself! With all their quirks!" Izuku spoke up.

"Midoriya you can't be a hero with just one trick". Aizawa spoke as he dashed forward engaging the enemy quirk users. He erased three quirks from the quirk users and used the ropes to tie them up and slam them together. Eraser Head fought with the other quirk users easily and efficiently.

The rest of class 1-A went running away, but Naruto was the only one who didn't want to run away. His body, his blood, his muscles, every fiber in his being was telling him to help Eraser Head, "Naruto! Midoriya! Let's go!" Iida shouted. Naruto swallowed it and ran with the others.

The group continued to run until the dark mass appeared in front of them, "I'm sorry but I can't let you escape. It may be presumptuous of us, but we had to let ourselves into the home of the heroes at U.A. High School, in order to make sure All Might, the Symbol of Peace, breathe his last breath. Our other target…". The being pointed at Naruto, "Our boss wants you Uzumaki Naruto". Everyone looks at Naruto worried, but Naruto wasn't scared one bit.

Naruto walked forward ready to fight, "If you want me! COME AND GET ME!" Naruto ran forward ready to fight. Kirishima and Bakugo jumped forward trying to attack him the villain.

Their attacks didn't even faze Kurogiri until everyone heard, Odama Rasengan! Naruto came running forward with a boulder size Rasengan in his hand slamming it into the villain. The villain's eyes widen feeling the pain throughout his body, "W-What! Impossible! This shouldn't be able to hit me!" Naruto's attack shot him away from all of them as he slammed into the wall.

Naruto smirked, "Seems you can phase through physical attacks. I saw you physically dodge Katsuki's attack. Which means!" Naruto made a bunch of clones with Rasengans in hand charging at him.

"Uzumaki! No!" Thirteen shouted, but Naruto ran forward anyways.

Kurogiri smirked, "Foolish!" He dispersed into a large fog cloud that surrounded Naruto and the rest of Class 1-A.
"W-What!?" Naruto sent his clones with Rasengans to break through the barrier. However, it did nothing, until Naruto fell through the floor swallowed up by a portal. Everyone else was swallowed up by a portal as well.

After that, Naruto was in pitch black but was spat out as he saw water. Naruto quickly used shadow clones to cushion his fall. Naruto allowed himself to float to the surface and stand on the water. Naruto saw Mineta, Izuku, and Asui falling. Naruto used clones to catch them by throwing them up at them. Naruto was able to bring them down safely. Naruto suddenly jumped out of the way as an enemy jumped out of the water to attack them. Naruto did a quick roundhouse kick and threw Mineta in the air. Naruto kicked the villain in the back of the head sending him to a wall nearby. Naruto looked up to see that Asui had Mineta and Izuku and jumped over to the boat, "Asui get them to land, I'll start taking these guys out by punching the water. Mineta, I have no idea what your quirk does. What does it do?" Naruto asked.

"W-Well I can stick my quirk to things, but it won't stick to me". Mineta asked worriedly.

"That's it! We'll capture them easily! I will have clones toss you to the side. I will jump and make a giant vortex to suck them into the middle!" Naruto made clones that got ready to fling them in the air. Naruto spun them around as one of his clones were with them. The clone was to help cushion their fall. Naruto threw up in an up arc so Mineta had time.

Naruto quickly jumped into the air using One For All at 10%. He aimed his fist at the water, Whirlpool Smash! Naruto shouted punching the air as he sent a punch of air that hit the water creating a vortex. Since he pushes the water out of the way in one spot. The water will back up and then come back together in a vortex-like fashion. Naruto also head, Delaware Boost Smash! He looked up to see Izuku glowing green as he added an extra punch to Naruto's making the vortex even stronger, "Dammit! I-I can't be outdone!" Mineta screamed as he began to throw his purple orbs into the water. He threw a lot of them into the water. The villains in the water were stuck to them. Then they were all sucked into the middle as they were stuck to one another because of Mineta's quirk. With Naruto's quick thinking, Mineta had little time to panic as he listened to what Naruto asked him to do. Izuku was able to interpret what Naruto was trying to do and helped.

Naruto jumped over to where Asui, Izuku, and Mineta were at. They saw the villains get shot out of the water like a cannonball. They landed on the side passed out and immobilized. Naruto let a sigh out, "We need to find everyone quickly". Naruto had a bunch of clones appear he had about a hundred run off with One For All at 10% to look for everyone. Naruto wanted to conserve as much energy as he needed. Even though his energy is limitless, it doesn't hurt, because these people had the means to end All Might. Which means they have something that was of equal power to defeat All Might.

Naruto talked to the others, "Alright I got information back from my clones".

"W-What? Where are they? How did you get information?" Izuku asked.

"Oh, when my shadow clones disperse. Because I give them half of my chakra to make them. Their memories of whatever they learned are transferred back to me. This allows me to learn about other people's fighting habits, quirks, or whatever I want. It's perfect for recon, I found everyone. The people we need to help are Momo, Denki, and Kyoka. They're cornered right now". Naruto began to run off as they followed him as quickly as they could.

The group ran towards Momo and the others. Then Naruto saw Momo easily taking the villains down. She was using what she learned to take them down, "Izuku, Asui, and Mineta go help them. I'm going to go help Aizawa-Sensei". Naruto gave Midoriya a look.

"I'll protect Yaoyorozu-san Naruto, I promise". Izuku gave Naruto a salute.

"Thanks, Izuku, Asui you go this, and Mineta". Naruto looked at him with a glare.

"W-What?" Mineta swallowed nervously.

"You try anything funny to Momo I'll have your head". Naruto had murderous intent, but then smile running away, "Good luck guys!" He shouted running towards Aizawa.

Naruto made his way towards Aizawa as Naruto saw the hand freak charging at one another. Aizawa tossed his scarf towards the hand freak, Aizawa quickly re-grabbed his scarf and rammed his right elbow into the hand freak's gut. However, the hand freak caught his attack, until Naruto jumped over Aizawa. "Need a hand!?" Naruto joked as he powered up to full cowl to 30% as his body lit up with energy and orange-red flames. Naruto kicked the hand freak in the face sending him backward.

Aizawa held his elbow with slight cracks in it. Naruto eyes widen, "His ability can decay things?" Naruto quickly did a roundhouse kick knocking a guy away from Aizawa, "Sensei trust me here! I got this!" Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu! Naruto quickly made a hundred clones that began to protect them from the other villains. They were using One For All at 15% knocking the incoming villains out. Naruto quickly began to heal Aizawa's arm back to 100, "Glad I stayed huh?"

"W-What happen!? I told you all to leave!" Aizawa said angrily, "But I do accept the healing and help".

"Long story short, the guy who made the portal separated all of us. I decided to come here making sure you were okay. The rest of my clones confirmed the others were safe". Naruto got ready to fight as the last of his clones were knocked out by Tomura and more villains.

"Well, Uzumaki Naruto just who we're looking for. You're quite strong aren't you, well it doesn't matter. I'm not the only boss here". The hand freak said as he pointed behind Naruto and Aizawa.

Aizawa saw the giant hulking beast try to grab him. However, Naruto jumped in the way as he went to punch the beast's fist. Naruto landed a punch, but it absorbed his punch. The beast crushed Naruto's fist breaking the bones in his hand, "AHHHHH DAMMIT THAT HURTS!" Naruto jumped back after the beast leg go.

"Uzumaki! Are you alright!" Aizawa said in a panic.

"Yea, I'll be fine in a second". Naruto held the hand in pain as he lifted it up. Aizawa's eyes widen as he saw orange color rebuilding his hand's structure. Soon it was as if nothing happened to Naruto. Then Naruto was caught off guard as the beast slapped Naruto to the side.

Aizawa shot forward, but Nomu grabbed him crushing his body. Aizawa fell to the floor beaten and injured, even if he got his arm healed. His stamina hasn't recovered at all. Izuku, Asui, Momo, Denki, Kyoka, and Mineta came running to help. They saw Aizawa on the ground with blood around him. They saw Naruto in the wall, Naruto was bleeding from his head, "N-No! Naruto!" Izuku stopped her.

"Momo no, you go in there your going to end up getting hurt!" Izuku grip tightened on Momo's arm stopping her.

Naruto was out cold from being hit in the head. Aizawa tried to erase Nomu's quirk, but it just slammed his head into the ground and broke his arm. Izuku looked over along with the others in horror to see Aizawa on the ground. Just the Tomura shot forward before anyone could move. His hand touched Asui's and Momo's face. Tomura went to use his quirk, "O-Oh?"

Tomura looked behind to find Aizawa staring at him with his red strained eyes as he erased his quirk. Nomu slammed Aizawa's face into the ground once again. Izuku quickly let go of Momo's arm, his body began to glow red, "LET GO!" Izuku didn't know what his quirk did, but he didn't want to find out SMASH! Izuku screamed out he punched a giant shockwave of air.

Once Izuku finished the punch, Izuku saw that his arm wasn't broken. Izuku looked up to see Nomu standing in front of him as he took the punch and didn't feel a thing. Asui quickly pulled Momo back, using her feet to kick Mineta to the side. Used her tongue to get Izuku out of the way of Nomu. Nomu brought his fist up and went to swing at them again. Tomura went to grab Momo and Asui once again. Just then a flash of red appeared in front of them, "I WON'T LET YOU! TOUCH THEM!" Naruto let out a roar as his body was covered in a red layer of chakra. He quickly punched Tomura in the face sending him flying, Nomu left to catch Tomura. Naruto had a feral appearance. He turned to see a shocked Momo, scared Izuku, Asui, and Mineta. Naruto frowned, "Momo… Nomu is powerful… he knocked me out in one punch. He might as strong as All Might. Izuku… Asui…Mineta… get Momo out of here. No matter the cost, I don't care of Asui has to drag Momo away. I'm not holding back I'm letting it go".

Tomura stood up, "Wow aren't you just full of surprises!" Tomura smirked, "Nomu! Get him! We need him alive! If you have to break all his bones!"

Nomu let out a roar as Naruto charged at Nomu as he charged up to 45% One For All Full Cowling. Naruto could handle way more power than before. He went to toe to toe with Nomu, Naruto ducked under its punch and slammed his fist into its gut. Nomu didn't even flinch as it brought both of it's hands up and put them together. It slammed Naruto into the ground, Naruto took the hit and coughed blood up. Naruto rolled away before it could do another hit. A Rasengan formed in his hand, Vermillion Odama Rasengan! Naruto slammed his attack into Nomu's body, but his attack just absorbed the blow. Naruto was met with a punch to the face, the punch shattered his jaw. Naruto was sent sailing over Izuku and the others, he landed in front of them.

Momo screamed, "N-Naruto! NARUTO!" She quickly knelt as she got a look at him. She was horrified to see his jaw broken.

Naruto stood up as Momo helped him up. His lower jaw began to heal, "Momo, get out of here. Now, don't argue with me!" Naruto pushed passed her as he walked forward. He knew that Nomu was powerful, but this powerful? It was insane, Naruto wondered just how powerful All Might was in his prime. Naruto got down on all fours and closed his eyes. The last thing he saw was Tomura smiling evilly as Nomu slowly walked up to Naruto ready to finish him.

In the Seal

Naruto looked at the cage where Kurama was. A single crimson red eye with a black slit in the middle opens, "So you've come to visit me? Oh, what do I owe the pleasure of a visit from my warden?"

Naruto tightened his fist, "Give me more of your power! I need to stop Nomu! I need to protect the other!"

Kurama laughed, "AHAHAHAHAHA! You think I'll give it to you for free! Please! I'd rather see your friends die than help!"

Naruto grit his teeth, "Stupid fox! GIVE ME YOUR CHAKRA!" Naruto screamed at the nine-tailed fox.

The fox smirked in the darkness, "Perfect… soon… very soon". "Fine… take it!"


When time seemed to seemingly stop everyone saw a pillar of red chakra appear from Naruto. Momo and the others watched horrified and shocked. Momo did not like this… she was scared, she was scared that Naruto has completely lost it. Naruto grew out two more tails giving him three tails worth of power. Naruto felt the negative emotions hit him like a truck, "N-No! I-I CAN DO THIS!" Naruto looked up, but when he looked up he saw shadowy figures in the distance. They all had glowing eyes, but then he snapped back to reality as he felt some of the negative emotions leave. Naruto was able to control himself once again, the negative emotions were as harsh.

In the Seal

Kurama's eyes widen in anger, "HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU INTERFERE WITH MY PLANS! WHO ARE YOU! WHO ARE YOU!" Kurama boomed as he tried to swell Naruto's body with his chakra in anger.

Kurama saw shadowy figures with glowing eyes surrounding Naruto from the negative emotions in the chakra. Like that giant red gates slammed down holding him, he growled, "Curse you Fourth Hokage…". However, Kurama did smirk, he saw the cells to the cage had cracks, he saw the seal on the cage slowly ripping, "I will get my freedom one day… one way or another". Kurama's eyes shut as he disappeared in the dark.

Real World

Naruto was still conscious as he looked at himself. He powered up One For All, even more, Full Cowling Three tails 55%! Naruto's body was basically on fire with the flames around his body. Tomura's eyes widen seeing the sharp rise in power from Naruto, "Master said he wanted his quirk… his powers… his abilities! I heard it stems from a Chakra based quirk! A quirk master's needs! "NOMU! BRING HIM! FORGET ALL MIGHT! WE'LL TAKE HIM BACK WITH US!"

Everyone in the arena could feel the flux of power. Thankfully they finished their fights and gathered near where Momo was. They all saw Naruto who has powered himself up a lot. He had this red cloak around him. He had three tails and his appearance resembled a fox. Naruto growled, "I won't let you hurt anyone! NOT ANYMORE!" Naruto lunged forward as he punched Nomu in the stomach, Hatake SMASH! Naruto sent Nomu careening past Tomura with his eyes widen.

Tomura turned around to find Nomu in the wall. Nomu slowly got out, Tomura saw that Nomu might be reaching its limit soon. Naruto with what thought he had he ran over to Aizawa and knelt down, "Aizawa-Sensei stay still". Naruto put his hands on Aizawa as he began to rapidly heal his broken bones, scrapes, and cuts. Soon Aizawa felt his body healed but still exhausted. Naruto felt pain throughout his body, "Dammit! I'm reaching my limit! I-I've never gone this far with One For All Before!"

Soon there was an explosion at the entrance as All Might appeared. He ran over and jumped until he landed near Naruto and Aizawa, "There no need to worry! Because I am here!" All Might saw Naruto in his three tails state. Thankfully Naruto was still conscious, "Young Naruto are you alright?"

Naruto looked at All Might, "M-my body can't handle too much more. I'm really straining it right now we need to end this". Naruto looked over as Nomu came walking back out.

Tomura smiled, "Finally you have come! This is the end for you All Might! Nomu!" Tomura pointed at All Might.

"Young Naruto can you at all retreat back to the others?" All Might cough blood up as his form was weakening.

Naruto knew that this morning All Might did hero work. Naruto was worried, "Sorry All Might but I can't stop now. He tried to hurt Momo, I don't stand for that!" Naruto rushed forward powering up finally too 100% wanting to end this. Naruto's hair stood up, his power exploded which far surpassed All Might's. All Might smiled running with Naruto, "Young Naruto… you've made me proud you truly are the perfect successor to One For All".

Naruto launched his fist into Nomu sending Nomu into the air. All Might jumped up and grabbed Nomu and spun him around. All Might tossed him to the ground, Naruto jumped up towards Nomu, Konoha SMASH! Naruto slammed his fist into Nomu's stomach sending him into the air. Naruto and All Might landed next to one another as Nomu fell to the ground. Nomu stood back up and let out a beast roar. It charged All Might and Naruto as it began to rapidly throw punches. Naruto knew his arms couldn't take anymore as he felt his limit has been reached. Naruto lunged forward with the rest of his strength and began to throw rapid punches at Nomu. All Might was doing the same. Naruto spoke, "You said before his quirk isn't shock nullification! You said it was shock absorption!" Naruto growled out as he continued to punch Nomu in the same spot. All Might understood what Naruto was doing, he began to punch rapidly at the same spot too.

"Then there is a limit right!?" All Might smiled as Naruto gave a feral smirk, "Made to withstand 100% of me!? Please! I've hardly even scratched half of my full power!" All Might was able to hold back because Naruto was helping him out. Naruto picked the slack up and punched harder than All Might was.

Naruto felt a crack in his arms as his arms finally broke, "Then let's see how you handle both of us at 100%!" Naruto shouted, though Naruto only amped it up to 60%, as they sped up even faster together. All Might did a quick punched up moving Nomu's arms backward. Naruto charged his fist up again one last time, "Tell me! Do you know what it means! TO GO BEYOND! PLUS, ULTRA!" Naruto and All Might punched the air so hard and hit their fist against Nomu's stomach. Their fist skid across the hydrogen atoms so hard and fast. They ignited the hydrogen in the air rocketing Nomu out of the building.

All Might turned around as he caught Naruto's unconscious body. Though his three tails cloak was still active. All Might looked down on the passed out Naruto with both of his arms broken. They were bloody, bruised, and shattered. Naruto was very slowly healing, but the strain was very high on Naruto, "You did well Young Naruto… you allowed me to conserve some energy to take these villains on".

Tomura and Kurogiri saw that All Might was still powerful, "D-Dammit! I-I thought he was still weakened! Not just that! The brat helped him! Which means he still has energy!" Tomura began to scratch his neck, "Kurogiri we can still do this!" The two charged at All Might.

Naruto's three tails mode began to recede back into the seal. All Might was ready to defend Naruto, "I-I can still fight". Naruto spoke as he stood up from his spot. Tomura and Kurogiri smiled, Naruto's will to continue fighting even beyond his limits was amazing, "Y-You… you tried to hurt Momo…I'll make sure I put you into the ground before you hurt her. I'll make sure you're locked up!" Naruto's body glowed as he charged back up to 35% Full Cowl. His arms were slowly healing, but they weren't battle-ready. Naruto rushed forward as three clones appeared with him attacking. All Might went forward to fight as well; Naruto went to kick Kurogiri to knock him away. Tomura dodged Naruto's clones as quickly as he could. He was able to touch them to disintegrate his clones. Naruto saw Tomura's hand come out from a portal made from Kurogiri, Naruto ducked under his hand and quickly used his foot to kick his hand. Naruto was able to break Tomura's arm. Naruto rolled forward as he slid on the ground, once he got to his feet. Naruto made a jump into the air and twirled his body to the left. He brought his right heel around and kicked Kurogiri over the head.

Tomura launched forward to grab Naruto, but All Might landed a solid punch on Tomura. This sent the two flying across the field. Kurogiri said, "Tomura we need to retreat! NOW!" He made a wrap and the two disappeared to lick their wounds.

Naruto watched as they left, "Ahahaha we won". Naruto fell forward passed out cold.

Momo saw that they run, she came running over, "N-Naruto! Naruto!" She was able to get to him and lean down and hug him. She held his sleeping body in her arms.

"Woah! Naruto that was so manly!" Kirishima came running over, but a giant wall of concrete separated him.

"Sorry, Eijiro-san let us pro heroes take care of this. All Might, I'll get Yaoyorozu-san out of there". Cementoss spoke.

"No… it's fine, she needs to be with Naruto". All Might was in his skeletal form, "I trust her". All Might look at Momo as Momo looked up with her eyes wide, "Please stay quiet, I'll answer your questions later".
Momo nodded her head, she produced slings for Naruto for his broken arms. She made bandages for Naruto and All Might. Like that the pros continued with the clean up helping everyone evacuate. Naruto, All Might, and Eraser Head were taken to Recovery Girl. Momo could go with Naruto, besides All Might requested it.

Later That Day

Naruto was asleep in the recovery room with Momo watching over him. She decided to slip in bed with him so she could be with him. She told her parents that Naruto was hurt and injured, so, she wanted to stay to make sure he was alright until he woke up. All Might came walking in on crutches, "Yaoyorozu-san, I think I have some explaining to do". Toshinori sat down on the opposite side of Momo. Simply, Toshinori talked about how he had a bad fight with an enemy called All For One and his quirk allowed him to steal other people's quirks. The two had a bloody battle leaving him injured. He lost half of his respiratory organs and lost my whole stomach. He was then emancipated from all the repeated surgeries and side effects.

Momo looked at her hands that were slowly rubbing Naruto's hands as she slept. She didn't care if All Might was like that. She was glad that he told her the truth, but what bothered her was, "Why is Naruto so important to you? Naruto told me he uses to be quirkless until his body adjusted to the world and he was given a quirk. Was that a lie?"

Toshinori shook his head, "It seems so… he even lied to you on that. It was a promise I asked him to keep. I'll tell you myself, my quirk is called One For All. One For All is a transferable Quirk that can be passed on from one user to the next. Its name comes from its nature; being 'one' Quirk for 'all' people. For the Quirk to be transferred, the recipient must ingest a sample of the predecessor's DNA".

"You decided to give it to Naruto… why though? Did you even tell him about who he has to fight!?" Momo asked annoyed that Naruto didn't tell her. That All Might Naruto's teacher should have told Naruto about this.

"I-I haven't told him about One For All yet, but he does know I got this injured from a bad fight". Toshinori sighed, "I'm sorry for asking Naruto to lie to you, understand that he was keeping his promise to me. The fewer who know about One For All, the safer he is and the others around him".

"I understand, others would kill to get the quirk. It would be all over mass media, Naruto would be a target, but the villains. They wanted to capture Naruto… I'm scared All Might… I don't want them to take Naruto". Momo looked at Naruto's face as he slept peacefully.

"I-I don't know either, but I will leave you to be. I got a friend to catch up on". Toshinori stood up and walked out, "Take care of him Yaoyorozu-san Naruto loves you very much".

Momo smiled as she crawled into the same bed as Naruto. She snuggled underneath the sheets with him, thankfully Torino said he would go home. Momo soon drifted to sleep, but what she didn't realize that he hand moved over to on top of Naruto's seal on his stomach.

Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto opened his eyes to find himself in the seal. He looks up to see the sewer place, what shocked him was the brittle cage that was there. A giant fox appeared before him, "You see this cage? One more push Naruto, this happened because you needed my power. I'll be out soon Naruto, whether you like it or not". Kurama smirked at Naruto.

"No! You stay away you dumb fox. You know what, one day I'll come after you one day. I'll get to you one day; I'll make sure I remove that hate one day". Naruto smiled, but then Kurama bashed up against the cage once again. This time red gates came slamming down on top of him. Then Naruto saw eight different shadowy figures with eyes.

Then Naruto saw a man from the side come walking up. He was a tall man with tanned skin and dark eyes. He had waist-length black hair typically styled in a center-parted fringe that framed his face. He often wore the standard shinobi dress of his era, consisting of dark red armor worn over a simple black suit with sandals. This armor was constructed from numerous metal plates, formed into multiple protective guards along his body; each collar of his shoulder guards bore the Senju symbol. He had wood sticking out of the ground that held Kurama down. He gave Naruto a salute and a smile, "Ah! You're finally here! Perfect!" He made a hand sign as wood shot up from the ground wrapping around Kurama keeping him immobilized.

Naruto was shocked to see the first Hokage in his mindscape. Then Naruto saw off on the side two more figures come walking up. Naruto looked at his stomach to see his torn Anbu gear. He saw that the seal on his stomach had cracks on it, "Well it seems we're going to have to repair then huh Naruto". Naruto looked up to see a man with blue eyes and spiky, blonde hair. He also had jaw-length bangs framing either side of his face. attire consisted of a standard Konoha uniform with two bands on both of his sleeves, a green flak jacket, a blue forehead protector, and blue sandals. After becoming Hokage, he started wearing a short-sleeved long white haori over his normal attire, closed in the front by a thin, orange rope. The haori was decorated by red flame-like motifs on the edges, with the kanji for "Fourth Hokage" (四代目火影, Yondaime Hokage) written vertically down the back.

"N-Naruto!? Where are you!? Naruto!?" Naruto heard a female voice along with footsteps.

Naruto ignored the people in front of them because that sounded like Momo, "M-Momo?" Naruto used his mindscape to bring Momo to him.

Momo found herself by Naruto, "W-What! Naruto!? Where am I? What's going on!?"

"Woah! Woah! Momo relax, this is my mindscape. As to what's going on, well I'm finding that out now". Naruto turned to the two people in front of him. "So, tell me, why in the world is the first and fourth Hokage in my mindscape? How in the world do you know what my name is?" Naruto asked confused. Momo was wide-eyed as she looked at the people in front of her. Naruto couldn't be any more of an idiot right now.

"Well it's quite simple really, I am the one who named you, my son". Minato smiled giving Naruto a grin like he does.

Minato chuckled as he snapped his fingers, like that they were in a place where they could talk. "W-What? T-That means y-you're my". Naruto rushed forward as he slammed his fist into Minato's stomach knocking the wind out of him. Momo deadpanned at Naruto's action, but then Naruto began to cry. Naruto had tears running down his face, "DON'T YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PAIN I'VE BEEN THROUGH! I MEAN WHY ME! OUT OF EVERYONE! WHY WOULD YOU SEAL THE NINE TAILED DEMON FOX INSIDE OF ME! YOUR OWN SON! THE PAIN, THE SUFFERING! THE BEATINGS, HUNTS, THE ATTEMPTED KILLINGS! I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW MUCH I'VE WANTED TO GIVE UP ON LIFE! Then I met Hiruzen-Jiji! He was kind to me and loved me like a grandson! He gave me the dream to be Hokage! I met Ayame-Nee and Teuchi! Then I met Iruka-Sensei and he treated me like a normal person! Then I was made Genin and got onto team seven with Kakashi-sensei, Sakura, and Sasuke! I did my best to train hard and to be the strongest I CAN! I tried to bring Sasuke back and I failed! Then I was sent to this world! I met Torino-Jiji and Toshinori-Sensei! Then I was trained by Muten Roshi-Sensei and he taught me how to fight better! Then Toshinori-Sensei gave me All For One! Then I kept training to get stronger while also going to school! THEN I MET MOMO! MY FIRST TRUE FRIEND! A girl who I ended up falling in love with! NOW I'M HER BOYFRIEND AND! AND! I-I OUUU! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING ANYMORE! I'M So MAD, ANGRY, TIRED, HAPPY, SAD! I'M A FRICKEN MESS!"

Naruto continued to cry in his father's chest as he hugged Naruto close. Kushina had tears in her eyes, both of sadness and happiness. She held Naruto closely too, "It's okay son… we're here for you". Minato said with a soothing voice.

"FOURTH HOKAGE COME HERE SO I CAN RIP YOU TO SHREDS!" Kurama roared as Hashirama made a muzzle to keep him quiet.

"Why don't you four go somewhere with a bit more privacy". Hashirama added.

Minato chuckled as he snapped his fingers, like that they were in a place where they could talk privately. Naruto slowly wiped his face and lifted his head, he then turned to the woman, "I-If Tou-san is my Tou-san… does that mean your my".

The woman nodded, "Yes, I am my Naru-chan". The woman placed a kiss on Naruto's forehead.

Naruto gave her a hug shaking, "I-I do have parents! I-I've been wanting to meet you for so long! I-I've been wanting to meet you guys! I-I thought it would be impossible!" Naruto felt his emotions getting the best of him again as he began to cry.

After some moments of Naruto crying, Naruto was finally able to calm down. Naruto could only just grin, "What's so funny?" Kushina chuckled as she looked at her son all grown up.

"Well, it's great to know that my mom is a total babe! I mean look at your hair! It's cool and beautiful! It reminds me of Momo's hero costume!" Naruto smiled with a grin on his face, Momo had a blush appear on her face.

Kushina and Minato saw everything, so they knew what he was talking about. Kushina smiled, "Well thank you, you're only the second man to ever compliment my hair".

"Wow, I'm assuming Tou-san was first?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"Yes, he was". Kushina was so happy to see her son in front of her. She pulled him back into another hug, "I'm so happy that I got to meet my Sochi-kun!"

"I'm glad to have met you Kaa-san… Tou-san". Naruto hugged them close finally, Naruto was able to put faces to his parents. He had names to his parents, "To, think that my Tou-san was Yondaime Hokage. Kaa-san what about you? What were you known for?" Naruto asked.

"Well, I was known as Red-Hot Habanero! If any fool tried to get in my way or tried to make fun of me. I pounded them into the ground and showed them that they were wrong!" Kushina held up her hand in a tight fist with a blood vessel visibly pulsating.

Naruto and Minato backed up a bit as Kushina was scaring them, Momo was interested in who Kushina really was, "Woah! That makes you sound totally badass! You know I'm trying to be strong too! I'm trying to be the strongest female hero I can be! I don't want others to look at me just as a simple rich girl!" Momo slowly walked up enchanted by Kushina's attitude.

Naruto was a bit nervous, "Tou-san… has Kaa-san always been like this?"

"Y-Yeah, well what can you do… I guess strong males attract strong females". Minato muttered the last bit.

"Okay, so I need to know why are you guys here? Why was Hashirama Senju in the seal as well?" Naruto asked confused.

"Well, it's quite simple, thanks to that quirk, One For All, you inherited. It allowed us to manifest our spirits into you wherever you are. Including Hashirama, but we can only influence your mindscape and help control Kurama from within". Minato puts his hand on Naruto's head, "However, there is a serious side effect". Minato was cut off as someone came walking up.

"I hate to break your family reunion, but if we're going to talk about One For All. It should be me". A female voice came walking up. A beautiful woman with a tough demeanor. She was a fairly tall woman of slender yet voluptuous frame, and at the same time, she was well-built, she was fair-skinned and had a small mole below her bottom lip, centered to the right, and sharp, intelligent eyes with quite long eyelashes. Her hair was dark and straight, kept shoulder-length except for a clump of short bangs hanging above her forehead, and was styled in a half-up-half-down bun.

"What the heck! It looks like an older version of Momo!" Naruto stared at the woman.

Momo was surprised herself, "Are you by chance related to Yaoyorozu's?" Momo swore she looked just like her mother.

"Yaoyorozu? Well, that's a name I haven't gone by in years. That really takes me back". Nana chuckled, "I've been watching you Momo, I'm glad to see that my great-niece is doing well".

"Woah! Woah! Woah! First off, who are you? Second of all, you're related to Momo!?" Naruto was shocked.

The woman nodded her head, "I am Shimura Nana, I used to be called Yaoyorozu Nana. That was until I got married and had a child. I decided to protect my family by changing my last name to my husband's. It also protected my child who I had put in an orphanage. I-I know its something you don't like Naruto, but I was killed. There was nothing I could do about that, I didn't want Toshinori or Torino interfering with my child's life".

Naruto nodded his head understanding, "So are you Momo's mother's aunt?"

Nana nodded her head, "To think that little Shuri-chan grew up and had a kid of her own. So, yeah, I use to be a Yaoyorozu until I got married. Especially once I had One For All and All For One knew who I was. Well, that was important to change my name, I didn't want any of the Yaoyorozu's getting harmed".

Momo eyes sparkled, "So that means I was related to a One For All user? All Might said he had One For All. At least… that's what All Might told me".

"W-Wait!? I was just about to ask that, you know about One For All and the fake name I gave it?" Naruto looked at Momo confused.

"Yes, I don't know how I was pulled into here, but I was… sleepy so I decided to snuggle up with you on the bed". Momo blushed as Kushina and Minato both had smirks on their faces. Naruto blushed rubbing the back of his head.

"I might have had something to do with that, you are my great-nephew after all". Nana smirked, "Anyways there is other concerns I want you to know Naruto. Because of our quirk, One For All is bound to you by inheriting the quirk. You will gain all nine of our quirks since One For All is stable to allow you to handle it. Your control on One Fo All is already amazing as it is, but there is a downside". Nana pointed out.

"What is that?" Naruto asked.

"It's thanks to furball if you try to manifest our quirks once you're strong enough. I have no doubt the seal on the cage will begin to deteriorate and break. He is using our quirks as a gateway to break out". Nana added.

"I can continue to repair it thankfully since One For All dragged parts of our spirits into the seal Naruto. That means we can help you, but we can only help you if you come in here. If you willingly let the nine tails out. There is nothing we can do, I made the seal designed to have us appear if the seal were to ever fail, or if you were trying to tame the nine tail's power". Minato added, "I hope we won't ever have to use it, but you only have one safety net in case if it does happen". Minato raised his pointer finger, "It's important that you be careful. I will only have enough chakra to repair it once".

Naruto let a sigh out as Momo walked up and hugged him, "Remember I'm here too, I love you Naruto". Momo rubbed her nose against Naruto's. She then pressed her lips against his earning giggles from Kushina.

Naruto smiled, "Thanks Momo, Kaa-san, Tou-san, Nana-Sensei I promise to do my best. I'll get to that furball one day. I'll make him a friend and an ally one day". Naruto gave them a thumbs up.

Nana looks up, "Well I think it's time for you to leave. Oh, by the way, we will always be in the seal. We won't be able to help control the nine tails, but your mother and father can. That's only if you're in the seal with them and it's time for you to learn to control the Nine Tail's chakra". Nana quickly added, "Now go Torino and Toshinori are walking in". Nana knew all this since she has been talking to the spirits of Kushina, Minato, and Hashirama. Thanks to One For All, it allows Minato, Kushina, and Hashirama to manifest in the seal with their spirits. Hashirama was able to appear thanks to Tsunade's necklace that she gave Naruto.

"See you later! Kaa-san! Tou-san! Nana-Sensei! Say hi to Hashirama-Jiji for me!" Naruto waved as the two began to leave.

"Bye, it was great to meet you!" Momo gave a small bow to Minato and Kushina.

Once they left Kushina had a wide grin plastered on her face, "I like her!"

Minato shook his head, "I knew you were, but hey, he is happy. That's all I can ask for".

"Well good, you deserved that punch by the way Dattebane!" Kushina punched him in the shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah! I know, I know!" Minato chuckled.

In the Real World

Naruto slowly opened his eyes to find Momo's head in the crook of his neck. She was still sleeping, he wondered if she even remembers. Naruto didn't move, that's when Momo slowly sat up in bed, "W-Was that real?" Momo sat up as she found the sheets were kicked off of them. She found her hand over Naruto's stomach where his seal was.

Naruto nodded, "Yes it was Momo, I'm glad you got to meet my parents too. I also need to really formally meet your, parents. The number of times I've dropped you off, I've only gotten glares from your Tou-san. I never really got any time to meet them".

"Tou-san is just protective like that". Momo shrugged her shoulders, "You know what, I'm glad we can do this together. I still know you won't hurt me Naruto, you have proven time and time again. Your powerful, strong, loving, idiotic Naruto I love". Momo pressed her lips against Naruto's. Momo cupped his cheeks as the two held one another. Naruto with his arms wrapped in bandages put his arms on her waist pulling her closers.

"AHEM!" Torino coughed out as Momo and Naruto suddenly broke their kissing. The two sat up as Momo sat on the chair next to the bed blushing. Torino chuckled, "Geez you children as so active these days".

Toshinori gave Naruto a thumbs up, "Well Young Naruto, you've done a good job. Now we need to talk, there is another reason why I needed to find a successor".

"It was to fight All For One right?" Naruto asked.

"W-What? H-How?" Toshinori looked at Momo.

Momo shook her head, "Believe it or not, but I've met Nana Shimura, your master who had One For All".

"W-WHAT!" Torino and Toshinroi's eyes widen, "HOW!"

"Well when I was asleep, I actually met a few people within my mindscape. Which is technically the seal on my stomach. I met Nana Shimura and I got to meet my parents". Naruto had a smile on his face.

Toshinori and Torino were shocked, "How is that possible?" Torino asked.

"Well because when my parents sealed the nine tails into me. They sealed some of their souls into the seal. They were there to help me control the nine tails or if I accidentally went past the eighth tail. Thanks to One For All, it allows them to manifest their spirit in the seal along with me. They can interact with me more and help me, but not the past One For All users". Naruto scratched his cheek.

"W-Wow I didn't know One For All did that". Toshinori was shocked, "What else did Nana talk to you about?"

"Oooo boy, you two might want to sit down for this". Naruto said this with a smile on his face.

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