Tag Team Narumo vs Symbol of Peace

Hello! It's time for another update for Ninja's Hero Academia! :D I hope you all enjoy this story as I'm sure I will enjoy writing this part of the story out. Oh, and just as a heads up I've decided on a certain scene in My Hero that will change the course of this story. I'll be doing something that probably no other writer has done. I might get a lot of backlashes, but it should make the progression of the story very interesting. This even I'm talking about won't happen for a while. Thought it will drastically change this story. I hope you all enjoyed… yes, I did you leaving you on that cliff hanger.

Last Chapter

Naruto thought to himself, "Momo… I know what we can do, we just need to keep a constant assault on him. Worst case scenario we run away; I can use shadow clones to throw All Might off."

"I can make sure to throw kunai and shuriken at him, or any other type of throwable, but we can engage hand to hand. We both have training in it." Momo tried to think of a strategy until Naruto stopped her.

"Let's go watch the others Momo, I'm sure we won't need to come up with much. We'll deactivate the seals if we need to go all out." Naruto smirked, "I'm sure we can beat All Might!" Naruto said with vigor and readiness in his voice.

"Yeah, I know we can do it… together." Momo said cutely as she placed a kiss on his cheek. Naruto returned it by placing a kiss on her lips with the two embracing one another for a moment.

"Come on let's go kick All Might's butt!" Naruto and Momo walked into the viewing room hand in hand.

This Chapter

Naruto and Momo thought of their own strategy to try to take All Might out. During this time, they also watched the others perform as well.

Match 1

Cementose vs. Eijiro Kirishima and Rikido Sato: Cement doesn't have a time limit like Hardening or Sugar Rush. Fail

Match 2

Ectoplasm vs. Tsuyu Asui and Fumikage Tokoyami: Ectoplasm's Clones can appear suddenly and attack Fumikage, who's weak in close-range combat. Pass

Match 3

Excavation Hero: Power Loader vs. Mashirao Ojiro and Tenya Iida: Power Loader can negate Tenya and Mashiro's mobility by manipulating the battlefield and setting traps. Pass

Match 4

Erasure Hero: Eraser Head vs. Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo

Izuku and Katsuki were in a rural area where they were pitted against Erasure, "Hey Kacchan don't you think we should."

"Shut it Deku! I don't need your help! I can do this on my own!" Katsuki stormed off to find Erasure head as Izuku was forced to follow him regardless.

The two ran and soon Aizawa found them and prepared for a battle. Katsuki didn't waste any time and ran towards Aizawa, "DIE!" Katsuki's hands began to spark as he threw an explosion at Aizawa.

Aizawa quickly deactivated Katsuki's quirk, but before he could do anything more. Izuku appeared eye level with him in the air. Izuku reared his leg back and went to kick Aizawa with his quirk active. He had red boots with claws and green electricity flowing off him, Boost Smash! Izuku went to swing, but Aizawa used his scarf to catch his foot. Aizawa swung Izuku into Katsuki.

The two tumbled to the ground as Katsuki and Izuku rolled to their feet, "Dammit! Stay out of my way!" Katsuki ran forward again aiming his arms back. Then he brought them forward shouting, Howitzer Impact! Katsuki let out a loud explosion until it turned into a dud thanks to Aizawa's quirk.

Izuku quickly ran forward again rearing his fist back. Izuku added two more boosts and punched the air, Boost Cannon! Izuku shouted as he punched the air and release what power he stored up. This sent a shockwave hitting Aizawa in the face sending him away from Katsuki. This forced the erasing teacher to blink giving Katsuki's quirk back. Katsuki ran jumped into the air aiming the palm of his hand down on Aizawa. Aizawa had his eyes closed from the punch sent by Izuku. "Let's try this again! NOW DIE!" Howitzer Impact! Katsuki spun in the air like a tornado and let out a powerful explosion from his hand. His tornado builds up oxygen to fuel the explosion. After colliding with the Aizawa, Katsuki releases the powerful explosion.

Aizawa felt that attack head-on as he slammed into a building. He felt his body shake from the explosion, Aizawa really isn't built to last long fights. Izuku then appeared with his quirk active and ready to kick Aizawa. Quickly as Izuku appeared so did his quirk. Aizawa began to engage Izuku in hand to hand. Aizawa was able to land a few punches on Izuku and kicked Izuku sending him away. Just then Katsuki came flying mid-air using his explosions. Aizawa blinked and stared at Katsuki causing him to fall on his face but did a flip to land on his feet.

Izuku saw Aizawa turn away from him and his quirk return, "NOW IS MY CHANCE!" Izuku powered up again, but this time he went to the max, "Boost Driver!" Izuku shouted as his body transformed to have an armor-like appearance. Izuku used what remaining strength to propel himself forward with jets on his back shooting him forward, Final Impact! Izuku shouted reared his fist back and punched forward meeting Aizawa's face sending him straight into the ground.

Aizawa laid in the concrete with his body stuck into the ground. Izuku immediately fell out of the armor and on his face unable to move. That armor takes a tremendous toll on Izuku's body straining his muscles and limbs to the max. Right now, Izuku's right arm was broken, shattered, and in a whole lot of pain. Katsuki looked at Izuku in shock at the armor, "D-DAMMIT WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!" Katsuki could tell that armor was powerful, Deku could possibly now beat him! HIM! He was fucking Katsuki Bakugo! He doesn't lose to extras!

With that, medics came and took Aizawa and Izuku away to take them to the medical room, "Wow I wondered when he was going to use that." Naruto was shocked to see Izuku pull that out.

"What is that!" Momo and the other classmates looked at the screen replay. Then dart their eyes towards Naruto again.

"Well, when I told Izuku to spread his quirk throughout his entire body. He summoned that, but he needs to boost up to like fifteen times to be able to do that. That taxes him immediately, seems he still has a while. However, that quirk of his was an evolution type quirk. That evolves with the user becoming more and more powerful. We haven't figured out how his body can produce that type of armor. If anything, I'd say it's a combined mixture of the current trace minerals already found in the body." Naruto wondered when Izuku had the time for that but remember the week, "Wonder if Izuku took that week to train and study. Well, he is a smart kid, so he must have also made sure to put in a lot of training too."

Momo put her finger on her lip trying to remember them, "They include calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chloride and sulfur."

"Don't forget to include iron, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, cobalt, fluoride, and selenium. Though very small traces of it, so maybe he needs to eat a lot more of those thank normally." Naruto wondered as he thought of the color red, "Maybe the armor is using his blood?" Naruto wondered, but then it be really dangerous if Izuku's armor was ever hit too hard. Would that cause him to bleed?

"No, I don't think so it might just be him conjuring those trace minerals in his body to produce armor. I don't know if the color is affected, but I'm not too sure either." Momo put her hand on her hips now really curious about how Izuku's quirk works.

Everyone stared at Naruto and Momo not understanding or memorizing anything about that, "What we say something wrong?" Naruto looked at them confused.

Everyone looked at them saying to themselves, "Who the hell memorizes what types of minerals we have in our bodies!?"

Minato shook her head to comment on Izuku. "Wow… I feel like Izuku just surpassed a bunch of us! He took out a teacher!" Mina said nervously.

"Pay attention everyone." Nezu got their attention-drawing them to the screen again.

Match 5

Space Hero: Thirteen vs. Ochaco Uraraka and Yuga Aoyama: Thirteen can exploit Ochaco and Yuga's nausea-inducing Quirks. Pass

Match 6

Nezu vs. Mina Ashido and Denki Kaminari: Nezu can outsmart Denki and Mina, whose grades are poor. Both of them also have poor control of their Quirks. Fail

Match 7

Voice Hero: Present Mic vs. Kyoka Jiro and Mezo Shoji: Voice outclasses other sound-based Quirks like Earphone Jack, and Dupli-Arms. Pass

Match 8

Snipe vs. Shoto Todoroki and Toru Hagakure: Snipe's Homing can hit stealth types like Toru. However, Half Hot, Half, Cold was hard to beat. Pass

Match 9

R-Rated Hero: Midnight vs. Hanata Sero and Minoru Mineta: Tape and Pop Off's restraining capabilities are negated because Minoru and Hanta can't get close to Somnambulist. Minoru passes. Hanta fails.

"How the hell!?" Naruto was shocked as he scratched his head annoyed that Mineta passed.

"Your guess is just as good as mine." Momo shook her head with a sigh, "Come on it's our turn now." Momo and Naruto began to head towards their arena. The two entered the gat to a giant city. Momo began to assess the buildings and the areas, "If anything I think of, it's best to run and keep hiding. Stealth might be our best idea here."

"Yeah, you're right… but I kinda want to fight All might." Naruto chuckled as Nezu on the speaker said, "GO!" "Oh crap! Fine, we'll go with your plan!" Naruto said as he quickly picked Momo up bridal style running with One For All at 30% leaving a trail of flames in his path. Naruto also made sealless shadow clones carrying a clone henged into Momo.

With All Might

Toshinori knew Naruto would be making shadow clones to deceive him. Along with using the buildings as cover to run away. Though Naruto would want to fight, but Momo would want to escape. So, the best way to draw them out! Toshinori smiled, "Let's see just how powerful you've become Naruto." All Might lifted his fist into the air and built up some of One For All and slammed his fist into the ground shaking the entire arena. There was also a bubble of energy that shot outwards destroying the entire arena decimating all the buildings except for one. The one building that Naruto and Momo so happened to be near.

With Naruto Just a bit Before All Might's Punch

"Alright as we're running you think you can make flashbangs ready to go?" Naruto asked as Momo made four and clipped them to her hips ready to be used.

"Alright if need be, I can make those rocket shoes and get us even out of here quicker." Momo said with excitement in her eyes, "I know when we're together we'll always win!"

Naruto smiled as he nodded his head, "Yeah! We'll win no matter what!" Just then a bunch of his clones disappeared as he quickly hid behind a building. Naruto had to hunch over covering Momo as the top of the building was ripped off.

Once the two stepped away Naruto and Momo saw the entire arena was destroyed. All Might came from the air jumping and landing on the ground in front of them, "Ahahahaha! I knew you would try to stick to the shadows! So, I figured to take away what helped you hide! Now! It's time to fight heroes!" All Might released a wave of energy stunning Momo to realizing how powerful All Might truly is. He was very intimidating, which made her almost doubt Naruto.

Naruto put his hand behind his neck and stretched his neck muscles side to side, "Well this is troublesome, it seems we'll have to fight. Momo, you can provide cover fire with kunais, shurikens, rubber bullets, or something." Naruto smirked as his body flared to life with red lines of power coursing through his body, Daiku Hokage 50%! Naruto shouted as flames burst to life on his body, Naruto fell into the turtle hermit fighting stance. All Might charged Naruto; the two were powered up and prepared to take one another head-on.

With Class 1-A

Everyone was wondering how the fight would go, to think that Naruto was going head to head against All Might would be an interesting fight, "Who do you think will win? Narumo or All Might?" Mina asked curiously.

"I say Narumo! They're pretty unstoppable! The brains and braw which go hand in hand!" Denki quickly said.

"Naruto is a real man! Wait! I bet he is still wearing his weighted clothing and gravity seals!" Eijiro slamming his fist into hand.

"Well, it's hard to say." Tokoyami said crossing his arms analyzing the match up.

Back to the Fight

Naruto and All Might lunged forward as the two began to trade blows. Either they dodged one another's attacks, or their fists collided. They created shockwaves that made it difficult for Momo to stand on her two feet. She watched as her boyfriend was fighting All Might on his own keeping him at bay so far. She sent chakra to her feet while putting her hands up to her face so she could continue watching the fight. She was going to wait for an opening to flank All Might, "Just how much farther am I going to fall behind Naruto? How can I possibly match his strength and stand next to him?" Momo said to herself visibly upset that she can't do much to help Naruto. Even with the training, she has received how does she go up against titans of this caliber.

Naruto and All Might soon stopped their continuous blows. Naruto quickly rushed forward with All Might lunging forward to punch Naruto. However, Naruto quickly barrel-rolled forward dodging All Might's punch. Naruto quickly spun to the left and swung his right foot. All Might was hit in the side and pushed him back a few feet. Just then Momo ran forward with a staff in her hand with iron tips twirling it. She swung trying to use combos, which forced All Might to dodge. Momo saw his movements and quickly swung her staff down forcing All Might to back up.

Momo took that moment to catch her breath twirling the staff around her body showing she was still ready for more. Momo quickly twirled her staff and grabbed two flashbangs and tossed them to Naruto. Naruto pulled them and tossed them towards Momo's direction. She swung them perfectly as if she was a professional baseball player. All Might was smacked in the face with two flashbangs, "Oh Sh!" All Might was stopped midsentence as the flashes went off in his face forcing him to cover his eyes.

Naruto walked next to Momo and smirked, "Wow don't you like to show off, you were able to force All Might back." Naruto was cut form his thoughts as All Might decided to amp up his power. He randomly appeared in front of Naruto and Momo. Both of their eyes widen as All Might smirked and slammed his fist into Momo's stomach sending her flying knocking the wind out of her.

"Why must it always be the eyes!" All Might covered one arm over his eyes while his other fist tried to hit Naruto. Though his fist only found air.

Naruto quickly dodged another punch and deactivated his gravity and restriction seals. He can't play around facing All Might, even if One For All is leaving him. All Might still wield One For All and knows how to use it. Naruto dashed off and caught Momo before she could hit the rebar that was sticking out of the ground. Just then All Might appeared above Naruto in the air slamming his fist downwards. Naruto quickly tossed Momo to the side and brought his arms up to block All Might's attack.

There was a loud smash as Naruto's feet dug into the ground in a crater that was twenty inches wide. Naruto felt his legs buckle and his arms vibrate from the punch. Naruto quickly pushed All Might off and powered up to sixty percent with raging flames around his body. Naruto pulled his arm back, Uchiha Flame Cannon! Naruto punched the air shooting the flames off his body firing it at All Might.

All Might punched the air dispersing the flames, then Momo ran forward and stabbed her staff into his stomach. Once she did that her staff broke into a bunch of pieces. Momo's eyes widen as All Might backhanded her as she skidded on the ground and slowly came to a stop. Naruto quickly glanced at her to check to see if she was alright. Naruto made a shadow clone that began to heal her. All Might smirked, "Can't let you do that!" Naruto ran forward to stop him, but All Might began to amp his power up even more. All Might sent Naruto flying into the air with an uppercut and took out his clone.

Naruto was falling as he found himself almost a hundred feet in the air. Naruto repositioned himself as he grits his teeth, "Dang it!" Naruto made a bunch of shadow clones as they used one another to begin spinning the real Naruto. Once they built up enough of momentum, they threw the real Naruto at All Might who was going to finish Momo off, "GET AWAY FROM HER!" Odama RASENGAN! Naruto shouted a giant Rasengan formed in his hand forcing All Might to jump back. Naruto was a bit out of breath; he couldn't believe that All Might was this powerful even with those weighted cuffs. Naruto soon stood up normally making everyone look at him in confusion. Naruto was pretty sure he never went full out like this in their spars.

"Uhh, Young Uzumaki but what are you doing?" All Might asked confused.

Naruto unzipped his flak jacket, his Anbu grey guards, and blue gloves that go up to his arms. Naruto took off his shoes which made clinking sounds on the ground. Naruto quickly took out new shoes from a seal on his forearm, "Going all out." Naruto dropped the rest of his gear on the ground. Those made huge dents in the ground, Daiku Hokage 80%! Naruto shouted as his body began glower with a brighter orange-red. Naruto's hair began to wave in the air as if there was a constant breeze. Naruto's hair had an almost orange fire glow to it. Naruto could feel the strain on his body, if he went any further, he would be pushing his body too far.

All Might smiled, "Ahahahah don't think shedding a few pieces of clothing will help you! I won't let any of you escape!" All Might did his best to impersonate a villain.

Naruto face was serious as he dashed forward appearing as a blur to everyone watching and All Might. Naruto found his fist buried into All Might's stomach sending him twenty feet as he crashed into a building. All Might quickly shot back up and began to hurl debris at Momo and Naruto. Naruto used a Rasengan to destroy that came his way, Momo dodged the flying debris thanks to her training, "Mental note, kiss Naruto for making me do those dodging drills." Momo quickly produced a cannon and began to load it hoping to get a shot on All Might.

Clear as day All Might saw that as he ran forward trying to knock Naruto down. This time All Might reared his fist back and said, "I hope you can handle this!" Detroit Smash! A whirlwind of air pressure blew Naruto and Momo into the air.

So much for her cannon.

Naruto found himself in the air once again annoyed, but this time he found Momo too. Momo quickly grabbed onto Naruto and produced a parachute. However, this made their eyes widen as All Might jumped up and threw a punch that slammed into Naruto's chest. This sent the two flying into the ground in a loud crash. All Might chuckled, "Is that all you got heroes! I thought you would be more of a challenge!" All Might was beginning to feel some of Naruto's attacks before were starting to affect him.

Naruto stood back up as he felt a few of his ribs broken. Thankfully they were healing, he had a clone healing a knocked out Momo. Naruto had scratches and a large bruise on his chest. Part of Naruto's outfit was torn and chest was visible for all to see. He had a large bruise where his ribs would be. Naruto also had blood running down his head. Naruto smiled, "I won't lie *huff* this is the most fun I've ever had *huff* I-I don't know if we'll even win. Though that doesn't matter." Naruto didn't have One For All active since All Might knocked the constant 80% right out of him.

"That's true it doesn't matter! You lose heroes!" All Might ran forward and went to punch Naruto until Naruto caught his fist stopping All Might's attack, "Oh what's this!?" All Might's hand began to sizzle as a red chakra began to bubble up around Naruto.

Naruto smirked, "I made a promise to Momo that we'd win!" Naruto eyes turned blood red with black slits in the middle. The cloak covered his head making two fox ear-like appendages appear, along with his face having a stronger resemblance to a fox. Naruto then had three chakra tails grow out of his in the seal had an eye opened and said, "Not bad brat… not bad I'm pretty sure you're becoming more and more used to my chakra. Guess you're not half bad." Kurama was starting to respect Naruto for learning to control his power without guidance or help. Maybe he isn't as bad as he originally thought Naruto was.

Naruto quickly pushed his fist away and ran forward swinging his fist still using the turtle hermit style. This time he was quicker and stronger with more energy, Sarutobi Smash! Naruto screamed as All Might took a punch to his stomach causing him to buckle over, Akimichi Hammer Arm! Naruto extended the chakra cloak to form a chakra claw hand and slammed on top of All Might. After the attack, Naruto's extra arm retreated back to his cloak.

All Might stood up with a few scratches himself, "Not bad… not bad at all! However, is that all you can do!" All Might found that the cuffs were broken off his, "Must have been from the Nine Tail's chakra, but let's see how far you can go." All Might ran forward as he began to try to combo Naruto.

Naruto did his best to dodge his attack, Naruto swung his body around trying to gain distance and hit All Might with his tails. However, All Might grabbed Naruto's face and slammed his body into the ground. Naruto brought his right hand up, Vermillion Rasengan! Just then All Might knocked his arm back to the ground. Causing his Rasengan to disperse while covering Naruto's mouth with his other hand. All Might tried to pin Naruto down seeing if he could choke Naruto out due to the lack of oxygen. Just then Naruto opened his mouth.


Everyone Spectating

"Did Naruto just." Mina was about to ask everyone.

"Yes… yes he did." Aizawa shook his head letting a sigh out.

"The hell!" Denki shouted.

Back to the Fight

"OW! SON OF AN TOMATO WHORE!" All Might quickly pry his hand away and threw Naruto into the ground.

"OW!" Naruto shouted as he laid in the ground.

All Might backed up holding his hand as he found teeth marks on his hand, "YOU BITE ME!" All Might shouted at Naruto annoyed. All unknowingly called Naruto correctly since his mother was a redhead. Though his mother wasn't a whore.

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders, but the felt his body catch up to him as he fell on one knee. Naruto fell out of 80% of One For All, "Well it was worth it, otherwise I would have passed out due to lack of oxygen." Naruto let a huff out as he tried to stay standing.

All Might shook his hand and saw Momo still laying on the ground out cold, "Well I say it's about time to wrap this up." All Might lunged forward to knock Naruto out, when he did Naruto disappeared in a puff of smoke, "What! A shadow clone!"

Just then Naruto standing with a now conscious Momo pulled the pin on her last two flashbangs and threw them at All Might. This forced him to cover his eyes, Naruto said, "I've been wanting to try this for a while now! I think this is a perfect time!" Naruto had something shoot out of his back that resembled chains, Adamantine Sealing Chains! The chains shot out and grabbed All Might holding his arms back. Naruto used the last of his strength to hold All Might as long as he could. Naruto even had two chakra arms shoot out to keep his shoulders steady as well. Momo quickly ran up to cuff All Might.

However, All Might was still able to move as he kicked her away. He was about to break loose until Naruto summoned more power from the Nine-Tails to use four tails instead of three. Naruto did his best to hold onto him. Naruto's body completely changed, his skin began to peel off and burn up with the charka. Naruto had darker and thicker red charka around his body, his eyes turned white along with his mouth having razor-sharp red teeth. Naruto has not had enough time to practice using the chains or with this form. So, trying to hold him down was difficult. Momo with a bruise on her cheek quickly ran back over and finally cuff All Might. The two finally fell to the ground tired and out of breath. Naruto still had a rib or two broken. His body had a lot or burn marks. His body was just too tired to continue healing itself, he said, "Dammit… I'm going to the… hospital." Naruto then passed out with Momo on the ground next to All Might passed out.

All Might laughed as he has never seen those chains before, "I wonder what those were… I didn't know Naruto had those chains before. Are they part of One For All? I'll have to ask him." Soon medics came and took the three quirk users to the med bay to get them healed up.

With Class 1-A

Everyone watched in amazement at what they just saw. Naruto's and Momo's tag team of brain and brawn took down the number one hero! Even though the beginning All Might had the weights on, Naruto's charka cloak ate away at eh cuffs removing them. Then they still continued to fight, seriously just how powerful was Naruto! Not only that, even Momo! She was head to head with All Might, the two took one hell of a beating and still kept kicking until they won, "Unreal." Mina still surprised.

"So manly!" Eijiro shouted.

"Man, I don't think we could have beaten him." Denki rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

Izuku said, "Woah! Does that mean Naruto has like three of four quirks now!? I mean a few stems from charka, but those chains! I've never seen him use something like that before!" Izuku began to nerd out over Naruto's power.

Katsuki was seething over this to see Naruto, NARUTO of all people get to beat All Might. The number One Hero, "Dammit! How much do I need to train TO BEAT HIM!" Katsuki shouted to himself.

"You guys could all learn something from those two. Not that they're together, but their teamwork. Their trust in one another, that's how heroes should be." Aizawa mentioned making sure his class could take something from this, "Well with that you're all dismissed."

Evening (Hospital Room)

Naruto woke up in the hospital room groggily as he looked over to find Momo in his bed. He assumed that she moved into his bed once she woke up. Naruto let a sigh out as he found himself wrapped in bandages. He saw an x-ray showing he had four broken ribs. Naruto rubbed his head as he smirked, "Man that was one hell of a fight." Naruto mumbled to himself.

"Naruto." Momo rubbed her eyes tiredly seeing Naruto sitting up in bed.

"Oh, sorry to wake you." Naruto began to rub Momo's head as she leaned into his touch.

"It's okay… oh and uhh Naruto." Momo shook a little bit which confused Naruto.

"Yeah?" Naruto replied leaned in and kissed Naruto as she laid her head in the crook of his neck, "Well I can get use to waking like that more often.

Momo giggled as she smiled, "Well that's good to hear." Momo then let a sigh out until she began to whimper in pain.
"You alright?" Naruto looked at her worriedly.

"Stop worrying about me idiot, you're in far worse condition than I am." Momo scolded Naruto as he put his hands up in defense knowing he'd never win an argument against her.

"All Might punches really hard." Momo whined remembering the ghost of pain she felt on her stomach.

"Yeah, he does, he broke a few of my ribs." Naruto chuckled, "Ah it hurts to laugh." Naruto laid back down as Momo moved a hand on his chest and snuggled her face into the crook of his neck.

"You want to just stay here tonight?" Naruto asked as Momo nodded her head as she fell asleep again comfortably using him like a body pillow.

"Yeah, I do." Momo enjoyed Naruto's warm body but it did concern her. When she saw him use that four tails, he completely changed, "Naruto was that the Kyuubi's chakra?"

"Yeah, it was, that the look it has once I go into the four tails state." Naruto smiled looking at her seeing a bit of fear in her eyes, "Are you scared of it?"

"Well, the appearance is quite intimidating. I was told by the doctors that when you used it, the chakra was so harsh and dense. It was burning away at your skin; they were surprised you ever had any skin." Momo found a burn mark on his neck and frowned, "I don't like it when you get hurt."

Naruto smiled knowing that she cared for his wellbeing, "I only do if I really need to, today was a time I needed to. I was testing myself to see how far I could go. It will take a while but mastering the Kyuubi's chakra isn't going to be easy."

"Which reminds me, what were those chains?" Momo asked curiously.

"Those were Adamantine Sealing Chains, that's part of the Uzumaki bloodline. My Kaa-san right now in the seal is telling me that she had it too." Naruto smiled as he placed a kiss on Momo's forehead while he ran his hand through her long silky black hair.

Momo nodded her head happy with the answer, "I know we passed and all, but do you really think you can take on the villains? What about All For One? You know how dangerous he could be, do you even think All Might or You could beat him?"

Naruto squinted his eyes looking at the ceiling, "Honestly Momo… I don't know only time will tell. Then I'll see if I'm strong enough, which means I need to get stronger. Even if it means using that four tails mode. I will, I need to protect you and everyone else." Naruto said with sincerity.

"I know you do, but you're also no good dead too." Momo began to glare at him angrily, "I swear if you do die. I'll kill you myself!" Momo poked her finger harshly on Naruto's chest.

"Alright, alright, I know, I know!" Naruto said in defense showing Momo that he gave up. Momo stopped poking him as a smile adorned her face, "I love you, you know that Momo?"

"Yes, I know." Momo leaned in as the two kissed one another showing their affections towards one another, "I love you too, I enjoy having you by my side."

"I do too Momo, I do too." Naruto wrapped an arm around holding her close.

"Naruto… do you think I can get stronger? To get as strong as you, to be able to fight alongside you as an equal. I want an answer Naruto, a real one." Momo looked down to stare at Naruto's chest.

Naruto said, "Honestly Momo, I don't know your quirk as of right now has limits. You can create nonliving things from your body using lipids." Naruto put his finger on his lip, "I guess you could try, but remember your only limit if your imagination. Who knows I bet your quirk could evolve one day." Naruto smiled reassuring Momo that she can be as strong as he is.

"Thanks, Naruto." Momo smiled and put her finger on her lip wondering just how much further she could evolve her quirk.

A/N: That's it for this chapter. A little on the shorter side, but I wanna leave like this. As for evolution for Momo's quirk. I think I got a cool way to do it, but you will all just have to read and find out! If one of you guys do somehow guess the idea I'm going for. I'll pm you and let you know that it was my idea to begin with. I don't want to be thought of me just asking you guys to come up with it. Me myself, I like to come up with ideas and different ideas. I don't like using others unless its a really good idea. I, of course, ask the person who came up with it. Ask if it's okay even if we both had the same idea. I don't want to be thought of stealing someone's idea. TitanFall007 OUT! Ja Ne!