Warnings: The usual warnings of the series and games apply, so don't read this story unless you're 16+. Diabolik Lovers is not for young teens or kids!

Summary: After being abandoned by his mother and losing his father to suicide, young Ruki is living on the streets and waiting for death to find him. Something does indeed find him, but it's not death.
As a white-haired child with sharp fangs licks blood from his cheek, Ruki wonders where he did go wrong and how he could escape from the amnesiac weirdo that has attached themself to him. Female OC-Insert.

A/N: I wanted a story with the Diaboys as children and a supernatural female OC that was not a witch/Yui's twin or sibling/Sakamaki sister/sacrificial bride/victim/unicorn and could shake things up, so here I am, writing what I wanted to read. Crossposted on AO3.

I should be focusing on my other stories or on more productive things, but this idea just won't leave me alone¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hope you enjoy. Beware, the OFC is rather rude and insensitive for a reason, at least for now.

Chapter 1

When the stranger came to, their head was pounding as if someone had drilled a hole in it. It was agonizing and made them want to curl into a ball and never wake up again. They could hardly form a coherent thought.

What was going on? Why were they in so much pain?

They tried to open their eyes, but had to close them again because the bright sunlight only worsened the splitting headache and hurt their eyes.

Was it always this bright in their room?

They couldn't remember, but this kind of brightness seemed to be unnatural. They also couldn't recall what their room in the castle looked like.

Castle...? Where did that come from? Did they live in a castle?

Where they of noble blood? How old were they?

Who...? Who were they?

They couldn't remember.

Pain shot through their head as the amnesiac tried to recall something, anything, and they let out a groan in response. A strong feeling of uneasiness overcame them when they realised that they couldn't remember their name or identity, their gender, past, or even where they were.

While they were still unable to open their eyes or concentrate on anything other than the pain in their head, the amnesiac could feel that they were lying on their back and on a cold, hard surface.


However, they could also smell water, grass and fallen leaves close by. It was the scent of autumn.

Were they lying on a path in a park? If so, why?

Their muscles and bones ached when they attempted to move, and their headache got worse with the movement, too, so they continued to lie motionlessly where they had woken up and kept their eyes closed. The amnesiac wondered if someone would come by and help them, but they couldn't hear anything apart from running water and the rustling of leaves in the wind.

Wherever they were, they seemed to be alone.

They must have dozed off for some time, because they felt a lot better the next time they opened their eyes. The splitting headache had receded to a dull ache and their body didn't feel like they'd been run over by a pack of wolves anymore. The sky wasn't as bright as before either; the blinding blue had turned into a dark orange colour.

Finally, the amnesiac could sit up but was a little woozy when they did so. However, despite being able to think clearly, they still couldn't remember who they were or where they were. Not knowing these vital things made them feel lost and rather anxious.

In the hopes of finding any clues concerning their identity or whereabouts, they inspected themself. They were wearing black boots and gloves made out of leather, pants and an elegant tailcoat in the same colour but with white linings and cuffs and silver details, as well as a black waistcoat and white dress shirt with a jabot.

The clothes were well-made, so they assumed that they had been expensive. Were they rich? Or were they really a noble of some kind?

A search through the pockets of their tailcoat proved somewhat fruitful, too. They discovered...

A knife. A perfectly sharp and rather large knife that was ideal for stabbing someone. Oh, but it got even better when they checked their other pocket.


Because there was a second knife.

They furrowed their brows in confusion. Why the heck did they have two very dangerous knives in their pockets?

They were of slightly different designs, but both felt familiar in the amnesiac's grip, which puzzled them even more. Were they some kind of knife maniac?

As they continued to scrutinize the two knives, or rather, daggers, they discovered letters on each of the hilts. They were of a runic script, but they could read the letters without any difficulties.

'Little Spitfire' was engraved on one knife, while the other said 'Nika'.

Nika... that name struck the amnesiac as familiar. Was it their name?

Unfortunately, they didn't find a purse or something else that could point to their identity or whereabouts. They had nothing but those two knives and the clothes they were wearing.

Maybe their surroundings could help them to figure things out. They were sitting in the paved entrance of some sort of underground waterway that led into a mountain. How strange. They had no idea what was on the other end and whether they had come from there or whether they'd wanted to enter it before they lost their memories.

They weren't keen on exploring the waterway and turned to the landscape instead. The entrance of the passageway was surrounded by bushes and trees, a small forest, but they could see the end of it as well as more trees, a grassy plane, and some buildings in the distance.

Perhaps there would be people there who could help them to figure things out?

It was certainly worth a try. Nothing here was familiar to the amnesiac and they didn't pick up any familiar scents either, so they definitely needed any assistance they could get.

They forced themself onto their feet and used the stone wall as a crutch. Their first few steps were a little wobbly but they got used to walking quickly. Just like their hands, their feet and body were small, which made the amnesiac wonder whether they were an adult or a child.

They didn't even know whether they were female or male. Their chest was perfectly flat, which didn't really give them a clue, so they decided to check themself once they'd entered the forest.

It was beyond them why they possessed all this knowledge about random things but had no idea who they were, apart from perhaps being called Nika. It was better than nothing, though, they guessed.

When they had found a suitable bush to hide behind, they dropped their pants and took a good look at what lied down there in the nether regions. From the lack of fleshy stick they could determine that they, no, she, was definitely female and pulled up her pants again.

She was a girl. Or a very short and flat-chested woman. But why was she wearing boy's clothes then?

One more question to add to the rest. She liked the clothes, though, so it wasn't an issue.

She continued her journey towards the buildings that seemed to be the outskirts of a village. The closer she got, the stranger it became. Many of the buildings were blackened and had collapsed, and the streets were empty and neglected.

This place appeared as if it had been abandoned after a fire. Any hope she had in regards to finding help died when she strolled through the dirty streets. She wasn't able to sense any people in the area.

A glance into the houses that were still standing confirmed that there was no one there. In addition, the letters she spotted on some of the buildings were vaguely familiar, albeit it was a different script than the one on her daggers and she couldn't understand the meaning of the words.

Despite the state of the village, she asked for verbal confirmation, "Hello? Is anybody there?"

A shutter crashed to the ground a few meters behind her and made her jump in surprise – she noted that she'd drawn both of her knives and had assumed some sort of defensive stance on reflex – but other than that she received no answer.

She let out a sigh. This wasn't going to be easy, was it?

Nika decided to travel down one of the paths that led out of the abandoned village and followed the road. She became more energetic once the sun had set and the waxing moon shone down upon the earth. She sighed in relief. Now, the stupid sunlight didn't irritate her eyes anymore.

She came across a little pond on the side of the road and was instantly struck by an idea. She'd forgotten to take a look at herself in the village earlier. Nika was curious what her appearance was like.

Maybe she would remember something if she saw her face?

The girl squatted down at the edge of the pond and peered into the water. Shiny golden eyes and a pale, childish face that was framed by white hair greeted her. She also had three golden piercings in each of her ears.

Her hair didn't go past her chin and stood up in wild spikes at the sides, which gave her a more boyish appearance despite her delicate features. If she hadn't checked what lied underneath her pants, she would have mistaken herself for a ten year old boy.

The image of a young man with long white hair and the same golden eyes as her suddenly overlapped her own image and sent a flash of pain through her head.

Who was that? Her father? Her older brother?

She didn't know the answer but had the feeling that he was definitely part of her family. Her heart ached at the thought of his image.

No other memories resurfaced, so the amnesiac continued her journey, confused but unafraid of the night.

She made a few breaks on the way but she didn't feel particularly thirsty or hungry just yet, which she counted as a small blessing. Her feet began to hurt by the time the moon was beginning to make its descent, though. That was when she finally spotted a town in the distance.

The lone traveller's mood brightened immediately, and she quickened her steps. Soon, she entered the town and was greeted by several smells, pleasant and unpleasant alike. There were no people out on the streets she passed through, but she could sense them in their houses.

Nika was confused about this discovery.

Why would someone want to sleep on such a beautiful night as this? The moon and night were much more appealing to the girl than the sun and day.

Weren't you supposed to sleep during the day?

As she walked past smaller side alleys, she finally spotted some people that she could ask for assistance. They were draped in blankets and were sleeping close to the house walls.

The amnesiac was about to approach them, but then a foul odour reached her nose that made her stop in her tracks. She scrunched up her nose in revulsion. These people stunk almost as badly as the alley itself and the rubbish in it.

Deciding that they were too smelly for her taste, Nika turned on her heels and continued her search for a non-smelly person that she could ask for help. She came across more alleys with stinky people like that and backtracked every time. Hours seemed to pass and she was beginning to lose hope about finding a person with no offensive odour.

Maybe she should just get over her sensitivities. This was beginning to annoy her. She wanted some answers!

After the next alley she was going to ask one of the smelly people for help even if she'd hate every second of it.

But then, when Nika was almost ready to give up, she discovered someone who didn't smell as foul as the others. The girl approached the lone huddled figure on the ground with a smile and inspected it.

The figure turned out to be a boy around her age with somewhat greasy black hair and a face that was almost as pale as hers though it was stained with dirt and sported a few bruises. If not for that and his objectionable odour, he could be considered pretty, she thought.

A bath would do him wonders. Maybe she should throw him into a river later.

The boy was wearing a dark tailcoat and clothes that had seen better days but were of a good quality. Underneath his grease and dirt the stranger even didn't smell that bad; his natural scent was acceptable.

Nika was pleased with her find.

The boy shifted uneasily in his sleep, as if he could feel her appraising look on him, and continued to shiver. His lips and skin had a bluish tint to them.

Did that mean that he was cold?

In the girl's opinion the cool air was quite pleasant and refreshing. How could the boy be cold on this fine autumn night? Sure, the dirt puddles she'd passed had been partially frozen, but it still wasn't that cold. There wasn't even snow!

Maybe he was just that weak. Bah.

In any case, Nika had chosen him as the one who was going to assist her. She squatted down next to the lucky boy and used a gloved finger to poke him in the cheek.

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