Alice had strutted out of the room after she scolded me once more for talking to girls in my class. She was awfullying possessive of me after 'The Incident'. Doesn't she trust me? She tells me to befriend people in our grade but always goes off on a tantrum when she sees a vision of me trying. Any girl that even looks in my direction now, gets the iconic Alice glare. This new girl was special though. We met in History class and immediately clicked. Her name is Haley. She's got that typical geeky look with the taped glasses and denim overalls. Mr. Horfer assigned her as my partner for our final project so whether Alice likes it or not, we HAVE to spend time together. I laid down on our grand bed, looking up at the ceiling. I cracked a smile knowing that I finally made a new friend that wasn't Emmett. My relationship with the coven was complicated. Truly, I only liked Emmett, Rose, Alice, and Esme. I guess you could add Bella to the list as we've grown closer after she was turned. However, I fucking despised Edward and his rat father. They constantly had each others' backs and I couldn't stand looking at Edward without the thought of ripping his throat out for many years. Thankfully, Edward wasn't in the house at the time, or else he would've tattled on me to his daddy. I walked out of my room towards the living room, looking for anything to do. I was bored out of my mind and Alice said she was doing some 'errands'. I loved her dearly but she had changed from the innocent angel I once knew. She became the town's slut, and you couldn't walk 10 steps without hearing a naughty rumor about my girl. A shout broke my thoughts as Emmett slammed into me.

"Yo bro! What ya doing?" inquired Emmett. "You looked like you were staring off into space."

"I was just thinking, man. I'm bored out of my fucking mind, dude." I responded.

"Ay dude I got the cure. Wanna go up to the wolves' den and play a game of football?"

"Touch or tack-" He cut me off.

"Tackle obviously. What are you a fucking pussy?" He flashed his fangs with a grin.

"Fuck off. I'll drive." I snarkily said as I grabbed the keys from the counter and headed for Emmett's truck. I roared the engine to life and headed to the wolves' den which was just a nickname for the ranch. Emmett and I grew pretty close with some of the guys there. This would definitely quench this undying boredom. A ring to my phone caught me off guard and I checked it. It was Haley! She texted me her address and a time for tomorrow's study session.

"Who's that? Alice?" Emmett asked. He annoyingly bobbed his head closer to me to peek at my texts.

"Nah dude, just a friend from school." I responded.

"Ah that chick from History? What's her name, uh, Holly?"

"Yeah dude Holly." I tucked my phone into my jeans, smiling to myself.

We finally made it to the ranch. I pulled up to the curb and jumped out, ready to throwdown. We walked up to the field as we saw a couple of them already tackling each other. Emmett ran towards the group and screamed, "LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN PUPS". They all turned towards Emmett, and laughed. Seth screamed back, "You wanna get your ass beat again, leech?" Emmett loved the banter and pat me on the back.

"Let's go." Seth stopped us right in our tracks with a confused face. He crossed his arms.

"Did you bring a ball?" Emmett and I looked at each other. Fuck.

"Uhhhhhh. Nope." I responded. Seth scratched the back of his head.

"I think we have a deflated one in the basement!" Yelled back someone from the group behind Seth. I ran towards the ranch yelling back that I'd get it.

I peered into the ranch and creaked the door open. It was dark yet cozy. I followed the stairs down past the kitchen and the lights were still on. I slowed my pace as I heard grunts and moans. What the fuck?

I looked past the shelf to see the couple. It was Alice and Jacob. Jacob sat on the couch with Alice worshipping his cock on her knees. She was deepthroating him, gagging every so often at his plunge deeper into her. She bobbed back and forth, one of her hands approaching her soaking pussy. She whipped her head back, cum dripping from her face, and a grin of pure euphoria. She licked her lips and said, "Mmmmm Jakey, you always give me so much to drink!" I was absolutely shocked. What the fuck do I even do? I backtracked up the stairs and yelled down that I was coming to give them time to get dressed. I could hear them shuffling to get dressed and it made me sick to my stomach. I walked down slowly, seeing the scene they setup. Alice was sitting on the couch far from Jacob, with a blanket over her, acting like they were about to watch a movie.

"Hey Jazz! What's up? Me and Jake were gonna watch a movie. Do you wanna come watch?" Alice beamed. She was so adorable whenever she spoke to me but I knew it was a facade for her freakish slutty personality. Jacob was leaning on the side of the couch, looking bored.

"No, Seth said there was a football down here, I was gonna grab it." I lamely responded. I didn't even want to play anymore. I was glaring daggers at Jake. And I was sure they could feel my pure rage seep out. I buried it with calmness so they wouldn't notice right away.

"Oh yeah, here it is." Jacob tossed it to me. Then he got up and stretched.

"Yeah I'll probably come play with you guys, just give me a few." I could sense Alice's lust, raking over Jake's body as he stretched through his thin shirt. Anothing ring to my phone brought me out of my thoughts once again. I checked it and saw Haley's text to see if I wanted to hang out. Honestly I wanted to get out of this situation as soon as possible.

"I gotta actually head home, Something came up." I quickly answered. Alice's attention soon shifted towards me. She curiously looked up at me through her thick black lashes.

"Well, I guess I can go home with you then, babe." She bounced up from the couch and latched to my side. She grabbed the football from my hands, examining it, then kissing my cheek. I grabbed her hand and led her out of the basement.

"You said you were doing errands." I pointedly asked her as we walked out of the ranch.

She looked up at me still smiling, her gorgeous amber eyes meeting mine, "He saw me while I was heading to the mall, and asked to hang out. I can't just say no! You know how I am…" She raked her hands through my golden locks. Her hands dropped to my chest, her perfect nails tracing my abs.

Fuck! She was tempting me so easily. Even after what I saw, she could still excite me just like that. I knew she was like this. I just couldn't accept that my little angel turned to a sultry seductress.

She got on the tips of her toes, dropping a light kiss of my lips. "I'm sorry I scolded you earlier. You know how I feel about-" Emmett charged towards us at lightning speed, interrupting Alice.

"Yo Dude hand me the ball, let's play. Wait, Alice, you're here?" Emmett huffed out.

Alice released me from her embrace, "Yeah, me and Jasper are heading home."

"Wait what? Cmon Jazz, we gotta show these dogs what's up."

"Sorry dude, next time for sure." At that, Alice dragged me towards her yellow porsche. She drove off towards our home. I texted Haley back that I was all good for the meetup. I knew Alice would object, but its not like I could switch partners. Besides, Haley was a nice girl. She didn't look at my scars and freakout nor did she oversexualize me like half the girls at school. Alice darted her eyes towards my phone.

"You still texting her? Jazz.." She moaned.

"Allie, I told you that Mr. Horfer assigned her my partner. We have to do this final together."

"Okay, you can do your project, but I don't want you seeing her outside of that."


"No buts Jazz." She huffed. She had no reason to be so possessive, yet cheat on me with every guy in Forks. I had to talk to her about this eventually.

Arriving home, Alice dragged me fervently through the living room. Stopping for a hello at Edward. I could feel his jealousy. I bared my fangs ever so slightly, asserting my dominance. Alice shoved me towards the bed and slammed the door shut.

"You stay here. I need to take a quick shower and freshen up." Alice licked her lips.

I was so angry at her. This was the first time I'd actually witness her doing this. Actually the second time. People have always told me through rumors what she was up to. Whether she sucked off Tyler at a party or she fucked Bella's dad at the potluck. I guess I've been so hypnotized by our 'eternal love' as she stated that I've forgiven everything subconsciously. We'd been together for so long. She was never like this before we met the Cullens. She was sweet, innocent, and shy. That love she gave me back then was so addicting. It differed from the aggressive, rough, lustful love I received from Maria. I had made sure that my time with Alice would be different. Passionate and loving was every emotion me and Alice felt. But I was so fucking pissed. I had to take this out.

I jumped up from the bed and grabbed Alice's throat. She looked at me through her long lashes with fear and lust. She knew exactly what I was doing. I threw her on the bed roughly, and pounced on her.