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Usagi/Yami *runs from Mamoru/Usagi fans*





Haruka/Marik 8runs from Haruka/Michiru fans*



Chibiusa/Mokuba (kind of)




Now on with the fic!


"Yugi," Sugoroku began, "I need to tell you something important."

"What is it, Ji-san?" Yugi inquired.

"Yes, what is it, oji-" Yami paused as he caught himself, "I mean Sugoroku."

"It's alright, Yami," Sugoroku told the ex-Pharaoh. Since Yami had somehow acquired a body he had become like a second grandson to Sugoroku. "Maybe you two, or at least you Yugi, ought to sit down for this."


"What!?!?" Yugi asked out of shock. "How come you didn't tell me sooner!?!?"

"Yugi calm down," Sugoroku stared at Yugi until he did as he was told. "Now," he began, "Let me explain this again. You see, you have a twin sister named Rei who has been living with your other grandpa for the last fifteen years. Your mother died giving birth to you two and your father, as you've already been told, is a politician who doesn't have much time for his family," Sugoroku paused for a moment before continuing. "I didn't tell you sooner because your father didn't want me to until you were both eighteen. He took care of you both until you were two. At that point, Rei looked so much like your mother that he couldn't take being around her as much, so he began working more and had less time to spend with his family. At that time, I had just opened the game shop and your grandmother had just died so I couldn't care for both of you and your other grandpa couldn't either. Since you'd be separated anyway, your father didn't want me to tell you until you were eighteen, but that was changed when your other grandpa died."

"I see," Yugi paused for a few moments before continuing, "So her name is Rei?"

"Yes, Rei Hino," Sugoroku answered.

"Hino?" Yugi asked, curious to find out why she had a different last name than him.

"Your mother's maiden name was Hino. Rei was mad at her father for not spending time with his family and had her last name to Hino according to what Naosuke* told me," Sugoroku answered.

"Oh," Yugi simply replied.

An uncomfortable, or at least to Yami, fell over the room. The aforementioned "Game King" decided to break it after a few minutes.

"So, when is this 'Rei' coming?" Yami asked the elderly owner of the Kame Game Shop.

"She'll be here tomorrow morning," Sugoroku answered. The room was silent until he began to speak again. "Hey, weren't you going to go meet Jounouchi, Shizuka, Honda, Anzu, and Ryou at the arcade?"

"Hai, Ji-san we were," Yugi answered.

"Then why don't you tell your friends about Rei, I'm sure they'll be excited," Sugoroku suggested.

"Yoshi," Yugi said as he and Yami exited the game shop.

Poor Yugi. I wish I had told him sooner, Sugoroku thought as he watched Yugi and Yami walk out the door.


Rei Hino entered the Tsukino's house, not expecting anything big.

"Surprise!" The group that was in the room, including Usagi, Ami, Minako, Makoto, Haruka, Michiru, Hotaru, and surprisingly Setsuna cheered as she entered the room.

"What's all this for?" She asked.

Did you honestly think we were going to let you live without a goodbye party?" Usagi answered/asked.

Rei just smiled at her friends, who were more like family.


Japanese to English Word/Term Guide

(O) ji-san - grandpa

Hai – Yes

Yoshi – Okay

Japanese to English Name Guide

Sugoroku Mutou – Solomon Muto

Rei Hino – Raye Hino

Jounouchi (Jou) Katsuya – Joey Wheeler

Shizuka Katsuya – Serenity Wheeler

Anzu Mazaki – Tèa Gardner

Honda Hiroto- Tristan Taylor

Ryou Bakura – Bakura Ryou

Usagi Tsukino – Serena Tsukino

Ami Mizuno – Amy Anderson

Minako Aino – Mina Aino

Makoto Kino – Lita Kino

Haruka Tenou – Amara Tenoh

Michiru Kaioh – Michelle Kaioh

Setsuna Meioh – Trista Meioh

Kame Game Shop – Turtle Game Shop

Other Notes

Regular Bakura/Ryou – Ryou

Yami Bakura – Bakura

Yuugi – Yugi

Yami Yuugi – Yami

Mariku/Marik/Malik – Malik

Yami Mariku/Marik/Malik – Marik

* I didn't know his first name and got tired of using "your other grandpa" so I took the creative route and just used "Naosuke"

/ Hikari to Yami /

//Yami to Hikari //

Italics – thoughts or words in Japanese.

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