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"Yes, but I'm only a beginner, and not very good yet," Rei answered, slightly mad that her thoughts were interrupted.

"We can help you a bit," Yuugi began as he looked at his yami, "If Yami doesn't mind."

"Of course not, Aibou," The tri-colored ex-Pharaoh answered.


Over the next hour, Yami and Yuugi taught Rei a lot about Duel Monsters and the "Heart of the Cards." She now had a new deck, mainly with "Fire" and "Dark" monsters. She had gotten very good at the game.

Yuugi, Yami, and Rei were currently in the living room waiting for Anzu, Jounouchi, Honda, Ryou, and Bakura to arrive. Shizuka would be coming too, but she and Mai had been planning on going shopping with some friend of Mai's for a week.


"Hello, it's nice to meet you," Anzu said as she shook Rei's hand.

"It's nice to meet you too," Rei replied.

Anzu had just arrived and was the last to arrive except for Ryou and Bakura, who had yet to come. Ryou had called and said that they would be late because Bakura just HAD to finish watching "Ghost Ship," even though he had seen it twenty times and only liked certain parts of it.

"So," Jounouchi began, "Ar' ya ready for dat duel?" He asked. Rei had agreed to duel him after he lost, I mean, dueled Yuugi.

"Sure," Rei answered, slightly ready to get it over with.


Yuugi turned his attention to the doorway as Ryou and Bakura entered in. He walked over to them as no one else seemed to notice since they were watching the duel that Jounouchi was apparently losing.

"Hey, Ryou, hey Bakura," he greeted both of them.

"Hey," Ryou said and turned his head toward Rei. "Is that your sister?"

"Hai," Yuugi answered.

Bakura stared at Rei as the duel continued. Who is, or was she? I know I've seen her before. He thought to himself as Rei continued to win.


"Aw man!" Jounouchi said as his life points reached zero. "I can't believe I lost!"

"Relax, Jounouchi. You lose a lot of duels," Honda said.

"Yeah, and don't forget she was taught by the 'Kings of Games'," Anzu replied as she winked at Yuugi. Yuugi blushed and Yami smirked; he had noticed that they liked each other. The only problem was to get Yuugi to ask her out…


"It's a pleasure to meet you" Ryou said with a smile. "I'm Ryou, and this is Bakura."        

"Well, you look different than I expected," Bakura said with a smirk. "I expected someone extremely short like the old hag and foolish midget."


Japanese to English Word/Term Guide

(O) ji-san – grandpa

Hai – Yes

Yoshi – Okay

Bai – Goodbye (informal)

Aibou – Partner

Japanese to English Name Guide

Sugoroku Mutou – Solomon Muto

Rei Hino – Raye Hino

Jounouchi (Jou) Katsuya – Joey Wheeler

Shizuka Katsuya – Serenity Wheeler

Anzu Mazaki – Tèa Gardner

Honda Hiroto- Tristan Taylor

Ryou Bakura – Bakura Ryou

Usagi Tsukino – Serena Tsukino

Ami Mizuno – Amy Anderson

Minako Aino – Mina Aino

Makoto Kino – Lita Kino

Haruka Tenou – Amara Tenoh

Michiru Kaioh – Michelle Kaioh

Setsuna Meioh – Trista Meioh

Kame Game Shop – Turtle Game Shop

Sennen Items – Millennium Items

Other Notes

Regular Bakura/Ryou – Ryou

Yami Bakura – Bakura

Yugi – Yuugi

Yami Yuugi – Yami

Mariku/Marik/Malik – Malik

Yami Mariku/Marik/Malik – Marik

/ Hikari to Yami /

//Yami to Hikari //

Italics – thoughts or words in Japanese.

-----Name----- = Character POV

-----End----- = End POV

Fanfiction Term Guide

POV – Point of View

AU – Alternate Universe


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