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It was a beautiful Saturday in the middle of July and 17-year-old Ashley Wells couldn't be happier. She was in her father's dark green jeep, finally spending time with him. Her 46-year-old dad, John, finally got time off his busy schedule working in the military.

Ashley and her dad were travelling through Carbonear, Newfoundland, deciding where to go. "I don't want to go to Wal-Mart, I practically live there, since I shop there all the time," said John. "Well I don't want to go to the mall in Bay Robert's, it's too small. Why don't we rent a movie?" suggested Ashley. John ran his right hand through his thick black hair. "Ok, but I'm not renting from Marie's Video Store. They have only a small selection of movies and the price to rent a movie there is too high," "Let's not rent a movie then. Why don't we go visit the Andersons? We haven't seen them for a while," suggested Ashley. "Ok," said John, and they headed for the Andersons' house.

When they arrived at the Andersons' house, they noticed that the Andersons were in the backyard. "Hey John," said Mr. Anderson, as Ashley and John entered the backyard. "We're having barbeque, why don't you stay and have some?" suggested Mr. Anderson. "Sure. What are you cooking?" asked John. "Pork chops and chicken," replied Mr. Anderson. "Sounds good," said John. "Dad, I'm going to see Heather and Michael, ok?" asked Ashley. "Sure," replied John.

Ashley went down by the swings, where Heather and Michael were. Heather was seventeen, the same age as Ashley. Michael was six years old. "Hey Heather and Michael, it's been a long time since I have seen you two," said Ashley. "Hey," replied Heather and Michael.

Everything was going great. The adults were tending to the barbeque and having a great chat, and Ashley, Heather, and Michael were chatting and playing with each other. Ashley suddenly felt she had to use the washroom so she went inside the house. While Ashley was inside, she heard an explosion. Ashley looked outside and gasped. Fire was coming from the barbeque and was quickly spreading, due to the wind. Ashley went and grabbed a phone and called 911. "I need help! I heard an explosion, and when I looked outside, a fire was spreading!" Ashley said.

Meanwhile, in another part of Newfoundland, the Rescue Heroes had just finished tending to a firestorm that had spread through Gros Morne National Park. "Glad that's over," said Wendy Waters. "Phew! I haven't seen anything that hot since the time I met Shania Twain. Now that's what I call hot!" said Jack Hammer.

Billy Blazes' pager started beeping. Billy answered. "Come in, Warren." "Billy, you got another fire to contend with. An explosion was heard in Clarke's Beach and a fire is quickly spreading from the explosion. Local authorities are busy at the moment and since you are in the Hyperjet, you can probably get there fastest. I'll send you the coordinates," said Warren Waters. "Thanks Warren, we're on it," said Billy, and they headed to Clarke's Beach.

When they arrived, they saw the fire right away. "Is everyone ok?" asked Billy. "We're fine, but my son Michael is trapped in the fire. He can't escape!" Mrs. Anderson frantically said. "Help!" screamed Michael. "Don't worry, we'll save him," said Wendy. Billy and Wendy went to try to put out the fire. While Billy and Wendy were trying to put out the fire and trying to find a way to make a break in the fire to save Michael, Ashley noticed a spare "rescue suit" and quickly put it on. "If they are putting out the fire and the fire is not put out easily, then it will take them longer to save Michael. They might be too late. This suit is fire resistant and I'm a pro at gymnastics, so it will be easy for me to leap through the fire without having to worry about being hurt by the fire. I've got to try to save Michael!" thought Ashley. Ashley tied back her long, straight brown hair and put the suit on. She then went to leap through the fire. "No, stop! It's too dangerous!" yelled Billy. But it was too late. Ashley was already gone.

Billy tried to go through the fire and save her, but as he was spraying the fire and trying to reach her, she leaped out - with Michael in her arms. "My baby! Are you ok?" sobbed Mrs. Anderson, as she ran towards Michael. "I'm fine. Ashley saved me!" said Michael. "Are you ok, Ashley?" asked John. "I'm fine, but there was no mask protecting me from the fumes from the fire," said Ashley, as she coughed. "You have slight smoke inhalation. Here, breathe through this and you'll be fine," said Wendy, as she handed Ashley an oxygen mask.

After Billy finished putting out the remainder of the fire, he went to speak to Ashley. "Ashley, what you did was very dangerous. You could have been killed. You should have let the authorities who were properly trained to rescue Michael," said Billy. "However, I saw how you moved swiftly through the fire, avoiding being touched by the fire at all costs, to rescue him. I was very impressed by that, and because of that, I would be honored if you considered joining the Rescue Heroes," said Billy. "Really?!" Ashley gasped. "Dad, can I?" she asked. "Well I joined the military when I was 17 years old and you are 17 years old now. It would be a nice change from attending Boarding School. I'm the only family you have since your Mom died in that car accident, and I'm not home very often. The Boarding School has different students there every six months, and only a few students are there constantly. And from what you told me, you haven't gotten along with those people. I will not object to you joining the Rescue Heroes, but two things concern me. One is even though you are a part of the Rescue Heroes, it would still be good if you got an education. And two, I would think you need lots of training to take part in rescues. "Oh don't worry," said Billy. "Ashley will receive plenty of home schooling, so she will still receive an education. And she will receive plenty of training, so she knows what to do in certain rescues. Each person on our team specializes in certain areas. However, if the need arises, they can work in any situation given to them to deal with. Since Ashley is young, she will be trained for many areas, but most of her training will be in the field of firefighting. She will only have to deal with fire rescues for now, and even though she has demonstrated that she is quite capable of dealing with a serious fire, she will not be required to deal with one as serious as a firestorm for now. This is because of rules and regulations. She will not have as much training as someone who is 20, but that is because she is young and still needs to get an education," explained Billy. "It's fine with me then. I have no problem with her joining," said John.

"Well Ashley, do you still want to join?" asked Billy. "Yes," said Ashley. "I do, however, want to pack and have a few days with my dad." "That's ok, we can come get you on Wednesday if you want. Is that long enough?" asked Billy. "Yes, it is. My dad has to return to the military on Wednesday anyways," said Ashley. "One more thing before I go. Don't worry about where you will sleep or where you will put your things. You'll be given a locker to store the things you take with you, and in the room you will sleep in you can store some things in that too. Everyone shares a room with someone because of space, and the only female that does not have someone sharing a room with her is Wendy, so you will share a room with her," said Billy. "That's fine, I don't mind," said Ashley.

After writing down Ashley's contact information, Billy said goodbye and joined the other Rescue Heroes in the Hyperjet and left.

Wednesday came. Ashley had everything she needed packed up and ready to go. A helicopter landed near Ashley's house and Ariel Flyer stepped out. "Billy sent me to get you. Are you ready?" asked Ariel. "Yes," said Ashley. And with that she said goodbye to her dad, gave him a hug, then a kiss on the cheek and left.

When Ashley arrived at the Mountain Action Command Center, the Rescue Heroes greeted her warmly. Ashley smiled. A new adventure had just begun.