Red, White and Blue

Julian Miklotov was tall, thin and had a jaw an architect could draw straight lines with, his black hair-like everything else he owned-was stiff and neat and he wore his limited clothes with a strange pride, keeping them in horribly good condition (you could see the creases in a five year old pair of jeans). He was twenty six years old, a very fussy and meticulous man who liked to say what was on his mind, suffice to say, he didn't have very much luck with women but he didn't care because he had his job. He was a police officer.

Miklotov had been a police officer since the age of nineteen, he had received his badge with pride and promised to uphold the law but more importantly, to protect those weaker than himself. As Miklotov liked to say "I am a human first, and a police officer second", meaning he would do what his heart told him to do first, not orders. His father had taught him that many years ago and he kept those words with him, even after his fathers death three years ago.

Miklotov entered the Highland city police station at half five in the morning to catch up with some paper work, he always arrived early but decided to have a lie in. He entered the building, the only people there was Rachel Leona the receptionist who was drinking feverishly from a mug of coffee and taking aspirin at the same time, the other was Tony the janitor, a tubby man with a huge grin stuck on his face. Despite the fact that he was living on janitor's wages, he had a Mercedes and numerous gold chains and expensive looking "gangsta" jewellery. Miklotov knew he was probably involved in drugs but had never ratted him put or mentioned it because he liked him. The tall man walked up to Leona

"Hello Rachel" He said, his voice was charismatic and musical "Any paper work for me?"

"Nope" Said Leona "But the guy you dragged in last night got let off"

"What!?!? That druggie!?!?" Shouted Miklotov, enraged "Who authorised this?"

"Bobby" Said Leona, taking another swig of coffee, her usually neat black hair, falling about her face unevenly, as hair usually did in the early hours of the morning "He said you had had a rough night so he'd take over."

"That idiot! That man was a drug trafficker!"

"Actually, he was a fifteen year old called Billy Chaco, he decided to snort a headache pill for a dare." She intercepted, before refilling her mug with a coffee pitcher "Bobby did a drug test on him just to be sure, he was clean. Just a dumb kid."

"I think I'd rather hear that from Camus!" Said Miklotov unnecessarily loudly and dramatically. " I hardly think YOU'R qualified to give me that kind of information." Leona, stared at him blankly

"I'd kick your ass if you weren't such a girl Miklotov." She said before getting down to some paper work .

Miklotov gasped in indignation, turned round and stomped into his office, his shared office.

Everything he had he had to share with Camus, his charming, good looking friend. Though he had been Miklotov's best friend for years now, he still felt bitter about the mans success. Miklotov worked his ass off every night while Camus went off cruising for chicks, and he was just as successful as him. It just wasn't fair.

Miklotov's ears pricked up as he heard Leona's greeting, Camus was here.

Bobby Camus had been a police man since the age of twenty, when he had enrolled in the police academy, thanks to his crack shot and cool head in a crisis he had been quickly promoted to detective and assigned along with his best friend Miklotov to sort out gang crimes in Highland city. He certainly didn't look like a hard-ass police officer, firstly he smiled all the time, secondly he never carried a gun except when on the job, Camus thought that guns were unnecessary unless violence could not be avoided. He was tall, fair haired and good looking and notoriously popular in the city, however Camus' best friend was Miklotov whom he hung round with all the time, annoying the workaholic young man.

Camus strolled into the police station and was instantly met with Leona's greeting and Tony's jovial nod, Camus loved this part of the day, the morning, when he didn't have to worry about any crime 'til commissioner Gorudo got there. When he could walk along the cells and admire his handiwork, thugs of all shapes and sizes ready to be shipped off to Highlands city's high security prison. It nearly brought a tear to the young mans eye.

He smiled at the two and walked straight to his office and was instantly faced with Miklotov, a vein throbbing in his temple.

"Where have you been?" he said, sounding strangled, as if he was forcing himself not to wring Camus' neck.

"Sleeping." Camus said "Jesus Mikki its like, half five."

"That's not the point!" he said, his vein throbbing even more at the annoying nickname Camus used for him, however he continued unabated "The point is you let that junkie off last night didn't you!?"

"Yes." Camus sighed, walking past his friend and sitting at his desk. "Here's the paper work." He tossed Miklotov a file with two or three papers, showing Billy Chaco's statistics and reasons for being brought in. Miklotov's vein nearly popped. However Camus didn't notice this and continued "I did a couple of drug tests, he didn't have anything on him and showed no signs of toxins in his body. It was a headache pill, he snorted it for a dare."

"That's not the point!" he positively screamed " The point is you did not contact me about this!" Camus looked up at this outburst.

"Sorry buddy, didn't think it was that important." He said sincerely

"Its not that specifically!" Miklotov said, sitting at his own desk and pinching the bridge of his nose "But you never feel my views are important, your so full of yourself!"

"C'mon man, you were tired, u saw the kid staggering around like he was high. But the fact is, you were depressed, you weren't exactly on top form last night were you?." Camus said "And to be blunt, you made a pretty rookie mistake." Miklotov knew Camus was right, taking the kid in was justified but he should have done the tests before he went home instead of leaving the kid in a cell.

The reason Miklotov had been so distracted lately was because his girlfriend Emma had dumped him. He had been depressed for weeks and then went into a stage of distracted over-performing, where he would do more than he had to. Badly. The kid had been a perfect example of that, he wasn't even on duty at the time but he still felt he had to take him in, any other officer would have stayed away in case a crazy drug baron was around the corner and the kid owed him money.

Camus could see he was thinking and snapped him out of it by throwing a paper aeroplane at him, it him between the eyes and he blinked furiously, looking at Camus, annoyance plain on his thin face. Camus laughed

"Wanna get a burger, no one will be in for another two hours." Miklotov shook his head

"I have a lot of paper work to do."

"Bullshit!" Camus scoffed "its been so quiet lately, now c'mon." He grabbed his friend by the arm and pulled him out the door, telling Leona where they were going.

After Miklotov shouted and made a big scene for a bit, Camus let go

"What the hell are you trying to do!?!?"

"Well when you've finished shouting." He said, pushing his friend into a an alley "I've got a lead on the Highland Mafia." Miklotov raised his eyebrows at this

"That would explain why you were so early."

"I just want to tell you this isn't authorised, we'd be doing this of our own free will, without backup."

"You know I won't have a problem with that." Miklotov said. It was true, if it meant protecting people, Miklotv would go to any lengths. Camus nodded

"I knew you'd come through for me buddy." He said "they're meeting at the steelmill in half an hour, we'll get down there and ambush them."

"Without any men?"

"Do we need them?" Camus grinned.

They made their way across town quickly, until they came to the steel mill, Camus knew the proprietor was corrupt and letting shady dealing happen in his place was something Camus expected, so the young police officer kept an ear on the street to find out about any suspicious goings on. The man was called Richmond, an ex DI, the man was a genius at finding things out and going undetected. Camus paid him handsomely for any information he could dig up.

The two walked forward and made they're way into the side entrance, the noise of steel works deafening them. The mill was a mishmash of walkways and furnaces, a top of the range mill, used to make and melt gadget equipment made by eccentric Japanese businessmen, they certainly made a lot of money. The two looked upwards and noticed a young man about their age with long red hair, wearing a snappy suit walking along one of the higher walkways with two large men in tow.

Camus nudged his friend, who had seen them already and the two began to walk towards the stairs leading to the walkway the big men were on, due to many walkways and the fact that they had swiped a couple of hard hats when they walked in, they were able to remain pretty inconspicuous. Pretending they were on a break, the two walked leisurely forward, ignoring the workers and nodding when necessary. They neared the stairs and walked up slowly, suddenly a large man wearing an immaculate suit that looked as if it were about to explode blocked their path.

"And who the hell are you guys?" He said, craning his neck to look down at them, Camus and Miklotov were tall, but this man was a veritable giant.

"Well we work here." Camus grinned as confidently as he could

"Yep, we work here all right." Said Miklotov in a southern drawl, the drama lessons his mom had bought him so many years ago were finally paying off, they called him a pansy but look at him now!!!!! Ahem. The man looked at them and scowled.

"Get them." He said and two equally huge men came bounding after them, both of them grabbed the two police officers. "Sorry buddies but we don't believe you. Everyone here works for Highland Mafia and I don't recognise your faces."

"We're new recruits!" Camus shouted, a nervous quiver in his voice "I'm uh, Vinnie the shark! And this here's Billy Mcscary." He said, nodding at Miklotov who gave him an incredulous look as if to say 'that has to be the stupidest name I've ever heard', Camus winced apologetically and looked back at his large captor.

"Sorry Vinnie, but I don't believe you. Kill 'em boys." At this the two large men went for guns, to do this they had to let go of Camus and Miklotov, big mistake. The two whipped their guns out so fast it was a blur and spun round, firing at the two men, killing them. The third man attempted to get his gun out but was pistol whipped to the floor by Miklotov, the police officer then pinned the man to the floor and began to read him his rights while Camus leaped onto the platform with astounding agility, he was instantly faced with three bodyguards, he fired his gun and two guards went down, the third man attempted to fire but his pistol was shot out his hand by a third gunshot from Miklotov on the lower floor, Camus ran forward and knocked the man over easily, he then saw the proprietor and the well dressed young man escaping through a door to the roof accompanied by three guards, he followed and heard Miklotov running after him.

Camus opened the door and was surprised to see the body guards and the well dressed man gone, the proprietor also.

"Dammit!" Camus shouted, Miklotov ran up a few seconds later, his gun out, Camus looked at him "No point man, they're gone."

"Shit." Miklotov said, holstering his weapon "We're gonna be in trouble for this."

"And we didn't get any solid proof of any shady dealings. At least we snagged ourselves a couple of thugs though." Camus said checking the sides of the roof to check if they were hanging.

"We should be able to get a confession out of them." Miklotov said, walking down to the two thugs left alive. The two men walked back into the building.

And so ends another fruitless attempt to bring the seemingly untouchable Highland Mafia to justice. For many decades they have practically run Highland city. They are led by Mafia Boss Agares Blight, a genius at gang warfare who is fabled to be 'past his sell by date'. However they have eluded the police for years, even close calls like the one you have just read were easily covered up with bribes. Many police officers are not willing to go up against them, leaving them to do whatever they want. Could this all change? Could a few determined police officers change what has been going on consistently for years?