Chapter 19

"Uuuuum……. F…. Fuckblammo…."

What the fuck? That was the best he could come up with? He was dead, he was probably in the black void of limbo or something (Camus was certainly not a religious man and did not believe in any kind of heaven or hell.) and all he could come up with was fuckblammo. That wasn't even a word.

He tried to get up but felt only an incredible searing pain in his chest. He reached out and touched the hard quazi-leather outer coating of his steering wheel. Leather? Was he in a mac truck?

Then it hit him and everything was explained, especially the strange upside down feeling. He was literally upside down, and trapped in his own toppled, crashed car.

It didn't get any worse than this. And then it hit him, all the horrible revelations and the fact that he had crashed while driving to kill his best friend. It was too much, he felt like giving up there and then. Then he realised that the car was slowly burning and suddenly all he wanted to do was get out, wriggling as much as he could (which was incredibly painful) he was able to get out of his seat belt, he then fell hard onto the ceiling, which was now the floor and quickly lunged for the door.

He opened it with a great deal of difficulty and fell out, coughing and spluttering, onto the damp grass next to the highway.

He was a little confused that no one had come to help him, cars were zooming past and didn't seem to notice him, these people really had their heads stuck up their asses.

Crawling away as fast as he could, he heard a few small crackling noises and then before he knew it he was hunched in a ball, a huge explosion blossoming into existence behind him. That should get their attention he grinned, and got up. His muscles were no where near as tired as he thought they'd be and the pain in his chest had subsided now he had got all the smoke out of his lungs. He'd been lucky.

Stumbling forwards, he felt his strength regaining at a rapid rate. Jesus, being a freaky test tube baby had its perks.

Walking next to the highway, he stuck his thumb out, the idea was to hitch a ride before the cops got there. Despite the fact that this looked so fucking suspicious.

"Ah, man." He sighed and started to walk back, absolutely convinced it wouldn't work. Suddenly a truck stopped by him. The door opened and he was instantly met with the large, tanned face of Viktor.

"Need a ride dude?"

Shu swore under his breath, he couldn't believe he had actually let that idiot drive off and possibly get himself killed. In his Cadillac!

Still, he had got a bit of store room action with sexy waitress so it had not been that bad but still, his duty was to stop Camus doing something rash. He was, after all, Leon's son.

And he owed to much to Leon to let him down.

It had been a real strain on his conscience to crack that trucker over the head and steal his keys. But he had to get a ride and get to Camus before he reached the city and killed someone, or was killed himself.

Unfortunately the truck was so slow and cumbersome that he doubted he would reach the city in that time. He swore and blew his immense horn (that sounded dirty) for no reason as most cars were getting the fuck out of his way. Sighing, he put the radio on.

"Fuck. Sinatra."

"Fuck, Sinatra!" Futch shouted as the radio crackled into life. The truck was old and large but surprisingly fast and was getting them into town easily enough. However, Camus knew it might take another fifteen minutes or so, so he decided to relax, or as much as he possibly could right before confronting your possibly homicidal best friend.

"So whats up? Why were you heading back into town?" Camus asked.

"Well, we were gonna leave, when we decided to head back to town and grab Flik, we heard on the radio about the pigs reinstating themselves and we knew he'd get nabbed."

"So why aren't you beating the shit out of me now?" Camus said, wincing as if he were about to get hit. Viktor just laughed

"Hell, you killed more of those Mafia fuckers then I did. The least I could do."

"Keep your eyes on the road!" Humphrey shouted as Viktor nearly crashed into a snazzy merc in front of them. Suddenly they saw it, the entrance to the city. And then the torrential rain of police cars moving towards them. All for of them, in unison said


Viktor turned to Camus.

"How did they know we were here?"

"They must have seen us leave in the truck earlier." Futch said, panic evident in his voice.

"After all, we did kill a fuckload of people." Humphrey said, calmly. "Camus, we're going the long way round to the hospital to lose them, were are you headed?"

"The Memorial hospital." Camus said "Looks like I'll be jumping out then guys." He saluted to them, and leaped out the door, rolling expertly as he hit the floor. He watched the truck move expertly round the corner, being hounded by three police car.

And now, the long run to the hospital. Camus picked himself up and ran.

Shu reached the city, only to be met with police cars moving quickly around the corner to the slums. He drove as quickly as he could in the shitty excuse for an automobile he was in at the towards the memorial hospital, which was surely where Camus would go to stop Miklotov. Was Miklotov really on a murderous rampage though? Would this be all for nothing?

Shu knew in his heart and mind that whatever waited for Camus in that hospital would not be pleasant.

And Shu was always right, he looked solemnly out the window. This city was the setting for a great tragedy, just like Gregminister. So many were dead because of him, because of Leon. Because of Agares, because they didn't kill the clones when they should have. And now, a lot of people were most probably going to die again. But only Camus would be able to kill Miklotov, just as only Seed had been able to kill Luca and only Camus had, in turn, been able to kill Seed. No human could get rid of them. The animals would slowly eradicate themselves.

The adrenaline rush had worn off now, and Camus was beginning to feel fatigue. But the hospital was in sight now, suddenly a truck flew past him and stopped in the car park. Was it Viktor again?

The door opened and the slim frame of Shu walked out. Camus stopped, leaning against the railing for support as he felt his strength ebbing away.

"So, what are you gonna do?" Shu asked, as he walked towards the exhausted young man.

"I thought you were cool with me doing this?" Camus panted

"Well I just needed to check…" Shu trailed off

"You mean check I didn't go loco and kill someone?" Camus, said angrily, then suddenly his hand shot into Shu's jacket and he snatched his gun out of its shoulder holster. Shu didn't say anything.

Camus walked over to the entrance of the hospital, it was silent. And all the lights were out. He felt fear creep up his spine. And then, without another word. Walked into the entrance, Shu could only watch as he was slowly enveloped in darkness.

So, this was it….