Chapter 1:

A lot of people say Twilight is dead but even if you believe that ( I DO NOT) please read this story. All credits from characters go to Stephanie Meyer. I'm going to start publishing Saturdays regularly, and some times multiple times in a week when I have time. ( I'll try to make all my posts about 1k words)

Bella's POV

Every person, every living being was made by God in his vision right? Did he imagine me dying, going bald, having lung cancer? Did he want me and loved ones to suffer? Or was my life an accident? Is everyone with cancer a mishap? Is there even a God at all? Anything to believe in? Something to live for?

These are the questions that haunt me every day of my life since I was nine, and continue to haunt me as I pull into the parking lot to my new school, Forks High School, where I have transferred to halfway through the school year. The building is small, about five times smaller than my school in Arizona, which means there's about five times more gossip. I know my teachers aren't allowed to say anything about my diagnosis to anyone else but still my fear of everyone knowing, and seeing me just as my disease ...ugh. It's the reason I moved to Forks anyway, a fresh start where no one knows me or my problems. My mom had to stay where she was, because she needed job stability, and Phil to help pay my medical bills, so I went to live with my father, Charlie.

My thoughts were interrupted by some kid talking to me who introduced himself as Eric. I then looked at him and glared, he was tall with long black hair and Asian.

"You're Isabella Swan right?"

"Just Bella," I said with an obvious annoyance for it seemed I was already the main topic of the school.

"Do you want me to show you your way around?" This school has two hallways with classrooms, not even I could get lost.

"No thanks" I said, quickly brushing him off. I felt bad of course but I knew, as always the less people I get close to, the less people that get hurt when I "kick the bucket".

As I walked down the halls I recived stares from everyone I passed, so I decided to stare down at my paper which is telling me that my class schedule it states that I have English first in room 3, with Mr. Mason.

I walk in and get forced to introduce myself,and I then get pointed to my seat right next to no other than Eric Yorkie, who from the looks of it, is already developing a schoolboy crush. This is going to be a long day.

I've somehow gotten through the majority of my day, at lunch I went to the second farthest table from the back, since the farthest was already occupied.

I look down at my schedule to see I have biology left, and gym. One of the perks of cancer is I get to sit out and not participate. When I was younger I some how always managed to injure something when doing any physical activity, including walking in a straight line.

I walk in to a tiny classroom, late, and sit myself down in the only open chair.

The boy next to me began to stare at me so intensely I feel like he could burn right through my skin. It started to agitate me and I snap at him and hissed in a whisper.

"Do you have a problem?" I snapped at him

He then turned red and starts to look down. I looked at his eyes, they were a breathtaking green. I turned my head and use my hair to make a screen between us. I could tell he was still looking at me when he thought I wasn't looking back, but this time I didn't mind. I was to concentrated on the rest of him. He had such stricking features, his hair was this bronze like color almost impossible for me to describe, his jawline, lips, his face structure was flawless. He was just breathtaking.

I then realized what was happening to me, so I got up out of my seat and left the room, and I could still fell his eyes on me.

Come next time to see Edward POV and to see why Bella reacted liked that. I've written so many fan fictions but never have I posted any of them. There mostly Twilight though, I was introduced to Twilight as a dark point in my life and it really did change my life and bring light into it. So please, please, please READ REVIEW