Sonny Monroe leaned against the window frame gazing forlornly at the Wisconsin sunset. Her thoughts were however wandering to Los Angeles. How dearly she had wanted

to go there when she was fifteen. Being on So Random had been her dream. Well she got that alright .But Mackenzie Falls was something she hadn't bargained for.

Five years later, at twenty she was back in her hometown with her dreams half fulfilled and a young daughter. Every time she thought of the Falls her mind pictured the

glowing face of America's teen heartthrob Chad Dylan Cooper. She had always been a fool when it came to that excuse of a human being. Tawni, Nico, Grady and Zora had

said so from the very beginning. She had thought he had changed. She always saw something in him that others didn't. Everyone branded him as CDC but she knew Chad.

The real Chad.

It turned out that her entire relationship with him was a painful lie. Now she had fled L.A to come back to where she belonged with her mother. She had seeked out her best

friends in Wisconsin, who would have even given their lives for her.

Maria Darlington. Rodrick Paton. Shane Lawson. Aubrey Jefferson.

Her crew before she decided to race towards fame. The people she had shared beautiful moments with. People she had thrown away everything for. People she would die for.

Along with her friends and associated accolades, Sonny had people she looked up to in Wisconsin as well. Her godmother Caroline who had strict principles with reason.

Cassandra the rich hotelier who worked tirelessly for the society.

And perhaps most importantly, her father's sister, her very own Aunt Jessie. The daredevil adventuress with a very messed up love life and an astonishingly inherited fortune.

Sonny's father had been a part of the army.

Caroline, Cassandra and Jessie were as inseparable as sisters. They were great friends with Sonny's mother as well. Sonny and her friends had admired those three women


Sonny cast her mind back to Hollywood. She had had an on-off relationship with Chad for quite a while. When the news came, Tawni and her mother were almost certain that

Chad was going to propose in a few days. He was apparently waiting for the season finale of Mackenzie Falls to pop the question.

Her fantasy had ended though because of the intervention of an abominable lady called Pamela Hearst. She had offered Chad the opportunity of a lifetime and had

hoodwinked him into signing a contract with requirements that tore him away from Sonny. Sonny still remembered the look on his face. The one that said he was leaving her

and his would be family for riches and fame.

But she could never bring herself to hate him.

Even now surrounded and cursed by his actions she only felt grief. Her anger had melted when she had looked at her daughter.

Sonny slowly move towards the crib and looked at a baby with stunning blonde hair and one sparkly blue eye.

Isabella Tawni Monroe….

Note: This story will feature several original characters and will take a completely different turn from the end of SWAC season 2 and Jonas LA .Sonny's past

life will be depicted in an entirely new light. Her life in Wisconsin will have different perspectives. The time line is vague.

Each OC will be elaborated and the story will make up a dramatic saga.

Can also be read as an independent story for one with basic knowledge on the outline of SWAC and .

Hope you enjoy.

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