Sonny cast her mind back to picture the saloon. She went there regularly to get her hair dawn. The sign above the Parlour read ' Paton and Darlington's' in a gorgeous shade of teal. Sarah , the leading hairdresser there had formed a good bond with Maria and was well trusted.

Sonny, Rodrick and Cassandra wrapped up their conversation and departed on their separate ways. Sonny left for the Association and visited some of the patients.

Around four o clock she revered up her car to Bella's school. The young Blonde was already waiting leaning against a tree with her friend . "Come on Bella " called Sonny.

"Coming Mom" came the reply as Bella got into the car and dumped her backpack in the backseat. "So how was drama ? " asked Sonny. It might seem weird that Sonny would question her daughter about drama instead of any other subjects .But this was easily explained.

You see Bella was CDC's daughter and Sonny knew that whether she liked it or not her Bella would end up in Showbiz. Bella was actually aspiring to attend Scrimmage's - the most prestigious music school in the world ( fictional ) . It was situated in England and the approaching summer was in Bella's words 'The summer'. Bella meant to apply for a scholarship and if offered a place she would start there in two years. This idea wasn't her own and had been planted there.

Sonny listened to her daughter rave about her play. Scrimmage's had been suggested to them by Sonny's close friend and when he seriously began coaching Bella he was of the opinion that a holiday home in the English countryside would be admirable. But now that position had changed. Sonny shook him away from her thoughts. It had only been a month since her terms with him had changed and it took remarkable self control on her part.

Sonny and Bella got out of the car and walked towards the front door and rang the bell. Shane opened the door with a roguish smile. "Hey Bella, Sonny " he greeted. "Back so early Shane " inquired Sonny. "Yeah" continued Bella . "Are you sure you have a job ?" She asked scathingly.

"Be well assured I do " Said Shane with faux annoyance.

"Why don't I fix you a snack?" Said Sonny and walked into the kitchen. "I wouldn't bother if I were you " Said Shane sheepishly. On the kitchen table was a decimated pizza and a bottle of cream cheese. "I'll just grab a slice " Said Bella gleefully and departed to her room.

"Was it that bad ?" Asked Sonny .

"Not really Sonny "

Sonny gave him a skeptic look."Fine ,I just lost a client . Hopefully I won't lose a case."he admitted.

Shane Lawson was in short a criminal lawyer. (Pun not intended)

However he rarely got an exciting case in the past few months and was vexed. He had mostly worked on inheritance and civil cases as well as managing the business of a few high profile celebrities. Since Maria no longer got locked up in jail , his visits there were not frequent.

Shane was tall, handsome and charming. He was one of those naturally attractive people and it was no surprise when girls were drawn to him. Even though he was well a bit old, he made heads turn. His black hair could play any role. Sometimes it was neatly parted in the side. At other times it was untamed and fell over his face with a sort of casual grace.

(I'm thinking DAVID HENRIE for Shane just cuz of Alex and Justin)

Shane has studied in Wisconsin and was well respected locally. However he had had a few notable roles in criminal justices and had travelled the whole length of the country with his former boss. But Shane had high principles and only represented the innocent. This made it rather difficult when outlaws approached him given his history of seldom failing. But Shane occasionally got into slumps during which he donned a guise and worked at Cassandra's .

The present was such a phase.

Shane was the same age as Sonny and had been her next door neighbor and best friend since forever. They got on splendidly even if they had rousing disagreements. Shane always put Sonny's happiness first and he would do anything for her. He would even jump off a cliff for her( he actually did on one occasion)

Shane was in a way like Maria with his wits and care free attitude. He however had a serious side that revealed itself in dire situations. It is also said that Shane could sue anyone and get anyone out of any scrape. He was essentially good at his job and liked it.

But this fact explains Shane better than anything else.

If Maria was furious when Chad abandoned Sonny , Shane felt at least twenty times more wrathful. And it was mostly because he knew he could treat her better.