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Chapter 1: Beach

We see a rather handsome person sipping some chocolate milk in front of a fireplace with a bubble pipe. He was wearing a pink tuxedo and some pink jeans. His hair also a shade of Dragonfruit Pink. His footwear was some rather dashing pink crocs and lastly the pink bowtie and tophat he was wearing. It suited him very well. The mysterious person (who I am kidding it's me, the author) then turns to the reader with a surprised look on his face.

"Ah, I didn't see you there. I was expecting your arrival five minutes from now. Oh well, let's begin. Now, I can guess why you're here. To read about class 1-A reacting to the fanfic: Blessed with a Hero's Heart By Magnus9284. Its a good fanfic should check it out if you haven't already. Anyway, enough of the filler, let's gather the crowd."

The man shifts into a thinking pose. "I need to be subtle."

Not even a minute later

"So, did anyone else receives a letter saying to come to this room to receive a buff in the power?" Question a certain green-haired cinnamon bun.

"Yep." Yes the general reply from everyone else. Which included: Mina, Katsuki, Kirishima, Denki, Mineta, Shoto, Momo, Ochacho, Tenya, Tsuyu, Jiro, Tetsutetsu, Neito, Ibara, Itsuka, All-Might, Inko, Midnight, Mt. Lady, Mandalay who was here with Kota, Ragdoll, Pixie-Bob, Gran Torino, Nezu, Ms. Joke, Aizawa, Mirio with Eri alongside him, and Mei Hatsume.

"Personally, I think most of us are just curious to see at 'more power' even means." Spoke Itsuka. The rest of the students nodded.

"I'm here because Kota/Eri wanted to go" Came from Mandalay and Mirio.

"We're here to see who would make such an obvious trap" Said Aizawa, speaking for the rest of the Pro-Heros.

A bright light suddenly appeared in the middle of the room and disappeared quickly. Leaving the Author standing in the middle of the room. Everyone went quiet at the appearance of the new person and obviously the one who sent the letters.

"Who-" Began Izuku.

"We're going to the Beach mothafuckers!" Bright energy waves quickly washed over the people accompanied by moar blinding light.



A second later


"-HHHHHHH" Finished the surprised occupants.

The author decided to introduce himself. "Hello there."

"General Kenobi." Everyone turned their heads towards Denki. "What."

"Glad someone is intelligent here -Hey!-. Now would you like to know who I am, where you're at and why you're here." Questioned the Author.

The esteemed guests nodded at his request, though, still ready to attack if he showed signs of aggression towards them.

"Well, for starters, my name is Delekmaster. And I have a god-like quirk. Any questions?"

"Do you control the Daleks from Docter Who?" Asked Mina.


"What's your quirk?" Izuku inquired, eager to learn about a new quirk that has been deemed 'God-Like'.

"You may know of its name. Anything and Everything." The sheer implications of the name only are enough to bring people fear.

"Why are we here?" All-Might or Toshinori Yagi asked warily.

"Now that is a good question. I have brought you guys here to watch the story of a different universe."

"Why?" Toshinori asked again. This was met with a cheesy grin.

"Why does anyone do anything? Sheer, absolute boredom." That got them to blink. For someone with such a powerful quirk, they weren't expecting him to get bored.

"You get bored?" Katsuki asked as he felt that it shouldn't be possible.

"Oh yeah, like you wouldn't believe. Do you know how old it gets to reset time to influence certain events? I mean, it's cool to see the butterfly effect in action and to write down which actions in the past affect the things in the present or future." Delekmaster decided to enlighten them. This did not have the intended effect and served to freak them out more.

Ochacho decided to ask the most recent question on their mind, "Were we supposed to be different?" A shit-eating grin then spread across Delekmaster's face.

"Oh yeah, do you know how many things I had to influence to give you your ability to barf up rainbows?" This did not make them feel better. "Thanks, I guess?"

"No problem. Now, I like you to pay attention to your surroundings." Bring attention to the surrounding everyone was shocked they didn't notice before. It was night and the sky was clear. The stars shone beautifully as if there were actual diamonds in the sky. They were at what looked like a tropical beach resort. There was a bar not too far away, a huge assortment of foods on their left. There were rows of luxury seats and a huge screen in front of them (but farther away). There was a nice breeze flowing throw the area too.

"This is where we will watch the world of Blessed with a Hero's Heart. I hope you like it, I designed it myself." Delekmaster declared with finality.

"It's nice I guess, but could you tell us about the world we are going to watch?" Izuku inquired.

"Oh sure, This is a world where unfortunately Izuku didn't survive the Sludge Villain Incident." Delekmaster started.

"WHAT!" Shouted everyone who know him and those who didn't. "My Baby!" Inko is now crushing Izuku in a bear hug with Izuku also crushing his mother in a hug with fear of losing her.

"Yep, by the way that is all the explanation your going to get. So, get some food and drinks, take a seat, and let's watch." Delekmaster was about to finish before he noticed something. "Wait, there is supposed to be more of you, where are they?"

Izuku seemed to remember, "Well, some of them didn't come because they said they wouldn't walk into an obvious trap or they were not interested in more power."

This seemed to baffle Delekmaster, "What, how could someone not be interested in more power. I'm sure none of you have achieved One Punch Man status yet." The last part seemed to be to himself than to his guests. "Hmm, it doesn't matter, I sure I have enough people here to appease the readers."

This confused his guests. "wot"

"Nothing! Oh well, let us begin!." Then He turned to the screen, pulled out a remote from his pockets, pressed a button, and watched the screen come to life.

Only to sweatdrop when the screen glitched out and died. Delekmaster wondered what was wrong before he remembered. "I had completely forgotten, Izuku is the fuel for us to the other universe."

Izuku became nervous, "Ummmm, what do you mean by fuel?"

"Glad you asked, well I have to go put a tinfoil hat on your head and connect it to the screen so we can see this other world because you are the main character of it." Explained Delekmaster

Izuku was more confused however, "I did not understand a single thing of that." Delekmaster just swept him up and placed a tinfoil hat on his head with a string connecting it to the screen that was clearly taped onto it.

"Don't worry about it, there is only a small chance you'll die with a bigger chance of getting lightning powers."

Izuku and everyone else started to panic, "Wait what- Too Late!"

Delekmaster then pressed a button again, the screen flaring up, Izuku's eyes being filled with rainbows and a countdown. 3. 2. 1.

And that's the end of Chapter 1. Now, this chapter is short, I know that. I have only gotten into making fanfics and no, that is not an excuse. I just don't know how to write long chapters yet. Now the Second Chapter is when they are going to start reacting to Blessed with a Hero's Heart. And I will post the second chapter soon, probably within the next day, and I like to say that I have chosen the people with will be reacting to this. Some of class 1-A is not here because I don't know how to write them, most of 1-B are not here, and I only pick I small handful of the adults of MHA. If you want more people to react to the story, I will see what I can do. And Stick around.