Welcome to reality 111195 of the multiverse. A LEGO Universe that is comprised of characters from the Marvel Universe, Whoverse, DCU, Ninjago, and other worlds. And hey, it all takes place in the imagination of some kids, so it's all in good fun!
Of course, with such a large amount of heroes, villains are bound to pop up. Some come on their own accord, or some are brought to this world via the missteps of others. Take the time that Tony Stark accidentally resurrected Red Skull, for instance…


The Avengers were going strong! After the defeat of Loki and AIM, it seemed that there was nothing they couldn't do. Of course, simply saying that had the tendency to jinx things, so it's a good thing that nobody actually—

"Aye, we have bested many foes in combat!" Thor yelled cheerfully. "It seems that nothing can stop us!"

Well, there went that.

The Avengers were currently lounging about Avengers Mansion, the high tech refurbished home of Tony Stark. Hulk was out getting some food (A hilariously bad idea in hindsight), so nothing much was going on. Tony was tinkering in the lab and Clint was attempting to see how many cards he could lodge above the fireplace before someone noticed. This left Thor, Steve, and Natasha, who were discussing their previous victories.

"Way to jinx the whole thing, Thor." Nat said, sipping some soda.

Thor shrugged. "If a jinx wishes to come upon me, let it do so. I for one would welcome the challenge!"

"I… don't think that's how it works." Steve said.

"Doesn't a jinx mean you owe someone a soda?" Clint asked.

"Stop lodging cards in the wall, you're going to give Stark an aneurysm." Nat told him. "And as for the jinx thing, I was kidding. It's not like saying something is going to actually cause problems."

"Speaking of…" Steve interrupted. "Does anyone know how Stark is doing? I think my comment at the last battle may have upset him."

What he was speaking of was a remark he had made after they got out of Elvendale (long story for another day). He had told Tony about how his dad had made a similar suit of armor to Tony's new Heartbreaker armor, and gave him some suggestions for improvements. Tony had just seemed annoyed at the time, but now he had been in his lab for over a week.

"Who knows." Nat replied. "All I know is, Stark and his dad didn't get along so well."

"Much like my brother and father?" Asked Thor.

"Almost exactly like that." Nat just shrugged. "I only know what I read in the SHIELD files."

"I've been going through those, actually." Steve added. "To catch up. Did SHIELD really have a horse for a director several decades back?"

"Guys, and Natasha, I have done it!" Tony poked his head from behind a pillar. "Hey, who stuck cards in my mantle!?"

"Told ya." Nat took another sip.

"What did you do, Stark?" Steve asked.

"Behold, a time machine!" Tony waved his arms in the general direction of a machine that didn't look like a cross between a giant blender stacked onto a toaster oven, but did have a remarkable resemblance to it.

Steve scratched his head. "I'm honestly confused."

"Well, you see, what you said got me thinking." Tony replied. "My dad was a brilliant inventor for his time. I mean, he even had a suit of armor himself? INSANE. So what if I took him out of your time, and brought him here. He would probably go NUTS!"

"Verily, but I am also confused." Thor said.

Clint shrugged. "I get the gist. He wants to impress his old man."

"Yeah, but time travel?" Steve sighed. "I don't think that's a good idea."

"Of course it is!" Tony replied excitedly. "Really, I don't know why you aren't excited, you're always making comparisons…"

"Do I?"

"Now, let's see if this baby works!" Flipping several different levers, Tony button mashed. The machine started glowing, and Tony smacked it with a wrench. This spurred it to action, as it spat a blue glowing beam at a nearby wall.

"Now to activate the retrieval factor." Tony said.

"How doth the machine know whom you are attempting to retrieve?" Thor asked.

"Keyboard." Tony replied.

Slowly, a figure floated out of the portal.

"Why is he so short?" Tony asked.

"You haven't seen him since you were a kid?" Clint suggested.

"Wait a minute… Tony, stop the machine!" Steve shouted.

"What, why!?"

"Because I know that frame…"

"So do I." Nat's eyes widened as Red Skull collapsed onto the lab's floor. The time machine shut off.

"Huh, why didn't that work?" Tony asked.

"Never mind that, put him back!" Cap shouted.

"Oh I've heard about this guy too!" Clint noted. "Former leader of HYDRA. You know, before it became the defunct organization it is today."

Tony continued fiddling, but the panel sparked and eventually blew up. "No use. This thing wont be working for awhile."

"Ugh… Ver am I?" Skull groaned in a heavy German accent.

"Get him to the detention room, now!" Steve exclaimed.

"Captain?" Skull looked up. "Vell zen, if zat is vat it has come to, zen so be it!" He grabbed a gun from his undercoat and began blasting. Steve dodged, drawing his shield.

"So you have captured me, eh?" Skull snarled. "If zis is some trick of ze Allies, or of the Avengers, I shall surely escape!" Using his pistol, he began clearing a path. He also pressed his HYDRA lapel.

"Not good." Steve muttered, hurling his shield.

"JARVIS, armor to the lab!" Tony shouted.

Clint attempted to draw his bow, but the quarters were too close. Instead, he switched to hand-to-hand. Nat was already attacking Skull, but he was inhumanly fast. He nimbly dodged her attacks before punting Clint into one of the walls.

"Ow." Was all Clint could say.

"I'd yell Avengers Assemble, but most of us seem to be here." Tony noted. He had finally gotten his armor on. "JARVIS, remind me to make a note to make my armor easier to put on." Blasting away, he flew towards Skull.

"A Stark?" Skull looked confused, but grabbed him and spun him into a wall.

"Arc reactor is still fulling charging sir." JARVIS said from inside the armor.

"Yeah thanks, that's helpful."

"Surrender!" Steve yelled.

"I zink not, Captain." Skull sneered, right before he got decked in the head by Mjolnir.

"Hah! That was fun!" Thor cheered. "Let us do battle again!"

The alarm began going off. "Sirs, there is a HYDRA battalion outside."

"Uh oh." Steve looked at Skull. "He must have summoned them."

"Indeed I did." Skull leapt up and blasted a hanging screen , which fell on Thor. He then made for the stairs.

"Avengers, converge on him!" Steve yelled, hot on his heels with Nat right behind him.

By the time they caught up, Skull had made it outside. He was standing there, shocked. This gave Steve and Nat enough time to catch up to him.

"Geez, that is a battalion." Steve noted.

"Cover me." Nat replied. Steve drew their fire, while she ducked under his shield to shoot at the troops. Moments later, Thor and Tony burst out of the ceiling.

"These guys couldn't make up a proper battle formation with their eyes uncrossed." Tony quipped. Right before a HYDRA bolt slammed into him.

"Get me out of here!" Skull snarled.

A trooper saluted. "Sir, we weren't sure that you were actually—"

"Take me to ze heads of HYDRA!" He shouted.

Meanwhile, against four Avengers, the troops weren't doing that well. Cap and Nat had begun attacking them head on, while Thor and Tony slammed them from above. When Clint showed up and shot some explosive arrows in the right places, the battle was basically over.

"Call SHIELD for cleanup." Tony noted, landing.

"We're gonna need more than that." Steve pointed at the tank holding Skull. "We can't let him escape."

Steve threw his shield and began running at the tank, Thor and Tony quickly outrunning him in pursuit of the vehicle. A well placed shot took out Cap's shield, but Clint's arrow and Mjolnir caused a large explosion to occur. Skull seemed unpreturbed, however, as he took off on a minibike out of the tank.

The Avengers converged on the tank to get the HYDRA trooper and the GPS out.

"At least we know where there base is." Steve said.

"We should scramble a Quinjet, stat." Nat added. "Clint?"

"On it."

They all looked to Tony now.

His helmet popped up. "Yeah, this may be… my bad…"

Hope you guys enjoy reading these stories! As you can tell, stuff has happened before this, but I'll add that later. I can answer questions posed in the reviews or messaged to me, and I will eventually get around to writing more stories that occurred before this. I'm mostly doing this for fun.

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