It wasn't a story worth telling.

The story started with an evil man, this evil man built his army, like any other he oppressed, he killed.

This man gathered an army of individuals he could easily manipulate, their drive was the ideology of pure-blood supremacy, in other words, racism… prejudice, nothing worth mentioning, nothing that hasn't been done before in history.

He used the shadows, he killed his opposers not by killing them directly, no, this man was intelligent as they come, he would target families in the dead of the night, silently, he and his followers would kill, rape, torture his enemies, and such, he could not be caught, he could not be defeated by higher numbers.

Soon, the country began to fear, families who opposed the unknown enemy would be brutalized every night, with his mark glowing on the skies of what once could be called a home for a family. Fear... they feared him, they trembled at the rumors of his name.

Soon, even when this man was brought to conflict, there wouldn't be any, if only a handful who could match his prowess in battle, no, no one could touch him from the beginning. The reason he trimmed his enemies before was to reduce casualties in his armies, all due to his intelligent planning. But now, the country was weakened, he and his army were now in the open with very few to oppose.

People grew to have nightmares of his name, and it was fine, he wanted them to fear him, it was easy to kill someone who would flinch at your name and do nothing, fear was a good tool of war, this man's name was Lord Voldemort — he was a Dark Lord. The one who opposed him was a fool called Albus Dumbledore, some would say Dumbledore was the greatest magic user — the best wizard; in a long time.

It was foolish, true Dumbledore had won against Grindelwald — a previous Dark Lord who engineered parts of the second world war, some legends about Dumbledore's final duel were things to consider, but Dumbledore in all his might was a bad war leader, in the long spanning conflict, he only got up from his cozy teacher's room at the end of the war — he was only there for the final duel, he did nothing else.

For some to believe Dumbledore would be able to defeat Lord Voldemort? It was a tragedy of misinformed hope indeed.

But something caught Lord Voldemort's attention, one of the new recruits, Severus Snape, brought in new information, a prophecy of sorts, one set in stone; A person who could defeat him, inferring and deducing, the lord was able to pinpoint the people who could kill him, they were… babies, what a joke this was becoming.

Three babies, the Longbottom's heir, and the Potter fraternal twins, and so he divided an operation, three of his most loyal followers would infiltrate Longbottom manor and erase that family, in any way they wished. And he would face the Potters, the order of the targets was chosen on a mere whim, he only thought the Potters were more troublesome and resilient, so he would deal with that family personally.

And, to think they would give them their address so easily, they trusted one of his followers with the secret of the Fidelius, a charm to hide something from the world and its people, the secret keeper was the only one who could reveal the location, and they believed the scampering rat coward — Wormtail, to think they'd trust such a person, it was laughable, of course Wormtail was his spy amidst his enemies' ranks — and of course, he'd come to him like a coward, revealing all their secrets.

And so Lord Voldemort stalked in their home, a simpering caretaker was all he found in the crib, where the two babies were, he didn't even care when she begged for her life, his attention was not on her, a wordless green light blew her body and her life away.

He faced the children, one with hair black as night, with glaring green eyes, the other had red hair the color of orange and brown eyes, this one was crying and looking at the caretaker on the ground with lifeless eyes.

"How disinteresting, to think one of you would be my downfall… I should make some grand speech, but there is nothing else to say, in the end, no one can beat Lord Voldemort." The ginger was afraid of him, but interestingly enough the black-haired child glared at him even further.

"No coward could beat Lord Voldemort, so it's you, black-haired child, after all, you seem to quite hate my presence" Lord Voldemort stepped on the caretaker's face, "Is it because I killed her? Did baby Potter like her?" He gave an evil smile as his naked foot began playing with her face, and then he kicked her.

In response, a few of the crib's wooden bars broke off and came at him, his shield blocked them easily enough.

"Hrm, quite powerful for your age black-haired brat, unusually so, but no matter, you're dead," he whispered and pointed, another green-light came, right at the child's face, who only frowned even further at the Dark Lord, it hit dead-on and rebounded, no, the light itself was reflected back.

Lord Voldemort was shocked, the unblockable killing curse he used for so long, in his frozen moment, he could only make a noise of confusion as his soul was blasted from his body — who had turned to ashes; the rebound exploded the house as the great Lord Voldemort's soul fled in smokes, his phantom form was a far cry from the confident and powerful Dark Lord that had devastated Magical Britain.

The house debris ripped a gash in the red-haired child, while the dark-haired child entered a deep sleep with a faint lightning bolt scar on his shoulder.

A few minutes after the Dark Lord scampering wraith's departure, the mother of the two children, Lily Potter rushed in, grabbing both babies like a lifeline, she noticed the blood running down, and looked at the gash from Arthur Potter, her youngest, and also the red-haired child. She didn't notice the faint lightning bolt on her eldest, Harry Potter, who was sleeping.

From that day on, the exalted and revered Dumbledore announced that Arthur Potter was the boy who had defeated the darkest wizard of the century, a 15-month-old child was heralded as the nation's hero, they celebrated and toasted to Arthur, the boy-who-lived.

They were wrong, the one who had vanquished, was the other twin, the eldest, Harry Potter, but there was nothing that could be done, time passed, and the bright couple who gave their all for the twins, who loved them more than anything... began loving only one, only Arthur.

Their sudden spotlight and fame made them vapid, made them believe in their own legend, and the fool Dumbledore, just strung along, he was both a teacher and a politician, he was not a bad person, but he wasn't a paragon of good, he manipulated the family for political gain on the progressive side, making them distance even more from Harry.

As the years passed, Harry would notice the massive attention Arthur would receive, he was always being held by his mother, he was always given the toys, he was given credit for Harry's magical outbursts, and all that Harry wanted was for his mother and father to look at him once, for her to feed him with a spoon, why did he have to receive food from the elf-like creature?

The years passed, Harry grew powerful because there was a paradox, Harry was fated to be the Dark Lord's equal in the time of vanquishing, but he already had vanquished him when he was 15-months-old, time and space made him equal to the dark-lord's power at the young age of 15-months, and paradoxically made his growth of power accelerate with time.

With the buildup of all the magical power inside of him, it developed the beautiful green-haired child's mind, by age 4, he was already smart as a teenager, and so he noticed, he noticed the neglect, and he resented his parents, he didn't whine, he stewed his anger, and as the days grew lonelier and longer, he focused all of his efforts and time on learning from the massive library the Potter's boasted, that made him all the more forgotten in his parents minds.

They went on events, interviews, meet and greets, parties, everything, without remembering his existence, Arthur was a glory hog, he bullied their attention away from him, puffed up at any attention and was generally the most selfish child to ever grace the earth, and James and Lily spoiled him.

Harry disliked Arthur, but he hated his own parents ten times more.

Harry Potter began experimenting with magic, he had a talent for wandless magic, his 6-year-old mind couldn't understand the use of wooden sticks to do magic, magic was his to use, magic didn't belong to a stick.

What really hurt was nobody but a house elf remembered his birthday, he stared from the stairs of Potter manor as James and Lily threw a big party at their ballroom, seemingly all important families of Britain were in attendance, their gifts only had one nametag on it, the banners and decorations only had Arthur's name on it, the cake only had one 6-shaped candle on it.

And the finishing blow, James Potter, his father, had announced Arthur Potter was to be the heir of the family, the glorious most ancient and noble house of Potter, his brat was even stealing his birthright, he laughed, it was a child's broken high-pitched laughter from the darkened stairs and went inside again, silent tears fell down his face, as he sat down on his chair staring at the wall, blankly.

Later on, the elf popped into the desk, offering a piece of the cake and a good birthday. As he stared at the cake, with the mind of a 16-year-old, he cried and laughed at his life, what was there to do here? There was no future here…

He was a sheltered child, he knew there were children with worse fates than his, he was mature, but the sting of pain was still too much, and his anger was growing by the moment, that anger had already turned into hatred for this family.

There was no hope here, he was always going to be overshadowed by his twin, no matter what he did, and if he stayed one more year, he would not be above picking a knife and ramming in Arthur's throat in misguided hope, there was nothing here, he drained all the knowledge of the revered Potter library, he had to get away, far from here, where he could properly live life the way he wanted.

Next evening, he stole of his father's muggle suits, a forgotten one at the end of his massive drawer, looking at the mirror, he turned into a man's version of himself, a nifty disguise, and wearing the suit, he vanished from Potter mansion, and vanished from the Potter family, but perhaps he had vanished from their mind a long time ago.

Pampered by his fame, Arthur grew arrogant, he grew bigoted, he grew conceited. At eleven years old, he received his letter of acceptance to Hogwarts, his wand was the brother of the Dark Lord, something that made him shudder, he was friends with another bigot from a poor family, Ron Weasley and both of them bullied Neville Longbottom, they were cruel.

Their first-year began relatively normal, being trained from an early age made him quite advanced in comparison to his peers, but one.

A Muggle-born witch, Hermione Granger, and so envy turned into cruelty toward the new witch trying to find her way in the world, they bullied her and bullied her hard. Some noticed, especially Hermione's roommates Lavender and Parvati, but they didn't say anything against both boys, in fear of also being excluded, so they didn't help her, they were deathly afraid of helping her and being ostracized by the hero of the wizarding world.

It all came to a gruesome conclusion when Halloween arrived, a troll had invaded the castle, all of those informed and on the main hall were safe, they were locked in with the supervision of two accomplished teachers protecting the door, they were safe. But one student wasn't there, Hermione Granger, in the charm's class earlier that day, tried to help her bully in a spell in her own awkward way, but she was belittled again, she was made fun of when they left the classroom, then Arthur went too far, she ran crying away, Parvati and Lavender who saw this started to hate the boy-who-lived.

And so, on that night, Parvati and Lavender begged the prefects and professors to save Hermione, they told them everything, the professors who stayed sent a Patronus message, but none of them were fast enough...

Hermione had died a gruesome death, her broken body was bashed three times with the troll's club to the floor, before her body was found.

She, an 11-year-old child, who wanted nothing more than to learn magic, fit in, find friends, died on the second hit from the disgusting troll... her last months, away from her loved family, was filled with relentless bullying from the 'hero' of the wizarding world, the boy-who-lived.

When Dumbledore arrived in the hall, with blood on his robes, Hermione's blood, with a somber, dead look, he announced her death, it hit Arthur with a dreaded pit on the stomach, like a child, he wondered if it was his fault. Then in a social suicide move from Parvati, standard Gryffindor boldness, she had to get it out of her chest, even if everyone else would shun her for this.

The Indian witch glared at him, in front of everyone in the school and screamed at him, that it was his fault, she told of his bullying, and how it drove Hermione to cry every night, Lavender noticed her friend, and with tears rolling down her eyes she joined Parvati in accusing him, how Hermione wanted to go home and didn't want to be in the wizarding world anymore because of him. She was crying all night in the girl's bathroom because of him, she encountered the troll because of him, Hermione died because of him.

Parvati and Lavender felt they got at least a bit of revenge and retribution, they felt the guilt slowly leave, perhaps because of what they said to the savior.

Were they forgiven a little for their inaction?

For being scared of being ostracized, and neglecting to help Hermione.

Were they saved a little, by speaking up?

They didn't know, but the trauma would remain in these two girls for the rest of their lives.

As for Arthur, the whole school turned to him with stunned eyes, they wanted their boy-who-lived to say it wasn't true, Dumbledore looked at him with the biggest cold look, looking for any proof of denial to what the girls said, but Arthur only looked to the ground, Dumbledore had the biggest betrayed look, he removed his glasses and passed his palm on his eyes as the old wizard grit his teeth.

Arthur only looked down, as they looked at him, they looked at him, they only ever looked at him, but this time, their eyes weren't warm, some of those eyes looked betrayed, some looked satisfied, some looked confused.

He broke into a cold sweat, his body started trembling, he only looked at the ground, and they only looked at him.

15 dead unicorns and a dead teacher was found, and that's how Arthur's first year had ended, Arthur's eyes were perpetually looking down, he was ostracized, both in school and in the papers, they once revered him, but now, only after a few hit pieces on what really happened until Halloween night turned his fame around in a blink, his parents tried cheering him up, but it all seemed so fake now, their letters were concerned more about his fame than himself, he wasn't even punished by his parents when he should have, after all Hermione died because of him, he was a murderer, everything seemed so fake.

So fake, even Ron, his best friend, wasn't so much of a friend, after that night, the Weasel distanced himself from him, even though Ron was partly to blame for their bullying, and what led to her death, no, her death was mostly him, he was the boy-who-lived, the savior, the one who defeated He-who-must-not-be-named.

And he bullied a girl until she died, he was worthless.

Arthur's second year started, he was deadly pale, his eyes always wide and looking to the ground, the second year, mysterious murders started occurring, first was the cat of the caretaker of the school, with the ominous death message that the Slytherin's chamber of secrets was opened, Slytherin's monster was prowling the castle, and the teachers had no recourse, Dumbledore wanted to close the school after 2 students had died, but the board of directors wanted to continue, it wasn't hard to see why they wanted, the two dead were muggle-born students.

The weeks passed, the paranoia in the school was immense, after all, 7 muggle-borns had died.

Arthur was obligated to go to a dueling club, presided by Professor Lockheart, a pompous one, it would have reminded him of the old Arthur, but Arthur was always looking at the ground, eyes filled with soul-crushing guilt, his grades who once were first or second, now had fallen.

He was chosen to duel one of his rivals, Draco Malfoy, once they had a heated rivalry, but after Hermione's death, Arthur just took the insults, no, he didn't even pay attention.

The duel was difficult, not because of the enemy, but because everybody looked at him, he couldn't stand it. He wanted to get out of there, Draco, in the last moments of the duel, summoned a snake, Arthur didn't know what to do, and to add salt to the would Lockheart angered the snake, when it was about to jump to a student, Arthur told the snake to stop, he had used parseltongue, dark magic, in front of the school, they stared at him, and he couldn't stop his small shoulders from trembling.

This was hell.

The months passed as they shunned him even more, and finally, the death count was at the 15 student mark, Dumbledore was running haggard to find the culprit, but this time it was different, the monster had attacked a group of Slytherin purebloods, five heirs form important families, all dead, there was no way that society could ignore this, and the board governors who had shut Dumbledore down and buried their heads in sand, now pointed him as a scapegoat, it was the headmaster's fault the problem had gone for so long, and the fool was quickly replaced, the school had lost its greatest protector.

As for Arthur, he was blamed for the attack, Aurors apprehended him, and he was given a full trial in front of the Wizengamot, by now, the 12-year-old was suffering from extreme anxiety, guilt, depression, and other mental problems, but his glory hound parents didn't care, they sent niceties, but did not care, they barely supported him on this trial, the only reason he didn't go to Azkaban was because they wanted to use Veritasium on him to discover how he was attacking the purebloods, but then the truth serum revealed he was guiltless, he was not Slytherin's heir.

People looked at him with distrust still, until he... guided by guilt and despair, deduced the location of the chamber of secrets and its monster after many sleepless nights, and once a girl, his former friend's sister, had been kidnapped, he threw his life to the wind and ventured down the secret chamber, in a mad suicidal chase fueled by his unending guilt, a twelve-year-old boy was looking for a place to die, but he wanted to save her before he died, perhaps then, he could be redeemed, even if just a little.

When the basilisk came to eat him, and by luck he threw the corrupted book in its mouth, making both Riddle disappear and making a hole in the basilisk's mouth, he was stunned, but, he looked at the fallen girl, he had not saved her, two fangs, one in his wand arm, the other in her legs, he had not saved her, they would die of poison, she looked at him, not blaming him, he didn't understand, everything was his fault, he wasn't good enough.

Arthur was never good enough, he knew, he wasn't the savior or anything, he was just a hack, a fluke who couldn't do anything right, his small shoulders trembled, he just wanted to scream.

They were saved by a phoenix, the Phoenix cried on their wounds, and on his wound first, he didn't deserve her tears.

A month passed, and Arthur pushed the animated chair forward, with his left hand, Ginny was sitting in that chair, her legs didn't move, she smiled at him, with the same eyes as him, she blamed herself for the death of over thirty students, as for him, he only pushed her animated chair with one arm, his dominant right hand didn't move.

He had killed Slytherin's monster, he had saved the school, and the country celebrated again, they treated him as their hero again, everyone looked at him as if he was some sort of legend, it made him physically vomit for days, the only one who he could connect with was Ginny, his parents had a fake smile in every interaction since the first smear campaigns against him, now he saw Ginny's parents and they had the same smile and same fake compassion, they didn't like her disability, they didn't like that her legs didn't move, they though her a dead weight.

Arthur never revealed that Ginny was being possessed, and was behind the attacks, the story was always going to remain that she was the kidnapped princess, and he, the femenine boy in shaggy armor saved her, couldn't save all of her, to the wizarding world, the story was that a book of Voldemort possessed the monster instead and attacked the students.

Dumbledore, the revered wizard, was in self-imposed exile after his termination of being headmaster, he had abandoned his duties of chief Warlock, seemingly content with the Supreme Mugwump position, he was out of the country, searching for something, never returning to Britain. Arthur and Ginny couldn't know what was passing through the Ex-headmaster's mind.

Arthur pushed Ginny to her next class, before being late yet again for another class of his, both had the same look, he couldn't die for her back in the chamber, and she couldn't be punished for killing over 30 children, misery loves company.

And so a broken boy and a broken girl found a bit of solace in each other.

There was no third year, the school took a long break to organize, with thirty student deaths, twelve of them being important purebloods, the school had no option but to restructure itself, the new headmaster was a puppet pureblood from the ultra-traditionalist faction a.k.a the 'Dark faction', he was spineless and all. Dumbledore was gone from the country, after Hermione's death, the headmaster seemingly changed overnight, he became harsh, haunted, as if her death was his to blame, Arthur didn't know much, but he saw the headmaster becoming more and more reckless as he tried to find Slytherin's monster before being sacked, in Arthur's mind, Dumbledore was a good person, unlike him.

The year passed without school, the Potters wanted the 'best' for their son, so they hired tutors and such, but Arthur who lost movement in his right arm, his dominant wand arm, had to learn to use magic all over again, it was a harsh blow, he didn't have the same proficiency with magic as he had before.

He wasn't eating well, so he had malnutrition lately, puberty who was supposed to hit him, never did.

He remained small, the venom had far reaching effects on his body, and it affected his testosterone production, his body didn't grow hair, his voice had a high pitch, and to compensate, his body produced female hormones instead, making his body quite feminine-looking, and his hair without care had grown long, past his shoulders.

He visited Ginny frequently, her family had fake concerns about her, and didn't tend to her needs as a disabled person, so Arthur Potter cared for her most days, it was the only thing he did to alleviate his guilt for killing Hermione, he always felt her eyes judging him from beyond the pale in his dreams, he had to do better.

Fourth year started with visits from other schools, there was to be a tournament to appease the purebloods and bring back some prestige to the school, on Halloween, two extra names came out of the cup, Harry Potter and Arthur Potter, along with Cedric Diggory, Viktor Krum and Fleur Delacour, but as soon as the headmaster announced the strange Harry Potter name, the piece burned and vanished as if something strong had rejected the Goblet's power.

Arthur was stunned, there was another Potter in the family, but even his grandparents had died in the war, and they didn't have another child apart from his father, perhaps it was a muggle-born with a similar surname?

Arthur Potter with his malnutrition didn't develop well mentally, he had a short memory and had no recollection of his elder brother, and his elder brother had left by their sixth birthday.

The school was against him, yet again, no one believed him, and even when his parents came to visit, they offered fake cheers, and they looked for a chance at winning the tournament for more fame, they didn't believe when he said someone else had put his name in the Goblet of Fire, he didn't want to participate, but it was magically binding, he had to compete.

And when he mentioned Harry Potter's name, his parents had a slow recognition in their eyes, then a sinking feeling to their stomach, they left him alone after that, he wondered why that name haunted them so, he didn't feel worthy to ask.

His house didn't believe his story, they wanted to know how he got in, he only received looks of distrust or envy for participating in a death tournament, only Ginny believed and helped him.

The school turned on him again, sending slurs and hexes his way, insulting how girly he looked, how badly he did on classes and how he would die in the first task, it was then a news article came, it was a piece by Rita Skeeter, that woman found out who Harry Potter was, and recounted the tale of neglect and abuse, by that point his parents were withdrawn in their manor, they were in isolation for a few weeks earlier, so they didn't look at the news, Arthur was stunned, he had an elder brother, somewhere, he tried sending a letter to his parents trying to confirm it, but they didn't respond.

Since James and Lily were withdrawn, it was Arthur who received the brunt of the hate, even though he wasn't guilty, he was just a child and the fault lied with the parents. Arthur took the blame, he was guilty of it, it was him who drove his brother away, he was always at fault.

It was then that his mind started drawing stories.

In his mind, he pictured his brother as a gallant hero who would save him and Ginny and they would live far away from this personal hell, he started forming an unhealthy amount of love for his gallant, handsome, confident, masculine brother, he pictured Harry Potter as everything he was not, he idolised his missing brother, and the way he spoke in front of Ginny, she started having the same obsession as him, she also started to love Harry Potter, and wished he'd save them from this hell.

A pointless wish from two broken and despairing teens.

On the first task, Cedric died, eaten by the dragon, Arthur who had no information about the task fumbled along, and miraculously got the golden egg, but not before he received more wounds and scars from it, the school did a fake homenage to Cedric, Arthur had survived, and did not receive any support aside from Ginny, he was still hated and jeered at.

On the Yule ball, he invited Ginny, and so they were the center of attention, as they awkwardly tried to dance, she couldn't move her legs, and he couldn't move his right arm, but after the first dance, they went outside, and danced in the snow, both not caring anymore, they found some measure of happiness in each other.

On the second task, Arthur, pushing his malnourished, fragile, feminine body, dragged Ginny, who couldn't swim, up the platform, both nearly drowned in the task, and unfortunately, the french competitor, the vapid Veela who arrogantly dismissed everyone, died, her body was full of deep gashes from the Grindylows, her sister was also murdered by the merman village before Arthur could reach the hostage location.

Suffice to say, the British ministry had an international diplomacy problem, both Veelas were daughters of the minister for magic in France, and to appease him, they banished any merman in the country, and if any were found, they would be instantaneously put to death, that was the Wizengamot's decision. Arthur and Ginny learned that the government gave no notice to the merman people in their country about the banishment, and in the first week, paid teams of bounty hunters ravaged their population, they were paid by the French Minister and various conclaves of Veela in france — It was their revenge.

It was an incident he and Ginny had nothing to do with, a footnote in history, but at least Arthur, with his mental and developmental problems as he was going through puberty, at least he had enough curiosity to research what happened after, it was good, curiosity was a great indicator of developing intelligence, he was hopefully getting better.

Two competitors out of four remained, the last task started, Arthur had a relatively easy time, with his fragile feminine body ran across the maze, this was the last time he saw Viktor Krum, Arthur didn't know if he ever died or not.

Suffice to say, after a few challenges, he arrived at the center, and was whisked away by the Goblet, it was a trap laid by Voldemort, he wanted both Potter brothers, but the elusive Harry Potter had evaded the trap expertly, Voldemort had no idea where the elder Potter was located.

The ressurection ritual was made using Arthur's blood, Voldemort was back in power, he taunted him, revealing that he wasn't the boy-who-lived, well, Arthur knew, how a failure like him wass the one to beat Voldemort, of course it was his beloved brother who did that.

Voldemort humiliated him in a duel, while the death eaters all laughed at him — they were summoned by the dark mark, to think so many of them had children in Hogwarts, so many of them evaded capture during the first war, Arthur, for the first time in a few years was truly angry, why did trash like them get to live while people like Hermione died?

When Voldemort sent his final attack, Arthur retaliated, sending everything, every last magical power, every drop into a bombardment spell, only Voldemort saw it coming, the Dark Lord escaped the blast, but most death eaters hadn't, the blast ravaged the crowd of rapists and murderers, he had killed most of Voldemort's inner circle — those that weren't in prison anyway.

'I guess I've done something useful in the end, perhaps I've been redeemed some… Ginny… Harry...Hermione…' As he saw Voldemort's spell racing towards him, his fragile legs were not moving, he was face down on the grass as he saw the dark spell. He would die, he would be leaving Ginny behind, but perhaps he had done enough, enough to ask Hermione's forgiveness, he would die.

He wanted to meet his brother one last time, his half-lidded eyes looked at the ground, he regretted not meeting his brother, and to leave Ginny cared for, she had been cheering with her whispers in the stands, the only one who did so, but perhaps this was it, this was punishment for killing Hermione in the first year.

Arthur closed his eyes and met his end.

The goblet delivered a body to the podium, to the arena of the school where the crowds waited for the champion to arrived, the only thing that arrived was the naked body of Arthur potter, the boy who lived, with the dark mark carved on his back, and a message, 'He isn't the one', the Potter's cried for their son, as they cradled his body.

When the goblet spat out Harry Potter's name, they finally realized that there wasn't just one son of the Potters, there were two, twins, they had birthed twins, why didn't they remember? Leaving Arthur alone for the whole year, they raced to their home, they wanted to find something that led them to their son, perhaps he was there and never went to Hogwarts, but they found nothing, his old room was empty, there was no photos, no records, no diaries, there was only the stories the family elf would tell them of Harry Potter.

They were horrible parents, they favored one over the other, they drove their eldest son away, and so they tried, looking for clues outside, scrying, divination and other such techniques, they scoured Britain, as news articles demonized them, they were shunned, they tried the bank, they tried records of children both in the magical and muggle world and that took time, time that was unfortunately wasted, because their son who was still here Arthur Potter was suffering, he was ostracized, in some ways, worse than his parents, and now they neglected him in favor of finding his brother, but Arthur Potter didn't notice, he was preoccupied with the tournament, and most importantly, he felt he wasn't worthy of attention.

The Potters neglected him and didn't help him survive the tournament, he only received a scant help from his Godfather Sirius and uncle Remus, but that was the end of it, so when Arthur's naked, mutilated body arrived in the final moments of the third task, James and Lily broke down mentally, they were failures, couldn't find one son, couldn't protect another.

As the wizarding world cried for the perceived return of the Dark Lord and the death of Arthur Potter, a disabled girl watched her best friend die, Ginny cried silent tears, there was nothing left in life, her parents looked at her as if she was invalid, they only faked care for her, it was best if she just died, at least, she would accompany her only friend in the after-life.

But a hand, a muscular hand laid on top of her head, she tried to look at who it was but, in the next moment, Ginevra Weasley was gone, she vanished.

Four years had passed since then, the Potters finally reunited with Albus Dumbledore, the man had been gathering every favor in the continent to stop Voldemort, he'd also had remembered the eldest Potter child, who he now thought was the true child of the prophecy, he had to be after Arthur Potter's death, and so together with his parents, James and Lily who wanted nothing more to be reunited with one of their sons, else they'd gone insane.

"Are you sure that Harry is here?" James asked, a bit uncertain, he held a strong front as he asked his old Headmaster, he faced the modern mansion ahead of him.

"Yes, the blood magic should have worked, a bit of blood from you was enough to track him down," they had used blood magic to locate the child, it was the last recourse because it was dark tracking magic, unlawful and wrong.

"Never mind that, I feel he's inside, my baby son is inside"

Lily had no other choice, she had to know if her son was alive, that she hadn't failed as a mother to both of them, Arthur, her baby Arthur was dead because of the pressure put on him by their world, he was forced to shoulder all of that because of her mistake, she was their mother, she should have been there for both of them, but in reality she was only there for her 'fame', she was despicable and felt sick when she realized what she had become.

"Harry, he's turning 18 this year, I wonder if he knows who we are..." James looked down, his nerves were frazzled, everything had gone to shit after Arthur had died, Britain was almost losing its hold to the Dark Lord, yet again, and Harry was their last hope. "To think he'd be in Singapore of all places, an all-muggle state..."

They steeled their nerves and went inside the mansion, it was larger than their Potter manor, and a lot less stuffy, it felt modern, but to the wizards it felt ugly, there were a lot of shadows in the inside, it was almost as if day turned night, it gave an eerie feeling.

"What do we have here, someone came uninvited, Hmph." A deep bass voice, intimidating, rattling, charismatic, hair-standing voice.

The three turned to the stairs to see a man , wearing formal trousers, but naked from the waist up, the first impression they had was the tallnes, this person was tall, reaching 6'6", the second was how muscular the man was, thick muscles proudly rippled across his body, but his body was hidden by the darkness of the room, they didn't see his face, he stood there on top of the modern stairs.

"Who are you?" Lily asked, feeling slightly intimidated.

"It is only polite to introduce yourselves, why, you infiltrate my home, and then darre to ask for my name, the master of this house without introducing yourselves first, lacking manners are we?" The man mocked.

"My name is Albus Dumbledore, my companions are James and Lily Potter, we apologize for intruding, but we are looking for an 18-year old man called Harry Potter, and we found this house."

"Please, he is our son, we just want to see him." James begged.

"I see, the intruders have given their names," he walked forward, his face was revealed with a mocking smile on his face, dark spiky hair slicked back with a few bangs in his forehead, green eyes, just like Lily, a strong jaw and the power rolling off the man was too overwhelming. "My name is Harry Potter, you found him," he smiled.

Lily caught her breath in her throat, to think he was her son, to think she finally found him, tears gathered in her eyes, it had been so long… James had a similar reaction, Dumbledore stared at the young, tall, roguish man, powers he never thought he'd see were washing over him, it was like he was hit with a tsunami of oppression. 'I've expected to see the clone of an 18-year old Tom in Harry, but this, this is unbelievable...'

"A-Are you really my son?" Lily begged, drawing closer to him.

"I don't know about being your son, but my name is Harry James Potter, has been since my birth, that cannot be mistaken" the power incarnate answered with a charming and intimidating smile.

"I-I see, I am a failure as a mother, I-I let fame get into my head, a-and that's why you don't consider me as a mother" Lily cried in front of him.

"Sorry Harry, I am an idiot as well, I- I let my head grow, I let greed fill my mind, even when I am the Potter family's head." James said, grasping his hands tightly, silent tears, the message goes without saying, the head must protect his family.

The monster of power stared at them with impassive eyes. "I see, I have no resentment towards my treatment, I knew I was special since birth, it's not bragging, just a fact," he walked and sat on the white leather armchair.

He waved them to sit on the white sofa directly from him. "Forgive my state of undress," He made his top naked half known to them with his incredibly deep voice. "I was not expecting visitors."

All three of them apologized, Dumbledore was content on staying back and letting family sort out their business, but Harry seemed somewhat agreeable, he honestly expected an explosion of rage from him by now.

"I knew from the start that it was I who had vanquished Voldemort that night..."

"Then why!?" James started and the power incarnate glanced at him and furrowed his brows in irritation, James, realizing his mistake in raising his voice deflated back to his seat, Lily glared at him, but was also quite torn, after all if he knew he was the boy-who-lived from the start, what did Arthur die for?

"Why did I never speak up? That's what you want to know? Strange..." Harry commented, crossing his legs, "I did, I spoke up about the true story of what happened that night."

"When?" Lily asked, slack jawed, if he did, why couldn't she remember?

"Hrm, I spoke up when I was three, I incessantly told the truth, for days even," Harry commented, "of course, my voice was not heard by you two, I was accused of being envious of my little brother, that I shouldn't be such a glory hound, and that brother was the true hero."

Lily physically flinched as she remembered it, how could she have been so deaf? If only she hadn't been so arrogant, perhaps both of her sons would grow up to be alive and happy, James deflated in his seat, making his stature even smaller than his son's proud body — it was already so tiny in comparison before.

Harry watched them with compassionate green eyes, but they had a tone of curiosity, as if wanting to gauge their reactions, Dumbledore noticed the good in the Potter heir's eyes, hope started to fill the old Headmaster.

"I understand you didn't want to believe a starved child looking for attention, there is no shame here, I said there is no resentment here for my treatment, I escaped the Potter manor the week you made Arthur Potter your heir, I felt there was no future for me in Britain, I didn't want to live in my little brother's shadow, it wasn't what I wanted for my life, so I escaped and started to chase my dream..." Harry Potter looked at the wall window to his yard and pool, as if recalling something amusing.

"Now that I mentioned it, how is my brother by the way? I don't see him with you, perhaps he didn't want to meet his brother? That makes me a bit sad."

The Potter family and Dumbledore flinched wildly, Harry snapped his attention back to them and furrowed his brows, "By your reaction… I see something has happened to him, but what?"

"H-He-He, my baby, he died..." Lily crumbled on the sofa, Dumbledore closed his eyes and James gripped the armrest.

Harry frowned his expressive beautiful eyes, "I see, my condolences... Arthur died — I never got along with him, but then again we were children, to think he would die… Can you tell me about him, about my little brother, what he was like?"

THen they spoke of how burdened his little brother was when he was a teenager, they told him about the life and death of Hermione Granger, which weighed heavily on him until his untimely death when he was 14, seeing them recount his adventures until the second year and seeing Dumbledore stop mid-sentence made the incarnation of power frown, it seemed Dumbledore didn't know much about his brother after the second year — this was strange.

They told of the absent third year and of the tournament in the fourth year, without leaving any details, but their story got muddy after the night the champions were chosen — and finally they told him how his little brother died.

"...Mr. Dumbledore, your story of him stopped after the second year, why?"

Dumbledore slumped. "Because I was sacked as a headmaster when the Slytherin's monster, I also distanced myself after Miss Granger's death, I subconsciously started thinking he was not the savior, I also started to form some resentment for leading a student to their death."

"But it was the mistakes of an 11-year-old boy full of himself, he might have started as a bully, but it was not his fault the troll was there was it? Did Arthur Potter lead a bloody troll into the castle to kill the girl?!" His slicked spike hair started floating in the air as Harry Potter's displeasure was made known, it was like the world stopped for a moment.

"N-no, Arthur Potter wasn't to blame, but by the time I figured it was my fault as a headmaster for not protecting the castle further, my relationship with him was already broken." Dumbledore bowed, Harry Potter had an air of mocking, he mocked his excuse.

"Just a coward, even now..." Harry Potter muttered, and the power incarnate was right in his assessment, broken relationships? No, the headmaster was too much of a wimp to mend bridges after the incident, that was all.

"So what did you do after you were sacked from your position?"

"I traveled all over the world, looking for allies and some... objects, as well as putting old business and debts in order for, well, with the attacks in the castle I thought that Voldemort was returning that year, I had to bring in a fighting force, that man had seemingly killed 30 of our children… But then Arthur resolved the issue without fuss in the end."

"Hrm, it seems my little brother did more to help the school than you, not much of a bully to be bashed by the public anymore don't you think?"

"We tried to stop the propaganda against him, we-we really did!" Lily shouted, seemingly angry at the society, but Harry's eyes searched her soul, knowing everything about her.

"You did, for your son...? or did you do it to fix your reputation?" Both Potters were thrown back by the accusation, it was true, all of it, "Your son was rumored to be the heir of Slytherin, but instead of comforting him, you ran to the press, trying to mend your reputation, right?!" he commanded them to answer.

They nodded, they had no excuse. "I'm not judging you, but Arthur certainly did, that's how I feel," Harry commented, looking to the sun shining on the window wall, the sunlight bathing his body and warming it.

"Now, why did your story feel like it was recounted from pieces of papers, especially after they have chosen the champions of the tournament, Lily? What happened that night to make you and James distance yourselves from my little brother?"

"...H-How did you know?" she asked, with her jaws open, Harry frowned,

"I am not stupid, I drew my own conclusions after hearing what Dumbledore had to say, I am disappointed, you neglect one son in favor of another for 6 years, forget he even existed until he became 18-year-old, and to top it off you now ignore the 14-year-old who needed you most, the one you favored all along, and is now dead" Harry breathed in and out, the amount of air expelled was enough to make a sound, all three shivered in true fear.

"This story is making me enraged, but continue."

Dumbledore, while fearful, was also surprised to think the older brother would care so much for his younger brother, Harry was truly a compassionate person.

And so they told him the rest, the night of the third task, his brother's only friend in Ginevra Weasley and how it all ended with Arthur's body returning that night, "To think three champions would die in the tournament, my little brother included, what a waste of life." Harry turned his compassionate eye towards them.

Lily and James closed their eyes, Dumbledore hunched, "No, we lost all four of them that night, Viktor Krum was killed by three Blast-ended skrewts who ambushed him in the maze." The headmaster told him of the corrupt government and how it tried to mend its reputation after the second year debacle, by bringing the blasted tournament back, only the organizers made it too hard or neglected diplomatic problems, Dragon in the first task, colony of merman who were notorious for their hatred of Veela, and a maze with a bloody Lethifold in the prowl! Those monsters were one of the most dangerous things in the world.

"You talked about the magical government of Britain's incompetence long enough, now, after catching up, why have you come here, I doubt it's to make up for lost years, if that was the case James and Lily would have come alone, why have you come Headmaster?"

They started the drivel of Voldemort coming back to power, overthrowing the ministry and school there, he made for an oppressive dictator with prejudices against blood, more specifically those who were muggle-born, they went on how Harry was the child of some prophecy and as such he had the power to destroy the Dark Lord once and for all. As for James and Lily, they wanted him to live with them, like he was still a dependent child, needing protection and parental love.

"Look, James, Lily, I am 18-years-old, I already made my life for myself, you are too late to want me to play family, I am already independent, as for the prophecy… prophecy indeed, those don't exist Headmaster!"

James and Lily were crying and the headmaster was frowning at his dismissal of the prophecy.

"B-But even if you don't believe in it, the Dark Lord does, and he will come after you, one way or another."

"You assume much headmaster, he has neither the power nor the means to ever find me, things such as destiny and fate, they don't exist headmaster, I am not destined to anything, nor am I some sort of chosen one, I do what I want with my life, I chase any dreams I want, I am never bound to some sort of fate!"

"B-But, Voldemort has made himself immortal, you are the only one, he has things called Horcru-"

"You believe I am the only one who can beat the fool, that's not it headmaster, oppressive governments shall always fall, the muggle-born population won't stand around much longer, other governments won't stand for the guy for much longer, he and his merry band of racist shall crumble in a few decades" Harry walked to the window.

"Even if he's made himself unkillable, he can't rule alone, and immortality is easy to destroy once you leave some clues to where to find his sources of immortality, I've dealt with some Horcruxes in the past without much knowledge, so a resistance group of thousands can also figure it out"

"Voldemort has powers and allies in high places, he won't let a resistance be formed under his nose, and he will live forever, waging war against the muggle and wizarding world as he pleases."

"It doesn't concern me, immortals always grow complacent in their power, even if it takes a hundred, even if it takes a thousand years, he will fall, his base of operations will crumble over time and tyrants always fall the hardest." Harry faced them with brilliant green eyes.

"The fact that some fake fate made a false prophecy about me means that I've decided to never face this Voldemort in person, it's not because I am a coward, but it's a principle of mine, don't worry I'll help anyone who wants to go against him with resources, information and benefits, I'll always help from the shadows."

"As for you three." A shadow was cast over him, his eyes became deathly cold, "I thought about erasing your memory of this event and the memory of the method you found to locate me from your heads, but something changed my mind, you three shall not leave this house alive."

They protested and cried, said they loved him, Dumbledore drew the deathstick, the most powerful wand in the world.

"I bear no resentment towards you three, but my little brother who died had, this is my last act of kindness and retribution to him, this isn't personal, mind you" Harry reached them with a hand in apology, he was going to kill them here.

Dumbledore tried to cast a stunner, they had to get out of here, but his hand fell from his wrist, it was chopped off, the hand fell on the ground while the wand flipped in the air, Dumbledore looked at his chopped hand in the ground in disbelief before the hand melted into a bloody puddle, this happened in less than a second, by the time he screamed in pain on the sofa, with blood spurting from the stump, the wand of death was already in Harry Potter's hands.

Lily cried in fear and James shouted incorrectly.

"The wand tailored by death, what a joke..." Right when its allegiance changed to Harry as its master he broke it like a twig, he broke it again in four parts and burned it in his hands, leaving no trace of the artifact tailored by death.

"My power is my own, it won't' be bound by some joke entity called death, and it definitely won't be tied to a twig called a wand, mages who use these crutches are fools of incredible magnitude indeed, I only need my mind to make the world bend to my will." Harry was incredibly proud of his power.

"This might make me seem like a villain or a bad person, or even a child who wants revenge for neglect, but I am much more of a mature person than that, understand this headmaster, this is just retribution for my little brother."

Albus Dumbledore stared at the young man in fear before the power incarnate twitched his hand and half his body was splattered across the white couch, Albus Dumbledore was no more, the only thing remaining was his legs and waist, his upper part was disintegrated into a smear of blood.

James screamed at the death of the headmaster and tried to tackle his son, but he was very small in comparison to the beast that was his eldest. "I am sorry for all of this, it was truly my intention to let you guys go back without memory to Britain, as I said, I've no resentment against you James, you were just too young and immature to take care of a family, I hope you can live a better life elsewhere."

James didn't understand, but a hand pressed against his chest, he looked down and fell down, convulsing on the ground, he couldn't breathe, he was dizzy, he looked back towards his wife, she still had that shocked look, but what made him widen his eyes was the heart rolling on the floor, it was his heart, his son had banished his heart from his chest, James coughed blood and died.

Harry approached his mother with sad eyes, and hugged her, she tried punching his chest for all it was worth, but her flimsy hands didn't make a bruise.

"So this... is it... I wasn't a very good mother, now I die for it." Lily cried for everything that was worth crying, she really messed everything up.

"Don't cry, Mother." he cleaned her tears with his thumbs.

"H-How could I not, you just killed my husband, and now you are going to kill me, all because I messed up, I am not a good mother,"

"Shh, don't worry..." He hugged her harder, drawing her close to his body, it was strange, she felt so protected against his body, she felt loved, even when she didn't' deserve it.

"I really hate killing people, I really do, my dream was and is always to be the guy in the shadows that always helps the good guys and the world, and now I'm in that position, I'll continue doing it for all eternity, I am not some serial murdered or an edgy avenger wanting to kill his family for petty reasons, this is not who I am." he comforted her.

She started saying how much she missed him, how much she wanted to meet him, what they would do once they were family again, but now, it all seems meaningless, "I love you Harry I truly do," she cried in his chest, he gave her a charming smile with sad eyes.

"I loved you…." he said as he traced his thumb on her neck, a horizontal line of blood was formed in her neck, "Now it's time to go to sleep," he caressed her body, comforting her as she was losing blood, it spurted out on his body as she was losing consciousness, but it didn't hurt.

"Mhmmm, you're right, I'm... tired, good... night." Lily said, delirious her body was cold, but having her son comforting her in her final moments, as weirdly as that sounded, made up for it, her eyes wandered to the stairs and saw a figure, with blood red hair and green eyes, was she dead?

Was she seeing her youngest son Arthur in the afterlife?

"Good night Harry, I love... you." she whispered and closed her eyes.

Harry closed his eyes in emotional pain, he opened his eyes and started to cry over his mother's body, he truly was a good person, and it wasn't his intention to kill them, but he knew it was a necessity, after a few minutes of crying, he banished the bodies, blood and organs from the living room, it returned to its pristine state, without blood.

He went upstairs to the master bathroom and picked up a long-sleeved shirt on the way, he dressed in it and entered the master bedroom, there two figures waited for him, he opened the door. "It's done, your retribution is complete Arthuria."

There in the bed was a young lady of 18-years old, wearing white thigh high socks and a blue dress, her hair fell down to her waist, and her green eyes faced him.

But this wasn't a her, this was originally a he, he was Arthur Potter, though dead, but now he was named as Arthuria due to him recognizing himself as a girl.

"It took long enough." Another figure was Ginny, swinging her legs in the bed, legs which previously did not move.

"Yeah, I wanted to talk to them a bit, but now it's done, they are dead." Harry kissed both of their foreheads and went to the balcony.

He stared at the horizon as the sun hit his face, tiny fragile Arthuria went to him and hugged his much larger and masculine body.

"Are you mad at me, brother? for wanting you to kill them, even though you didn't want them?"

"No, their death was inevitable, either die at my hands or die in the war waging in Britain, now you can have peace little brother, I am just sad, really sad, I tried to be impassive, but midway I just started breaking down, my hands, my powers, they are not made for cruelty little brother, I just want to help this world to have a better future"

"And you will accomplish your dreams, don't worry Harry, this sadness will pass, Ginny and I will comfort you tonight, oh and you still need to massage her legs, she still gets sore and some phantom pains from the venom still bother her."

"I see… I am looking forward to tonight, tell Ginny I'm coming soon," He looked to the horizon as his little brother, who was now mentally healed, sauntered inside.

He sighed, things were only going to get more complicated form now on, but everything will be just fine, he had to be positive, he smiled and went inside for Ginny's treatment, the weight of their parents and guilt was over, finally.

One-shot finished.