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Dawn couldn't believe her bad luck. She was going to the forbidden forest with her number one enemy Draco Malfoy.

She cringed as he looked sarcastic at her. It was his fault anyway, he shouldn't had pushed Neville causing him to cut her. The only thing Dawn wished was to go home and not worry about catching a bloody homuncil or whatever it is called. As they waited in the cold night Dawn tried to start a conversation with Draco

"So how do you feel?" Dawn said in the friendliest way.

"Well if I wasn't in the cold trying to catch a monster that you set loose and you didn't arrive at Hogwarts I will be happy for ever"

Dawn then said

"Draco, you must understand a person cannot be happy if they haven't got an emotion.

Draco smirked.

As she thought it was hopeless Hagrid then arrives. Dawn held her breath when she first saw the giant man approaching.

"Ye must, be tha new lass attending ye Hogwarts!" Said the friendly half giant.

"My name is Dawn Summers and Professor Snape said that Draco and I must catch a thing in the forest."

"I shall lead ye there catch it. Take tis net to help ye."

Draco and Dawn walked with Hagrid a while until Hagrid said he must go.

It was Dawn and Draco in the forest looking around.

Suddenly Dawn spotted a grey creature lurking around the bush.

"C'mon, let's catch it."

But Draco only stood there.

"I unlike you don't wan't to get killed" Draco said with an icy eye.

Dawn pulled Draco arm and ran to get the pesky grey creature. When she turned around she could see Draco about to yell.

Suddenly she saw the homunculus but another one popped out of the bush and another, this countinued until they were surrounded by hundreds of them.

"What are we going to do?" Draco said with fear in his voice

"Kill it" Dawn said

Dawn then took the net and began catching them one by one in the net. Snape said that they should catch it but not kill it.

'Well you got to compromise' Dawn thought. She took a lighter Buffy gave her and lighted one of the creature and threw it on the rest. One by one they exploded into a a white dust until there was none left except the ones that Dawn got in the net.

"What the bloody hell was that?" said Draco

"Homunculus" Dawn pronounced it perfectly.

They then began running back to the school but on the way Dawn stumbled and must lean on Malfoy for support. Sudddenly they kissed, it was brief and only lasted for a second but it sparked emotions.

Ignoring it they went back to the school.


The owl arrived and Buffy opened the letter very quickly.


' I hope you are doing well on Hogwarts and I heard the news Dawn was sorted into Slytherin.

I did some research and I found out the portals open differently in different dimensions. In the wizarding world Dawn's blood will fuel a portal immediately if it touched the ground where as in this world it can only happen once in a specific time. Nothing can be done about this but make sure Dawn don't cut herself or spill blood.



As Buffy finished the letter Dawn came in.

"I wonder if Giles has replied to the letter you sent?"

"Yes, it came only a minute ago" Buffy said in a concerned voice.

"Is there anything wrong?" Said Dawn

"He said every time your blood hits the ground in this dimension it opens a portal. I want you to stay careful and not hurt yourself. Understand?" Buffy said.

"Yes" Replied Dawn.


Dawn was walking in the corridor when she saw Ron, Hermione and Harry.

She said


Ron flatly replied

"I thought that you are Slytherin?"

"I just want to be nice and just becuase I am in a particular house doesn't mean I am a bad person" Dawn said and walked away.

" I think we should be nice to her, at least she is not like other Slytherins" Hermione said to Ron and Harry.


As Dawn looked around she saw a notice of famous Slytherins. Lucius Malfoy and Tom Riddle was listed. She also saw 'Rupert Giles'.