I had the idea for this when I recently finished the lesser-known game Vampyr. It was so fucking good, it drove me to write this. So I hope you enjoy. But before, there is some context. Due to the nature of the game, I'm going to be using the version of Dr. Jonathan Reid I played through the game with. AKA I got the evil ending. Which also means Jonathan is overpowered as all balls, since I managed to fully upgrade all of his abilities by killing everyone. He can also use every ability at his disposal, not just four at a time like in the game.

The weapon he will be using is Booth's Axe, since that's the strongest two-handed weapon in the game and the weapon I used throughout my playthrough. His Mesmerize level is also at max. Now that that's out of the way, read on, my friends!

Dr. Jonathan Reid awoke with a start. He couldn't concentrate, however. He was absolutely famished, like he hadn't fed in months. He stumbled through darkened streets, searching for blood. He found it in the form of two people in an alley. It looked like one was beating up another, but he couldn't really tell. He took out his ax and slowly crept up on the man from behind. They were both shouting, but it sounded extremely muffled, and he couldn't make out what they were saying.

After getting close enough, he swung his ax horizontally, aiming for the neck. The axe struck true, decapitating the man. The other man cried out, but he was quickly silenced when Jonathan grabbed his shoulder and head, pulling his head to the side to expose his neck. He opened his mouth, revealing his wicked fangs, and bit down on the exposed jugular. He drained the man completely of blood, before letting him drop to the ground.

"W-why did you do that? I thought you were here to help me?" He heard the man's last thoughts before he finally passed. Jonathan's head was reared back in ecstacy, before shaking his head and getting his bearings. He looked around, and saw he was in a dark alley of some sort.

"What is this? I was not in a city. Where am I?" He asked himself. He peeked his head out of the alley, and saw he was in a large city of some sort. There were buildings packed together tightly, and it looked like there was a massive mall surrounding at least the neighborhood.

"Perhaps Mr. Dawson got what he wished." He chuckled to himself. But what struck him were the lights. There were lampposts he had never seen before. They were much taller and brighter than the ones in England. They were also pointed at the ground instead of letting their light go everywhere.

He examined himself, and was relieved to see he was still in his suit and trench coat. He still had all of his belongings. His medical bag was filled with an assortment of syringes he had crafted. And, of course, his axe was still with him. But he noticed something else. He felt something in one of his pockets. He searched it, and found a book. It was labeled, "The Guide to Remnant." It opened it, and a note fell out. He picked it up and read it.

Dear Dr. Reid,

I know you must be very confused, but fear not, for my special guide will teach you everything you need to know. Unlike my fellow Watchers, I will not leave you in the dark to fend for yourself, figuratively anyway. I have also provided you with a fake ID and implanted a "history" of you on this world so should anyone investigate you, there would be nothing suspicious. As far as everyone is concerned, you've always been here. Now, I would explain further, but that is what the Guide is for. I will reveal myself to you should I find it necessary, but don't be surprised if I never do.

Your Watcher,


P.S. There's a Scroll in your other pocket. The Guide will tell you how to use that as well.

Now Jonathan was even more confused. He was in another world? A place called Remnant? That honestly didn't surprise him as much as it should have, he had seen many strange things since his rebirth. But alternate universes? That was most certainly new. He took out this "Scroll" from his other pocket. It was a small piece of metal. He put it back in his pocket, intent on examining it later.

"I should find somewhere to hide. The sun is about to rise, I can feel it." He thought to himself.

He dashed up to the top of a nearby building and looked around. He spotted an old and decrepit building not too far from him. He would use that as his Hideout. He dashed from building to building until he reached the old place. It was dark and crumbling. Using his vampiric senses, he deduced there was nobody home, and he entered.

It smelled of dust rats, but he was used to it. He found an old rocking chair in the corner and sat down. He took out the Guide and began to read.

3 Hours Later

Jonathan had no idea how someone could cram so much information into such a small book. But he had finally finished it, and he was astonished. Not only did it contain information about the world, it had information about every new medical advancement they had over London. He was caught up on everything he needed to know, and now he could make a game plan. The sun had risen at this point, and he could hear people walking about outside. He decided to rest until nightfall. He went upstairs, the stairs close to collapsing, and found a bed. He laid down on the stiff mattress and went to sleep.

The Next Night

Jonathan awoke without a start this time. He stood up and took out his Scroll. Using the knowledge he gleaned from the book, he activated the Scroll. It was a remarkable piece of technology. A device that allowed you to do a number of things. But what he wanted to do now was look for a job of some sort. A cover, more than anything. There were hospital listings, but Jonathan had grown sick of them ever since Dr. Swansea.

He found another listing for something. It was at Beacon Academy, a Huntsman school. They were planning on implementing Medical Studies for use on the field when they graduate, and were looking for a new teacher to hire. It seemed to be perfect. Staff were given a private office where you could work and sleep, they were provided with food, and they were paid quite a bit. It seemed perfect. He decided to message the attached contact. A Professor Ozpin.

Good morning or evening, whenever you are reading this,

I would like to know if the Medical Studies Professor position is still open. I believe I would be perfect for the job. I am very well rehearsed in medical science and have lots of experience. I would like to meet you in person, if that fits into your schedule. Please respond as soon as it is convenient.


Dr. Jonathan E. Reid.

PS. I suffer from a rare skin condition that makes me extremely sensitive to sunlight. Would it be alright to meet at night?

He hit send, and began the waiting game. As he waited, he looked to see what else this Scroll could do. He searched through it, and discovered it held an archive of more knowledge than he could possibly hope to get through in a short amount of time. It was called the Internet, and it was how people could contact each other across long distances instantaneously. He also pondered on the existence of Faunus, beast-men that were, for all intents and purposes, human aside from a few differences, like animal traits.

Before he could think on them further, he got a message back on his Scroll. It was Professor Ozpin.

Dr. Reid,

The position is still open, and I would like to meet you in my office. Considering your condition, we can meet at 11:00 PM tomorrow, if that works.


Professor Ozpin.

This was excellent news. He quickly responded.

Professor Ozpin,

11:00PM is perfect. I will see you in your office tomorrow.

Dr. Reid.

This was going far better than he had initially hoped. He was confident in his ability to secure the job, that was not the issue. The issue was coming up with a curriculum. Apparently, the school year wasn't starting for another few months, so he had time. But he'd never taught a class before, so this was an entirely new experience. But he knew he would rise to the challenge. He just had to restrain himself from feeding on any students. Every once in a while he would venture down to the city and feed, but other than that, he would perform his duties as normal.

He looked in a nearby cracked mirror, and saw his reflection. He would have to explain his eyes. But other than that, he was well dressed enough. He decided to sit inside and wait for the next night to come. He didn't want to risk sleeping in.

A Few Hours Later

It was finally time. Jonathan double checked his suit one final time before leaving. There were still a few people out and about, and he got a few weird looks from them. He didn't care. If any of them tried anything he would mesmerize them and take them into a back alley, never to be heard from again.

He reached the Bullhead station without issue and boarded the flying machine, sat down, and felt it take off. It was a strange feeling, flying like this, but it didn't bother him. After a few minutes, the Bullhead docked, and he disembarked. There was a woman waiting for him. She was blond with green eyes. She looked like one of the staff. She approached him, and was a little taken aback by his appearance, but she quickly composed herself.

"Are you Dr. Reid?" She questioned. Her voice held an air of authority.

"Yes, and you are?"

"Ms. Goodwitch."

"Well, it is a pleasure to meet you Ms. Goodwitch. I presume you are here to show me the way to Professor Ozpin's office?"

"Yes, please follow me." She led him through the Academy. It looked more like a fortress than a school. It was rather impressive. It was very medieval in design. It would be perfect for him. As they walked through the dark and empty halls, they made idle chatter.

"So, why did you insist on meeting at night?" She asked.

"Did Professor Ozpin not tell you? I have a condition that makes me extremely sensitive to sunlight." He answered.

"I see. Well, we'll make sure there are thick curtains in your classroom should Professor Ozpin hire you."

"Thank you, Ms. Goodwitch."

They finally arrived at the elevator leading up to Professor Ozpin's office. He entered by himself, while Ms. Goodwitch waited outside. The elevator rose up and opened, giving access to Ozpin's office. He entered, and was impressed by all the clockwork architecture. He turned his attention to the man at the desk in the middle of the room. His grey hair spoke of age, but his face seemed young. It was strange.

"Good evening Dr. Reid." He stood and stuck his hand out for a handshake.

"Same to you, Professor Ozpin." He accepted the handshake and both men took a seat.

"Please, call me Ozpin." Ozpin started. "I've taken a look at your records. I must say, I'm impressed by what I've seen. You've served in multiple hospitals across Remnant."

"Yes, well I have a knack for human anatomy, you could say."

"I'm already sold on your ability to teach this course, but I have one final question."

"And what would that be, Ozpin?"

"What is your semblance? I have found no record of it." Jonathan had predicted this. He knew just what to say.

"I can control blood in many different ways. Fitting for a doctor, if I do say so myself."

"I would have to agree." Ozpin said, smiling. "Welcome aboard Dr. Reid. Ms. Goodwitch will show you to your office."

"Thank you Ozpin." Jonathan stood up and walked into the elevator. "Have a good night." he said before pressing the button and going down to the ground floor. This was going wonderfully. Now he just had to not get caught feeding every once in a while and he would be fine, as well as not feeding on any annoying students he had, though that would be significantly more difficult.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Some of you might be upset about the whole "Jonathan goes to Beacon" thing, but at least I didn't fucking de-age him or some shit and make him a student. This isn't a romance, despite their being a vampire and shit. And plus, it just makes sense. It would be an excellent cover, especially for him.