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Geoffery knocked the thug on his ass with a powerful right hook. The young man, who'd come at him with a knife in the dead of night, rubbed his jaw, dazed. The large man picked him up by his neck before pinning him against the alley wall. He struggled a bit, but another blow put an end to that. He moved the boy's head to the side and looked at the thick vein in his neck.

"Sorry, lad. You wanna blame someone, blame Reid." Before he could react, Geoffery opened his mouth and sunk his fangs into his throat. His eyes went wide, and he struggled to release himself, but the blows slowly weakened until he went limp, the life drained out of him. Geoffery tore his mouth away from the bleeding wound and dropped the corpse, temporarily relishing the taste of blood. Then his humanity returned, and he shivered in disgust.

"I hate doing that." He muttered before walking away, continuing on his way to the hospital. He'd heard of a fight that costed the lives of two young Faunus students at Beacon. A male named Sun Wukong and a female named Blake Belladonna. The causes of death weren't public, and he was only going off a hunch. Out of everyone in this city that he knew of, only Reid had both the motivation and the strength to kill two Hunters-In-Training. He'd have liked to talk to the victims' teams, but he wasn't so heartless as to interrogate them right after their friends had been brutally butchered.

He arrived at the hospital's front doors. The building had an eerie resemblance to the Pembroke, making him snarl at the memory of the cursed place. If Swansea hadn't trusted Reid, none of this would've happened. But instead of going inside, he walked around the side until he was at one of the windows that led down into the morgue. Checking carefully to ensure nobody was inside, he grabbed onto the window and, using his Ekon strength, pulled until he heard the lock pop. He then quietly slid it open until the gap was wide enough for him to slip inside. Despite his large size, Geoffery had picked up a few things about stealth during his time both in London and Remnant. It'd saved his ass more than once, so he had no reason not to utilize those skills.

After using his vampiric sight to ensure nobody was nearby, he began looking through the corpse storage lockers. He didn't have a toe tag reference, so he simply pulled the drawers out and removed the sheet to look at their faces. He continued checking the faces, some unrecognizable until he found the first one on his list. Sun.

The boy's face was locked in a look of terror, like so many other victims of vampires, but there was something else there. It was subtle, but he picked up on it. Betrayal. He must've known the person who'd killed him, but Reid had fled Beacon long before the boy had arrived. Along with that, the teeth marks on his neck were those of a vampire, no question there, but they were too small to be an adult's. They looked more like a child's, and he'd seen child bite marks before. They matched. There was something else going on here. He removed the sheet entirely to inspect the rest of the body and was surprised to find a gaping wound in his chest.

Upon further inspection, getting some blood on his gloves, he saw that while the wound was grievous, it had just barely missed his heart. Torn the shit out of his lung, yes, but his heart was untouched. He inspected the rest of the body and found four more wounds, holes in the hands and feet where something had impaled him. To the average investigator, they likely would've deduced he'd been ritualistically sacrificed, but Geoffrey knew better. He'd been studying Ekons long enough to know that most could call upon the power of Darkness, killing their victims in painful and gruesome ways. And the wounds here definitely matched the Abyss, a creature of darkness particularly powerful Ekons like Reid could summon.

"Something's not adding up here." He muttered. He carefully replaced the sheet and closed the drawer before continuing to look for Blake. But as he continued searching, he became increasingly confused. He searched the last drawer but still hadn't found the young woman's corpse in any. He stood and thought for a while, trying to piece together what he had. Sun had grievous wounds from his fight with Reid, but they weren't the cause of death. He had a pair of bite marks that were too small to be Reid's. Belladonna's corpse wasn't here for no logical reason. Then he put two and two together, and his eyes widened slightly.

"Oh, that poor girl." Reid must've accidentally infected her somehow during the fight, and the doctors brought her here, assuming she was dead. When she fully turned, she awoke and killed Sun during the blood haze all fledgling vampires experience. But if he could find her, not only could he get an idea of what Reid was up to, he could turn her away from becoming a monster, preventing another Reid. Satisfied by what he'd found, he exited the room through the window, closing it behind him. Geoffery had a new hunt to partake in, but this time with a different purpose. Instead of killing a monster, he'd be preventing the birth of one.

He walked around to the other side of the building, searching for any signs of a forced exit. After killing Sun and regaining her senses, she would've likely panicked and desperately escaped. And that was when he spotted it—a shattered window on the second floor of the hospital, broken glass littering the alleyway. He approached the site to inspect it closer and saw a few of the shards were stained red with blood. He sniffed them and, though it was faint, immediately recognized the stench of Ekon. He suppressed his base desires to feed and continued down the alley, searching for any place a young, scared vampire could hide.

He walked down the alley, peeking through the windows of abandoned houses for any signs of habitation. It took him a good while, but he'd eventually found one. The basement window of an old, dilapidated house sat there, inconspicuous except for the fact it was ever so slightly open. He kneeled to peek inside, but thick black curtains obstructed the view, doing nothing but confirming his suspicions.

The window was open just enough for him to dash inside, making the curtains flutter as he did so. He was fully prepared to explain himself quickly but found he didn't need to as the place was empty, though not abandoned. He looked around and spotted a bed and workbench, typical of vampire hideouts. It looked like someone had been living here. The desk and bed had been cleaned of dust by Blake, and he could see her clothing along with sewing materials on the workbench.

He investigated the bench's contents closer, seeing the materials were various fabrics of black and white. It seemed Blake was trying to repair her damaged clothing, though it looked pretty bad. But he didn't see any materials for weapon crafting or maintenance, indicating she didn't have one. Her Huntress weapons, Gambol Shroud, were likely in police lockup as evidence. Since she was out, she was either looking for Reid or her guns, though he'd put his money on the latter.

"Well, guess all that's left to do is wait for her." He said as he leaned against the wall and pulled out his Scroll, though he kept a sharp ear out for any sign of movement outside.


Blake looked at the police department from across the street, the officers outside not noticing the masked girl standing atop the building. Her clothing consisted of a plain black hoodie with holes cut in the hood for her ears, along with a pair of black jeans. At her hip was a hunting knife, the best she could do until she could get Gambol Shroud back. And on her face was a blank, featureless mask splattered with blood she'd taken off the corpse of a criminal she'd drained. She still shivered at the memory, but she didn't have a choice. She kept the mask and used it to hide her shame as well as her identity. She didn't want anyone to know she was still alive and had been turned into a monster. She tightened her black leather gloves and double-checked her knife to ensure it was secured in her makeshift sheathe before jumping off the roof.

She landed silently before sprinting across the street and into the alley behind the police HQ. Gambol Shroud was in there; she knew it, she just had to find a way inside. Bingo, open window. She took a step back before taking a running start and using her momentum to run up the wall. She was just barely able to grab the windowsill and pull herself up enough to peek inside. The way was clear, so she pulled herself through, not even grunting from the effort. Ever since she'd turned, she'd been feeling herself getting slowly stronger. And whenever she fed, it felt like she was taking a drug that was making her stronger.

The room was a break room, a table with six chairs in the center, with a vending machine next to the door. Blake focused hard and was able to get a flash of vampiric sight before she held her head in pain. It was only for a moment, but it was long enough for her to confirm there were only a few cops at the station, only two being upstairs. After shaking off the pain, she opened the door and looked down each end of the hallway. She saw a sign pointing to evidence lockup, so she headed in that direction.

As she turned the corner, she spotted one of the two cops upstairs seated in a chair in front of the lockup. Unfortunately, the officer was wide awake and looking through his Scroll. Even though he was distracted, the long hallway ensured he'd spot her long before she reached him. He didn't want to kill anyone who didn't deserve it, but she didn't have a choice here.

She drew her knife and flipped it around, so she was holding the very tip of it. She peaked her head back around the corner before jumping out and throwing the knife with trained accuracy. It soared through the air and slammed into his forehead, killing him instantly. He dropped his Scroll and fell out of his chair, hitting the floor. Luckily they were out of earshot, so she didn't feel worried.

She walked over and wrenched her knife out of his skull, whispering an apology as she did so. She took his keys and used them to unlock the door, entering the room. She hit the light switch, illuminating the rows upon rows of evidence. She walked between them, searching for her weapons until she finally found them. They were in a large cardboard box marked "Gambol Shroud," and upon popping it open was pleasantly surprised to find it also contained the ammo she'd had on her at the time.

She took the guns along with their holsters and ammo before securing them to her hips and exiting the room. She began to make her way back down the hall when the second officer turned the corner, his eyes going wide upon spotting her. She quickly went for her knife to throw, but he was quicker. He drew his gun and fired three rounds, the third hitting her in the shoulder. Luckily she had her Aura up, so it didn't hurt her, but now the whole department knew she was here. She drew her knife and threw it, sticking him in the throat, though this time she didn't bother retrieving it as she made a mad dash for the break room.

She burst through the door, eyes on the window. Hearing the sounds of running and shouting right behind her, she ran to the opening before diving through. She rolled upon hitting the ground and continued her escape by running into the opposite alley, hiding behind a large dumpster. The thing reeked, but she tried to ignore it.

Once she saw the cops weren't coming out just yet, she ran out from behind the dumpster and climbed up the nearby service ladder to the roof. From there, she jumped from rooftop to rooftop as she heard police cars drive past her, lights and sirens blaring. After an hour of hopping across rooftops and dodging the patrolling police, she finally made it home. Well, as much as a dingy basement could be called home.

Blake opened the window so she could slip inside, closing it behind her. She sighed in relief, resting her head momentarily on the hard stone wall. Then someone whistled behind her, and her blood froze. She stood still for a moment before whipping around and drawing Gambol Shroud, aiming them at whoever had intruded upon her home.

Standing next to her workbench was a large man she didn't recognize. He was dressed similarly to Reid but not nearly as fancy. She narrowed her eyes, and he raised his hands in a placating manner.

"Easy there, lass. I'm just here to talk."

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