Summary: Angel gets news of recent events in Sunnydale--Fred receives direct evidence of those

same events.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters portrayed here, they remain the

property of their respective owners/creators.

Rating: PG, for themes.

Time Frame: Just after "Chosen." (spoilers through that point for both Buffy and Angel).

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like to know where stuff I write ends up and I might want to see what else

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Author's Comment: A drabble. I was wondering what the Fang Gang was doing while

Buffy was busy, and the image was irresistable.


Angel put down the receiver. "It's over--Buffy and the others did it."

"Thank goodness," gushed Fred. "I thought I'd never be able to put this thing down." She

released the axe with her left hand and tossed it away with her right hand--

* SWOOSH * The weapon sailed across the room, imbedding itself in a wall thirty feet

away. Fred stared at the damage and at her right hand.

"This was an unexpected development," commented Wesley.

Fred turned, only to find Angel standing in front of her wearing a broad smile: "Are you

doing anything for dinner tonight, Fred?"

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