This story will continue until the self-quarantine is over.

This is my first story so please don't judge


"Bella, what are you doing?" Edward asked as he walked into the Swans' kitchen to find Bella putting away enough pasta to last 3 years.

Bella looked up from a bag filled with at least 40 rolls of toilet paper, and responded,"Putting the groceries away. Dad and I are self-quarantining because of the Coronavirus and I don't want to be unprepared. Why?"

"Don't you think you are overreacting just a little? I mean we aren't preparing for a hurricane."

"No, I just don't want to have to go to the store during that time. Supermarkets are full of people and germs. Let me guess, vampires don't get sick from viruses and other human illnesses."

No, vampires don't get viruses, but I've lived through many epidemics over the years and honestly, people tend to either overreact or do nothing. We just need to find a happy medium."

"Coming from a man who was dieing during the Spanish Influenza outbreak."

Just then, Charlie walked into the room. "What was that?