"Ich bekenne dem allmaechtigen Gott..."

I confess to God All Mighty..

Three fingered hands clutched worn rosary beads as Kurt lowered his head in reverence.

"Der gesegneten Jungfrau Maria, dem gesegneten Erzengel Michael, den heiligen Aposteln, allen Heiligen und dir, Vater .."

To blessed Mary ever Virgin, to the blessed Archangel Michael, to the holy apostles, to all the saints, and to you, Father..

His tail twitched in agitation as unbidden thoughts entered his mind. His lipped curled up revealing sharp fangs, as he shoved the thoughts back down and continued his prayer.

"Dass ich gesuendigt habe, in Gedanken"

That I have sinned in thought..

"Wort und Tat.."

In word and deed..

Again the tempting images plagued him and he clutched the rosary tighter.

"Durch meine Schuld, durch meine Schuld. Durch meine schlimmste Schuld...

Through my fault. Through my fault. Through my most grievous fault...

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