originally a ficlet thread on twitter, hence the brevity!

Su Minshan is still a new sect leader when he meets Jin Guangyao, struggling to earn any sort of acknowledgement from his supposed peers, and he gets it from an unexpected place. Jin Guangyao is still an attendant to a father who barely acknowledges him, but he treats his position with pride nonetheless. Su Minshan doesn't know how he does it, and he aspires to be even half as successful.

And in time...

A friendship begins, though he hesitates to call it that at first. Everyone he tries to get close with leaves him; it's a fact of life. But maybe...maybe this can last longer if he makes himself useful enough. He'll help Jin Guangyao however he needs. He can take care of anything, especially things few would be willing to undertake, and no one but Jin Guangyao notices, because, as always, Su Minshan is ignored and forgotten by most.

And yet...

They're friends. He knows that. Jin Guangyao is forever grateful for his loyalty and companionship, but he also knows that he's not first in Jin Guangyao's heart.

But that's okay.

He's not even first in his own heart.