I Don't Own Harry Potter

Groaning, I raised an arm up and dropped it over my eyes in a futile attempt to block out whatever light was trying to blind me at the moment and get back to sleep- something that's been quite hard to get recently. That was before I remembered a few crucial facts which were that I a) live alone, and b) had all the lights turned off when I went to sleep. Sitting up, I forced my eyes open as I looked around, and blinked as I noted that I was in a room with a bunch of kids, and here I thought this couldn't get any worse.

Looking around the room for another moment, I came to a few realizations, no one seemed to be surprised by my presence, literally no one looked over when I jumped up. But that wasn't what was on my mind as I noted something else that was important, I was currently standing and everything seemed much taller than they should. Looking down at my body, I bit the inside of my lip as I noted that I was much shorter myself.

It took a moment for that information to transfer over properly, but I blame that on shock and probably the small bit of denial that was coursing through my mind. I'm a kid in a building of kids, all who seemed to be in second hand clothing, myself included, and no one seemed to be waiting for something, which means I can mentally rule out this being a slum school, which means that more than likely I'm in an orphanage at the moment.

And considering that I, from first glances, seem to be in my body de-aged to about, I don't know, ten years old, it appears I live here. My guess would have been more accurate if it wasn't for the fact that I haven't been this age in a long bloody while. But still, all these facts are calumniating into something, something I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be that much of a fan of.

With that I walked out of the room while reaching up and running a hand through my hair, a habit I have when processing information, well I tried to at least, my hair is a lot shorter than I remember it being and I don't like it. Short hair isn't for me, it appears that the person who had this body before I took it over wasn't aware of that fact. Though I'm pretty sure everyone here probably gets hair cuts every now again no matter what the kids say about it, so it probably wasn't this body's fault.

After a couple moments of walking, I found the dorms and began to look at the small name cards, made out of paper-cards and what appears to be sharpie. After a couple tense moments, I took a deep breath to hold in my temper as I felt it try to rise up and snap my control away, the reason behind this sudden shift in mood was the fact that I was looking at a card with the name 'Kyu Malo' on it.

Really? I couldn't even bother with being original enough to make another name for me? I had to reuse this one? Well I guess it helps that I don't have to worry about having to remember it, this name is familiar enough, after all this wasn't the first time I had sent a version of myself into some story world for kicks of it. Oh course I have no idea what kind of world this one is, at least last time around the answer was obvious enough.

Sighing, I pushed the door open and looked inside, noting that it was very bare bones, I've had worse in the past but the amount of space available to me was basically the size of a broom closest. A small cot and an even smaller drawer and that was it, I didn't even have a lamp. I ignored the small bit of my mind that thought about the fact that I was twice the size of that bed before realizing that I was no longer over six feet tall, that's probably going to take a day or two to get adjusted to that.

Still, I looked around for another moment before deciding to take stock of my being. With that I pulled off the shirt I was wearing, which was a bit to big for me but I've always prefers baggy clothes so it wasn't that much of a problem for me. Tossing the shirt onto the small bed, I looked down at me chest and frowned. I'm a bit more bare bones in this world. I've always been pretty skinny but this is a bit more than that.

Probably, going from the state of my clothes I'm guessing that this orphanage doesn't have the best funding for stuff like food but it would be nice to not be skin and bones. Oh well, I didn't really care all that much about it, it's not like I've never gone hungry before so it wasn't that big of a deal to deal with. On to the next part, my skin was the same tone which is nice, it would be very weird if that suddenly changed, so as it appears I'm still in the same body as my last one, just this one is younger.

But that's when I noticed a few interesting scars on my bare arms and some on my chest. I'll admit I have a number of scars on my person which comes from an interesting and not always fun life, and while I don't remember the story behind most of my older ones, I still know that I never had any of these in my first life, which means, judging by the impacts, either some of the adults here have it out for me or they look the other way when some kids get their hands on a knife.

I've been almost stabbed enough times to know knife scars, and I've been stabbed enough times to know that it bloody hurts, so I should make a note to make sure to avoid anyone having a grudge against me. This body is weak as hell, very little muscles mass, not to mention the lack of body mass, so even if I know how to fight, talking my way out of it would be the most optimal solution to any problem I come across until I find whatever niche this world has to exploit.

Because I highly doubt that I would drop myself into a story about nothing special, that would be boring to write about, though I don't think I would mind all that much to be honest. I get the feeling that this world isn't going to be as nice and friendly as the last world the author version of me sent the other Kyu. Damn that's going to be hard to keep track of isn't it. This is all way to meta to begin with to be honest.

Well, I got all the information that I needed from this, I can already tell from just walking, that I'm still a guy and that's all I would need to remove my pants to make use of but I didn't see the need in doing so. With that, I recollected my shirt and sat down on the bed, mostly out of a need to take a moment and get all this information properly processed before I end up pissed at myself for dumping me into this situation.

It truly wouldn't do anything to get annoyed, I mean it didn't help the last me so what would it do for me this time. No it's better to just decide to accept this and on to whatever stupid adventure is about to get set out before me. My thoughts were interrupted as a knock echoed off of the kind of shitty looking wooden door that was at the front of my room.

Wait a moment, I ignored the knock for half a second to think about what I just thought about, I can curse in this world, that's a nice bonus I guess. Considering that I was fully expecting to not be able to do so on account that I didn't let the last me be able to curse, I wonder why that's not the case in this world, whatever no really important is it. So with that I stood up and walked over towards the closed door and opened it up, and then looked up, which is weird to have to do, at the two women in front of me.

One was clearly a matron and the other look slightly out of place in the clothes she was wearing, shifting every couple of second trying to adjust it, like she was use to something else, interesting, I wonder what this is about. So with that I held back hard from raising an eyebrow as doing so to a duo of adults probably wouldn't get the result I would want it to. So instead I forced my voice into a pleasant, curious tone and asked.

"Yes? " I also stuttered out the rest as I realized that what came from my mouth wasn't an american accent, no it was bloody British. What the hell me, why am I English in this world of yours? Still I managed to force my face's expression to not change an inch and just continued on like nothing happened.

"What can I do for you?" I ignored the look that the matron was giving me, it seems that I wasn't the most polite before I came around to being in control of this body. I also noted that the other woman with the matron was giving her a side glance, it would seem that the woman had been under the impression that I would be a problem child. I now know that the matron isn't a fan of mine, I wonder what I did to annoy her, thoughts to deal with later.

"Well if you would excuse me, Miss Applate, but I need to have a conversation with Mister Malo about what I discussed with you earlier" Talk about earlier? I wonder what this is about, but I do have a feeling that I'm about to be dropped face first into the plot of this world, which is nice, I hate having to deal with guess work about everything so it's nice to have everything, at least the basics, explained so I can start thinking about what I should be expecting.

"Of course, I'll leave you to it" She didn't seem to want to leave, which I wasn't sure was about but after a moment she turned around and walked out of the room without anymore fuss. With that the out of place woman walked into the room as I stepped away from the door to give her room, before turning around and shutting the door. I blinked at that as I wonder if she was about to try and kill me, it was just a thought but it most certainly spiked my overactive mind and paranoia.

"Well then, I believe the best way to do this is for you to read this letter, it will explain the basics and if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them" She still hasn't introduced herself and that was putting me on edge, just a little bit, I didn't really have a reason for it, I'm not even all that good when it comes to names, good memory or not I never seem to remember them all that well.

But my thoughts were derailed as she pulled out a letter that looked like it was made half a century ago and aged to the point that when I grabbed it, I could feel it crinkle under my touch. But that lead me to the realization that this wasn't paper, it was parchment, I've held both so I know the difference. I glanced upwards at the woman for half a second, noting that she was still waiting and wasn't currently trying to kill me, so I looked back down at the letter and scanned the words on it.

I read over the top for a second, which had the address and my name on the top, but that was only a half thought as I looked at the wax seal that was holding the letter closed. On it was a lion, raven, badger, and snake all surrounding a highly stylized letter 'H'. I blinked for a second before snapping the wax seal under my fingers and opened the letter up to read the first lines to make sure I wasn't getting the wrong idea, but I already knew what this was.

Dear Mr. Malo

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

That's all I needed to read before lowering my hand with the letter still held in it's grasp. I need time, just a bit of time to process this all, ignoring the presences of whichever Professor was in the room with me I quickly started to mentally rant. What the fuck! What the actual god damn shit! Harry Potter is the universe I'm in? Why? This world has a super corrupt government, a god damn cult of idiots that will target me, because hey guess what! I'm a fucking muggleborn! Not to bloody mention the fact that this world is on the edge of another war, this is going to be a good damn headache I can tell.

After a second, I took a small, unnoticeable breath and then let it out. Good, now that I've gotten the anger out of the way, time to do something about all this bullshit that is weighing against me, because thinking and complaining about how unfair it is isn't going to change anything for me. So the only thing to do is to go with the flow and not let this get to me, which shouldn't be to hard, after all even with all this bull, I'm still a god damn wizard now, and how fucking cool is that. So with that I opened my eyes again and looked over towards the woman.

"Well, this most certainly clears a few things up, got to say, magic, not expecting that though to be completely honest. So I'm assuming that you're one of my teachers then? Miss...?" She blinked, probably not expecting such a laid back reaction to the information that I just received, but if there is one thing I'm good at, it's puzzle solving, but if there was a second thing I was good at it would be my ability to not be fazed by stuff. I have a very high emotional progressing skill, it's actually probably not all that healthy to be honest.

"McGonagall, and yes, I will be your Transfiguration Professor" I thought about it for a second before deciding that I was expecting her to be a bit older, the movies seem to have jaded me a bit. Note to self, re-correct my views about what these characters are going to look like. Oh, I should also say something back, because I'm not suppose to have any idea about what transfiguration is.

"And what is that?" She seemed to think on it for a moment before pulling out a stick that I then readjusted my mind to see as a wand, a god damn super tool and ultimate murder weapon, before pointing it at my cot which quickly became a four poster massive bed that took up most of the room's floor space. And after one more flick the cot was back to normal. Glancing back at the witch, I waited a moment, to show contemplation before saying.

"Interesting, one thing into another, fun. Well then, where will I be getting my needed schooling items. And how will I be paying for it all? Because sorry to say, I'm not exactly flush on money" She seemed think on it for a second, I wonder if my immediate concern about how I was going to pay for it was something that no normal ten? Eleven? year old should be asking about, but then again, I'm not exactly a normal which ever year old now am I?

"That won't be a problem, Hogwarts has a special tuition fund for those, like you, who can't pay for their schooling materials. As for where you will be getting said items, I will be escorting you to a place called Diagon Alley. Which you can find all the needed items you'll need to have for your schooling. If you want, we can head out to there now, unless you have anymore questions you need answered" I just shook my head, and noted that she didn't seem to know what to do with that before nodding and walked towards the door.

I think she's never had someone who just accepted everything without any real questions about it all, but I already know about all this, and any and all the questions I do have aren't questions I can ask, because I have no reason to know about say Occlumency in the first place. But that was one of the things that I really need to look into, because mind reading is a thing and I can not risk my knowledge getting out in the slightest.

I mean I could go straight to Dumbledore when I arrive at Hogwarts and spill out all this information, but to be honest, I don't really care about that whole thing with the war, as long as I'm alive by the end of it then I don't really care about all the ones that are going to die. Was that heartless? Yeah, of course it was, but I've never been the selfless type, I'm practically the opposite to be clear about the type of person I am.

It was a while later and current I've gotten everything I needed, most of not all of it was second hand items but I hardly cared about that. Though I was a bit disappointed that McGonagall was strict enough to not stretch my budget by a bit a let me get another book or two but such as life. Right now I was looking up at a sign that read 'Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands Since 382 B.C.' I'll be honest I was looking forwards to this the most out of everything so far.

Can you blame me? I'm about to get my fucking wand, even if I would have preferred a different world with less murderers, being able to use magic kind of makes up for that fact by a lot. So with that, I ignored the look of surprise from McGonagall as I sped walked into the small shop. It was more than likely because of the fact that I have yet to let slip that all this was just god damn amazing to look at. It was mostly out of habit and lack of trust that lead me to making sure that I looked bored or mildly intrigue by everything so far.

But even with all my control I couldn't help but show some of the giddiness I was feeling as I looked around the small interior of the wand shop, while noting that an old man was making his way out from the back of the shop. Looking over towards him, I noted that he tilted his head at the sight of me, like he didn't know what to think before a weird sort of smile spread across his face.

"Ah, interesting, I haven't had someone in this shop without some kind of hint of the kind of wand that would suit you, guarded heavily are you? Well that also gives me quite the hint. Alright, time to get started then. What would be your wand hand" Interesting, I wonder if he is just very good at what he does or he is very good at reading people to know the type of person they are, I wonder if that's also a type of magic in this world.

Anyway, I had already opened my mouth to say right, as it was the only hand I could use, but then I stopped. This body's left hand has yet to be broken bad enough to cause chronic pains, which means I'm back to being ambidextrous, I'll probably be a bit, if not very rusty, as I'm self learned in using my left hand but I can still use it well enough.

"Both, I taught myself to use my left hand if that means anything" He seemed to look over at me for just short enough that I couldn't tell what his intent was before looking back at some of the shelves that were filled, ground to ceiling with different types of wands. After a second he pulled one off and opened the case before handing it over to me.

"Maple, nine inches, unicorn hair, slight flexibility" I picked the wand out of his hand, careful to not make any unneeded contact, something the old man seemed to make note of as I picked the wand up. Blinking, I took a small breath as a small pit of something seemed to bubble up in my chest, only for the wand to be ripped out of my hand and placed back into the box, guess that wasn't the right wand.

"Right, not at all correct. Try this one, Spruce, eleven inches, phoenix feather, highly pliable" Picking this one up, I immediately felt a small bit of burning in my palm and nearly dropped it in my haste to place it back down on the desk in front of me. Shaking my head in annoyance at the wand while holding my hate hand, I looked back at Ollivander who seemed to speed up and dashed to the back before bringing back an older looking case. Handing it to me, I opened it up and picked it up and noted that this one was just more nut something was off just a bit.

"Interesting, but not exactly. Walnut, thirteen inches, dragon heartstring, and unyielding flexibility" It was snatched out of my hands before I could truly appreciate it but didn't argue. While it was the best so far, I could feel it, somehow, something was lacking. But it seemed that Ollivander knew what to get as he didn't bother with the test wands as he instantly went for a far off case that was two boxes from the ground. Pulling it out, I was handed a wand that instantly hummed in my hands and I just knew, this was the one.

"Ah, brilliant, an interesting combination that one. Pine, twelve and three quarters, dragon heartstring, and unyielding flexibility. With the natural properties of each of those parts, I suspect that you will be quite the wizard Mister Malo" I, while still wrapped up in the amazement of my wand it the feelings that were coursing through me, still noted that I never introduced myself to him. I raised an eyebrow at the man but choose not to say anything as McGonagall walked up to pay for it.

"Well, Mister Malo, all I can tell you now that all your shopping is over, is that you shouldn't use your wand or try and practice any spells you find in your course books, reading is encouraged but magic in muggle areas is against the law" I just nodded as I was already aware of this but she didn't know that, so I think she was about to make sure I understood that I can't use my wand, which was highly upsetting.

"I understand, I can wait until September and school starts before I start any wand waving" She looked at me for a moment before nodding, and with that we began to make our way back to the orphanage, while she also began to explain about the Hogwarts Express and if I needed help to get there, I just told her I would manage just fine on my own. After all, I've been to London before, and while it's been a while, I'm pretty sure I know how to get to a train station.


Turns out it was August twentieth, my birthday, when McGonagall arrived to give me my letter, which means I'm now eleven years old in body. Anyway, it's been a few weeks, two to be specific and right now I'm bored as hell. I finished all the magical books I got in the first week, I'm a fast reader and those books were made to be comprehensible to kids, it really wasn't that hard to do.

Hell, at this point, I've reread a few of them more than once, those being the ones that really interested me. Transfiguration, Charms, and Potions being the main normal ones, though I was very interested in the Defense Against the Dart Arts book, it being the one that I read the most. Something about it being needed for me to have a chance at living into my twenties really made me enjoy reading about it all.

The ones that I disliked the most being the books on history, as I've always found history boring unless is fits a certain criteria, Astronomy, Herbology both in my not as interested view mostly because I'm not that big of a fan of stars and plants, though out of everything it doesn't mean it was bad at all, just the weakest out of all the ones I liked. Anyway, it was about time to get ready to go to King's Cross and board a train to Hogwarts.

I've been on and off right this and all the following chapters for a while now, mostly because I was bored because of the fact that the world is ending and all that and wanted to write something but couldn't bother to think of a new character to use so I just used myself. I don't really have a goal for this nor do I really have a plan continuing or ending his story at any point in the near future, I just had this on hand and figured why not post it, I mean everyone else probably a bit bored as well and besides the fact that I had nothing else to do there wasn't really a reason to keep this on my computer and not doing anything with it. See ya.