I Don't Own Harry Potter

"Look mate I know you're like already a master in all these subjects, but could you, I don't know, have a panic attack with the rest of us to make us not feel so bad about our impending doom" Theo was being dramatic, literally nothing new in that regard, it's only our exams, it's still a good month away from us at the moment and he and everyone else is acting like it's tomorrow morning.

"Do you honestly think me freaking out would make you feel better or worse about you're ability to do well on the test?" He stopped whining for a moment, seemed to realize that if someone like me was freaking out at the thought of the exams then he more than likely wouldn't be able to stand a chance. He seemed to wilt a little bit after that but still snappy out grumpy.

"Well you could still, I don't know, help us or something, because you're just over there reading doing nothing while your best friends are suffering" I was actually studying a bit, well I'm also in the middle of a bit of research as well, just a bit of history book reading. It was boring as hell, but as it happens you can in fact learn from he past, and it does help that history is the only thing I don't have down locked pack for best placement for in the school, so I might as well fix that while I can.

Just a small bit of a pride thing that I didn't actually hold that much stake in but still figured I might as well do anyway. And since history is easily my weakest point, I'm multitasking like the workaholic I am. Either way, as I scanned over the pages for a couple minutes, Theo seemed to realize that enough time has passed to start whining again, which he did, in earnest.

"Mate come on! Help a brother out!" I blinked at that word choice before glancing up at him for a moment, mostly wondering why he would use a word like brother when it holds no emotional weight to me. Then I realized that I've been way to busy with politics and people who choose their every word recently and that he just said that without any manipulation in it. I blame the fact that sleep isn't a thing I have in surplus, even for my standards.

"The answer is C" He just huffed at that, clearly very annoyed at me for my answer, and maybe also because I've used that one before. I can't be original in my brush offs and insults all the time, that would be quite exhausting to manage. Just because I have wit doesn't mean it's a tad annoying to pull out insightful and yet still dry comments out of no where at all times.

"You're no help" I rolled my eyes at that and glanced over to him, and decided that if he was just going to be annoying me then I might as well get this over with. So with that, I looked over more specifically at the book he was reading. It was on runes, nothing complex in there but I'm not actually sure I can dumb down my answers for him, he's not that good in the subject, but kind of needs it as a requirement to be an magical item maker.

"The problem you're having isn't because of you're lack of knowledge in Greek runes, it's because you're handwriting in them is shit. I'd recommend getting some handwriting lessons in at some point soon before the exams" Theo just looked over at me like I should not have been able to know that as my eyes had already returned to my book, so I just rolled my eyes and explained it.

"I've read that book before, three times in fact, the section your in is on the Greek style of rune carving, and since you've memorized those in fourth year as that is when they were taught to us, then it must mean that the problem isn't in your knowledge, and since I know you're hand writing is shit from all the times you've asked me to proof read your essays the answer was obvious" He just continued to look at me for a moment before sighing with a huff of laughter and said.

"You know, it's been a while since you've shown off that skill, I almost forgot that you are terrifying at problem analyzing and solving" I just hummed at that as I answered back with.

"Can you really call it terrifying when you're the one benefiting from it?" He muttered something about that making it even worse but I just ignored him.

I was stretching my arms around at the moment, after all, I do try to at least stay in shape which is a bit hard to manage when all the food here is still overly sweeten some how and really a bit fatty. But that can also be said to be a good thing as it gives a bit of a bonus in energy when it comes to running around the massive castle all day to go to classes.

Anyway, that's besides the point, my main point is I'm still skinny but at least I have a bit more muscle than my form would dictate I would have. I'm a bit more little than I remember being, at least in size not height. Probably my much more poor upbringing by the orphanage having a negative effect on my heath that is only now being healed up but a bit late at that anyway. Not that I mind, I've always been on the skinny side.

Though all of that was only to point out my body type, which I dragged on much longer than it needed to be and yet it only took a couple seconds, the reason I'm pointing this out is because Tracey is looking at a magazine, a fashion one, and then looking up at me, giggled and then looked down again every couple minutes sometimes seconds. And I don't know what it's about but I do have a good guess, yet I'm ignoring her more than likely messed up mind. Daphne on the other hand didn't seem so inclined.

"Could you stop giggling like that, honestly it's a bit creepy" Tracey just huffed at that and pouted as Daphne finally snapped and said what she had on her mind, honestly she's a bit more patience than I give her credit for but I'll admit even I was getting a bit annoyed at the constant giggling and I'm like a well of never ending patience when I want to or have to be. Though that's when Tracey said back in a huffy voice.

"Oh come on, you can't say you haven't thought about how he'd look in girl's clothing, it'd be cute" I suddenly don't like where this is going, I don't care much about them discussing this, something that comes from practically wearing a dress for most of the year even though it's technically called 'robes' it also helps that I didn't care much about this even before that either but it's a bit more uncomfortable when they talk about it in front of me without either caring about the fact that I'm literally sitting in front of them.

"I mean sure, he already looks a bit like a girl but it's weird when you're so obvious about it" I wonder if I should go back to not shaving, it seems facial hair is something that would stop these conversations from happening. Like I said before, I'm a bit more lithe than I use to be, combined in with my hair and choice of jewelry, it's not all that surprising they would think about it, though I kind of hoped my slightly deeper tones voice would offset that some. Well whatever.

"It's not like he cares, and besides if it wasn't for the fact that I'm sure he's always listening than I'm sure he wouldn't have even noticed that we're talking about him" I was still looking into the book in my hand even though I've gotten bored of it and had stopped reading a while ago after this conversation started as my thoughts seemed to find the matter a bit more interesting than the words in front of me. Still after a moment, I lifted my head up to look at the two of them and said.

"I don't particularly give a damn about you creepily dressing me up in your mind, at least as much as I probably should, but if you wouldn't mind, could you keep it only in that messed up mind of yours" She just huffed at that like I was being the unfair one here. Honestly so rude.

"You know it says something when I'm the one that has to tell you that you're overworking" Blaise just shot me a look before turning away and continued o write into his book, honestly, there is only a few days left before the exams begin, and cramming this much will just make his head spin with useless information by the time the actually tests come around.

"Like you're one to talk, I'm still not even certain you sleep at all" I just rolled my eyes at that and replied simply with.

"Well you see the difference in the two of us is that I don't usually have a choice in whether I get to sleep or not, while you are determined to just be self destructive. I recommend going to bed or I'll force you to" He just snorted at that, clearly not paying much attention to my words as he brushed off the fact that I was the one who said it as he said.

"Oh yeah and what are you going to do? Drag me?" I held back a grimace at the idea for a moment before humming thoughtfully to myself, mostly to grab his attention, before saying to him.

"Well of course not, that sounds horrible, no I'd much rather stun you and then pour a sleep potion down your throat and hope you don't choke to death" He's eyes shot up to met mine, which I noted he back down from quickly as I had pulled out my dead look, which I'm told is the most unnerving to look at. He, after a long moment, finally just sighed and set his book down and said.

"You have terrible bedside manners" I just rolled my eyes at that as I noted he almost couldn't restrain the yawn that wanted to be pushed out of his mouth but be managed nonetheless, doesn't mean I didn't notice of course, so with that I shooed him up and pushed him, not literally, towards his room. I'll know of course if he actually tries anything of course, after all I've taken the liberty to remove everything he could use to study from his room and since I'm not going to be sleeping tonight, I'll know if he tries to sneak back into the common room to get some of it back.

And then I really will stun him, after all I'm most certainly not above doing such a thing, and besides it's not like he hasn't tried to do the same to me before in the past, it's just that he failed horribly when he did try.

I hummed boredly to myself, not having anything else to do, while ignoring the not at all subtle glares literally everyone was giving me as I had leaned back in my chair and was looking up at the ceiling at the moment. I might should mention that it's been about twenty-five minutes into my first N.E.W.T exam, Defense, and I was already done. The only thing that took all that much time was the fact that I had to write all the answers down.

Needless to say it wasn't really my fault I was bored out of my mind, defense is all about knowing about curses and their counters basically, at least from what the exam is asking for, and I kind of know almost every main stream and obscure curse out there from one thing or another, either from having it shot at me at one point or having to learn to break it from a particularly hard to open book.

As such I just yawned as I continued to hum in boredom. I don't care what you say, test taking is so much more boring than stressful, I don't know why people complain about these things so much. To be fair, I still have a number of tests to get through before it's all over so I might have a differing opinion by the time the exams end, but for some reason I feel like that's quite doubtful.

"Well that was fun, no actually, it was boring as shit. Why am I trying to cheer you all up again?" And just like that four matching pair of glares were leveled at me, it was a bit entertaining to look at their reactions, as this was the entire point of my words after all. I'm nice enough to give them all something to focus another emotion at something rather than keep them all drowning in worry. It wasn't all for their sakes though to be fair, it's also because I find it very annoying.

"Because unlike some people we have to worry more about passing than worrying about if we're going to break another grade record" Damn even Daphne is snappy, they really shouldn't put all this stress on themselves, the tests are already over, it's just a waste of emotions at this point.

"I'm assuming you're referring to me yet I don't think I've ever given a shit about my grades, those are just a side benefit that came from being really obsessive about killing a dark lord" Theo snorted at that, as he hung his head off the side of the chair he was laying across in with an almost miserable expression on his face.

"Now you're just rubbing in how much smarter you are" That wasn't exactly what I was going for to be honest but it works I guess, as I just shrugged at that and said.

"It's not that I'm so much smarter, it's just that I've, more than likely, put in a lot more time than all of you combined with a goal a lot more higher up than just passing a few tests" Blaise just huffed at that and said with a roll of his eyes in a dry tone.

"You should just stop, being humble really doesn't suit you, and by that I mean you suck at it" I tilted my head to the side a bit at that as I thought about how to reply and finally decided with.

"Well if you're dead set on panicking and putting yourselves down then I'm going to go do something productive with the last few days left I have of school" I didn't actually have much of anything to do at the moment, but it's a bit better than having to listen to them all complain about my natural 'genius' because honestly I'm not all that smart. I'm fine with admitting I'm above average in natural intelligence, but almost all my magical skill comes from working my ass off for seven years straight with almost never a single day, or night really, of rest.

It would be stupid a near narcissistic of me to assume I am just that much smarter than everyone when my hours of effort put in to get to the level I'm at shows a much more clear answer about how much I've worked on my magic compared to natural skill. It wasn't as much that their complaining was annoying me because of a lack of recognition of my very hard work, it's more of a self-acknowledgment that I'm simply not a super genius that is naturally just great at everything. No matter how much it's hurts my ego.

I sighed as I read over the letter in my hands for another time, just making sure I was reading this right. I was. After a long moment, I took in a deep breath before placing my face into my hands and just closed my eyes for a long moment, just to rest them. I was in the last week of my time in Hogwarts right now and I was getting everything ready to go right now, but I wasn't expecting this.

It was a request by Sirius, asking me to meet him in the place I first met him, I didn't understand a number of things about this, and couldn't help feel like this was in some way a trap. I had a few ideas to be fair but none of them would make sense as to why Sirius is here. The only thing to do to figure this out is to go and meet with him then. With that, I stood up, looked up at the ceiling for a moment, deep in thought about a few unrelated things, before turning and leaving, heading to the Chamber of Secrets.

It didn't take long to get there, at this point I know this school better than even my own house at this point. Walking down the stairs that I had personally transfigured so long ago, I hummed a bit to myself as I finally reached the main chamber that split off to the other hidden rooms, one of which held the rotting corpse of a massive snake. Shaking my head at that I continued inward until I saw the man of the hour, and another that instantly dampened my mood as I realized what was more than likely going to happen.

"Sirius, while I don't mind going down memory lane, I do believe it was a rat that was here with us last time not him, though I wouldn't mind making the comparison" Harry glared at me for that so I just replied with a blank look in his direction, clearly showing I truly didn't give a shit about his temper tantrums. Sirius was now looking between us, very clearly realizing that he was missing something very important, no that wasn't it, I would recognize that expression. Oh god this is a fucking intervention isn't it?

"Alright look you two, I know you've started to stop getting along recently but you really should stop this now before it turns into something more than just a squabble" I'm totally going to be blaming Moody for this, I swear the things I do for my image really come back around on occasion just to annoy me. Still, I just looked at Sirius, already falling into the role I wanted to use, with that I tilted my head in confusion and said.

"I've already worked this out more than enough, Harry doesn't want to be 'friends' not that we ever really were to be fair, looking back on it all I can see is him taking advantage of my very limited amount good will and the complaining about it afterwards" Sirius looked like he was about to rebuttal that when Harry stepped forwards and nearly yelled out.

"I took advantage of you? Are you kidding me? When have I eve-" I was already bored with this, so with that I interrupted him as my voice turned cold as I spoke.

"I don't know, lets count. Giving you information about the Philosopher's Stone, stopping the rumors about you being the heir of Slytherin, killed the basilisk for you and everyone else, freed your godfather, saved your from being expelled, gave you this chamber to hold your meetings in, bailed you out when your dumbass got caught, and killing Voldemort himself just to name a few, half of which I had to go out of my way to do and most of which lead to many problems for me to deal with myself" Now he was shooting me a look of bloody murder as he snarled out.

"I never asked you to do most of those, you don't get to-" I glared at him, and just like that he shut up fast, I hardly ever glare, my bored or blank expressions are more than unnerving enough to make most people shut up, but I was getting annoyed.

"I did them because that's what friends do you dipshit, and in all that time I can count the number of things you've done for me on one finger, and I still had to spend a good hour convincing you" I was talking about the blood from his tongue, he was very against that but after a lot of trickery it wasn't really all that hard to manage. especially considering he was twelve at the time. Still anyway, Sirius was looking at Harry now, like he thought this was going to be a lot more of me being the one in the wrong than this.

"So what! That doesn't matter! Who cares what you've done! You're evil and dark and you just stand there like nothing can effect you when everything has changed you just stand their like nothing is happening!" I get it, he's scared of change, I really do understand that after all I'm leaving this castle for the last time pretty soon and considering this has been my life for seven years now, I don't really know what I'm going to be doing anymore, and considering I've taken what Harry thinks is his purpose from him, I can understand why he would be mad at me, but that doesn't mean I care.

"Oh grow the fuck up already. Honestly you whine and you whine about me being dark and evil and whatever bad sounding adjective you think actually matters, but in reality the only reason why you suddenly hate me is because I'm the one that did what you couldn't, I'm the one that did what the light was suppose to do. If you're angry at me for you being a failure in your own eyes then you're nothing more than a brat that has yet to understand that he isn't special" That seemed to snap something form behind his eyes as in an instant his wand was out and pointed at me.

"You don't get to talk! You don't get to talk about me not being special when all you are is an orphan that no one would care about if you weren't so damn smart!" I felt a frown snap into place on my face as I looked at the wand pointed at me it probably makes him feel a bit better about his standings compared to mine. He's to damn stubborn.

"Put that down before you do something stupid Harry, because what you're doing is something called deflection, you're accusing me of the flaws you have because you don't want to even think that they might be true" He was still glaring at me, and I noted from the corner of my eye that Sirius looked like this was not going in anyway like he thought this was going to go, well good, the dickhead somehow thought this would be a good idea.

"I'm no deflecting! And I'm nothing like you!" He's just shouting words at this point and honestly it's getting a bit boring in my opinion, so with that I just rolled my eyes and said to Harry before turning away from him.

"Whatever, I truly don't care anymore. If you really hate me that much then just leave me the fuck alone, honestly I've given up on caring about what you think, and the sooner you do that for me the better, then I never will have to listen to you whine again" With that I walked out of the chamber, listening to Sirius, who was clearly trying to think of a way to make me stay here, call out to me about something. But I didn't care and just kept walking.

"I can't believe you're actually going to the Americas for a while, not to mention dressed like that honestly, you look like a muggle" I just hummed at that as I sat across from Blaise who was the one complaining about this of course as I looked down at my outfit, it wasn't anything special just some jeans, a shirt and a nice jacket. Simple clothing, not that I could really think of anything more stylish if I tried, I never did get fashion down as a talent.

"Well that's kind of the point, I don't know about you, but I do believe I'm probably going to be mugged enough times as it is when I'm visiting New York without wearing something like what wizards do" Theo looked confused at that as he leaned in a bit to look at me like I was being crazy as he asked.

"Who in their right mind would try to rob you? You'd make them regret being born" I wonder if that's a good reaction for them to have at my comment of me being the one that would be attacked. I guess it just means that I've done my job right, still I just raised an eyebrow at Theo for that and said in a bland tone.

"The non-magical world doesn't know to fear me, and so I'm pretty sure the average idiot would assume a almost feminine man with long hair, a skinny body, and who is wearing obvious to see jewelry would be an easy target or making a quick buck off of. Really the only thing going for me is the fact that I'm taller than the average person but that's a bit offset by the other factors I've mentioned" Theo just looked at me even harder at that, like he was trying to see pass the fact that I'm one of the most dangerous beings alive, before saying.

"Well I know you kind of look like a girl from a few angles but I always kind of thought it made you even more terrifying to be honest" Surprising the two actual girls in the train compartment with us nodded in agreement at that. I hadn't really thought about it to be fair though to be even more fair, I didn't really care all that much as it is.

"Glad to know I inspire terror no matter what I look like. Anyway, what are you lot going to be doing then, because apparently you all know my plans" Blaise seemed to be the first to want to answer but he was a bit hesitant on speaking even when he had gotten everyone's attention.

"I'm obviously going to continue my studies and become a Potion Master, but I kind of want to become an apprentice as well for a bit before I try for the license on it. It'll make my own brewing skills better and not to mention it'll give me time to work on my book some more, I'm actually thinking about publishing later with all my rephrased recipes... Though I'll have to find a potions master first which will be tough" I just hummed at that before saying causally.

"Oh yeah, I nearly forgot about that, I got one of those that owes me a pretty big favor. I'll give you the man's address, just say it's me cashing in on the request of the old man, he'll probably understand it" What? I totally didn't save Snape just because I was being nice that day, it just happened that bailing a Potion Master that I know out of jail was easier to do than to find a new one.

"I..I'm not even sure why I'm acting surprised, of course you knew about that. Well then, what else have you got up your sleeve? Because this is clearly time for you wanting to show off on how prepared you always are" I smirked a very small bit at that as Blaise's just almost casual dismissals of my work as he was just now to use to them, though I noted everyone else was looking a bit excited, so I just leaned back a bit and sighed before saying.

"You're no fun, I wanted to do them one at a time. Well whatever. Daphne, I might have convinced Bill Weasley to take you along with him on a few of his curse breaking jobs as most involve a lot of history as he works mostly in old tombs and ruins" I made it clear I was going to that wedding for more than one reason, the will was just a side bonus for me getting in better graces with Bill to get him to be easy to convince to have Daphne tag along, I know she did well enough on her Runes exam that she probably wouldn't even slow him down.

"Next up is Theo, I didn't do anything as fancy, but that apartment you've been using also happens to have a closed down shop underneath it that happens to be set up with a pretty state of the art enchanting set up, which is probably saying something considering my standards" It wasn't that hard, just a few letters to the people that owned the building and it was simple, hell I had set that one up when I was installing the protective wards on his place last year, that one has been done for a while now.

"And finally Tracey. You're the most hard to figure out what to do for you, so I just got you a list of contacts that I know from the minister, most of which are from the spell research division, which I put a good word in for you so you can do whatever you want with that as you please" That was actually surprisingly tricky to pull off, but as it happens, a number of old Order members are in that branch of the Ministry and since Sirius really needed to find a way to make up for a certain cluster fuck, well it was a bit easy after that.

So with that I was finished, though I was getting some really strange looks from everyone in the train compartment at the moment. After a long moment, Blaise just shook his head and said.

"You know, I think that might be the most non-asshole thing you've ever done for us" I just rolled my eyes at that but noted everyone seemed really excited now, like they had something to look forwards to now that our schooling was over, which is exactly what I was going for, good.

"Alright then, ready to go?" Eliza just sighed annoyed at my lack of care that she was taking forever to get ready. After a long moment she walked out of the shop, looked around the alley for a moment before asking out loud, mostly to herself.

"Why am I doing this again?" I just rolled my eyes at that as I pulled out a small bundle of robe to hand over to her and said simply.

"Because I do believe that you said once that your life is to boring, so I figured I might as well spread the chaos a bit, see if you like it as much as you seem to do" She just rolled her eyes at that, clearly not expecting me to have answered her so bluntly, nonetheless she just smiled as she grabbed onto the end of the rope as I handed it to her, with me holding the other end.

"Well I guess that's true. It was nice of you to let me tag along, it's almost like you don't actually want to be alone" I just tilted my head a bit at that and said in a confused voice.

"Well obviously, it's not like I'm not a sociopath after all" And with that the portkey activated as the two of us were dragged away.

I'm done with this story for a while, I'll admit, I got caught up in a lot of stuff recently, mostly just watching a lot more anime and TV than is probably healthy in a short amount of time, but besides that, I also just want to have this wrapped up but open for a sequel for right now. The story is completed, you all got a bit extra afterwards of Kyu finishing off school and the true end to his friendship with the first friend he had in this world before talking about the path that all his best friends are taking now with their lives. While their might be a few lose ends that I never tied up or concepts that I didn't explore as fully as I could, I think all that would be best to leave up for another time and another story, probably. See ya.