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It was beautiful sunny day in the Konoha village, the sun was shinning the birds were singing. It was pretty much a perfect day except for one Sasuke Uchiha, who was inches from pulling out his kuni if Kakashi got any closer to him.

"I said I'm not going." Sasuke said and walked away from his sensei.

" And I said you are." The jonin grabbed the back of the smaller ninja's collar and pulled him back.

"And I said I'm not going" he said getting a little agitated. Luckily the park was empty. If anyone was there they would be giving the pair strange glances.

"Why can't you go and just have a good time like everyone else?" Kakashi asked.

"Because I hate being around those bakas. I don't understand why you want to go to a picnic with a bunch of low class ninjas? You being all high and mighty and all." Sasuke was no longer looking at his teacher, he had his back turned and arms crossed in front of his chest.

"I'm not high and mighty. I'm just mighty handsome." Kakashi laughing at his own joke let out a small snort.

Sasuke finding no humor in his sentence or the situation started to look around. 'Maybe I could make a run for it while he is still laughing. Yeah, this maybe my only chance.'

Sasuke took off in a quick sprint. Unfortunately he only made it two feet before he was being dragged by the back of his shirt.

He did the only thing left he could think of. He grabbed the park bench with both hands and held on for dear life.

Kakashi was pulling both of Sasuke's ankles trying to unlatch the young boy from the park bench.

"You just need to show up for about an hour, an hour and a half at most." Pleaded the older man, still pulling at the boy's ankles.

"It's a picnic, you can go hang out with all your old friends from last year." He said still in an attempt to encourage the boy to come.

"Come on, I will take you out for some Ramen if you go." Pleaded Kakashi

"Ha, you think you can bribe me like that imbecile Naruto. Well you are wrong. Besides why are you forcing me to come?"

"Well I told Iruka I would get you to come. He said you need to get out more. Have a civilized conversation."

"I have..." Sasuke started

"With someone else other than yourself." Kakashi finished

"Hmph! Are you saying I talk to myself?!" Sasuke yelled over his shoulder to his sensei.

"Well. Yes! I hear you sometimes. Wait let me quote some of your lovely poetry." Kakashi was just about to speak when Sasuke cut in.

"You tell anyone about that and you're a dead man." Sasuke growled.

'Oh man if he keeps this up I will have to go to the stupid picnic. Think. Think. Ah ha!' He got an idea. "Sooo, since when do you care what Iruka says?" He asked slyly. He smirked knowing his masters reaction.

He could see Kakashi blush a little from the uncovered part of his face.

"Well.I.um.. you see" Kakashi stuttered trying to think of something to say.

Sasuke knew he got him and smirked.

An elderly couple started to pass by, they gave both ninjas extremely confused looks.

"Lovely morning isn't it?" Kakashi asked smiling at the couple, in an extremely happy tone. He had not stopped his endeavor of prying the boy off the bench.

"Um.Yes. Yes it is." Said the old man. The couple started to pick up the pace of their walk, avoiding eye contact with the pair of fighting ninjas.

Sasuke smiled and saluted to the old lady trying to be polite. But he only realized his mistake a split second too late. He didn't have enough strength to hold on any longer.

Both ninjas flew back from the force of Kakashi's tug. They were both sprawled out on the ground covered in dirt.

"Ah ha I got you!" Kakashi said loudly.

"What makes you think I will go now?" Sasuke asked while brushing the dirt off his shoulder.

Sasuke could see Kakashi smile through his facemask, and Sasuke did not like where that look. He knew he had something up his sleeve. What did he think he was playing at?

"Well I'm sure Sakura and Naruto would be upset if you didn't show up." Kakashi said drawing out the name Naruto.

Sasuke's eyes widened. 'He knows, how does he know? Grr, that stupid Jonin knew if he said that I would go. Unless..'

"Why would I care." Sasuke smirked. "Sakura just will follow me around all day annoying me, and the fool could care less if I came." Sasuke was proud with his quick come back. He just hoped Kakashi didn't catch his face falter.

"Well if you really think that." Kakashi said innocently. Knowing quite well that Sasuke was lying and liked hanging out with both Sakura and Naruto. But would never admit it in a hundred years. "I will just have to tell them that and hope they won't be to disappointed. I knew Naruto was really looking forward to going. But.."

"You know that Ramen is starting to sound pretty good now." Sasuke said trying to cover up the fact that he now had a slight urge to go. He didn't want Kakashi to win or get suspicious.

"So you will go?" Kakashi asked, already knowing the answer.

"Well you know, if everyone wants me there, because I'm so popular and all. I guess I could make an appearance." He said in mock vanity.

"Ok then lets get a move on then." Kakashi said trying not to laugh, and walked away.

Sasuke picked up his bag and hurried after Kakashi. Pretending not to be excited that he was going to see his love Naruto.

But Sasuke wouldn't let Kakashi get away that easily. Not without his new knowledge he obtained from his masters slip-up. "So master how long have you and Iruka been together? Hehe heh" he laughed as his teacher's eyes widen in surprise.

Kakashi let out a small laugh and said "Nothing gets by you does it? Lets just keep this our little secret. Ok?"

Sasuke smirked and nodded as they continued to walk to the picnic.

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