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Chapter 14

Walking again. What else is new? It seems all we have done is walk. I can't wait until we stop walking. It shouldn't be very hard. One foot in front of the other, then repeat until you arrive at your destination. You would think a ninja could handle such a small feat. We had traveled across entire countries, yet this little trip was taking its toll on me. I can handle this, buts its just so painstakingly…. painstaking. There was no other word for it. Could it be the tension? Ahh the tension, the one sided tension that I am imagining. Well… at least I think I'm imagining it. Naruto is fine, he doesn't feel it, does he?

Sasuke turned his head to his left to get a quick glance at Naruto. The quick glance that eventually turned into a short stare. The short stare soon turned into a long gaze. Lo and behold that long gaze transformed into a two minute long zone out.

No, Naruto definitely did not feel any tension what so ever. Sasuke had indeed studied his face for far longer than he intended to. He was helpless against that adorable face, the deep blush was evidence to that. 'Yep, no tension what so ever. None, none at all! Let me check again.'

Slight look to the side.

With a puzzled look Sasuke thought to himself 'What the hell is he thinking? If I only knew, maybe I wouldn't be so uncomfortable.'

A third look at the blond.

Naruto's Thoughts

'What a lovely day. To add to this lovely day I have a backpack. Not my backpack, but a backpack. Hmm, that's kind of a catchy tune.'

Naruto carried on whistling his new song whose entire lyrics consist of five words.

"I've got a backpack, I've got a backpack, yey, yey, yey." He sang the words in his head repeatedly.

"Yes, it definitely is a lovely day…..oh look, a squirrel!"

End Naruto's Thoughts

Suddenly Sasuke felt he should retract his last thought, he didn't know why, it was just an instinct. 'Hmm, weird' Sasuke shrugged his shoulders and went back to contemplating his one sided tension.

Yet another glance.

'Yep, that's confirms it. He is not feeling a thing.' Naruto was walking slowly with his hands in his pockets looking at the sky. Not noticing the glances he was receiving from his friend.

'You are just giving yourself excuses to look at him again, aren't you.' He thought to himself.

'The only thing I have going for myself is that he is completely oblivious to everything around him. How is he still alive? Is this the same Naruto who is able to switch into crazed ninja fits and miraculously defeat any opponent? Do wonders ever cease?' He truly is the most amazing person he had ever met. So amazing he could barely speak to him. That returns him back to his original problem.

Sasuke took another glance at Naruto. Naruto was still walking with his head in the clouds at a leisurely pace, only now he began to whistle.

Wondering if there was anything he could say to him. Starting conversations was something Sasuke wasn't known for. He was embarrassed to admit it but he really did want to get Naruto's attention. He wished he could think of something witty or smart to say. Alas his mind was as blank as Naruto's paper during the first part of Chuunin Selection Exam.

'Oh well, might as well say something.' He thought to himself.

"So Naruto what do you think about- Naruto! Naruto! Hey are you listening." He seemed to not have heard a single word that came out of Sasuke's mouth. He didn't even flinch at the Sasuke's deafening shouts.

"Na-ru-to! Hey!" Sasuke was beginning to lose his temper quickly. He did not have the patience for this today. The fact that this whole situation was his fault had not crossed his mind…..or he was deeply in denial.

Sasuke tried calling the blonde's name one more time. Naruto took no notice at all. If anything the whistling grew louder. That was the last straw for Sasuke.

Sasuke shouted 'Baka!' at the top of his lungs and backhanded Naruto's thick head.

He finally got a reaction. Not the one he wanted, but a reaction indeed.

"What the hell was that you bastard!" Naruto was now the one beginning to yell.

'You always need to start trouble for yourself don't you.' Sasuke thought, restraining himself from slapping his own forehead.

"I was just trying to talk to-" He was cut off in mid sentence.

"So you hit me."

"You're a ninja, I thought you could handle it, dodge it maybe." Sasuke said with a smirk. 'This conversation is better than no conversation, I suppose.'

Naruto was now in his fighting mode, Sasuke could feel it.

Naruto made a small fake laugh and said "Like you could hurt me. Haha. I was just caught off guard, that's all."

"So I could hit you again and it wouldn't hurt?" Sasuke was smirking in his mind; he knew where this battle was going.

"Yeah, go ahead. You're pretty pathetic anyway. Nowhere near as strong as I. " He puffed out his chest as he finished his last comment with confidence. Naruto carried on speaking while Sauke came closer for another shot at the blonde. "All I was saying was that a man can't walk down the road and whistling without being hit in the back of the head."

Naruto kept rambling unaware of the approaching Uchiha. Sasuke swung at him.

"You might think about getting some help about your anger problems. Maybe Neji could recommend a psychiatrist or something, because man does that kid have some major problems that need to be worked out. Or – OWW!

Naruto grew angry again. He let out a low growl and lunged at the dark haired boy. His fist connected to Sasuke's jaw.

Sasuke was shocked and for a second, he didn't move. Then he slowly moved his hand to his jaw. He felt a slight twinge of pain upon the pressure of his hand. He looked at Naruto whose expression went from angry and ready to fight, to a gaping mouth and shocked eyes.

Sasuke figured he could catch him off guard and dove at him. He tackled Naruto to the ground. He could feel the other boy struggling to get out from underneath him.

'Hm. He can struggle all he wants, but he isn't going to get out from underneath me.' Sasuke went back to his last thought. 'Underneath me. Naruto is struggling beneath me.' Sasuke's body reacted by freezing for a fraction of a second, trying to recover from the previous thoughts. 'Must everything I think become perverted?' A mental slap to the forehead would not help this situation.

That fraction of a second was all Naruto needed to take the winning edge in the battle. Naruto quickly flipped positions with Sasuke. He was now sitting on top with his legs straddling Sasuke's waist and his elbows were pressing down on Sasuke's chest.

Sasuke was startled by the new change of events. He could feel Naruto's breath on his face. He closed his eyes taking in the new sensation. Not only could he feel his breath, he could smell the scent that was undeniably Naruto. Ramen was easily the strongest contributor to the scent. There was also a hint of grass and soap, and the rest of the scent was foreign to him, creating and interesting sense of mystery. The weight on his chest and waist wasn't helping in the process of collecting his thoughts for an escape plan, if an escape was really what he wanted.

'This going to get awkward. Naruto probably wouldn't be comfortable if I acted on my instincts at this moment.'

Coming to his senses Sasuke opened his eyes. He looked straight into Naruto's face and tried to change the topic of interest. "What was that song that you where whistling before? It sounded a bit familiar to me." He slowly began to push Naruto to the side so he could get out from under the heavy weight of the boy above him.

'That was the best you could think of! I'm even disappointed in myself for that excuse. You may not be considered the brain in the group but you certainly aren't the idiot either. That is Naruto's position.' Naruto voice broke Sasuke from his thoughts.

"For your information I made that tune up myself." Naruto looked very proud at this statement. "Oh, did you think I would fall for that, distraction?" He laughed and dug his elbow deeper into Sasuke's chest. His weight seemed to shift causing Sasuke to let out a quick breath of air as Naruto became heavier. "I'm no idiot. I believe that spot is held by Sakura."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes wondering just what kind of world Naruto was living in. Obviously it was one of his own, since the last time he checked Sakura had been at the top of their class. But why spoil Naruto's fun, right.

Sasuke laughed as he sat under a tree and the sight of Naruto straddling a tree stump where his body had previously been. He laughed again at Naruto's expression changed from utter confusing to anger.

The replacement technique, one of Sasuke's favorites.

Sasuke's laughter immediately stopped when he heard an even more menacing laugh behind him. He didn't have the chance to turn his head around for Naruto had pounced from an above tree branch to Sasuke's back. Naruto was holding the dark haired boys arms tightly to his own body. He was caught in a complete body bind.

It was now Sasuke's turn to look around in confusion. His eyes darted back and forth from the Naruto with the stump and the Naruto clinging to his back. 'What had just happened?' Even though Sasuke couldn't see the face of the Naruto behind him, he could imagine that the blonde behind him was smirking.

With a puff of smoke the Naruto with the log disappear and was replaced by a second log which fell in its place.

Sasuke shook his head and sighed. He had been caught by the same trick he had just pulled. This was just not his day, love was truly weakening his senses.


"I'm bored want to play a game?"

It wasn't exactly what Sasuke had in mind when he wanted to have a conversation, but he couldn't really be choosey with the luck he had been having lately. He was lucky to have escaped with his life after he had been caught by Naruto, for the second time. It took him a whole fifteen minutes to get Naruto back on the move again.

He answered with an unenthusiastic 'sure'.

"It's called Going On a Picnic."

"Sounds exciting," was Sasuke's sarcastic response.

Naruto decided to ignore Sasuke's comment and continue on. "Its really easy all you have to do is say 'I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing' and then you add a word. You start with the first letter of the alphabet and then go to the last. Then the next person has to repeat the last one, then add their own. Do you get it?

Sasuke crossed his arms and rolled his eyes, he grumbled. "This is stupid."

Whether or not Naruto heard this comment, he continued on anyway. "Here I will start. I'm going on a picnic and I'm bring …. apples. Your turn."

Sasuke sighed with annoyance " I'm going on a picnic and I'm brining…apples, and zebras. Are we done? That was surprisingly more boring and stupid than I thought any game could ever be."

"What you can't skip 24 letter! Those letters have a purpose, without them we could only spell things two words: Az and Za! Then everyone would have the same name. The world would be in total chaos." Naruto started to panic as his imagination began to run astray.

"Would you shut up! I'm just following your instructions." Sasuke shouted, wakening Naruto out of his tantrum.

"What? I didn't say skip the entire alphabet!"

"You did say 'You start with the first letter of the alphabet and then go to the last' So that is what I did. I went from the first to the last."

Naruto stopped walking and stayed quite for a minute. "It would be a really boring game if we played like that. Why would you even think that? It would be pointless."

It was Sasuke's turn to speak. "I just figured you made the game up. That's why I figured it was pointless" The second sentence was said more to himself, rather than the blond.

"I guess my directions weren't clear. Well let's try again. You start this time."

"I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing…apples."

Naruto squinted his eyes at Sasuke. "Not very creative are we?"

"Its you turn you be creative."

'Maybe if I play this game the day will go faster.' Sasuke doubted this, but he didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

10 minutes later

"This is just ridiculous aren't we done yet?"

"No, Its your turn."

"----- jam, Kreative Kites, whichShouldNot CountBecuseCreativeDoesn't BeginWith K"

Sasuke said quickly.

"It's an alliteration, just keep playing." Naruto argued. "Besides, your ideas still being boring."

"lions, Mandarin mice and….Naruto" Sasuke blushed. It was just a natural reaction. It was the first thing that came to his mind. 'Your making it worse, he probably wouldn't notice if you would stop blushing.' He thought to himself.

"Aww you would bring me?" Naruto said in a fakely sweet voice and he exaggeratedly fluttered his eyelashes. He wrapped one arm around Sasuke's shoulder. His face was right next to Sasuke's ear and Sasuke could feel his warm breath on his ear and neck. "That's so sweet." Naruto started to laugh hard. Maybe a little too hard and then abruptly stopped.

"Lets continue." Naruto continued to make up ridiculous things and Sasuke just continued with the game.

10 minters after that

"---Zany Zebras Zelabrating" Naruto proudly stated.

Sasuke even gave up on Naruto making up words. It wasn't worth another senseless fight. He was just happy the game was finally over.

"Alright lets start form the top, A, Its your turn."

"No we are done! Look! A place to eat. " They had entered the town about five minutes earlier, Sasuke wondered if Naruto even noticed, he was completely absorbed in the stupid game.

"So does that mean you want to go backwards, from Z to A?"

Ok, Now that I have some of the crap out of the way we can get back to the original plot. I had ridiculous amounts of writers block I couldn't get back to the original plot line. From here on the story is back on track, where I lost the track I don't know. Once again sorry for the wait.