Steven walked along the boardwalk, triumphantly eating his bag of bits, Opal at his side. He had offered her one and she had taken it, but instead of eating it, she had simply smelled it, and now she was holding the greasy chip in her large hand. He didn't say anything though, this was normal Opal behaviour.

"You know Opal," Steven smiled and looked at the sunset, "I love when the sun goes down, and the second sun gets bigger in the sky!" Opal smiled at him and the two continued to walk along the boardwalk, just enjoying each other's company, when Opal stopped dead.

"I thought this planet only had one sun," she said, confused and the two of them looked at the sky again. The second Opal saw the 'second sun' her body language went from calm to panicked. She wordlessly picked up Steven and ran for the beach to see Garnet already there and looking through a telescope worriedly.

"This is bad," said Garnet simply, and Opal nodded, looking much less serene that usual.

"Can I see?" asked Steven, struggling out of Opal's arms. She put him down and he ran over to the telescope. "whoa," he gasped, "A giant eyeball!"

Opal barely looked through the telescope before looking at Garnet grimly, "A red eye."

"It's going to infect us all!" Steven started panicking.

"That's pink eye, Steven," said Garnet quietly.

"It might crash into beach city, and it could crush us," said Opal looking at Steven straight in the eye. She looked as if was either going to laugh or panic. "We have to stop it."

"To do that," replied Garnet, looking directly at the eye in the sky, "We'd need a light cannon. It's the only thing powerful enough to destroy it. And the only one we had belonged to Rose Quartz."

Opal looked uncomfortable at the mention of Rose, "If she were here this would be easier," she said looking down. "but she's not. And the cannon isn't here either."

"Maybe there's another solution!" suggested Steven, trying to be optimistic. He hated seeing his guardians look down. "Maybe my dad knows where it is!"

If Opal looked uncomfortable before, she looked downright in pain now. "He's kind of a mess Steven," she finally said, in the sort of tone adults used when trying to be nice about something. "I don't think he'd have it." Garnet looked at her, as if trying to get her to stop talking, but she continued. "And even if he did have it he would have probably lost it by now!" Opal was speaking loudly, and looked as if she had more to say, but Garnet reached up and placed a calming hand on her shoulder and she stopped. Her face went back to being blank and peaceful and Garnet cleared her throat.

"You should go ask him." she said, and Steven nodded, almost glad to have the excuse to leave.

"She always gets like this," Steven muttered under his breath. Opal had always had some sort of issue with his dad, and she showed it. Often. Sometimes, she could be pleasant to him, but others she was just... She was just mean! Steven tried to ignore it because he was sure it was just some adult issue that he'd never understand but still!

In the background, he heard Opal's arrows whizzing through the air, but from the disappointed noises, he assumed they hadn't worked.

He ran into his dad's car wash, only to find him already asleep in his van. Steven called out for him, but he was clearly fast asleep, so Steven had to take drastic measures. He jumped up and down on the roof of the van until finally the alarm went off and a bleary-eyed Greg stepped out of the van. Steven ran to give him a hug, before launching into an explanation.

"Steven," he began, "I'd love to help, but the gems told me to not get involved in magic stuff, and this sounds like magic stuff to me."

"But you knew mom, best and you might know where she put her cannon!" Steven pleaded. "It could be anywhere! Like in a castle or at the bottom of the ocean!"

Greg sighed and shut his van. "Well maybe not the ocean, but I have an idea of where it could be."

He took Steven to his old storage unit and smiled fondly as the boy's eyes widened in excitement. He tried to run inside but was blocked by the wall to wall boxes. "Be careful!" said Greg as Steven instead started crawling between the boxes. He didn't think there was anything dangerous inside, but Rose had also stored some things, and knowing the gems, you could never be too cautious.

For a while, all he could hear were the sounds of Steven finding something, and immediately discarding it, until he heard the sound of cracking glass. "Dad, "called Steven, sounding guilty, "I broke a photo!"

"Don't worry about it," he comforted his son, "If every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn't have hotdogs." Steven laughed, but then there was a flash of almost blinding light.

"The light cannon!" Steven eagerly tried to lift it, but it was too heavy for him. Eventually they managed to somewhat put it into a small trailer, and Greg and Steven used the van to drag it down to the beach, hearing it scrape along the road as they went.

They drove onto the beach, seeing Opal and Garnet still desperately shooting at the thing. It clearly wasn't working, and they were beginning to look tired. When they saw the light cannon, Opal gasped, her hands covering her mouth, and Garnet looked at it in shock. "He really had it," she said, adjusting her visor.

The red eye got closer and closer, and things began moving towards it, as if it had a gravitational pull. Opal's ponytail whipped around, appearing messier, and the gem's ran to the cannon. "WE don't know how this works," she said, "It was Rose's!"

Steven looked at Greg pleadingly. "How do we use it?" Greg shrugged and shook his head. He continued to look at his dad when he felt a tug on his shoulder, and he span to see Opal towering above him.

"The gem! You have Rose's gem! That's it!" she picked him up and pressed him to the cannon, but still nothing happened. She continued to keep him pressed there until Garnet stopped her, and Steven breathed a sigh of relief as he slid off the cannon.

He pounded against it with his fist, praying something would work, but it remained still, and nothing happened. The red eye drew closer, and Steven started to panic again. "It's okay Steven," Greg tried to soothe, "We can find a new solution! It's going to be fine!"

"Right!" Steven agreed, teeth chattering. "If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs!"

The cannon lit up and started to shudder, Garnet and Opal came, and helped him steady it. "Brace yourself!" called Garnet and a beam of light shot out and hit the red eye. It exploded and red debris fell onto the beach, narrowly missing Steven.

"Well," said Opal, "That's most of beach city saved." Steven winced at the sight of the ruined fry shop, but Opal was still focused on the cannon. "How did you get it to work?" she asked. Now Steven was looking at her, he could see that she was exhausted.

"I'm not sure" he shrugged, "I just said that thing that dad always says." Opal looked confused so he repeated the phrase. It didn't seem to help but she nodded in acknowledgement.

A wave swept the gems and his dad into the ocean, but they just laughed, happy to be alive. Opal and Greg didn't even seem uncomfortable around each other. That was until Greg saw his van being swept out further into the sea.

He ran after it and Steven followed grinning. It felt good to help.

So this is my take on Laser Light cannon. Not much has changed yet, but in this chapter I think we start seeing how Opal is both different and similar from Pearl and Amethyst. I think Opal seems more clear about her dislike for Greg at this point because she has the feelings of Pearl but she's more likely to express dislike like Amethyst, being mean as a way to protect herself. I don't think Opal changed much, like in the last chapter, but I want to start diverging. I won't do every episode and I'm currently debating skipping Cheeseburger Backpack in favour for together breakfast.