Hey guys! So this is a quick two-shot simply because I have missed writing my favorite couple. So, this is a take on my idea of how Ga Eul always seemed drawn to the bad boy. Soo Pyo and Yi Jeong were similar in some ways so I wanted to take the idea of how Yi Jeong would react if Soo Pyo needed her during a difficult time. So boom... Here we go! Hope you all enjoy and as always let me know what you think!

Geum Jan Di groaned as she flopped down on the sofa in the F4 lounge. Gu Jun Pyo looked over at the sound, his lips twitching in amusement. "Long day?"

She nodded, her eyes already closed and her body half-way to sleep. "I was studying all night and then doing rounds this morn—" She broke off, too tired to even finish her sentence.

Jun Pyo moved to sit next to her, his hands rolling her onto her back before sliding under her shirt to caress the bare skin of her ribs. She let out a moan of relief as he massaged her aching muscles, knowing her stomach always clenched when she was stressed.

"You told me you were taking care of yourself." Gu Jun Pyo said quietly as he rubbed her skin. Flinching how stiff and cold she felt. "You promised not to overdo it."

"I'm not."

"Geum Jan Di." At the soft but firm call, she opened her eyes and met his concerned gaze. "This is overdoing it."

She absorbed this. Late night study sessions, volunteering at the clinic, making her rounds at the hospital, and still moonlighting at the diner in order to keep the bills paid… All-right, maybe he had a point.

"I'm sorry." She whispered. "But I don't know what else to do."

He didn't answer but his eyes softened, knowing she didn't apologize or admit he was right unless she was truly sincere. Jun Pyo motioned for her sit up slightly and he gently lifted her shirt off so he could access her body easier. Sinking under his skillful fingers which felt as familiar to her as her favorite blanket, Jan Di let herself melt into the soft leather of his expensive furniture.

"Don't go back tomorrow." Jan Di whimpered in a low voice. "Please."

Jun Pyo made a noise of discomfort and shook his head. "I'm not."


"I canceled some meetings," he told her solemnly. "I don't fly back to New York until Thursday."

Letting out a whimper of relief that she would get to spend almost a full week with him, Jan Di raised her arms and brought him down to her. He sank his weight fully on her and murmured soothingly in her ear. She nodded and rolled to her side so he could lay behind her. "Stay."

Jun Pyo chuckled, his deep voice that never failed to make a shiver run through her and she lifted her head for a kiss. "Hand me your sweatshirt."

"Why?" His lips brushing over her sensually. "I like you this way."

"Mmm," Jan Di nodded happily. "But your friends will be here soon."

He groaned at the reminder but shifted up to snag his Shinhwa sweatshirt that Geum Jan Di had confiscated early in their relationship. It was one of the few casual pieces of clothing he owned and although he only ever wore it maybe a few times around the house, she felt comforted by it. She always wore while he was gone saying it was the closest thing to him.

He tugged it over her head and she immediately snuggled into it. He wrapped her up tightly in his arms. "Take a nap, sweetheart."

"Good idea." She sighed. "Especially since I don't plan on wasting tonight with you by sleeping."

He grinned and dipped his lips into her neck. "Mmm. Take a long one then."

Jan Di squeezed his fingers that were laying over her stomach before drifting off. He propped his head up to watch her, wincing how pale she was…. They were really going have to talk about her workaholic tendencies before he left. It was obvious she couldn't keep working at the porridge shop and go to medical school. And while he really didn't want to fight with her or get into another pointless discussion about her using his money before they were married, if that's what it took to keep her safe then Jun Pyo was fully prepared to do exactly that.

Hearing the door open, he quickly held up his finger to his lips as Woo Bin and Yi Jeong came into view.

"Quiet." He dipped his head to the now slumbering Jan Di. "She just fell asleep."

"Sorry." Woo Bin mouthed and Yi Jeong waved at the surprise on the F4 leaders face.

"What are you doing here? I thought you couldn't come."

"I was able to arrange some of my shows. Since you were flying in for New York, I figured it was a good time to come home for a little bit." Yi Jeong explained with a long stretch. "Woo Bin just picked me up at the airport."

"How long are you staying?" Jun Pyo asked curiously and flinched as Jan Di stirred. "Sorry love. Go back to sleep."

"Noodles." She moaned and turned into his chest as he silently laughed. Seeing his friends puzzled faces, he shrugged. "She tends to dream about food…" He sobered slightly and stroked her back. "I think it's from years of going to bed hungry. Chu Ga Eul does it too."

This made Yi Jeong stiffen. "How do you know that?"

Jun Pyo rolled his eyes. "Because they are best friends and spend nights together frequently at my place. Don't be a pabo."

"Besides do you even talk to Ga Eul?" Woo Bin asked carefully. He had become close to Ga Eul since Yi Jeong left and he didn't want his friend to hurt her by being distance and then acting possessive over her.

The potter smiled with a shrug. "Sometimes. We mainly text and email because of the time difference."


"And nothing." Yi Jeong said sharply. "We talk. That's all."

"Yi Jeong," Woo Bin groaned. "That hasn't been all from the moment you met Ga Eul and you know it."

Jun Pyo nodded in agreement despite the dark glare on Yi Jeong's face. "He's right. Even I saw that one."

"Fine." Yi Jeong snapped. "But what do you want me to do about it? Go running up to her and be like… Oh, hey… I love you. Do you mind waiting three more years while I get my shit together in Sweden? And by the way if another man touches you, I will fucking kill him."

Woo Bin pondered this thoughtfully. "Maybe leave the curse words out but yeah… That should do it."

"I would also leave out the violence." Ji Hoo spoke up suddenly from behind him with a grin. "Ga Eul doesn't like it when we threaten people. It makes her date them even more."

"What?" Yi Jeong said slowly and Woo Bin groaned. "Good job, Ji Hoo. Way to welcome him home."


Jan Di woke up with a start at the shout and Gu Jun Pyo quickly grabbed her before she could fall off the couch. "What is it? What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong." Jun Pyo said with glare to Yi Jeong. "We didn't mean to scare you."

Yi Jeong ignored him and gritted his teeth with a side glance to Ji Hoo who was calmly puttering around the kitchen for some tea. "Is Chu Ga Eul dating someone?"

"What?" Jan Di wrinkled her nose. "No. She went out with a fellow teacher a few months ago but they decided to just be friends."

His shoulders sank in relief before throwing a deadly glare over to Ji Hoo. "Don't do that."

"Then stop being a coward." Ji Hoo replied calmly before grabbing his textbook and sinking into his studies. "And quit glaring at me. When has that ever worked anyway?"

Yi Jeong grumbled under his breath and Jan Di who was still half-asleep stretched her neck. "Ga Eul wouldn't have time to date anyway. Not when she is practically living at the hospital."

This made all four members pause and Woo Bin got slowly to his feet. "Why is Ga Eul at the hospital? Is she sick?"

"No." Jan Di said bitterly. "But she is heading in that direction. She is even more tired than I am right now."

"Jan Di," Jun Pyo said hastily noticing Yi Jeong's face was becoming paler by the minute. "What are you talking about?"

She made a face. "She is taking care of Gong Soo Pyo. The dog."

"I'm sorry." Woo Bin held up his hand. "But did you just say that Ga Eul is taking care of her cheating, lying, manipulative ex-boyfriend?"

Jan Di nodded and sank into Jun Pyo's chest with a concerned sigh. "He came down with some mysterious illness. The doctors can't figure out how to treat him. He called her and well… you know Ga Eul. She's too kind for her own good. She hasn't left his side in weeks except for work." She looked up to meet Jun Pyo gaze. "I'm getting worried. I was actually going to talk to you about it tonight. See if you could talk to her. She won't listen to me."

Jun Pyo nodded. He had become extremely close to Ga Eul over the years because of his relationship with Jan Di. The girl was practically a sister to him now and he was not pleased to hear that Gong Soo Pyo had managed to wiggle his way back into her life.

"I will talk to her."

"Me too." Woo Bin swore as he whipped out his phone. "Damnit. I've been so consumed by the opening of the new club; I haven't been able to check on her. I'm sorry Yi Jeong but—" He looked up at the silence and frowned when he realized he had disappeared. "Where did he go?"

"Where do you think?" Ji Hoo gestured to the swinging door. "He left almost five minutes ago. The moment Gong Soo Pyo's name was mentioned."

"Oh fabulous." Woo Bin stood up quickly and patted his pockets. "Where are my keys?"

"He stole them."

"What- Ji Hoo!" Woo Bin yelled in horror. "And you didn't stop him?"

"No." Ji Hoo went back to his textbook. "Ga Eul is not going to listen to us. But she will listen to him. So, I am going to let Yi Jeong handle this one. Besides, this might finally be the thing to force him to admit his feelings."

"Or he will just kill Gong Soo Pyo." Gu Jun Pyo told him wide eyed as the doctor only shrugged as he highlighted a particular passage. "Either way our problems are solved. Now hush, I can't concentrate."

Ga Eul leaned over to wipe down his brow. His fever had spiked again and sweat was pooling at his temples. "Shh."

"Ga Eul," Soo Pyo moaned. "You don't have to—"

"Quiet." Ga Eul scolded him quietly. "Save your energy."

He opened his eyes and tried to send her his signature smirk. The one he had perfected to woo women which now seemed glassy and tired. "This must be what karma feels like. I finally get you to my bed and I can't do anything about it."

"You never wanted me in your bed, Soo Pyo." Ga Eul told him with a laugh. "I was just someone to pass the time."

"You seriously underestimate yourself." He laughed weakly. "I doubt there is a man alive who could meet you and not want you in his bed."

"So sorry to interrupt." A dry voice called and Ga Eul froze in recognition as the familiar tingle ran over her. "But since Chu Ga Eul won't be climbing anywhere near your bed, I doubt you will mind.

She turned slowly, and her breathing became labored as she took him leaning in the doorframe with a relaxed but predatory stance. "Yi Jeong Sunbae?"

His eyes traveled over her in heated caress. They were smoky and lingered openly on every inch of her body until she felt her limbs go weak. Soo Pyo raised his bed slightly and Yi Jeong only barely spared him a glance before jerking his head to the hallway.

"Outside. Now."

"So Yi Jeong," Soo Pyo began but Yi Jeong held up a finger silencing him. "I will get to you later." He narrowed his gaze at Ga Eul. "I won't ask again, Ga Eul yang. So I would start walking while I am still giving you the option."

Ga Eul clenched her jaw and threw down her rag. "I will be right back."

"Take your time." Soo Pyo muttered and winced as the two moved briskly out of his room. They had so much tension and sexual chemistry it was practically a physical mist. "Damn. I hope this doesn't mean I need a new nurse."

Yi Jeong took her wrist and yanked her into the corner. He pushed her into the wall and raised his arms to box her in. He leaned over her fuming and she had to force herself not to outwardly react. "Yi Jeong?"

He didn't answer but only stared at her coldly for such a long time she began to squirm. "What the hell are you doing?" He asked quietly, his voice reflecting his anger. "What are you doing in there playing nurse to that creep?"

"He's sick."

"Ask me if I care."

"Yi Jeong," Ga Eul reprimanded sternly. Her expression hardening slightly. "Don't do that."

He ignored her and simply leaned in closer. "Jan Di tells me you have been doing this for weeks… I distinctly remember talking to you a few days ago and not a word about you were hovering like a concerned wife over some other man."

Ga Eul winced and looked down at her feet. "I didn't want to worry you."

"I'm not worried." Yi Jeong said with a dark smirk. "Care to guess what I am instead, Ga Eul Yang?"

"No," she snapped impatiently. "Because I don't have time for this. I need to get back to Soo Pyo."

He slapped his hand over her head as she stared to move. "Take another step. I dare you."

She closed her eyes trying to gather her composure before facing him. "What do you want me to do, Yi Jeong? He's sick and alone. I can't leave him."

"Yes, you can. It's easy. You walk your pretty little butt down this hallway and out the door. Then get in my car where we will drive to my studio to fight properly."

"I'm not fighting with you." Ga Eul whispered; her gaze steady as she looked at him. "And I'm not leaving." She pushed his arm down and walked away, her head high without so much a backward glance. And if he hadn't been so furious with her, he would have appreciated the tenacity. Yi Jeong gave a low curse as he quickly caught up with her with a low growl. "Chu Ga Eul."

She stopped at the low command and he stalked up behind her. "Step back in that room and I will drag you back to Sweden for the next three years and keep you chained to my desk."

"Don't threaten me." Ga Eul told him even if she would like nothing better for him to make good on his promise. "Don't tell me what I can or cannot do, So Yi Jeong." She gave him hard glare. "I have never drawn a line in the sand with you before. I have never put my foot down with you but I am now. I'm staying here with Soo Pyo. I am getting him through this."

"Why?" Yi Jeong demanded in a hiss. "Why would—"

"Because he asked me too." Ga Eul's voice lashing out like a whip. "He doesn't have anyone else. I won't turn my back on him. Just like I have never turned my back on you."

"That's different."


Yi Jeong's eyes darkened slightly. "You know why."

She started to reply but hearing harsh coughing she quickly ran back inside. Yi Jeong followed her and every muscle in his body clench as he saw her lifting him onto his pillows. Her hands caressing his face as she gently instructed him to breathe slowly. Keeping him distracted, she leaned over to press the call button and he saw Soo Pyo slip his arm around her waist.

He opened his mouth to tell him he had about ten seconds to remove his hand or his inability to breathe would become a permanent thing but Ga Eul stepped out of his embrace before he could. "Don't.

He gave a tight smile as he panted. "Can't blame a guy for trying."

"Soo Pyo." Ga Eul warned with a chuckle. "You are looking for trouble."

"And from the glare your boyfriend is giving me over there, I think I've found it."

"He's not my boy—"

"Touch her again and trouble will be putting it mildly." Yi Jeong spoke over her quietly. "I don't like you, Gong Soo Pyo and I could care less that you're in the hospital. So, don't put on that act with me. I am not as nice as Chu Ga Eul."

"Yi Jeong," Ga Eul barked but stopped as a nurse hurried in. "He is coughing badly again, Nurse Song."

She sighed and bent over the bed, whispering back and forth with Ga Eul who was nodding. Yi Jeong saw her lift a trembling hand and wipe her head. Noticing, Soo Pyo quickly interlace their fingers. "Go home."

"Soo Pyo—"

"You're exhausted." He said with a deliberate effort not to cough again. "Go on, Ga Eul. It will give me the chance to flirt properly with Nurse Song."

Ga Eul laughed and Nurse Song grinned. "Go on Miss Ga Eul. You have been here for the past three nights. You will be in the room next to him soon."

Tense for a new reason, Yi Jeong moved to her side and deliberately lowered his voice soothingly so she wouldn't push him away.

"Come on, Ga Eul. Let me take you home

Ga Eul looked at him. Her eyes were tired and glassy with tears. Seeing how worn out she was and the depth of grief weighing on her, he inwardly sighed. Stroking back her hair, he brushed his lips over her temple. "Please, Ga Eul."

"All right." She whispered and leaned into him briefly before turning to smile at Soo Pyo. "Behave."

"No, thanks." He grinned at her. "It's more fun this way." Dipping his head at Yi Jeong in recognition. "Yi Jeong. I am sure we will be talking later."

"Count on it." Yi Jeong said simply before tugging on Ga Eul arm. "Come on."

"Call me if you need—"

"Ga Eul." He roughly pushed her forward with a growl. "Enough. You're not his mother and you're not his wife."

"Doesn't mean I can't be a friend."

"We will talk about that later."

Ga Eul felt like her feet were numb as she walked behind Yi Jeong to the car. Every step felt funny as though she was stepping on clouds. She paused to catch her breath and he glanced over at her impatiently before his expression softened. Before she could decipher his attention, he lifted her carefully into his arms. And while normally she would have balked about being carried, she found herself simply whimpering in relief and turning into his chest.

He made a noise of both sympathy and irritation. "What are you doing to yourself, Ga Eul Yang?"

"Please don't yell at me anymore, Yi Jeong." She slurred tiredly. "I don't like fighting with you."

He huffed but she could have sworn she felt his lips brushing over her cheek and jaw as he carried her away. The ride to his studio passed in a blur of colors and Ga Eul was only vaguely aware of him talking quietly to someone on the phone. Then his arms coming back around her as he laid her on the bed.

"Sit up for a second," Yi Jeong murmured as he peeled off her heavy sweatshirt. "Fool woman. You don't even have a coat."

"Too expensive." Ga Eul mumbled only barely awake and he clenched his jaw tightly as he grumbled under his breath. "I am going to murder Woo Bin and Ji Hoo for this. I told them to watch over you while I was gone."

This made her open her eyes in surprise. "Wait... You asked them to watch over me?"

Yi Jeong nodded with a frustrated scowl. "And they are terrible at it. You're going to get pneumonia walking around Seoul in the winter without a coat. I can see how exhausted you are from working too many jobs and now you're half-sick from taking care of that pabo roach… Woo Bin will be lucky if I don't through him into the river for this."

"It wasn't his fault," Ga Eul began as she crawled up to the pillows. "I didn't tell—"

"Just stop talking, Ga Eul." He flicked the covers over her jerkily. "My patience is hanging on by a thread at this point. So, do us both a favor and just go to sleep."

She watched him from swollen eyes. "This reminds me of when I tucked you into bed. I was so mad at you then too."

He stopped and gave her a curious frown. "What are you talking about? You've never tucked me into bed."

"Mm-hmm." She rolled onto her side with a groan. "The night we had dinner with your father. Where you got drunk. I found you asleep on the steps."

Yi Jeong's eyes widened. He only vaguely remembered that night expect for the heartbreaking moment when he sunk to his lowest and actually offered her to his father. He had downed as many alcoholic drinks into his body he possibly could afterwards and when he woke up, he was home in bed. He had just assumed Woo Bin or Ji Hoo had found him. It had never occurred to him that it was Ga Eul.

"You came back that night?" Yi Jeong whispered in disbelief. "Why?"

She shrugged. "I was worried about you. I could read between the lines well enough to know you never would have done that to me if you weren't in pain. Although, I will admit I may have knocked into your wooden bench a little hard on purpose."

He let out incredulous chuckle before hesitantly sitting down beside her. "I woke up in bed. My clothes were in the wash and a bucket beside my bed."

She nodded. "You kept throwing up. Only when your body finally stopped purging all the alcohol did I think it was finally safe to let you lay down."

Yi Jeong closed his eyes. He knew he had pushed the limits of safety that night and the idea of Ga Eul had witnessed it, had stayed by him and cleaned him up was enough to make him feel ill all over again. He knew he owed her an apology for a lot of things in their past but this one… He didn't know if words would ever be enough to amend for the damage he caused her.

"I don't drink anymore, Ga Eul." Yi Jeong whispered frantically. "I haven't touched a bottle since then. I promise."

"I know."

She took his hand and interlaced their fingers. "It's okay, Yi Jeong."

"No, it's not." He mumbled with a sigh. He let go of her hand long enough to push back her damp hair. "I guess I can't yell at you for taking care of that creep now, can I?"

Ga Eul smiled and feeling exhaustion falling over like a heavy blanket, she sank into it. She briefly felt Yi Jeong kiss her cheek and mutter in her ear not to worry. He would watch over her. Secured by this, Ga Eul let herself pass out.

Yi Jeong was leaning against his pottery station when his friends came in, all wincing slightly at the cold stare on the potters face.

"I'm sorry bro." Woo Bin began. "I didn't know Soo Pyo had managed—"

"It's not just Gong Soo Pyo," Yi Jeong barked in frustration. "Not only is she exhausted and losing weight but Ga Eul has been walking around all winter without even a damn coat!"

"What?" Woo Bin's eyes widened. "Why would she—"

"Because she can't afford one." Yi Jeong finished hotly trying desperately not to shout so he didn't wake the girl sleeping in the next room. "I told you guys to take care of her. I told you to keep an eye on her. What the hell happened?"

Ji Hoo and Woo Bin exchanged guilty glances while Jun Pyo sat in disapproving silence. He had been in New York and also entrusted the care of Jan Di and Ga Eul to his friends. And while he knew Jan Di was covered by Ji Hoo since medical school kept them daily entangled, it seemed like her best friend had slipped through the cracks.

"I got caught up in school." Ji Hoo finally sighed. "It was easier just to text her instead of meeting regularly. My schedule was so hectic."

"The club is opening in less than a week." Woo Bin also admitted and shuffled his feet. "I had dinner with her about a month ago but haven't been able to see her since… I told her to just message me though if she needed me!"

"The club?" Yi Jeong said calmly which made both members quickly step back. Yi Jeong was hot-headed normally but it was when he went quiet and cold that he became truly dangerous.

"Studying?" He shook his head with a laugh before standing up slowly. "How could you both—" He broke off and furiously pointed to the door. "Ga Eul is not expendable."

"We know—"

"She doesn't get pushed aside because we're busy or just because Jan Di is in trouble!" Yi Jeong said over them with a snarl. "Or is someone you just ignore because you believe she can handle things on her own! For fucks sake...Ga Eul is too damn proud to even ask for Kleenex. After all this time, you guys still don't know that? She would die from hypothermia before she let you know she needed help!"

"We're sorry, Yi Jeong." Ji Hoo said quietly. "You're right. We didn't take care of her."

Woo Bin nodded. "I didn't mean…" He looked up at Yi Jeong, his eyes a little glassy. "Ga Eul is like a sister to me. I never meant for her to be pushed aside or ignored. I got busy and let her slip. I'm sorry."

Yi Jeong anger didn't lessen by this but he knew he couldn't say much to his friends. After all he had been only checking on Ga Eul through random emails and texts this past year. Too confident that his friends had the situation well in hand. And too afraid of getting close when he was still so damaged. He had let her down… Again.

"Is Ga Eul all-right?" Jun Pyo finally asked quietly. "Why is she spending all her time taking care of Soo Pyo? Even Jan Di can't understand that one."

"Because she too fucking nice for her own good." Yi Jeong snapped as he scrubbed his face. "He got sick and called her. You know Ga Eul… She couldn't ignore an ant if he was in trouble."

"Is he truly sick?"

"Seems to be," Yi Jeong admitted reluctantly. "And I can't tell her not…" He trailed off with a sigh. "I don't know what to do. On one hand, I don't want her anywhere near him but on the other hand, I know Ga Eul. She won't leave him when he is ill. And the more I push her on it the more she will dig her heels in and push me away."

"So what are you going to do?" Woo Bin asked hesitantly and Yi Jeong shook his head. "I don't know."

"I can't believe I am the one about to say this," Jun Pyo broke in with an eye roll. "But have you thought about talking to her?"


"Talk. To. Her." Jun Pyo said in annoyance. "Did I slip into another language? Yi Jeong, for three years you have told us how you felt. You have shown it to the entire world by your possessive nature over her. Hell even complete strangers are aware of what will happen if someone messes with her. But you never told her. You never actually said anything to Ga Eul."

"I don't know how." Yi Jeong said shamefully. "How can I ask her to be with me after everything I've done."

"Are you willing to let someone else have her then?"

Yi Jeong absorbed this before shaking his head. "No."

"I have a feeling," Ji Hoo began carefully, knowing he was still on thin ice. "That Gong Soo Pyo finally realizes what he let slip through his fingers. He probably won't make that mistake again if he believes there is a chance to fix it."

"Get to your point, Ji Hoo." Yi Jeong snarled and his friend met his eye sympathetically. "He is ill, Yi Jeong. Clarity happens when your body starts failing you. He called Ga Eul because he needed her. Because in a strange way, he loves her too."

The idea of Gong Soo Pyo loving Ga Eul made his entire body grow cold and Yi Jeong could feel his limbs beginning to shake. "What are—"

"But it doesn't matter. Because Ga Eul loves you." Ji Hoo finished with a nod to the bedroom. "She wants you. So, if she doesn't care about your past with her, if she loves you despite everything that has happened, then why are you holding back? Soo Pyo isn't."

Yi Jeong realized he had no answer for this. He didn't know why he was so afraid of giving into Ga Eul but he also knew he couldn't risk actually losing her either. So with a nod to his friends he walked back into the bedroom. Ga Eul was sleeping peacefully. She had swung one leg out from under the covers and her hair spilled out over his pillow.

Letting go of any sense of propriety or fear, he stripped off his clothes and climbed in beside her. And the moment he pulled her into him, he could feel the years of tension and denial falling away. He gave a long sigh of relief and pulled her further into his side. Ga Eul stirred and lifted her head sleepily.

"Yi Jeong?"

"Sorry." He muttered and pressed a kiss into her neck. "I didn't mean to wake you."

"Mmm," she wiggled happily and stroked his arms which was laying over her stomach. "I was so surprised to see you earlier, I forgot to ask why you were home."

He thought about it for a moment before placing a kiss into her shoulder. "You."

Ga Eul smiled at his matter-of-fact declaration and tucked her head back into the pillow. "I've missed you, Yi Jeong."

"Me too." He growled and ran a hand down the length of her spine. "Why are taking care of Soo Pyo?"

She heard the fear in his voice and she turned to face him. Her hand reaching up to cup his face. "Because he's sick and alone. His family doesn't care about him. Not really. And his friends all abandon him when he became sick. I am the only person who even cared."

"Care how?" Yi Jeong persisted and she smiled gently. "I don't love him if that's what you're worried about. My heart was claimed a long time ago, Yi Jeong."

His expression lifted slightly but he only shook his head as he rubbed her arm. "I still don't like it."

"I know."

She watched him carefully and then gathering her courage she sat up and rolled to hover over him. He moved to his back and grinned as her hair fell over them like a curtain. "Hi."

"Hi." She whispered and leaned her forearms onto his chest. "I love you, Yi Jeong. I always have. I never felt that way with Gong Soo Pyo. I am doing this because he is alone. Not because I have feelings for him. Not romantic ones anyway."

He let out a sigh of relief, his fingers digging into her hips. "I love you too. And since I am possessive asshole, it about killed me walking into the hospital and seeing you touch him. I don't care if he's sick or not."

Ga Eul snorted and losing any awkwardness, she stretched out fully over him. Her expression becoming worried. "I do need to talk to you about something though."

"What?" He asked suspiciously, not liking the look on her face. "What is it?"

"Soo Pyo needs a rare blood transfusion. I offered to be checked for a match. And I am one so…"

His eyes widened and she could feel his muscles bunch so she quickly cupped his face. "It's not dangerous, Yi Jeong. It would just be like giving blood. They wouldn't even put my under anesthesia."

"No, Ga Eul." He said quickly and adjusted his position so she was now straddling his lap. His expression thunderous and his tone harsh from both fear and exasperation.

"I am not going let you put yourself in danger." He took her chin firmly, forcing her to meet his eye. "I know how much you care about people but this is going to far."

"Yi Jeong—"

"Ga Eul," he put his hand over her lips. "No."

She stiffened and he could see her brain working up into an argument but he shook his head. "I won't give in on this one. I can't risk something happening to you. You're already weak and physically drained. A procedure like this will wear you out to the point of exhaustion or where you might become seriously ill… The answer is no, Ga Eul."

Ga Eul's eyes softened and she finally nodded. He let go of her mouth and she sighed in defeat. "Will you help me find another match then?"

He inwardly swore at the idea. He really had no desire to help Gong Soo Pyo or have anything remotely do with him but only remembering how he pushed Ga Eul home this evening made him pause. It was possible Ji Hoo was right and Soo Pyo had a change of heart regarding Ga Eul.

"Fine." He agreed with a scowl and she smiled. "Thank you."

"I'm not doing it for him." He said pointedly. "But the faster he gets well, the faster he gets out of the hospital and away from you."

She nodded. "I promise. The minute he is better and back home, my time with him is over."

"All-right then." Yi Jeong breathed in relief and she ran her hands over his hair. He purred at the touch and sank down into the pillows. She grinned as he arranged her carefully over him and she briefly wondered how this could feel so natural.

Yi Jeong's eyes were closed as she continued to stroke his head. His own hands trailing up and over her body until she felt her bones liquefy. She leaned down and kissed him softly. He tucked her hair behind her ear with a long sigh.

"Come here."

She felt him rolling her underneath him. His weight pressing deliciously into her as he sank down, shedding the rest of her clothes as he went. His lips claiming her mouth before trailing over the soft skin of her neck. They explored each other slowly until she was sure he knew her body better than she did. They didn't go beyond touching but there something so intimate about simply laying skin to skin with him.

Yi Jeong had never had a woman in his bed where sex was not the main focus and then once it was over, they both parted ways without even really knowing each other. Laying over Ga Eul and taking his time to memorize every pattern of her skin and counting each beat of her heart. The way her hands glided over his shoulders and muscles as she soaked in the feel of his body.

"You're stronger." She whispered into his shoulder and he nodded, burying his face into her neck. "Since I've stopped drinking and going to the clubs I have gained my muscles back."

"I've lost weight." Ga Eul said apologetically and he lifted his head to stare at her. His eyes darkening as he scanned her bare body. "I know."

"I'm sorry."

"Me too."

They were both sweating and the mist of desire was soaking the room with heat. Yi Jeong dipped his head to her stomach and nibbled all over her tender flesh. Wondering how just tasting her skin could feel more pleasurable than anything from all the women in his past combined.

"It's different." Yi Jeong said suddenly. Needing her to understand this was not like anything he had before her. "It's different with you, Ga Eul. I didn't care about them."

"I know." She panted and tugged him back up to face her. "And Yi Jeong, you are the only one I've allowed to see me."

He nodded but she could see the predatory gleam in his eye. He took her mouth again with a new possessive growl. She clung to him as he moved over her and she had never felt so close to another person and she knew she was only capable of it now because it was Yi Jeong.

Yi Jeong could feel his heart galloping as he kissed a new pattern over her, desperately trying to remember every detail of this. He never wanted to forget the feeling of Ga Eul exploring him. Kneading and touching every muscle and tendon. Or the way her hair fell over her face as she rose above him, her lips skimming lightly over his face until he couldn't breathe.

Ga Eul whispered her love to him over and over again throughout the night as though she could tell he needed the assurance. That she had truly waited. She was not leaving him.

"Ga Eul." He moaned but she only kept up the flood of words not stopping until he finally believed her. The night slipping down around them as they exchanged touches and words. Finally Ga Eul laid down on him, and he held her protectively until he felt her soften into a deep sleep.

He gently shifted her to other side of the bed and waited for a moment to make sure the movement hadn't woken her. But Ga Eul simply sighed his name one last time before rolling onto her stomach and he smiled. Figuring she was probably going to be out for while by the state of her current snores.

Yi Jeong rose carefully and grabbed the keys he had pilfered off Woo Bin, giving one last look to the woman who was rumpled and naked in his bed.

He snatched her phone and sent a quick text to the diner that she wouldn't be in today and seeing the harsh reply from the master, he forwarded it to Woo Bin who still felt so guilty about ignoring Ga Eul these past few months, his anger over the message was almost frightening. In fact, the reply from the mafia prince was so violent that Yi Jeong briefly felt guilty for the interaction the usually kind master at the porridge shop was about receive.

Except when he remembered Ga Eul's tired eyes and too slim body from being overworked, he decided any justice about to be served was well earned.

He pressed a tiny kiss to her ear before leaving and he managed to arrive back at the hospital just as the sun was beginning to crest over the horizon. He walked steadily to the room where Soo Pyo was sitting up in bed waiting for him. He smiled around his oxygen line and raised a hand.

"So Yi Jeong."

"Gong Soo Pyo."

"Are you here to finish the job?" Soo Pyo asked as he gestured to the numerous equipment in his room. "Or do you simply have a fascinations with hospitals?"

"Enough, Gong Soo Pyo," Yi Jeong snapped impatiently. "Tell me this game you're playing. Now. Or I walk away and any chance you get for a blood transfusion goes with me."

"Ahh," Soo Pyo adjusted his breathing treatment and leaned back into the pillows. "Well come in and let's play then, shall we?"