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Yi Jeong straightened as passengers began exiting the plane. His sunglasses hiding the anxious scanning of each face. His body growing tighter with anticipation until he finally noticed someone at the end of the line, her small figure and dark hair moving slowly behind the group of people.

Once the crowd cleared slightly, she looked around nervously until she spotted him standing against the pillar and her face melted into a wide smile. "Hello, Sunbae."

He didn't say a word but simply pushed himself off and in one giant step, he had scooped her off her feet and into a bone-crushing hug.

Ga Eul whimpered in relief and clung to him; her face buried into the side of his neck while he held her. His chest heaving and his throat tight with emotion. Too relieved to finally have her back after almost a year of being apart and not sure how he was ever going to be able to let her go.

"I've missed you." Ga Eul whispered tearfully. "I've missed you so much."

Yi Jeong tightened his grip on her and nodded. Not capable of talking yet or doing anything except holding her.

Eventually though he needed to see her fully and slowly lowered her to the ground, his hands cupping her face and she smiled up at him. "Hi."

"Hi," Yi Jeong murmured huskily. "I was getting worried. Your flight was supposed to arrive two hours ago."

"The storm caused us a delay." Ga Eul said softly. "They almost canceled it but thankfully it cleared up just in time."

Yi Jeong let out a shaky breath. He probably would have thrown something at the airports head if her flight had been canceled. He lowered his forehead to hers and she closed her eyes, breathing the other in.

It had been almost a year and a half since Yi Jeong had come home to find her half-dead from taking care of Gong Soo Pyo. He had used his money and influence to find a new blood donor for the creep. Once he was on the mend, the doctors privately told Yi Jeong, that it had been a case of years of alcohol, drugs, and general ill-health which had made Soo Pyo's condition so severe. Not that Yi Jeong honestly cared what had caused his illness. So long as he was well enough now to get out of the hospital and stay the hell away from Ga Eul.

A point he had made quite clear to the young man, not to mention the conversation Woo Bin had also inserted the day at the hospital when he was released. Soo Pyo was quite aware that Song Woo Bin and his men would be keeping him an eye on him from this day forward. Any move, mention, or trying to contact Chu Ga Eul would cause him to be back in the hospital. But recuperating would be a much longer process this time since having every bone in your body broken tended to hurt a lot.

Ga Eul had also kept her promise of slowing down and giving her some time to rest. She had let Woo Bin move her into a new home. Nothing extravagant but one where she could walk easily to work and even let him buy her groceries and hired a cook for almost six months so her body could get the proper nutrients.

Yi Jeong had returned to Sweden and Ga Eul had come to visit a few months later for two weeks. But that was over a year ago. Her teaching at Shinhwa, helping Jan Di plan her wedding to Jun Pyo for next summer, and Yi Jeong's mentors pushing him to only focus on his studies had made it impossible for them to see each other physically.

They talked on the phone and skyped almost every day but it wasn't the same as being together. Which is why Yi Jeong had finally put his foot down and told the studio he was taking a month off. Ga Eul was on break at the school and he was planning on coming home for a visit.

Woo Bin had contacted at the last minute though and said he thought his grandfather might be getting ready to make a move on Ga Eul. To attempt to bribe or scare her off now that he realized their relationship was going beyond a fling. Woo Bin planned on handling it discreetly along with Jun Pyo who was now too powerful as head of the Shinhwa company to be ignored but maybe Yi Jeong and Ga Eul should disappear until they got it settled.

So, Yi Jeong had decided to fly Ga Eul out to Sweden instead while his friends dealt with the mess that was his family.

"A year is too long, Ga Eul." Yi Jeong muttered as he pressed a kiss to her forehead. "We agreed every three months was the longest we would go with not seeing each other."

"I know." She cupped his wrists that were still holding her face. "It's been killing me."

He brushed his lips lightly over hers. Not trusting him to kiss her fully yet. Unsure he would be capable of stopping if he did and they were still standing in the middle of the airport.

"Come on," Yi Jeong took her hand with a tight squeeze. "Let's get you home."

They stopped to grab her luggage and Yi Jeong rolled his eyes at his girlfriend's lack of items. She was going to be staying with him for almost four weeks and only had a small suitcase packed. Although, since he planned on spoiling her rotten this next month, he didn't overly mind. But still… he wished she would treat herself more.

"I am so glad to be off the plane." Ga Eul stretched her neck as they walked to his car. "It was horrible just sitting on the runway for almost three hours. Being squished to death by everyone."

He quit walking and yanked her to a stop, narrowing his eyes at her suspiciously. "You sat in coach… Didn't you?"

She looked away from him with a shuffle and he caught the humor in her eyes. "You little—"

"There is no need for you to spend money on a first-class seat when I can get here in the same amount of time in the less expensive seat, Sunbae."

He glared at her in annoyance. "That's not the point, Ga Eul... When are you going to start letting me take care of you?"

Her face softened and she moved into his arms. "You do take care of me, Yi Jeong. But there is no reason for you to spend an obscene amount of money on me. I don't need anything fancy—"

"Yes, you do." Yi Jeong said harshly, leaning down to press a firm kiss on her lips. "We will talk about all this later. But for the record, if you don't start letting me spoil you, I am going to become upset."

She chuckled softly and rose on her toes to give him another soft peck. "All right. I will be good."

"Thank you."

He shooed her into the car and they were quiet as he drove her back to his place in Stockholm. Ga Eul rested her hand on his thigh as he drove, her gaze out the window taking in the new city. And just the presence of her next to him was enough to ease the constant ache in his chest.

"Are you going to let me see some of the new pieces you have been working on?"

Yi Jeong nodded. "I have a few things finished. And I will take you the studio for the day or something before you leave."

And seeing the scowl on his face at the idea of her leaving despite the fact she had just arrived made her chuckle. She squeezed his leg comfortingly and he sighed, picking up her hand to kiss the back of her fingers.

"Are you hungry?"

"No." Ga Eul sank into the seat. "I ate on the flight. I mainly want to take a long hot shower and get this travel smell off me."

He laughed as he parked the car, reaching over the backseat to grab her bag but she stopped him. Taking his face and pulling her to him, kissing him deeply. He groaned at the contact and tugged her into his chest, reminding himself they were still sitting in his car in an open parking garage.

Ga Eul kissed him hard once more before pulling away with a smile, her thumbs brushing over his cheeks. "That's better."

"What is?" Yi Jeong muttered, his arms encircling her tightly.

"Now it feels like I am really here." She continued, her eyes twinkling softly. "That it's not a dream."

He kissed the hollow of her throat with a long sigh. "I've missed you."

"Me too."

He held her tightly for a few more seconds before reluctantly letting her go and dipped his head to the door. "Let's get you that shower."

She nodded and let him escort her inside. They rode the elevator to his large apartment, Ga Eul pressed up against his side sleepily and he felt a mounting sense of anxiety over the idea of her doing this again in four weeks but only this time, it was because they were saying goodbye.

Telling himself not to think about it yet, Yi Jeong took a deep breath as they walked into his apartment. Ga Eul smiling as she looked around the home. It felt like So Yi Jeong. Art hanging on the walls and huge windows overlooking the city.

However, there was a new warmth to the home which had been lacking before. He had photos of not just her but also his friends. Plants and sunlight peeking through the soft curtains. Ga Eul walked into his bedroom and saw the large bed messily made and she smiled. There was a photo of the two of them sitting on his nightstand from her last visit to Sweden. It was covered in fingerprints implying he picked it up frequently and any worry she had been carrying over her surprise vanished.

"Take your shower," Yi Jeong called from the kitchen. "I will make you some tea for when you get out."

He heard her muffle out a thanks and the sound of the water running allowed him a minute to get his head together. He knew he was being slightly ridiculous. To be so filled with dread over her leaving once more when she had literally just arrived but he couldn't seem to stop it. The nerves over whether or not she was really safe whenever they were apart... His chest tightening in memory of the image of going home and seeing her half-dead. Sick from working too hard and being used by Gong Soo Pyo.

His friends loved Ga Eul and watched over her but they didn't know her like he did. If he hadn't come home… if he hadn't intervened… But he did, Yi Jeong reminded himself firmly. Ga Eul was fine now. She was healthy, working only as a teacher, and finally safe from anyone who wanted to take advantage of her. And she was here, his brain suddenly screamed at him. She is here now. Alone in the shower.

With a new grin, he turned off his stove and headed back to his bedroom, stripping his clothes as he went. The steam from her shower had basically turned his bathroom in a full sauna and opening the door, he heard the smile in her voice.

"There you are. What took you so long?"

Yi Jeong didn't say anything as he slipped in beside her. His eyes traveling sensually over her as he took in the wet, sleek curves of her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he pulled in her close. Her nose nuzzling the base of his throat and chest. "I love you."

His breathing eased. Not realizing how badly he needed to hear those words right now. It wasn't like she didn't tell him every day on the phone and in every text message or email but for some reason, he had needed to hear them while she stood in front of him. While his hands moved over her skin and to know she was still his in every sense of the word.

"I love you too." He whispered and she hummed in pleasure. Backing her into the wall so the water didn't beat down on her, he dipped his head sealing her mouth. She moaned, her fingers clutching his hair. Unable to wait, Yi Jeong lifted her slightly and slipped easily inside. Both of them gasping at the feel of being joined. They moved slowly, almost lazily. Deep kisses and sensual hands newly exploring each other after being apart of so long.

It was quiet and long as the sun slipped down around them and the water from the shower turned cool but neither seemed to notice. Yi Jeong pressing his body into her as she held onto him, matching him beat for beat until he forgot where he stopped and she began.

He kept his eyes on her as she came. The low cry of pleasure from her throat, her neck arched and the sight of it made him shudder long and hard. He tucked his face into her shoulder with a deep groan. Their bodies clinging to each other in tight pulsating wrenches.

Eventually, Yi Jeong summoned enough energy to reach over her and turn the water off. Ga Eul started to reach for a towel but he stopped her with a low hush. "Let me."

He carefully wrung out her hair, and she sighed in contentment as he gently dried off every water droplet from her body. Rubbing stiff and sore muscles with a protective cluck at how tight her shoulders and back were.

"What are you doing? Walking all day with the kindergartners on your shoulders?"

"Hmm." Ga Eul sank back into him, his arms automatically coming around her front. "Bending over small tables to help them with their work. Sitting on the floor and running around. It leaves me sore. Plus, I was helping Jan Di last week for her luncheon at the hospital. I put back on my waitress shoes but I am out of shape for carrying heavy trays for hours."

"You're not overdoing things again," Yi Jeong asked in concern. "Are you?"

"No." Ga Eul shook her head, understanding why he was so concerned after how badly she let herself go the last time. "I promise. I even said no when the school asked me to take another class for a teacher about to enter maternity leave."

He pressed a kiss into her shoulder. "Thank you."

She smiled over at him and let him wrap her up in his fluffy robe that practically swallowed her. She flapped her arms dramatically. "How am I supposed to drink my tea when I can't even find my hands?"

"I will find you a straw," Yi Jeong smacked her backside as he walked by and grinned at the yelp of surprise. "Come on, slowpoke. Into the kitchen."

He fixed her tea as she made herself at home. Enjoying the sound of her humming as she put things away in his bedroom and the scent of her body wash lingering in his nose. Woo Bin messaged asking him if she arrived okay which Yi Jeong quickly answered but then turned off his phone. He didn't want the distraction of his family, work, or even his friends invading his already limited time with Ga Eul.

Thankfully, his friends would understand and only disturb him if it was absolutely necessary for him to step in with his grandfather but he didn't think it would go that far. So Yoon Hee was a manipulative bastard but even he wouldn't dare to cross the line with Chu Ga Eul once Woo Bin and Jun Pyo passed along his message to the old coot.

The minute he tried to touch her or even approached her to introduce himself would be the day Yi Jeong would leave the museum. Leave the family and all the attachments of his name. He had enough money on his own right now to support himself and take care of Ga Eul. Not to mention his fame was now international and people in the other sectors of the world were not interested in his family. Just him.

So, if his grandfather wanted to keep the So family in the game, he needed his grandson. Not the other way around and So Yoon Hee knew it. No, Yi Jeong was confident his grandfather would back off but he still didn't like the idea of someone following Ga Eul recently, trying to gauge their relationship. Thankfully, Woo Bin caught wind of it and rapidly intervened before he could make his move but Yi Jeong almost had a heart attack when he first heard about it.

"Yi Jeong," Ga Eul moved to come beside him, her expression worried. "Are you okay?"

"What-Oh." Yi Jeong shook his head. "Yes. Sorry. I was just thinking about things back home."

She rubbed his arm soothingly but didn't ask him about it. Seeming to understand there were certain things the F4 needed to handle quietly. And as long as Yi Jeong never outwardly lied to her or hid something dangerous, Ga Eul would allow him to handle things without needing all the details. She knew his grandfather was on the verge of interfering in their relationship but once he told her that it would be taken care of, she didn't push for any more information.

"There is something else though," Ga Eul finally murmured in concern. "Something about us." She brushed a long strand of hair out of his eyes and he leaned into her palm. "Tell me."

He hesitated, not wanting to spoil their first night together by talking about their last but when he saw the chocolate warmth in her eyes, he couldn't stop himself.

"Four weeks is not enough, Ga Eul. I can't put you back on a plane and wonder if it's going to be another year before I see you again." He shook his head, his voice lowering huskily. "I won't be able to handle it, Ga Eul."

"You won't have too." Ga Eul whispered firmly. "Because I am not going home this time."

Yi Jeong blinked at her and she smiled, her hand brushing over his hair while she waited for his brain to catch up to her statement. "What?"

"I am going to stay here." She continued softly. "I don't really have a break from Shinhwa. I had to wait until they were able to merge my class with a few others but I stepped down. I am staying here with you until you're done."

He roughly cupped her face and he tilted her head up so he could see her, his expression filled with guilt. "No, Ga Eul. You've worked too hard… I will just come home and-"

"Yi Jeong," She interrupted with a laugh. "It's only for a year. Gu Jun Pyo has secured my job for as long as I want. So, you can finish up here and I don't have to sleep without you anymore." She gave him an impish grin. "In truth, I think I am getting the better part of this deal."

He gave a breathless chuckle, his eyes scanning her intently. "Are you sure?"

"Very. So long as you don't mind me living here with—"

Yi Jeong cut her off with a heavy kiss. His chest heaving frantically and she rubbed her hand over his heart with understanding. Tears prickling the back of her eyes. "I couldn't do it either, Yi Jeong." She mumbled against his lips. "Only seeing you across a screen. Not being able to touch you or hold you. It was making me sick. And the idea of stepping on a plane and leaving you again." She broke off with a sob and he pressed his lips over her damp cheeks. "Hush, sweetheart."

But it seemed Yi Jeong was not the only one who had been struggling with anxiety over their separation. Her tears flowing heavily now that she had started. "I've missed you so much."

"I know. Me too." He swallowed hard before whispering huskily. "You're really not leaving?"

She shook her head and managed to lift her lips into a watery smile. "Not this time. And I don't intend on ever leaving you again."

"Ga Eul," Yi Jeong choked and buried his face into her neck. His arms so tight around her waist, he was briefly worried he would hurt her ribs but unable to lessen the grip.

"I love you." She whispered in his ear and he groaned in relief. "I love you too."

Knowing she was staying, knowing he didn't have to leave her, or watch her disappear into the clouds made the weight of his grandfather's threats feel like nothing. He could care less now what happened with his family or if they ever accepted his relationship. Worse came to worse, he would just marry her in Sweden and tell his grandfather to choke on it.

Ga Eul drew back with a chuckle. "Darn it. I had a plan for this."

"For what?"

"Telling you." She pouted slightly. "I had a whole romantic thing planned. It involved candlelight and us in our bedroom."

Yi Jeong grinned and reached for the belt of her robe, untying the knot slowly. "Well, you can always tell me again later." He slipped his hands inside and caressed the bare skin until she gasped. "I promise to act surprise."

She giggled and he leaned down to press a wet kiss to her pulse point. "It's probably a good thing you're not leaving. Or you would never get to see a minute of Sweden."

"What, why?" Ga Eul asked breathlessly, her head lolling back to give him better access. Groaning, he lifted her onto the counter, his eyes darkening as he stepped between her legs. "Because I don't plan on letting you out of this apartment for at least the next month."

She wrapped her arms around his neck with a curious expression. "Would you really have let me leave?"

"No," Yi Jeong admitted with a cocky grin. "I was planning on kidnapping you again at the airport."

"I thought so." Ga Eul's eyes twinkled even as she sighed in exasperation. "You F4 boys… Why don't you just try asking a girl to come with you instead of always resorting to kidnapping?"

"It saves us time." Yi Jeong peeled the robe off her shoulders. "But if you rather, I do have other ways to convince you to stay."

"You don't have to convince me, Sunbae." Ga Eul said assuredly, all teasing aside. "I can live without teaching. Geum Jan Di or my family. But I can't live without you." She smiled at his stunned gaze, knowing he was not used to hearing he was loved the way Ga Eul talked about loving him. "So here I am."

He brushed a long curl out of her face. "I love you too… You know that, don't you?" He scanned her anxiously. "I would give up my hands, my art, or family without a single thought if it meant losing you."

"I know, Yi Jeong."

He didn't say anything else but simply let his lips and hands take over the conversation. Her giggles and sighs surrounding him with new meaning since he was no longer worried about them ending in four weeks.

"We are still going to talk about you flying coach though."