This will contain "Spoilers" for New Leaf and New Horizons. Don't worry, It's not much on the Horizons front (I don't time travel), and this game doesn't have much of a story to spoil, but better safe then sorry.

"Is that everything?"

The mayor looked up from the box she had just put down, a small smile on her face.

"Pretty sure. Collected all my nicknacks from around town, emptied out my desk, stored all the real valuables and-" she paused and a wave of horror washed over her, "Jingles I forgot the fridge."

She ran down the stairs, her footsteps echoing throughout the house. Shaking my head, I pushed some boxes aside before finding a hidden seat among all the clutter. My legs practically collapsed into the chair, the running around and box lifting not quite what I was used to.

The room was a mess compared to what it was before, (even though the mayor was always a bit on the messy side) style taking a back seat to the mess of storage that the room had become. Even after selling most things she no longer wanted, (and storing the things worth stealing) she had opted to move the rest of it upstairs, or at least, what she could. Case in point, the fridge in the basement I assumed she was emptying.


Impatient as always. Dusting myself off, I jogged lightly down the stairs, the bells in my fur jingling with each step. When I exited the mansion into the bright March sunshine, the Mayor flashed me a huge smile before dramatically locking the front door.

"Aaaaaaaaand….. Done!" She giggled manicly and did the dumb dance that Shrunk had taught her years ago. I chuckled lightly and began to steer the silly human to the train station.

"Are you sure about this?"

The mayor looked back at me and took my small hand in her large one, her eyes asking me to continue.

"It's a deserted island, in the middle of nowhere. No bells, no furniture, just you and that scheming raccoon that I'm half convinced is going to get you killed."

Another giggle, her hand pulling mine in a swinging motion as she tromped past yet another patch of flowers.

"I'll be okay, that old coot won't let me die" I threw her a pointed look, and she snorted her smile becoming even wider.

"I'm his best customer! Do you think anyone else could afford a house that size?" She gestured back at where we came, the huge mansion easily overshadowing everything else in town. I still wasn't convinced and she could probably tell.

"I think you're just worried about what you'll do without such a great mayor"

That got me to snort a bit as her giggles turned into full blown laughter.

"Riiiiight, because you were such a good mayor."

"Rude!" Her hand left mine as she planted it on her hip, fake scorn prominent on her face. "Nothing would have gotten done without me! Who do you think funds this place?!"

I rolled my eyes at her dramatics but gently took back her hand into mine, silently remembering a time when it was much smaller.

"You can't stop me from being worried. I just- you're so young!" Her smile melted, a look of fondness taking over her jolly attitude. She bent down so that she was eye level with me, reminiscent of when we first met.

"I appreciate everything you've done for me Isabelle. You've been more of a mother to me then my own mom, but everyone's gotta grow up eventually." Standing up to her full height she let go of my hand and danced the few yards left of the route of the train station. I rushed to catch up, her long legs making her so much faster, and she patted me fondly on the head when I did. A loud whistle blew and the train drove into the station slowing to a stop in front of us.

"It'll be okay."

The gate opened and her hand left mine one last time as she stepped onto the waiting locomotive.

"You have to write me a letter every week!" I shouted, as the doors began to close. I could no longer hear her but I could tell by her face she was laughing.

"Of course." She mouthed. "And I love you"

And then the train disappeared.

Hello! I never thought my first published fanfiction would be for Animal Crossing but inspiration struck and I haven't written in sooooo long. This story will follow Isabelle and her relationship (Found family relationship. This ain't a romance) with the mayor, as well as just her life in general. I suspect that the story will bounce back and forth between past and present but I don't have the whole thing planned out so who knows.

Also, the Mayor will have a personality. If I could write an interesting story with a blank slate I would but alas. She will remain unnamed for as long as possible, and I will try my darndest to make this story (about a game who's main character is a self insert Mary Sue) not self insert or Mary Sue because that's boring as heck to read.

Anyway, already have two chapters done so I'll post the second one shortly. Thanks for reading!