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Chapter 21


The bizarre creature loomed over Lucella and Kuroferuru as its desire to destroy radiated off the living construct. No one had seen anything like it before, mainly since its purple flames were not natural. The sight of them and the aura they possessed sent chills up Kuroferuru's spine.

What kind of creature is this? I sense nothing from it but the desire for destruction.

The members of Runya Runya's Sabbath, who had followed Kuroferuru underground, fled upon sensing the creature's murderous intent.

The monstrous creature broke free of the chains once held by binding magic that deteriorated over the centuries. It unleashed a purple stream of fire against Kuroferuru and her followers.

Sensing the danger, Kuroferuru, Lucella, and a few of their followers dodged the attack. Unfortunately, for those unable to escape in time, they raised magical shields to deflect the attack. Kuroferuru observed from a safe distance and was horrified to see the flames dissolve their magic and not just burn through it.

Acting fast, Kuroferuru used a teleportation spell, using it in rapid succession to save as many witches of her Sabbath as possible. Regrettably, despite her best efforts, some of their barriers failed before Kuroferuru could teleport them to safety. When their protective spells fell, the monster's flames didn't just burn them alive; they were disintegrated. Nothing remained of the deceased. As the beast stopped its attack, an enormous bolt of lightning slammed into it.

"Those were my friends!"

Lucella, with tears in her eyes, was already gathering power for another attack. It was in retaliation for the demise of her fellow Sabbath members. Lucella's last attack impacted the manifested creature, staggering it backward, but it was barely harmed.

So magic spells of that level barely scratched it, Kuroferuru thought as she called to her assistant.

"Lucella, keep its attention off of me! I have an idea!"

As Kuroferuru prepared an attack, Lucella conjured a mass of tentacles composed of dark matter to aid her. She used them to tear one of the stone pillars free to use as a weapon for offense. For defense and knowing attempts to shield herself with magic was ill-advised, she could use the tentacles to move around the large chamber to evade quickly.

Using the stone pillar, held by the tentacles of dark matter, Lucella smashed it into the creature. The column shattered upon contact, but Lucella pressed her attack. Conjuring a sphere of dark power within her paws, she unleashed a stream of darkness that hit the monster as it tried to get up. The attack was doing little to the creature, but when Lucella's attack struck a purple crystal on its chest, it recoiled as if it was in pain.

Lucella and Kuroferuru noticed the reaction, which meant they had found the creature's weak point.

"I'll aim for that crystal," Lucella said, determined.

Unfortunately, it seemed the monster had no intention of allowing further harm upon its core. It retaliated with a stream of fire from its arms, but using the pillars and Lucella's conjured tentacles, Lucella could evade the attacks. However, this put her on the defensive, giving her little opportunity to fight back.

A bolt of magical energy struck the monster near its core, prompting the manifested demon to turn its attention to the new threat.

"Need some help?" Inryna offered as she entered the room, gathering magical energy into her hands.

"Don't try to shield yourself from its attacks," Lucella warned. "Just run!"

"I understand," Inryna replied before unleashing a focused blast of energy against the creature knocking it off its feet.

"Curse of Misfortune," Fadia said, casting a curse upon the creature as it tried to get up.

Instead, in an almost comical fashion, it slipped on something as it tried to get up.

"Stay down!"

Ramlah tore another stone pillar off before using it as a club to smash it upon the monster to keep it down.

Unable to get up due to Fadia's curse, the monster began firing its flames across the floor in an attempt to kill the Anubis and the Echidna. However, Lucella intervened by saving them using her tentacles to pick them up off the ground.

At that moment, a surge of water mixed with lightning rushed into the chamber, soaking the downed monster before a wall of earth erupted around it to keep the water contained.

Suddenly the sound of someone singing echoed throughout the chamber. Entering the room was Eustine, singing the Song of Passion. Following Eustine was Saphirette Spherica, walking alongside the Diva with her Dark Matter sphere compressed into a backpack, but floating around her were three out of four monsterized elementals.

Along the ground and partially fused into the earth was a Gnome, an Earth Elemental, but monsterized possessing a female body. Her hands were merged into the ground. They appeared as a mass of living earth, but the rest of her body was that of a woman. She also had brown eyes and a green fruit growing atop of her short brown hair.

The other three elementals floating near Saphirette were a fire, water, and wind elemental. The fire elemental, or an Ignis, possessed the body of a woman. However, she had flames surrounding her limbs and upper torso and infused with her flame-colored hair. The water elemental, an Undine, was similar to Difina but lacking her mermaid traits. Finally, the wind elemental appeared to be the youngest of the elementals, partly due to her personality. Still, she was living wind with a light green dress matching her skin and hair, which wasn't unusual due to her being a Sylph.

Drawing power from her elementals, Saphirette unleashed a display of elemental might.

Using the power of wind elemental magic, Saphirette ascended into the air while creating a sphere of wind around herself. Thanks to her Earth elemental, the young woman gathered up broken stones before having them orbit her long with water and fire, each element forming a ring around her.

"I'll help you keep it pinned down," Saphirette used the wind to accelerate the rocks she broke down into small blade-like projectiles.

She sent them flying into the back of the downed creature, each piece hit with force more than a bullet. After Saphirette clapped her hands together, a pillar of fire mixed with lava erupted from the ground, engulfing the monster. Still, it barely managed to survive while trying to protect its core.

However, that was the opportunity Kuroferuru was waiting for, as her spell was finally ready.

"Spear of darkness forged of my desires," Kuroferuru chanted. "Go now and strike according to thy will!"

Kuroferuru unleashed her condensed spear of magical power fly; it was one of her arsenal's most potent spells. To her desire, the spear flew forward before veering upward to better strike at the monster's core. Seeing this, Saphirette summoned a pair of vines from the ground, after the lava hardened to trap the beast in place, to give Kuroferuru a clear shot.

Unable to shield its core from this attack, Kuroferuru's spear struck. At first, it didn't pierce the center, but Eustine's Song of Passion provided the boost needed.

As the name implied, the Song of Passion ignites the flames of passion within a person's heart and soul. However, it didn't just merely strengthen love and grants the courage to express one's feelings. It was a song that provided vitality and the drive to accomplish their desires. It was the power to propel an artist, novelist, and songstress to create and fulfill their dreams.

In this case, it could give Lucella, Fadia, Kuroferuru, Saphirette the power boost. To fulfill their goal of stopping a terrible monster before it could cause untold devastation across the island.

"By the Great Songstress, what was that," Eustine asked as she cautiously moved closer to the broken remains of the creature.

However, a new problem emerged as its remains began pulsing with dark power. Some were confused, but Kuroferuru realized what was about to happen.

"EVERYONE GET BACK," Kuroferuru shouted as Lucella stepped in and pulled everyone away using her tentacles.

Casting fast, Kuroferuru used her magic to conjure a small portal above the corpse of the monster. A powerful vacuum began pulling in the monster's remains, but before the last of it was drawn in. A pillar of fire erupted from the portal indicating its remains had exploded. However, if not for Kuroferuru's spell that minimized the damage to almost nothing, that explosion would've engulfed the room.

"That was some quick thinking, but why didn't you use that spell earlier to just suck in the monster?" Inryna complimented as Lucella put her and the others down.

"The suction of that spell wouldn't have been powerful enough to draw in a living and struggling creature," Kuroferuru answered. "It might've helped deal with its flames, but it could've also impeded our efforts to counterattack against it."

"I see, but what kind of creature was that?" Saphirette inquired. "I had never heard of such a creature, but all I felt from it was the unbound desire to destroy everything."

"I felt that as well, and yet why was something like that imprisoned here?" Lucella wondered as she began examining the room.

"I heard about parts of Nevia being built over some old ruins centuries ago by the people who founded the city," Eustine remarked, examining the room as well. "Most of them were underground, and not wanting to live in the dirt, the first settlers built our city over them."

"So the ruins were never explored?" Fadia asked.

"Not that I have heard about, but I think the warning on that door likely kept people away," Eustine said, pointing to the archway of the doorway everyone had passed. "It was probably another reason they built all of Nevia over the ruins to bury it."

"If this was something the Chief God sealed away intentionally, so why was it here in front of another door?"

Kuroferuru stepped forward before reaching out with conjured tentacles to open the double doors ahead. The doors struggled to open at first, which was due to their age. Within moments the aged doors slowly opened, allowing Kuroferuru to enter.

The room beyond was dark, but Lucella, Fadia, and Inryna conjured spheres of light before scattering them throughout the room. The interior was vastly much larger than the previous chamber. Still, once enough orbs of light had been scattered about the room, the jaws of Eustine, Inryna, Lucella, and the others were left hanging in shock.

It was a library, one far bigger than the one above ground.

This library seemed to have sat undisturbed for centuries, if not longer.

"Someone, run upstairs and wake Runya Runya," Kuroferuru suggested. "Someone should inform her Sabbath to get down here. I have a feeling we'll have a better chance of finding the information we need down here."

"Couldn't we start looking through these books ourselves?" Lucella inquired, but Kuroferuru shook her head.

"No, these books are likely ancient and therefore could be equally as fragile. Best to let Runya Runya and her Sabbath handle this to ensure we don't lose any information that could help us find Zero," Kuroferuru cautioned.

Lucella nodded before hurrying back up to the library above ground to fetch the still sleeping Baphomet.

Eustine was in awe at this discovery, but a thought came to mind.

I better inform the Great Songstress of this find.

Meanwhile, around the same time as events on Nevia unfolded. Asura had finished explaining Lelouch's origins, again, to Eristia, Beatrix, and Dr. Greilia.

Once she was finished, Asura had another surprise for everyone present. Using her crystal ball, the Witch of the Depths showed Eristia and Beatrix the members of the Order of the Ice Flower. But that wasn't the only thing that startled the Order soldier and the former Heroine now a Succubus. Eristia had something else that left her dumbfounded.

"I...I never knew that Lady Noscrim was there on Earth all this time, helping Zero...I mean, Lelouch," Beatrix said before correcting herself.

"Are you surprised?"

"The last time I saw her was during the time Lescatie fell, when Yuriy and I retreated to regroup with the others at the camp," Eristia remarked.

"I examined the Succubus Wilmarina at Lady Druella's request," Dr. Greilia began before explaining. "It was an unusual request, but upon conducting an in-depth examination of her, I found nothing out of the ordinary. I ruled out she was a doppelgänger who had taken her form. Still, the only oddity I found was high amounts of mana from Lady Druella infused within her body. Meaning Lady Druella must've monsterized her only recently at the time."

"But she didn't," Asura noted.

"Yes, Lady Druella confirmed she didn't transform Wilmarina, hence her confusion," Greilia confirmed with a nod.

"But the Wilmarina with Lelouch is the same one Druella fought against," Asura noted before adding. "I have my suspicions, but if what I have overheard from Lelouch and his friends is correct, I might have an idea of how this Succubus Wilmarina came to be. Or rather, I should say where she came from, but I need more information. I can confirm they are the same person, but the key difference is one knew Zero, and the succubus one does not."

"The Wilmarina we know is the one who knows Zero," Beatrix pointed out. "And now, she's out on Earth helping him to fight this Holy Britannian Empire."

"And their relationship has gone a long way," Eristia remarked. "I wonder if there'll be still time."

"They seem to be more friendly with one another."

Should I tell them Lelouch and Wilmarina's relationship is slowly moving beyond the friend stage?

Asura wondered if it would be wise to inform Eristia of the growing relationship between Lelouch and Wilmarina.

"Uh, did you forget we are here?" an annoyed Levin pointed.

On second thought, it might be best if I say nothing.

"So I guess now that they are caught up," Lilynanna decided to keep the conversation moving.

"So what do you plan to get out of this?" Beatrix still questioned. "Why bring me into this secret party of yours to this unknown world?"

"I desire to prevent any bloodshed from happening when I send you to Lelouch's party," Asura answered. "Given what happened to Wilmarina and the others with Zero, I fear they will react badly to their arrival."

"So you hope a human, who Wilmarina knows could defuse the situation?"

Asura nodded.

"It is my hope, yes, but I think we both know it won't be that easy."

"You're not wrong," Beatrix acknowledged.

"As for you, if you agree to help us, then I am certain Lelouch will allow you to use his machine. The one that grants immunity to monsterization."

"Well, that does have a certain appeal to it," Beatrix admitted.

"You would gain some valuable benefits based on what Lady Asura has told me," Dr. Greilia pointed out. "You'll gain immunity to diseases and sickness, a much stronger and more durable body."

"I suppose, but," Beatrix said, casting her eyes down. "I'll be fine as long as I can follow Lady Wilmarina and Lelouch. At least under their leadership I…"

Beatrix allowed her voice to trail off, but Asura knew why.

Learning what became of the boy she dedicated herself to protecting hit her pretty hard. Now she seeks a new purpose to move forward.

Asura had considered showing Beatrix what became of Captain Steiner, but she knew the scene would be painful. Beatrix had already assumed a Monster Girl had taken him as a lover, and she was right. But she didn't know the girl who would take Steiner as a husband was Heroine of the Kingdom. Like Wilmarina, she was brought up as a political tool for her family's advancement, and she loved Steiner. The Heroine knew they couldn't be together, knowing full well Steiner would be assassinated.

To win Steiner and commit herself to him, the Heroine was among the Heroes who betrayed the kingdom to Druella.

Asura had discovered the Heroine had used her family's influence to allow monster girls into the city, who swiftly dispatched the guards at the main gate. After giving Druella's primary army access to the city, she willingly transformed herself into a Succubus before taking Steiner as a husband.

I won't show her unless she asks.

"You're not gunning for Lelouch to, are you?" Levin inquired.

"I haven't even met him. I only know Lelouch by his exploits, but my superior had spoken highly of him. So I am going to commit myself to something else; I rather follow a commander who earned our trust," Beatrix replied.

Levin accepted her reasoning, "Okay, I can understand. But I am uncertain of some people."

Eristia could feel the glare from Levin.

"This is all too much for me to take in. I cannot return to the Order," Beatrix said as she was internally struggling with all that had happened. "Not after everything that has happened and what I have learned, and all I lost."

"Is it not," Asura Mythra accepted, eager to move the conversation in another direction. The last thing she wanted was a fight between Eristia and Levin over Lelouch breaking out. "When I first learned about it myself, even I was baffled about it."

"I hate to admit it, but your right," the soldier returned. "This pretty goes against everything the Order what told us."

"Which part?"

"The one about our guest being from another world. I never knew there was another separate world like this one. How is this possible?"

"I believe there's some hit of an explanation for that," Asura kindly provided support. "The theory goes that this is also something of the Gods' doing, ever since that apocalyptic war that happened."

"Which apocalyptic war?"

"A time back in the day called Ragnarök," Asura answered before going into details. "From what I understand, this world and Lelouch's were one of many different worlds out there that used to have incredibly prosperous civilizations. But then one God decided to rebel against the status quo, waging war against the others that left a trail of destruction."

"And created monsters that like what Zero and the others just fought," Eristia said, recalling the Zenkor Lelouch and the others faced.

"I haven't confirmed it myself, but I would be surprised if they were related," Asura admitted. "I never looked into every second of the situation, and with the ruins of their main base. I wouldn't be surprised there are still ancient artifacts and weapons from that war."

"Could Her Majesty Lilith have missed some monsters when she made the spell?" Dr. Greilia inquired, curious and concerned about the nature of the Zenkor.

"No, I don't believe it's that simple," Asura said, shaking her head. "The energies of that being were far too unique."

The monsters noticed some shivering from Kraken, a rare sight it was indeed.

"Are you shaking, Lady Asura?" Lilynanna noticed.

"Something tells me you're scared shitless with what you found," Levin said, noticing Asura's shivering.

"In a sense, yes," the Kraken regain her composure. "When Lady Arial and the others watched, we noticed that the creature did not have any emotions despite showing signs of rage. How do I describe it...It was like a bottomless pit for emotional energy, ever consuming and never being filled."

"I'm just surprised that there's something that terrifies even you," Lilynanna remarked, knowing all too well about Asura's reputation as the Witch of the Depths.

"As you know, the Chief God is no omnipotent, invincible being but a role cycled by the Gods every few thousand years. The first one was a survivor of such war before he decided to create this one."

"But that doesn't explain why the Gods would not tell us this information," Eristia said.

"That's what I'm getting to," Asura continued. "The theory goes that after Ragnarök, when the first Chief God came to our world of Midgard, he intentionally left the survivors of humanity on Earth alone."

"Why would the Chief God do that?"

"That I do not know, but we can see the results of two unique civilizations despite some interactions."

"You mean how humans on Earth developed differently than the humans here," Lilynanna asked.

"From I can tell, Earth knows very well about monsters," Asura explained. "Some are the same as the monsters of old; some are depicted differently, being guardians of humanity instead. Nonetheless, you could travel all over Earth and find throughout their myths and legends something not too different here."

"Okay, useful," Levin showed some impatience. "But we're missing the point."

Asura sighed but decided to continue her explanation.

"What we can see here is the result of humanity taking two different paths when their civilizations were destroyed. Our world was the result of humanity being guided by the Gods. On the other hand, while religion played a role in its history on Earth, actual divine intervention was little to none. Simply put, humanity was left completely to rebuild civilization on its own. Not even dwarves, elves, or fairies existed alongside them. Therefore, they took a vastly different path from the humans of this world, which became reliant on the Gods they worshipped."

"And had their civilization advance so quickly," Levin remarked. "They fucking make Sadia look like a primitive cave den!"

"And perhaps why he has different views of the monsters," Greilia assumed. "Because he grew up in a world completely different in essence. Therefore, he established core principle that would be...incompatible with our civilization."

"Except for some," Ridwana spoke from the group. "If anything, it sounds like Eros would be more than happy to accept, save for some possible conflicts."

"Sounds right for a Houri," Beatrix still had some suspicions about the messenger from Eros.

It was natural that the Order of the Chief God to have some doubt with her followers. Nonetheless, Eros was known to be a goddess of classical love, which was often opposed to the Radical Faction's lustful tendencies. Adding the fact the goddess was very wrathful when crossed when those under her protection are assaulted or her followers committing acts of adultery. The followers of other faiths didn't dare to try anything.

"Which is why I chose to see Zero on behalf of the Goddess herself," Ridwana answered. "If Zero wants to change the world, where even the Radical Faction is no longer a threat, she would wish to know more about him herself."

"There's still the Holy Britannian Empire," Eristia brought up. "They almost sound like something the Order would call for help if they crossed into this world."

"I wouldn't believe that too much," Asura said against Beatrix's wishes. "In fact, besides those creatures Zero fought, the Empire is indeed another threat to both the Order and us."

"Why would the Holy Britannian Empire go against the Order?" Beatrix asked. "They're human, and it sounds like they'll be more than happy to slaughter your race for good."

"That, my dear, it goes deep into their core values," Asura explained. "As I said, humanity on Earth develop unique philosophies and ideals as their civilization rebuilt and progressed. One such philosopher, born in the Empire, was a man named Charles Darwin."

"Charles Darwin?" Beatrix raised an eyebrow. "Sounds like someone the Order wouldn't like."

"Of course not," Asura admitted. "To begin with, he believed that humans weren't created by Gods but were the result evolving from animals. Instead of humans evolving into monsters, monsters pretty much evolved into humans."

"Uh," Lilynanna trailed as the others were silent. The idea felt awkward to even the only human in the room as Asura continued.

"Well, the real point to bring him up was how he proposed what brought up his idea of human origins, the theory where creatures adapted from an ever-changing world."

"An ever-changing world," Eristia wondered.

"The real theory was that all species came from the adaptation of their environment. Those willing to change not only survived but thrived in their world. Those who were unable to change were doomed to extinction."

"But from your words, that sounds like that, not how the Empire sees it," Beatrix assumed.

"No, and it's a widespread misinterpretation from what I understand," Asura continued. "When those theories were introduced, at a time when Britannia was at its lowest, they adapted his ideas under the assumption that it wasn't those willing to change who survived but those who were stronger. Since then, they made it like a religion, encouraging their people to compete against each other."

"Sounds fucking self-destructive if you ask me," Levin remarked.

"On the contrary. Not only did it allow Earth's civilization to grow, but it also made them one of the largest populations on Earth. The real issue here is when it came to other races and civilizations."

"Let me take a wild fucking guess," Levin stepped to the other monsters' surprise. "They believe that because they're the stronger one that Britannia has the right to fuck with whoever they want?"

"Looks like you get the gist of where I'm going," Asura chuckled at the surprise. "And they've done it for the past few centuries, conquering other human civilizations out there and renaming them all numbers rather than people. The island which you saw, Area 11, is one of them."

"So they're just going to slaughter and make slaves of us?" Levin noted, which Asura replied with a nod.

"I'm afraid it'll be far worse than that," Asura addressed other bad news. "From these Areas they conquer, they don't just enslave and kill their people. They go to great lengths to wipe out any trances of their culture. Anything that made them unique would either get destroyed or assimilated into Britannian, which would then claim it as their own. Moreover…"

Asura turned to the many monster girls to address some disturbing news.

"That also includes countless desiring to force themselves onto others. It didn't matter if their hearts were true or not, as long as they felt like they were in the right."

The idea of that brought nausea to the group. When monster girls were attracted one a single male, that particular male would be their target, one of which will never change. Having the idea of having sex with multiple men, especially being forced on by possibly criminal underworld gangs and even military soldiers, made them want to go into a rage or puke.

"That's…disgraceful!" Beatrix exclaimed, rising from her seat. "That sounds like something even the Chief God would never tolerate!"

"Like you're the one to fucking talk," Levin shot back at her. "No wonder why Lelouch-I mean Zero would be against those fuckers. I don't like them already!"

"Zero," Eristia blurted out that got their attention.

"Is there something wrong, Lady Eristia?" Greilia asked the succubus, prompting her to shake her head.

"No, it's just...I think I noticed where Lelouch got his identity name. It's from both the numbers they put on their people but also his own identity as a prince."

"You're right," Lilynanna jumped. "Who knew that something so simple would be so fitting? I always thought being number one was the greatest, but number zero? That's way better than just being number one!"

"I think it shows just how committed Lelouch is to his goals," Beatrix remarked.

"Indeed, and," Lilynanna began before a roar outside drew their attention.

"That roar," Levin said before recognizing it, "Oh fucking hell, you invited HER, didn't you?"

"Her?!" Lilynanna, Eristia, Ridwana, Dr. Greilia, and Beatrix asked.

Moments later, an attendant allowed Asura's newest guest to arrive, who was Marietta. Now back in her standard monster girl form, the scythe-wielding dragon presented her letter to Asura.

"I received your letter. I wish to meet my husband-to-be once more," Marietta said with a smile.

"Why did you call her?!" Levin asked Asura. "It took everything Lelouch had to defeat her in the arena. It's just a good thing we left Dragonia before she woke up!"

"Oh, it's you," Marietta said, noticing Levin as the former eyed the Thunderbird with jealously.

"I think bringing her along is a bad idea," Levin snapped.

Before the argument could progress further, Litia stumbled into the room, wholly exhausted and barely able to stand. However, she stubbornly forced herself to stand to fulfill her duty given to her by the queen. Using a shaking arm to wipe some sweat away from her brow, although her whole body was drenched in it, further signifying her exhaustion.

"I've come," Litia struggled to say as her legs were shaking. "On behalf…of…Queen…."

Litia wasn't able to finish the sentence before she finally collapsed, losing consciousness.

Despite her small stature, Dr. Greilia leaped out from her chair to catch the falling Wyvern before the latter could hit the ground.

"I'll tend to this one," Greilia said before dragging the Wyvern to one of the other rooms to examine and tend to her.

"What the hell did she do? Just fly straight here from Dragonia?" Levin asked, having never seen anyone so exhausted before.

"Given how long ago she must've received my letter, I would say yes," Asura answered, suspecting that was the case. "That being said, it's impressive you don't show any exhaustion, Miss Marietta."

"I wish for nothing more than to be reunited with Zero. His kindness to me won my heart. But besting me in combat that none before him has accomplished cemented my desire to become his wife," Marietta admitted.

"Who is she exactly?" Eristia asked, whispering to Levin.

"Her name is Marietta," Levin answered. "She is the champion of Dragonia's Great Combat Tournament. She was undefeated until Zero came along, but that girl was his toughest foe, second to only Druella that Lelouch has faced."

"Really," Eristia said, but she wasn't happy to discover she had another rival for Lelouch.

"Worry not," Ridwana intervening, putting a hand on Marietta's shoulder. "If the love you have for Lelouch is true, then Eros approves of all of you sharing him as wives married to a single husband."

"Lelouch," Marietta asked, confused.

"That is Zero's true name," Ridwana answered before adding. "There is no need to fight for him, so why not you three and others interested in him just share Lelouch?"

"Of course, she would suggest that," Beatrix muttered.

As a Goddess of Love, Eros accepts polygamous marriages as long as those involved genuinely loved the same man. One such union was a Saint who accomplished great deeds who attracted and married seventy-two Houri.

As long as the love between the women and the man they loved was true, Eros would approve.

"On the bright side, there isn't as much competition as you think," Asura said as she tried to assure Levin and defuse any chances for a conflict. "Quite a few are more interested in his little sister, if anything."

"You're talking about her blind and crippled sister," Lilynanna noticed. "The one who Mizuko played with while on Earth!"

"Explains why he hates monsterized children," Beatrix commented on the side. She heard about Mimil being one of those missing from Lescatie, which was explained by her escaping with Lelouch. Before then, one of Druella's Baphomets tried to turn her into a monster, with the nature of her group. The idea sounded outright loathsome. "I make me want to see who Mimil…no, how all of the others are doing."

"Oh, you'll get to see them soon enough," Asura chuckled. "You just need to wait for the chance."

Lelouch had just finished his story along with an awfully long explanation about his activities. Now the silence as he watched Sakuya, Asuna, Kei, and Enishi contemplate what Lelouch had told them.

If anything went wrong, Lelouch had his Geass to fall back on, but he didn't wish to use it on them if he could help it. Granted, it would be an easy solution, but Lelouch couldn't bring himself to use it on them, especially Asuna because she was among the few people who know his identity.

Still, the wait for one of them to say something was making Lelouch uneasy.

"I knew you were occupied with something," Asuna was the first to say, breaking the uneasy silence. "But this was not how I would've imagined you planning to carry out your goal to bring Britannia down."

"This is not what I had in mind either, but all of the power, skills, and resources this path has given me has been very useful," Lelouch admitted. "Of course, I suppose as an unexpected cost. Things have progressed much faster than I preferred."

"Like hell that anyone would anyone believe it," Kei shook her head. "If you were someone who traveled to another world, why didn't you tell us before?"

"K-Kei-san," Sakuya wanted to calm her friend down to no avail.

"Still don't believe me?" Lelouch glimpsed at the tomboy.

"No, but there's certainly a lot more to it than what you just told us."

"I pretty much expected that."

"But you have your reasons, don't you?" Asuna assumed. "That's enough for us."

"I'm grateful," Lelouch said before adding. "I am still surprised at how accepting you have all been of what I have told you so far."

"Understandable, but I see no reason to indicate you are lying," Enishi said with an observing eye on the former prince.

"You sound as if you can read me," Lelouch offered in amusement.

"I can," Enishi replied with a knowing smile. "I am, after all, trained to read those who challenge me, and we have trained and spar together long enough for me to read you better than some I wager."


"To go back to the start, I had a feeling that you didn't just come to the dojo for no reason," Enishi too control of the conversation. "It was also to help you and your friends from...the other Japan, yes? Zipangu, you called it?"

"There are differences between their version of Japan and Area 11, but they're both in the right ballpark. Still, it's not safe enough to lump them together, especially with my allies there."

"Whoever thought you'd make friends with a miko?" Kei smirked at the boy.

"It's monster slayer, not miko," Lelouch corrected her. "That has a very different meaning there."

"Because of the monsters?" Asuna asked, her face showing some envy.

"That and the fact her clan is a strict militaristic society that's dedicated to monster-slaying. Not to mention one of them has already made friends with Nunnally."

"Then you must trust her considerably to have allowed her to be near Nunnally," Asuna noted in surprise, knowing how much Lelouch cared for Nunnally.

"Yes, I do."

"Then let's say it was true," Kei went a step back. "If what you're saying is true, shouldn't you be out fighting this Demon Lord and the monsters back there?"

"It's not that simple," the prince shook his head. "For one thing, she's too strong for my level. Taking her down is like trying to defeat Britannia but without my powers or my Geass."

"S-She must be strong," Sakuya admitted from behind Kei, who didn't seem afraid.

"She can't be that tough," her friend wanted to crack her knuckles. "If anything, I won't mind having a go myself!"

"Again, that's not that simple," Lelouch repeated. "There's more to it than just her power. They're not your typical monsters either; I'm friends with many of them."

"What?" Asuna widened her eyes. "But what about that Hero you work with, the one with ice powers? I thought you said she was going to be capable of defeating her!"

"It's just propaganda by her father. Compared to the Demon Lord and her allies, the religious Order is too corrupted and divided in political games. It's just like the terrorists here in Area 11."

"Sounds like you're already making progress there if you ask me," Kei crossed her arms.

"To a degree, yes. Other than certain individuals, my only concern is when the Order takes advantage of the situation."

"You don't want them to kill the monsters who are your friends," Asuna caught that feeling in his voice. "Then why fight them?"

Lelouch was a little hesitant to answer, and they didn't need to be Enishi to see it. He hadn't told them about some important details that made the monsters simply an invincible force, and he certainly didn't tell them of their true nature as succubi. Who knows what'll happen if they get ideas of becoming monsters who prayed on him.

"Let's just say," the exiled prince paused. "There are some critical issues I disagree with, and there are those who'll go to any length to see it happen. I'd at least want to avoid combat against my friends until I finally corrected their actions."

"Then there are other details about the monsters you haven't shared with us. However, it's also clear that if you are friends with some of them, that means some do not agree with Demon Lord," Enishi deduced.

Lelouch nodded before smiling lightly, impressed by Enishi's deduction.

"Yes, that is about right."

"Who cares if you're a terrorist or monsters or any of that!" Kei supported. "If you're out saving the world, both this world and theirs, then I'm in!"

"K-Kei-san," Sakuya wanted to object, but her friend wasn't having any of it.

"Kei, you do understand the danger you'll be putting yourself in if you join. Not just Britannia, but I should note those of the Extremist Faction among the monsters will turn you into one if you get caught," Lelouch warned.

The more pragmatic part of Lelouch wouldn't mind having recruits for his new organization, those he knew and trusted, but another part of him had no wish to danger those who became close to him. Still, the temptation they for potent allies with training and a growing circle of trust subordinates would benefit him greatly.

"And?" Kei replied defiantly. "I think we just saw not too long ago living a normal civilian life isn't a safe option. At least fighting with you, I'll be aware of the danger instead of not knowing when it could come at me just like today. So if you are trying to persuade me not to join you because of the danger, then you need a better excuse!"

Lelouch sighed, knowing Kei had an excellent point. As a Japanese living in Britannia, if any of the Britannian-led gangs or some corrupt noble wanted, they could easily make Kei's life a living hell. Or as today had shown, they'd just come in, kill her, and doing God knows what to her, and her killers would go unpunished.

"You're correct, but I felt it would not be proper of me to at least warn you of the dangers of joining me would entail."

Kei smiled in turn before moving up to put a hand on Lelouch's shoulder.

"And that's why I wouldn't mind joining you. You're a good guy, someone I can trust!"

Asuna sat there trying to hide her jealously. At the same time, a part of her knew this should've been expected.

Of course, they would be drawn to him, and that is how I grew to love him because of who he is.

The crush Asuna held for Lelouch grew into a love that wishes to be returned, but she was aware that Lelouch would be more focused on his goals than relationships. But Asuna didn't fall in love with him simply for his handsome looks and intellect; it was because he was capable of so much. Many could be attractive and intelligent, but none of them were Lelouch, who had the drive and the desire to make his goals a reality.

Even his charisma was much stronger on her than anyone thought because when he said he aims to do something, Asuna was left confident Lelouch could do it.

Lelouch had everything Asuna wanted to have, intellect, ambition, and confidence. In comparison, Asuna was an ordinary teenager, who disappointed her parents when she wasn't even comparable to Kaguya Sumeragi or her grandfather, for that matter. Asuna didn't realize it as a child, but the innocent crush and admiration on Lelouch grew into something more over time. Meeting him again was one of the best things to happen in her otherwise uninteresting life and seeing that he was making good on his word only furthered what she felt for him.

Now Asuna was not only jealous but resented her inability to speak her feelings to him.

"If you want to join, there are some I should discuss this with," Lelouch said while Asuna was deep in her thoughts. "And there might be some training required if you are up to it."

"Training," Kei asked, clearly curious.

"Ones that expand on your talents, which can be rigorous to the core. More importantly, it's about learning how to control your emotions, keeping them in check."

"Well, that doesn't sound too different from what you would expect," Kei commented before flexing her arm to show off her muscles. "I train and exercise all the time."

"No, it's more than that, isn't it?" Enishi suspected there was more to what Lelouch was telling them.

"There's no need to worry too much," Lelouch assured the tomboy and shy girl. "Soldiers are the least of my concerns at the moment. What I need is people with talent to expand my organization's operations."

"Oh, yeah?" Kei raised an eyebrow. "Like what kind of operations?"

"Training recruits in useful combat maneuvers. But more importantly, I need someone who is experienced with Knightmare Frames, not to mention someone who can hack into government servers without issue."

"Heh, I think I know someone or something that could help," Kei remembered. "Has anyone heard about the new software that's coming out?"

"Software?" Lelouch was taken aback by the side topic.

"It's the latest program in intercepting and monitoring radios, including those by the Britannian government and military forces."

"Well, that's dangerous," the prince loomed to the side.

"And that's not all," Kei continued. "Rumor has it that it was all completely made by one person. More insane, the creator was no one other than a little girl, not even in her teens!"

Sounds like Mimil if you ask me, Lelouch thought. Whoever was capable of such a feat must be crafty to avoid attention from the authorities. No one would expect anyone younger than a teenager to behind it, which would probably add another friend for Mimil and Nunnally.

"How did you hear about this exactly? I can't imagine Britannia would stay quiet about software like that, especially if news of it spreads around so easily," Lelouch questioned.

"Oh, well…Actually, I know the girl who made it," Kei admitted bashfully. "I think she might be someone you might want to ask about joining your organization."

"If she is capable of doing as you say, then her skill set would be very invaluable to my cause," Lelouch acknowledged, but it sounded too good to be true.

Enishi already had an idea of who Kei because she was known to both her and one other.

"W-What you looking at?" Asuna snapped at the kendo master. However, Lelouch could see it, too.

"You know about this, don't you?" Her sham didn't fool Enishi. "She's that girl who always visited you at the dojo, wasn't she? The last time we met, I heard she graduated from college and started selling her computer programs for profit. I have reason to believe she's not taking the Britannian occupation too kindly."

"She graduated from college already?" Lelouch said, intrigued. But again, he was wary since it sounded too good to be true.

"Despite some difficulty, she managed to obtain a college degree from a Japanese-friendly college."

"I imagine that must've cost a fortune. Not to mention the opposition the girl must've faced had to have been staggering," Lelouch remarked.

In any Area, an Honorary Britannian with the proper amount of funds could attend college, but sometimes the discrimination from the students and teachers would be too much for them. Whoever this person was, they must've had both money to attend and bribe them to keep the discrimination elements off her back.

"Is there any chance you could set up an introduction?" Lelouch asked.

"Sure thing," Kei offered instantly with her thumbs up. "We'll be ready long before you even get there!"


Lelouch agreed to an assigned schedule, but that wasn't the only thing on his mind. Having so many girls around him was something he got used to, especially when he worked in the Order of the Ice Flower. However, if what they said was true, this one might someone to pass by. Her skills were appealing, but he'd rather stay from those far too young unless they were interested in Nunnally, and even that had risks.

I better warn Wilmarina and the others about this. Their reactions to this might come very ambiguous.

Back at Ashford Academy, an incident was taking place on the school grounds.

"Have a good day at school, milady," a young woman mocked by her two classmates.

"Is that you, Miss Ekaterina," Nunnally looked away uninterested. "If you any concerns, you should address them later. Mimil and I have class soon."

"What's with the getup!?" The woman grabbed Nunnally's chair and pushed her off. "I'm the eldest daughter of the Sforza Family! Don't look down on me just because you're some low-born who has earned favoritism from the Headmaster!"

"Hey," Mimil said, managing to catch Nunnally. "That was uncalled for!"

"And who are you to say that to me," the spoiled brat remarked.

Ekaterina tried to throw a punch at Mimil, but a blonde-haired girl with twin-tails and red eyes caught it before it could connect.

"Hitting a crippled girl who can't fight back?" the blonde-haired girl scolded, wearing the same Ashford Academy uniform as the other girls. "Some Britannian daughter of nobility you are."

"How dare you!" Ekaterina roared as she pulled her fist free.

Suddenly before things could escalate, a bird smashed through a window dived bombed into Ekaterina's hair. Her panic grew a dozen more pigeons flew through the hole in the window and began swarming the Ekaterina and her friends. Then as if to make matters worse for them, a swarm of bees suddenly appeared and joined the birds stinging the girls.

Mimil and the blonde girl were stunned by the display. After a few moments, it ended as suddenly as it began, much to the shock of other witnesses. Ekaterina and her friends were covered in feathers, bee stings, and bird poop on their hair and clothes.

"We'll get you for this, you brats!"

The girls ran away with what dignity they had left, likely running for the nurse's office, allowing Mimil to check on Nunnally. Fortunately, she had no bruises or injuries on her.

"Hey, Mimil, did you do that?" Nunnally whispered.

"That wasn't me!" Mimil defended innocently. "I swear, I didn't do anything!"

But there was magic involved, so did Lelouch have something to do with it?

What Mimil and Nunnally didn't know was that Lelouch had placed a dozen magically charmed items across the school grounds. It put an enchantment upon the entire school so that whenever Nunnally was mocked or attacked by anyone, misfortune would swiftly befall them. It would gradually increase depending on what they have done to Lelouch's beloved sister, making for a way to protect his sister whenever he was away.

"I could've gotten rid of them for you," the new girl turned to them. "Had it not been for nature stepping in, I guess."

"Who is she?" Mimil asked.

"Thank you, Alice," Nunnally thanked the girl as Mimil helped her up. "I never knew you were there."

"No problem, Nunnally," Alice replied. "I just find it disgusting how the so-called Britannian elite can sink so low to bully a crippled girl."

"I don't remember how many times I was bullied. But every time, you were always there to save me."

"Don't worry about it," Alice assured. "What angers me the most are those who think they can do whatever they want to others just because of their high social status."

"You said it," Mimil shared Alice's disgust as she remarked.

No wonder Lelouch detests Britannia's social elite so much. They're just as bad as the nobles back in Lescatie.

"Oh, by the way, Alice, this is my friend Mimil," Nunnally almost forgot to provide an introduction.

"How do you do," Alice offered her hand. "My name is Alice."

"Hi, the name is Mimil," Mimil returned the greeting with a wave and a wink.

"Is she a new student?" Alice inquired.

"Yes," Nunnally nodded. She just started attending too long ago. I wanted to introduce you to one another, but it seemed you were absent again. Is everything all right?"

"It's nothing you need to worry about, Nunnally," Alice assured. "There was just something personal I had to take care of."

"You know, you're always nice to a girl like me Why is that?"

"That's true," Mimil noticed. "This is supposed to be an elite school, but you're not like them. What made you so different all of a sudden?"

"I," Alice paused for a moment before answered. "I had a sister who was four years younger than me. Three years ago, she got into…an accident, which put her in a wheelchair So, I when I look at Nunnally, I…you know."

"Mhm, mhm," Mimil nodded with her arms crossed. "Don't you think of causing any kind of trouble?"

"That's not true!" Nunnally suddenly shouted. "I'm able to go to school every day because of her. It's also thanks to her that when I'm here, I'm not completely alone."

"I know, he does an exchange program at another part of the world," Alice said, buying the excuse given to the Academy. "Though last time I heard, he suddenly brought a bunch of other girls elsewhere. They even said an Honorary Britannian will eventually attend high school here."

The news left Nunnally and Mimil speechless somewhat. They knew well that the other girls from the Order of the Ice Flower became the talk of the day for the past week or so. They did not except even future students to come up, particularly Koyoi due to her registration as an Honorary Britannian.

"There was even news about a certain genius girl causing trouble in her class," Alice inadvertently provoked a response from Mimil.

"Hey, how could I resist!?" Mimil showed herself as a true culprit. During one class, she was used to playing some tricks on the teachers, specifically the history ones. Annoyed at the education classes they had towards Numbers, she wanted to at least provide some payback, which involved making the seat soaked in water or cement. No one even knew how it was possible, which further added to the mystery among the staff.

"So, you were the one who did it?" Alice was surprised at first but then raised a finger. "Well, you better take care before you say things like that, or else you'd be earning yourself a spanking."

Mimil crossed arms with a smirk to hide her annoyance. Only Nunnally managed to cool the situation.

"Since you're here, Alice, maybe you can drop by the Student Council room after today? Mimil and I were planning to have deserts together, including parfaits that Miss Sayako made."

"S-sorry," Alice refused. "I have something to do this afternoon. Maybe later."

"Don't worry about it," Nunnally let it go. "The Council Room is available anytime. After all, you are my best friend, are you not?"

Alice grinned as a way of affirmation. However, deep within herself, she wasn't so sure.

Best friend, huh?

Later that evening, Lelouch finished planning to visit the girl who could be an invaluable asset to the Black Knights. He then returned to Agartha, where he talked to Wilmarina about arranging for Kei, Enishi, Asuna, and Sakuya. By the time Lelouch was finished explaining what happened, the young Heroine was annoyed, to put it mildly.

"Damn it, Lelouch," Wilmarina buried her face in one hand. "I should just accompany you whenever you go."

"The situation was out of my hands," Lelouch replied as he was just as annoyed with what happened as Wilmarina was. "If I didn't do something, they would've been killed."

"But that means you'll have more girls in love with you!" Wilmarina scolded the former prince. By saving their lives, he naturally made himself a hero and had the girls romantically interested in him.

"I," Lelouch realized that Wilmarina was right.

"And didn't you say one of them was a childhood friend?"

"Yes," Lelouch said before realization dawned on him. "Wait, you can't mean?"

Wilmarina merely looked at him with a raised eyebrow with both hands on her hips.

"I never thought about it. Asuna and I were both young, and she was a good friend to Nunnally."

"I am willing to bet she probably has a crush on you just like I did with Elt," Wilmarina pointed out.

Knowing that more women would be eyeing Lelouch made Wilmarina anxious. She had no desire to lose Lelouch to any other girl, just like she lost Elt. Realizing Lelouch's ability to sway the heart of young maidens would mean Wilmarina will need to stay with him at all times. The fact he wasn't even trying to sway them was very worrying.

A part of her even tempted to enter a relationship to stop anyone from winning Lelouch over her. But Wilmarina resisted the temptation and remained determined to build her relationship with Lelouch the right way.

"I never thought about it," Lelouch admitted. "I didn't even think Asuna would be interested in me."

"Well, this once again proves you need to pay more attention to the women around you," Wilmarina put a hand on Lelouch's shoulder.

"I am not even sure what to do with that knowledge," Lelouch felt he was in a tight spot, especially if Wilmarina's suspicions about Asuna were true.

"I'll talk to the others, but I think we can take care of them," Wilmarina said. "I have helped train some of the soldiers, if you recall."

"Yes, I remember," Lelouch stuttered, but he was grateful for the change of subject.

"But when we meet these girls, they told you that I would accompany you alongside Koyoi. Just make sure you don't steal the girl's heart on your first meeting," Wilmarina remarked with a sigh.

"I swear I am not doing it on purpose."

"That is why I am so worried. You are not even trying, so we'll be on hand to prevent more women from falling in love with you."

"Right," Lelouch admitted reluctantly, now worried about the results. "That is probably for the best."

"I hope so; we all got enough to deal with," Wilmarina said.


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