Lin awoke, slightly confused. Where the hell was she? She looked around at her surroundings. She was alone in a room that looked to be of Japanese design. Slowly, she sat up, wincing as her injured leg protested, then everything came back to her in a rush. She had attacked the very people who had saved her and were taking care of her. She shut her eyes tightly, remembering the dream. Usually she was able to shut everything like that out, but usually the past didn't come back to her that strongly. It was then that another load of rocks seemed to land on her.

She had cried in front of them. She'd cried in front of them all and made a fool of herself. She was such an idiot. Too embarrassed to face them, she stayed in the room, not moving from her sitting position. 'I'll never do that again.' She said to herself.

'I will never show such weakness again.' She promised herself this, new resolve filling her. She stood slowly, testing out her leg. There was still pain , but she was able to walk easily enough.

She had to leave this place, she knew that much, but how was she supposed to get out of here without them noticing. Not knowing how many people lived in this place would present a problem, she wouldn't even know how careful she would have to be. Finally making her decision, she got dressed in what was left for her. 'Oh great,' she thought, 'a kimono...' She put it on carefully, remembering that if it was closed the wrong way, or if the bow was in front, it would mean that she was either dead, or a whore. She picked up her pack and stuffed everything together, including her knife and sword.

She would have to run away from these people and find someplace to stay. So she was in Japan? She had no idea how to get back to America. With all of her things ready, she slowly opened a door, prepared to walk outside. Lin looked down, grabbing the shoes next to the door and placing them on her feet.

This was so weird. Cautiously, she stepped outside walking in the dirt until she came to a corner. Everything seemed so quiet, maybe everybody was away. Her eyes bugged out of her head when she rounded the corner. Everyone was sitting there. Kenshin was washing clothes while two little girls played with a ball. Kaoru was there talking with some other woman that Lin didn't know, and that kid and tall man were also there, just sitting around.

They all turned to look at her and she froze in her place, one foot still off the ground. "It's seems that the patient is awake," the taller woman said. Lin stared at her, not sure what to do, no sound escaping her lips. Everyone stared at her, as though they expected her to do something.

She placed her foot on the ground, slowly backing away from them.

"Lin, this is Megumi," Kaoru said. Lin took another step back. "Lin? Where are you going?"

"Um, heh heh. Nowhere important!"

"What a strange accent....." Megumi said. Lin sweatdropped. Why did everyone keep saying that? She thought that her accent was just fine! She turned on her heel and ran, twisting her head around and waving.

"Goodbye everyone! Thank you for all your help!" She turned back around, running out of the open doors of the fence like apparatus. She was about twenty feet out the door when she heard someone running after her. It would appear, that there were two people. She turned around and looked. There was Sanosuke and Kenshin. 'Oh shit,' she thought.

This was gonna suck. She ran faster, trying desperately to avoid knocking people over.

Twenty Minutes later

"My!........................You.........guys...........have..........such... ......endurance.........." Lin panted, turning her head just enough to look at them. They didn't even seem tired yet. A while back that had left the town, now they were running near woods and grass. The two men sped up. Lin let out a small shriek and ran faster, her legs burning from the effort.

"JEEZ! WHAT DO YOU GUYS WANT WITH ME??!!" she screamed at them.

"STOP AND WE'LL TELL YOU!" Sanosuke yelled back. Lin decided that, at this particular moment, it would be in her best interest to stop. Without slowing down, she suddenly came to a halt. Kenshin ran right into her, while Sanosuke ran off to the side.

Lin and Kenshin toppled to the ground.

"Orooooorooooorooooo," Kenshin said, his eyes twirling. Lin sweatdropped. She looked up at the man who was laying precariously on top of her, completely out of it. Her eyes got big as he once again focused on her. He stared at her, seemingly unaware of what position they were in.

"AAAHHH!" Lin screamed. "Hentai!!! She smacked him and jumped out from under him. Kenshin fell back again, not moving. Lin stood and dusted herself off, looking at Sanosuke expectantly.

"What is it that you wanted with me?" she asked.

"I'll ask the questions here. First of all, why are you running?"

It seemed that Kenshin had recovered and was now standing as well, looking at Lin.

"I don't think that's any of your business!" Lin yelled at him, crossing her arms across her chest.

"You forgot this," Kenshin said, holding out her cloak. Lin sweatdropped again. She reached her hand out slowly, taking the heap of cloth from him. She raised her hand up to the back of her head and scratched it sheepishly.

"Heh heh, thanks." Lin looked at their surroundings, this looked kind of like the place that she woke up at. There was a bamboo forest nearby. She strained her eyes, looking into the forest. Was that what she thought it was?! She dropped her cloak, her interest now somewhere else entirely. Using all of her strength she sprinted into the woods, heading for what she believed was a cliff.

Kenshin and Sanosuke ran after her. "This girl is crazy!" Sanosuke cried. Kenshin's eyes narrowed. The girl was running towards a cliff. Kenshin sprinted ahead of Sanosuke, trying to catch up with the girl.

He was gaining on her quickly, but she had a head start on him, a large one. She would reach the cliff before he could get there.

Lin threw her legs in front of her, her feet pounding loudly against the ground. She was almost to the cliff, just another thirty feet. She would hurl herself from the cliff, and wake up back in America, she was sure of it. There was only one problem. She wasn't sure if she had the guts. The voice from before, the one telling her to go, wasn't there.

She continued to push forward, sure that it would appear soon. As she neared the edge she leapt from it, determined to end up back in America.

"Kenshin!" Lin turned her neck, trying to find out why Sanosuke was calling Kenshin's name. Her eyes widened when she saw him falling after her, a determined look on his face. He had positioned his body so that he was falling faster than her. Her reached his hand out and grabbed her, pulling her body to his. Lin wondered what his plan was.

He turned, using his strength to allow his foot to catch a ledge and send them flying back up to the edge of it, where they landed safely on the ground in front of Sanosuke.

"What are you doing you idiot girl!" Sanosuke cried.

Kenshin spoke, surprising Lin. "No matter how bad things are, there is always a reason to live. You shouldn't try to kill yourself just because you've had it rough."

Lin's eyes widened, then narrowed at the man. "I wasn't trying to kill myself!" she screamed at the two men. They seemed a little lost at the statement, not sure what she meant by it.

"That's how I got here! I jumped from a cliff and I just woke up in Japan! I was just trying to get back to my home country!"

The two men sweatdropped. Sanosuke leaned over to Kenshin, whispering in his ear. "This girl really IS crazy." Lin threw her pack at him.

"I heard that!" Sanosuke caught it, slinging it over his shoulder.

"Hey! Give that back!" Lin cried, jumping up and down, trying to get the pack from the man's hands which were now held high above his head.

"You promise not to jump again?"

Lin glowered at him, not saying a word. They stood like that for a few moments, no one saying a word, the wind blowing through the trees. Finally she spoke.


With that she threw herself from the cliff again, growling in frustration when Kenshin caught her hand over the side. "Let me go!" she cried.

"I won't let you kill yourself!"

"I already told you that I'm not trying to kill myself. She jerked and writhed without warning, causing Kenshin to lose his balance and fall over the edge with her. Sanosuke grabbed his hand quickly, keeping the two from falling. Thei combined weight was heavy for the man, but he was able to hold them.

"Just let me go! I don't know what will happen to you guys if you fall too!"

"The same thing that will happen to you!" Sanosuke yelled. "We'll die."

"Then just let me GO!!!!" Lin writhed again. 'Go.' There was the voice. Her eyes widened, her heart beginning to beat faster. 'Go.' It said again. She had to go now.

"LET ME GO NOW!!!!!!!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, twisting her body around and writhing for all she was worth. Sanosuke's face twisted in pain at having to hold her.

"I don't want to have to hurt you guys, just let me go!" Sanosuke still didn't let go. Lin threw her leg up and kicked Kenshin in the side. One of his eyes shut in pain, but he kept his grip. Lin kicked him again, tears beginning to form in her eyes. She didn't want to hurt him! He just wouldn't let go. He had been kind to her, even risked his life for hers, but he had to let her go. She had to fall right now.

'GO!' the voice cried louder in her head. The voice finally gave her the strength. With a new shot of adrenaline, she twisted her body, effectively causing her to fall. But something happened that she didn't intend. The two men were now plummeting with her. Lin knew that Kenshin would not be able to save bother her and Sanosuke, so she hoped that he would save his friend and she could just fall, but he only watched her, not making any move to save himself.

Lin watched as they were all surrounded by a bright light, and then all was black.